The Locksmith

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Chapter One

Ben Jarvey was an average guy, at least in his self-evaluation. The way he saw it, on the plus side, he had his own locksmith business for many years, with many loyal clients, and was pretty much free to do what he wanted when he wanted. On the negative side he was 50. He was 6’ 1” tall and thin but still in possession of his muscles and trim body. All his kids were grown and on their own, though he was now somewhat bored in marriage and not free to pursue those later year surges in desire. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought he was attractive with short gray hair and still dark eyebrows. His mouth was soft and framed in harder cheek bones. He wasn’t a sculpture, or a movie star, but he was handsome enough to still draw plenty of attention. He knew that from all the propositions he still received.

Clients would ask him to stay for coffee after a job, invariably divorced or stay-at-home married women in similar states of boredom. Some would be so bold as to make hints about “checking the locks in the bedroom.” Others would ask out of the blue about the differences between door locks and handcuff locks. He always chuckled at that line. One bluntly warned him that he’d better not consent to put a chastity belt and lock on her if her husband called him (the call never came). There were more approaches than he could remember, but each was refused and he always went home faithfully to his wife.

But like anything in life, there is eventually an exception to the rule, that one set of circumstances that simply couldn’t be planned for, or denied when faced with its existence. And for Ben Jarvey, handsome locksmith and master of his own destiny, that fateful day was today.

Ben arose and went through the morning ritual on cue. Radio alarm at six. Three minutes of news. Rise and off to the bathroom for the full treatment from commode to shower to shave. To the kitchen for coffee and a nicely prepared bowl of cereal and toast and juice, followed by the mechanical kiss goodbye for the day. He hardly noticed his wife anymore.

But today there was one more item, that would later prove to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in the decision to change his life. “Honey,” Wife Marian called to Ben as he opened the front door. “Remember, tonight I’ll be late – the bridge club annual dinner.” She was obviously happy to be going out and spending the evening differently for a change. “I’ll make some spaghetti for you and you can just nuke it when you get home, ok? Don’t forget now…” She waved to Ben as he stepped down off the porch and walked toward his minivan/work truck.

He waved back over his shoulder and simply replied, “Have fun!” Ben liked nights like this because he could watch what he wanted on tv, even break out a couple of the porn tapes he hid in the basement under the 1st floor at the edge of the foundation, or even get a little crazy and play with some of the toys he liked to make and experiment with in his shop down there. A night of freedom for Ben was a night alone at home. Pretty sick, he thought, but what the hell. Didn’t hurt anyone and kept his libido alive. He would enjoy himself tonight especially for this annual affair has never brought his wife home before one in the morning in the past.

Ben drove casually to his office and entered through his highly secured door system. He liked to use all the latest stuff himself before offering it to his clients. This was only one of the many ways he had ensured a flourishing business that enabled him to turn down unwanted clients without hurting his bottom line. In short, Ben was in demand.

Upon arrival at the office, with the lights on and the door open for business, Ben brought out his list of appointments for today and began to plan his approach. He was about to start loading locks and parts and tools into his van when the front door chimed open the entry of a customer he had never seen before. She was short, maybe only 5’ 2” or 3”, not overweight but not skinny by any means, built in the chest like a typical man’s dream of twin peaks and with beautiful wavy red hair well down below her shoulders. She turned from the profile position to face the counter, and Ben, and Ben nearly stumbled. She was beautiful.

The woman’s face was Latin, large black eyes, slightly puffy cheeks with a hollow still visible, and pouty lips that Ben thought must surely be collagen assisted. They were simply too lush to be natural. God never made any that good, he thought, but then again he could see no obvious signs of cosmetic alteration. Her nose was the perfect size to announce its presence but only maximize the impact of the rest of her features.

She was a proud woman too, self confident, Ben thought, as she held her chin high while marching up to the counter. Ben backed a bit at the force of her march, but she disarmed him with the warmest smile he could remember. Her teeth were white, unblemished in any way. Could this be the perfect woman, he mused to himself? His fantasy come Adana Escort true?

Then he realized what he was thinking and pulled himself back to earth. “Can I help you?” He asked in an officious tone.

