The Leaving Party

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Today had been Katy’s last day. She was leaving the company after 12 years to take up her dream job in Manchester. Katy was a very attractive and funny girl, and had always been a very popular figure in the office. She had arranged a leaving meal for what seemed like half the company at a local restaurant/nightclub. We all arrived and gathered in the lobby area for 8pm and were eventually shown through to our table. We had almost taken over the entire restaurant with two long tables running parallel to each other along the length of the room. I was one of the last people to take my seat as I was finishing my conversation with one of the guys from work, by which time there were only 2 seats left. One was next to Trevor, a notoriously dull manager from the finance team who could sap the will to live from anyone he spoke to within a matter of minutes. The other was at the end of the row, next to a lady who I’d seen around the office for the last month or so but had never been introduced to. Given the choices before me I quickly pulled out the chair next to the newcomer and sat down.

We smiled, exchanged pleasantries and introduced ourselves. She was called Sophie and had joined the company 5 weeks ago. I thought that she was probably in her late twenties, had long black hair with the most stunning green eyes, and a very trim figure which was beautifully highlighted by the tight fitting red dress she was wearing.

The starters and mains were bought out and eaten over the course of the next 90 minutes. There was plenty of wine on the table and by the time we were ready for dessert the room was full of noise and laughter as the party was in full swing. Katy was, as usual, holding the attention of almost everyone in the room. At the other end of the table, Sophie and I enjoyed a really good chat and I quickly found that we shared a very similar sick sense of humour. We were quite tightly packed in and it couldn’t be helped that occasionally our arms or legs would brush against each other. However following the last of those “accidental” touches, Sophie’s leg remained pushed against mine. Our chairs had also moved a bit closer together so by now we were nicely snuggled in next to each other. Her voice started to stutter as we spoke, struggling to string a sentence together. As we talked she tried hard to avoid eye contact, choosing to look anywhere around the room rather than directly at me. She seemed to be caught between getting lost in the moment and a sense of embarrassment at finding herself in this situation as her emotions started to overwhelm her.

In a moment of pure instinct I slid my right hand down under the table cloth and placed it on top of Sophie’s leg. She didn’t react, other than it felt like she pushed her leg even more firmly against mine. I started rub my hand up and down her thigh from just above her knee all the way to the top and back again. She put her hand on top of mine. At first I thought that she was going to stop me and push my hand away but instead she locked her fingers in between mine and pulled my hand down to the inside of her thigh. I could feel Sophie’s hand shaking on top of mine and she was clearly getting as turned on as I was. I could see her sex hikayeleri chest rising up and down as her breathing was getting heavier. Under the guidance of her hand, I continued to caress her inner thigh as she responded by parting her legs a little wider. She pulled my hand higher, making her dress bunch up on the way. Still under the cover of the tablecloth my fingers finally touched her panty covered pussy.

I could feel through the fabric of her knickers that she was very hot and very, very wet. Sophie guided my hand to discretely rub her pussy under the table as she slowly gyrated her hips against me. She had a glancing look around to confirm that no-one was looking, shuffling in her seat, she slid her panties down her thighs, over her knees until they fell around her ankles. I knocked my spoon on the floor to give me a reason to bend down and remove them over her shoes. As I sat upright and slipped her soaked underwear into my pocket, she took my hand again and returned it between her legs. When I felt how wet she was I slid my middle finger between her swollen lips and a little way into her. Her body visibly tensed up and she quietly gasped as she shifted in her seat at the feeling of my finger inside her. Her breathing was becoming more and more intense as she reached her other hand in to my lap and squeezed my cock which by now was almost bursting out of my trousers. Fingering and rubbing this hot girl’s pussy whilst surrounded by our colleagues and friends in the middle of a crowded restaurant was insanely erotic. But this was about her and she wasn’t allowed to touch my cock until I gave her permission. I grabbed her hand and removed it from my cock. She reluctantly got the message but seemed to enjoy the self control she was being forced to exercise.

At that moment the waiter bought our dessert. We temporarily stopped our movement, Sophie’s hand holding me mine tightly against her pussy and my finger still inside her. The waiter left us and she removed my hand from between her legs, held my fingers to her lips and seductively licked and sucked them, savoring the taste of her pussy juices from all but one. She then held that finger to my mouth and I enjoyed the taste of her pussy for the first time.

I couldn’t wait any more, I wanted her right there and then. Oblivious to everything else that was going on around us, I stood up and grabbed her hand pulling her to her feet. I led her to the back of the restaurant, through the door marked toilets and into a long corridor. Along with the ladies and gents, and an exit to the smoking area, there was another door which I opened and found a room in complete darkness. I fumbled around and found the light switch which revealed that we were in some kind of store room. There were stacks of chairs, tables, boxes and other bits and pieces lying around. We entered the room shutting the door behind us. Our lips met and we kissed passionately as I maneuvered Sophie back against the wall. I pulled the zip on the front of her dress down and kissed my way down her neck until I got to her breasts. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard whilst teasing and flicking it with my tongue. Whilst sucking on one breast I was squeezing porno hikayeleri and pinching the other hard which made her moan aloud.

