The Librarian

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And now on to the show.


Ms. Welch was well known by all the graduate students at the University. She was not only the hottest piece of ass on campus, she also knew where everything was in the library, and was more than willing to help some poor student trying to finish their thesis.

Measuring in at just over 5 foot, her shapely body resembled the antique hourglass that perched on her desk, her firm ass only rivaled by her pert breasts for the most coveted object for both students and faculty.

It was getting on towards the end of the semester, and activity in the library had hit an all time high – senior guys ranging from the football jocks to the computer science nerds were all in the hallowed halls, alternately researching their theses and staring at her bouncing ass as it strolled by. Jeremy Hines, a frequent visitor to the library (and one of Ms. Welch’s biggest fans) stepped up to her desk that Saturday night, and politely asked if she could help him find a book he needed for his research.

She laughed inwardly, watching the poor boy desperately try to look her in the face, instead of obviously staring at her wondrous tits.

She found a perverse pleasure in secretly torturing the poor boys she was constantly helping, making sure she always wore a light blouse with plenty of fine cleavage, and she owned nothing but thongs – panty lines were so fo pa. She always got a thrill whenever she had to climb the old rolling ladders in the basement to replace some old musty book.

She smiled slightly, remembering back in her college days, that one amazing night that had cemented her love of libraries… She felt a pulse in her tight quim at the thought, and looking at Jeremy in front of her, she couldn’t help but admire his strong jaw and well built body. She snapped out of her reverie when she noticed he’d stopped talking. Quickly searching her memory she figured out what he’d asked for, and then simply gave him one of her patented “come hither” looks, crooked a finger, and led the senior to the elevators. She knew exactly what book he wanted, and exactly where it was; on the top shelf of a column of books, in the bottom basement.

She felt another pulse of excitement in her slowly moistening Adana Escort pussy as she stood next to the young man in the elevator. She couldn’t help but admit that he was a prime example of masculinity, and she cast an admiring glance his way as they rode the elevator to the bottom of the shaft.

“Which way ma’am?”

“Don’t worry Jeremy, it’s just this way. Follow me. Oh and just call me Chrissy ok? I’m only 26.”

Ms. Welch led the way, deeper into the labyrinthine bowels of the library, her curvaceous ass drawing Jeremy’s gaze like a lodestone draws iron filings. Every time she glanced back to make sure he hadn’t fallen behind, she giggled under her breath as he snapped his eyes up to her face. What she couldn’t see was the idea forming in the back of his mind, his resolve hardening to match the prodigious hard on her swaying rear was causing.

“Jeremy, up here Jeremy,” Ms. Welch smiled, twitching her slender fingers at him to draw his eyes up from her toned legs. “We’re here dear. Mind holding his ladder for me? These old things aren’t very stable, and I’d hate to have it roll away…”

The undergrad walked forward, coming within a few inches of Ms. Welch’s tits, and gazing down at her, he offered his hand to help her climb the ladder.

He quickly bracketed her in, letting her climb up the ladder above him. His cock achieved infamous solidity as his quick glance turned into a feverish glare when he saw that underneath the librarian’s dress length tan skirt, were the briefest pair of black lace thong panties he’d ever laid eyes on. With that, he made up his mind, and gave the ladder a quick business-like shake.

“Jeremy, don’t play around like that. I could fall.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Listen, I’ve got your book, I’m coming down. So hold the ladder tight ok?”

“Yes ma’am.”

With an exasperated sigh at the boy’s constant respectful manner, she quickly dismounted the ladder, but when she went to turn around, she found herself blocked.

“Jeremy dear, would you mind moving? I need to get…”

She sputtered off as she felt rather than saw Jeremy’s body move closer to her. She tensed as she felt his mouth move next to her ear, and she couldn’t help the sudden warmth flooding her slit at his words, “You told me to hold the ladder tightly, Chrissy. So that’s what I’m doing.”