“I hope so.” Her voice was melodic to Ben, and her delivery generous, soft, without presumption or command. “My husband and I just moved into a house nearby and I want to change all the locks of course. Is this something you would do? I just saw you open your store as I was coming into town or I probably would have used the Yellow Pages later.” She hesitated a moment, looking him over in an obvious way, and added, “I’m so glad you were here!”

She was nothing but sincere, he was convinced. “Lucky for me, I’d say.” Said Ben. He didn’t even know he had said it before it was out there. “Sure, ah, that is exactly what I do, locks, I mean change locks, on houses…” He was already loosing it in the distraction of staring at this gorgeous creature.

She smiled more broadly. Anita Benning was not unaccustomed to gawkers. She knew she was attractive and often got a kick out of the attention. On occasion she would play up to it with exotic walking or stirring in her chair at a restaurant. On this occasion, the man behind the counter was equally attractive to her. She liked looking up to him behind the counter. She liked a man with a mission in mind, and hand, and this man looked like he might be that type. After all, he had his own business.

“I wonder if you could come out and change all the locks on our new house?” She tried to get the conversation back on track.

“Why, ah, sure. Sure. Ah, I assume you would like an estimate?” He was slowly getting back under control.

“Why yes, that would be perfect. An estimate.” That way, she figured quickly, she would have him in her house at least twice. Yum! So when can you come out and give me an estimate, Mr. uh…”

“Jarvey.” Ben filled in. “I mean just call me Ben.” Hmm. Ben thought, her name. He reached down into a drawer and pulled out a work order. “Can I have some particulars please?” He just looked at her then, jaw down and gawking once again. This time his head and eyes had drifted lower to lock onto her breasts. They were creating cleavage in a tight knit top with a low “V” neck line. The flesh was so close to his face he could taste it. He couldn’t remember ever wanting anything more.

“Anita, Anita Benning,” She smiled. “And these are my 36D’s.” She held her hands under each breast and actually lifted them closer to his scrutiny.

Ben lost it. He staggered back half a step and looked up at Anita’s beautiful face. Was this some kind of joke? Was he being played? Of all the come-on’s he’d seen this was the most bold of all – right in his store, in full view from the window, and she was married!

“It’s ok,” She smiled, “They are hard to disregard. My husband is just as infatuated with them today as he was when we married ten years ago. I really don’t mind if you look. I kind of like it actually.” She smiled between every word. She was so open, so honest, so absolutely divine Ben was enthralled.

“I’m sorry, I..”

“Don’t be, really! I am very flattered. I mean that. Thank you for looking. I just wish that when a man looked at me like that he could say what was going through his mind. It is so much more exciting to cut through all the silly taboos and enjoy sex for the great feelings it can bring. You can look at any part of me any time, Mr. Ben Jarvey.” She shifted to one foot as if to say, “There’s the challenge, are you man enough to meet it?” But indeed, she left that for her voyeur to discover himself.

Ben was shocked at first, and then visibly elated with her candor. He too, dealing in so many different people’s lives and seeing so many phony relationships end in divorce or worse, was totally excited with Anita’s openness. For once, a challenge he could find worth taking.

“Well then may I complete my assessment? Anita?” He asked with a bit of flourish.

“Why sure, Ben. Please do. I am anxious to hear what you think.” She was issuing a challenge as much as she was reveling in the adoration.

“Well then, step back please.” She did, two steps back, and then twirled on her toes to model her entire “package.”

Ben was smiling broadly. “First, your breasts are perhaps the prettiest I have ever seen. I must only withhold the final commitment for I have not yet seen them in the flesh.” He waited to see if she might oblige. Hey, he thought, who knows how far this goddess might go?

“I like their fullness for sure, but their pliant movement as you walk indicates to me the absolute maximum in texture for a night of exercise in many forms.” He stopped to see if he’d gone too far.

“Hmmm…” She said. “Interesting description. Go on, please.”

“Ok, I love your hair. Though I haven’t touched it yet, it sure looks silky and I can only imagine what it feels like. I can imagine it covering a lot of … well… a lot more than your head.” He Adana Escort Bayan paused again for a sanity check.

“More than my head. Ok… Go on.” She was batting her eyes more and posing slightly, twisting into partial profile.