After a while I switched my attention to her other breast and sucked on her already sore nipple. I took hold of the hem of her dress and lifted it up exposing her sexy shaven pussy. I dropped to my knees in front of her, lifted her dress higher over her hips and began to lick and kiss my way up her thighs. She parted her legs enough for me to lick along the length of her pussy lips and back to her clit. With both my hands cupping and squeezing her ass cheeks, I lapped at her like a thirsty dog at bowl of water, making her groan and whimper with pleasure. I latched on to her clit with my lips and sucked it hard. She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my head tight against her forcing my face and lips even harder against her clit. I could tell Sophie was building towards her orgasm because she was getting louder and grinding her pussy into my face more and more frantically. Her whole body started to shake as she came hard against my relentless tongue. She pulled my head in so tight that I struggled to breathe for a few moments but the sweet taste of her soaked cunt more than made up for it.

She eventually loosed her grip on my head and I slowly stood up kissing my way up her sexy body until I was facing her. We kissed again and Sophie told me how much it turned her on to taste her pussy on my lips and tongue. We could hear people moving around on the other side of the door presumably going to the toilet or for a smoke which just made it more exciting. I ran my hands all over her body as we kissed, my fingers unable to resist the temptation of returning to her pussy once again and sliding inside her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me more urgently as I quickened my fingering and rubbed her intensely sensitive clit with a thumb. It wasn’t long until I could feel her pussy respond and her juices flowed over my hand and wrist and down the inside of her leg. She soon came again making her legs buckle leaving her virtually hang from my neck.

Her orgasm subsided and she regained her footing. I backed her across the room to a large table and helped her to sit on the edge. As Sophie seemed more than compliant to what I had asked of her so far, I decided to test her obedience and told her to spread her legs as wide apart as she could and to play with her pussy. As if to demonstrate her will to please, she immediately laid back and did exactly as I had asked. One hand was rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, and the other squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples. The sight of this quiet, gorgeous girl openly putting on a show and masturbating for me was too much. I undid my trousers letting them drop to the floor. I pulled down my boxer shorts and my cock sprang free. It was coated in pre-cum and was as hard as stone. I started to stroke it slowly whilst watching her lay there playing with herself. She told me how much she wanted my cock and my cum deep inside her cunt. I was so horny and there was a real risk of me cumming right there and then but I was keen to make sure that none got wasted. sikiş hikayeleri I told her to stand up and helped her off the table. She once again put her wet fingers to my mouth and I licked the all clean this time.

Enough was enough, I had to fuck her right now. Her dress was still up around her hips and I spun her around so she was facing away from me, then bent her over the table that she was sat on. I positioned my cock against her swollen pussy lips and slid it in until my balls were squashed against her clit. I put my hand on her back pinning her flat against the table and I started to fuck her like my life depended on it. The sexual tension that had built up over the course of the last hour was all coming out as I slammed my cock in to her again and again. She loved talking dirty and the whole time she was demanding that I fuck her harder. She was out of control and was getting louder. Conscious that so many people were just in the next room, I decided she needed to be gagged to stifle her moans and screams. I reached into my pocket and pulled out her screwed up panties that she had gifted me earlier. I put them to her mouth and she obediently opened wide and bit down on them hard.

I wasn’t far off cumming but wanted to make sure she came at the same time. I took my hand off of her back, grabbed a handful of her long black hair and pulled her head back firmly. She arched her back causing her ass to tilt upwards and changing the angle that my cock entered her. With each thrust into her I pulled her back on to my cock until a few minutes later, with a grunt, I came. The feeling of my hot cum filling her pussy sent her over the edge. Her pussy was contracting around my cock almost sucking the last remaining drops of cum from it. We stood there for what seemed like ages, unable to move with a handful of her hair in my hand and my cock buried deep inside her.

I eventually stepped back and pulled my cock out of her. She let her panties drop from her mouth. Still with a fist full of her hair I pulled her face towards my cum covered cock and offered it to her pouting red lips. I told her to use her tongue to clean it off as I firmly held her head still with both hands and slid it in to her mouth. She hungrily gobbled and slurped on my cock as I pushed it in to her throat. Her tongue like a snake’s darting around my cock and licking down to my balls. After a couple of minutes I helped her upright to her feet and we kissed again.

Just then I heard the very feint sound of the door latch close. Had someone accidentally stumbled in on us whilst looking for the toilet and had attempted to retreat hoping to go unnoticed or had someone heard Sophie’s moans and had been watching us the whole time?

We decided that we should return to the restaurant so we got dressed and tried to make ourselves look presentable. Sophie re-applied her lipstick left the room first and I followed a few seconds later in a futile attempt to be discrete. Our uneaten desserts were still on the table but there was hardly anyone left sitting down as everyone had finished and was stood in groups talking or dancing. She had already made her way to the bar and was talking to some of her female colleagues. There was a lot of laughing and shrieking and I could see that she had a coy look on her face. I came to the conclusion that there may have been more than one person who had enjoyed the show and word had quickly spread…

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