With that, Adana Escort Bayan he took the book out of her light grasp, and dropped it to the floor, the echoing thud serving as a reminder to Chrissy of just how alone they really were. His hips pushed insistently against her ample backside, forcing her to step up a rung on the ladder, if only to give herself some space. She saw Jeremy’s hands release their death grip on the guiding handles of the ladder, and unconsciously hers moved to take their place – steadying herself on the rickety ladder. The librarian felt the man’s hands roaming her body, softly touching and feeling her curves through her restrictive clothing.

His light touches aroused her even more, to the point that when his hands finally found their way around to her bosom she let out a sigh of pure lust. With his hips pinning her to the ladder, and her arms being the only thing holding her up, Ms. Welch had no choice but to enjoy the deft movements of Jeremy’s fingers as they swiftly popped the remaining buttons of her blouse and undid the strap of her lacy half cup bra.

He kissed his way down her neck to her shoulder, lightly nuzzling her with his nose and lips, distracting her as he moved one of his hands to his waist, and his burgeoning hard on. A swift manipulation of his button and fly released his monster, which sprang forth like a racing stallion, instinctively burrowing itself in the cleft of the librarian’s tight firm buttocks. The sudden pressure of Jeremy’s cock against her ass made Chrissy moan aloud, and force herself back into him, trying to angle him into her, regardless of the fact her skirt was still in the way. Urged on by her growls of lust and desire, the undergrad bundled her skirt between them, forcing it up and into the small of her back.

Now the only thing blocking him from her Venus mound was a tiny piece of black lace. His questing fingers quickly shoved this out of the way in their fervor to touch the beautiful pussy lips he’d so long dreamt about. Chrissy’s veritable screams of pleasure from the first touches of his fingers against her pussy shocked the poor boy; making the hand he had been manipulating her firm breasts dart to cover her mouth.

She wantonly began sucking on his digits, silencing herself as he gave over to his desires and changed his fingers for his bloated penis. Escort Adana With some gentle positioning he felt the mushroom tip of his hard cock slowly part the puffy smooth lips of Chrissy’s pussy, and with one thrust he buried himself to the hilt in her inferno. Her guttural moans over his fingers in her mouth urged him on, his every thrust making her rise on her toes on the rung of the ladder. Jeremy pumped into the burning hot tightness that was Chrissy’s cunt.

His constant barrage on her caused Ms. Welch to abandon all other thoughts but the illicit pleasure this younger man was giving her. She rocked her hips back, meeting his every forward thrust. She gave up on trying to stand, and merely let herself ride on Jeremy’s wonderful cock, using her arms to help her force her body back onto him. As another orgasm wracked her tired body because of both Jeremy’s pounding dick and his masterful exploitation of her sensitive nipples, she lost her sweat slicked grip on the old wood railings and collapsed back onto Jeremy’s hard chest – causing them both to collapse in a heap on the floor.

“Wow…. Jeremy… that, that was amazing… thank you… if there’s ever anything you ever need help with… just… just let me know ok?”

“Well, actually Chrissy, you can finish what you started….”

With that, Ms. Welch realized that while she had achieved multiple orgasms thanks to the man lying underneath – and in – her, the poor guy still hadn’t gotten off. She was instantly up and around, swallowing his entire cock deep into her throat in one smooth motion. The quickness of the reaction caught Jeremy completely by surprise, the intense pleasure making him throw his head back, only to hit the marble floors. The intense pleasure and pain mixed in him, making the blowjob that much more surreal to him. Her constantly swirling, inquisitive tongue playing along every ridge and swell of his cock soon had him gasping for air, and her soft hands cradling his balls sent him flying over the edge of sexual bliss, firing a massive load deep into the librarian’s throat.

Jeremy and Chrissy laid there for a while, trying to process the wild satisfaction they had just experienced, then without a word straightened their clothes, grabbed the forgotten book, and moved to the elevator. Just before the doors opened at the first floor, Jeremy heard a whisper from the older woman who was his walking wet dream.

“If you ever need help with anything else, all you have to do is ask dear.”

With that, Ms. Welch quickly sashayed back to her desk, leaving the dazed, and slightly bewildered young man to walk back to his study table, and finish his thesis.

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