Ben was a bit uncomfortable in this role. Normally it was he who was challenging the on-comer to peak his interest in the sea of so many attempts. Now the role was reversed and he was being challenged. As uncomfortable as it was however, it was sure worth it with this vision before him. “Yes. Hmmm… May I be so bold also to say that your hips and, uh, well, butt are so perfectly proportioned that I can hardly keep my hands off.” He was ready to get slapped, for telling the truth.

“Well!” Anita faced him squarely. “You sure do know what you like, don’t you Ben Jarvey?” She smiled provocatively, her lip curling curiously on one side. “I thank you for all the compliments, Ben, and would like to employ your services to redo the locks in our house.” She pulled a small notebook from her purse, wrote a few words on it, and handed it across the counter to Ben. “Please meet me at two this afternoon.” She did not wait for an answer. She winked, turned on her toes and left the store.

Chapter Two

Ben stared after her until she was out the door and out of sight. What had just happened? His world of total familiarity and control was suddenly shattered, violated by this gorgeous intruder who simply threw aside all his experience and bravado and took command of his every thought. She didn’t even ask if it was convenient for him to join her at two o’clock, she demanded that he do so. He was going to have to adjust his schedule for the day!

Ben raced through his appointments rather than cancel anyone’s in particular. It was the right thing to do. His last appointment was only a half block from Anita’s house and he knew he wouldn’t need any tools or hardware on this first trip so he simply walked around the corner and down three houses to the correct address. Dressed in jeans and a button down plaid shirt, he looked like he belonged there.

He stepped up to the full front porch and rang the bell. He was exactly on time, and about as anxious about this visit as he could ever remember being about anything in the recent past. Anita answered the door bell quickly and let him into the 40-50 year old house.

“Welcome,” She beamed radiantly. She had changed into a housecoat, obviously just out of the shower, and was without makeup and her hair still wound in a towel on her head. “Come on in.”

“Thanks, Anita.” He liked hearing himself say that name. “I, ah, hope I am not here at a bad time…”

“Nonsense, of course not!” She looked at the clock on the side-boy in the dining room and said, “Your timing is perfect.” She finished closing the door and led him to the kitchen. As they walked, she looked back once and took him in from top to bottom, all with a very pretty smile. Ben on the other hand couldn’t keep his eyes off her delicious butt cheeks working side to side and up and down in a dance that mirrored her walk. Wow, he thought. What an absolutely perfect body this woman had. If only…..

“Here. I guess you should start here, the back door.” She stood back as if to watch him change the lock.

Ben was a little embarrassed. While some of the locks in the house might be the type where he could change just the barrel mechanism without having to change the handle, this was not one of these. Anita surely had no idea what she was asking when she asked to change the locks.

“Uh, well, you see, this entire door handle will have to be changed Mrs. Benning.” He had automatically shifted into a professional mode.

“Please, Ben. Anita. We, us, got to know each other far to well in your store to call me Mrs. Benning.” She reached out a hand and took one of his as if to demonstrate their familiarity. “Ok, so we have to change all the locks. Well, can you do that?”

He smiled and said, “Sure, It isn’t cheap you know. The one on the front door might also have to be replaced and that is a much more expensive set than this here.” He was luxuriating in her attention and trying not to show it too much. “Perhaps you can show me the rest of the locks you want replaced, and I’ll take all the necessary information to get the job done. Then maybe I can come back, say, tomorrow? And I can make the changes then. Sound ok?”

“Oh yes!” Anita, beamed again. Was that because he was going to have to come back?

Ben tried to find out. “I ah, should tell you also, that sometimes I have to switch a few locks out from one manufacturer to another to get the best results for you. I may have to come back yet again in that case. Is that all right?”

“Ohhh, Yes!” She was beaming again. “Please.. I mean of course! You should come back anytime you like, uh, to fix the locks I mean. Anita suddenly remembered something, probably her appointment or date or whatever she had showered for and said, “Uh, sorry. I am Escort Adana going to be late. Why don’t you just go through the entire house and check every lock or do whatever you have to do, and just figure on replacing all of them, ok? I really have to get ready to pick up my husband at the airport.”

Ben felt a little deflated to learn of the reason for her primping. He agreed, and started back down the stairs to work from the bottom up.

Anita, rushing through the door to her bedroom by now, shouted, “Please start up here Ben. That way if you need anything I am close by and can help.”

He reluctantly marched back up the stairs to the second floor.

“Don’t be shy, Ben. Just go all the way to then end of the hall and start back from there.” Her voice came from the bedroom but so did noise that indicated she was changing.

Ben walked to the end of the hall. However, he couldn’t help but peaking into the room into which Anita had disappeared. In a flash he saw her standing before a mirror, naked as a dove, and brushing her hair. The glimpse was so short he was surprised that as he moved on he could reconstruct the image in his mind. Her ass was beyond belief. Her cheeks poked out her back side as much as her breasts did her front side, as he could see in the mirror. Her face.. HER FACE! She was looking in the mirror directly at Ben, and smiling! Ben stopped short, thought about the dream for several seconds, and then slowly moved on. He could hear a giggle from her room as hie did so.

Finally regaining his senses, he meandered to the end of the hall. Each lock was a locking lock! Surely she didn’t want to replace all these! “Mrs. Ah, Anita?”

“Yes, Ben, what is it?” She didn’t appear in the hall.

“Well, I am afraid all your doors are of the locking type. Surely you don’t want to replace them all.” He waited for her to agree and tell him which to address.

“My husband said ALL of them, Ben. Just go ahead and do them all. I am sure he has his reasons.” She again did not appear.

“Well, if you say so. This may take awhile to get all the information I need. I don’t want to hold you up.” He was starting to count the doors on the second floor.

“Oh, you won’t hold me up, at least not that way. Could you come here a moment Ben?” There was genuine request in her voice.

“Uh, sure, Mrs… uh, Anita. Be right there.” Was this going to be yet another surprised, he wondered?

It sure was. As he rounded the corner to her bedroom, he saw her standing there, stuffing the last of her bosom into the tight, dark red knit dress. She didn’t seem to mind at all that she had been seen. “Ben, there you are. Could you please zip me in back?”

Ben started toward her, only after looking around as if to make sure her husband wasn’t lurking. As he started to put his hand out gingerly to approach the zipper at the top of her buttocks, Anita said, “Don’t worry. Michael wouldn’t mind. It took me a long time to find the right husband. He’s not the least bit jealous. Go ahead, pull it up while I suck in….”

Ben anchored the bottom of the zipper with his left hand and tugged upward on the zipper slide with his right. The noise was suddenly erotic as can be and the sight of the slide moving up her smooth light brown skin, over her thin bra, and up to her neck, brought his cock to full attention faster than he could ever remember. Now he was in trouble. His cock showed through his pants like a sign, and he couldn’t move from behind her or she would see.

Anita turned abruptly and rose on her toes, pulling Ben down to her, and kissed him on the cheek. “Oh, thank you. That is so much easier than doing it myself.”

Ben was frozen, in lust. She spun around on one foot and asked, “How do I look?” Think my husband will be able to pick me out of a crowd?”

She was magnificent! With the tight knit dress, her body was totally revealed in its glorious shape. There was nothing left to the imagination but the number of pubic hairs on her pussy. He guessed that to be few or none since there was not even a hint of a panty line on her dress, and not the slightest disturbance to the smoothness of her “V”. It took everything he had to keep his hands off this delectable lady.

Anita smiled at the obvious ogling she was getting. “Why Ben. I think you are happy to see me in this dress.”

“Happy? My God, Anita, you are simply magnificent!” Ben had lost all semblance of restraint by now. She bore down on the raw, welcome truth emitting from his mind.

“Why thank you very much, Ben. Be careful what you wish for. You never know, you know.” She winked and curled her lip in that sexy fashion again and brushed by him. “I do have to leave now. I’ll lock the door on the way out and you can simply close it behind you when you leave.” She was gathering up her purse and a wrap as she left him standing with his mouth open. “Turn out the lights.” And she was gone.

Ben stood there for several minutes as he tried to bring himself back to earth. The house went silent with the sound of the closing front door. He was left alone in this wonderful woman’s bedroom, no chance of being disturbed for at least the two hours it would take to get to the airport and back, and not a clue as to what to do with the opportunity.

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