The Land Transfer

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It was raining heavily. The roof rattled with the force of the downpour. The night seemed to be darker probably because of the rain. My husband, fresh from jail, was noisily rummaging in the chest of drawers in the bedroom and cursing. He stank of drink.

“Where are my transfer forms for the Karandi plot?” He staggered drunkenly towards me. “I need to transfer it from those greedy Nyoike people, or they may sell it to someone else.”

“I thought you had done so before they took you away?” I tried to bring the most important matter to the fore. The normal procedure after buying a plot was to lodge the transfer forms with the Land board so that the title deed could be issued in the new owner’s name.

“Stop asking irrelevant questions! You must have taken them from the drawer.” It was clear that he was bent on violence.

He teetered towards me with his hand raised in a threatening attitude. I ducked to the left of the dining table but still he came towards me. What had happened to him in jail, I wondered. He had never been violent, but now he looked set to cause me actual bodily harm. He staggered on, tripping over a corner of the carpet. Not quite believing that he could hit me I slowed slightly just at the moment he took a lunge at me. Before I could quite get away, his nails came in contact with the sleeve of my dress and grazing the skin of my upper arm.

Now I knew for sure that either jail or whatever he had been drinking had changed him into someone I didn’t yet know. I was at the far end from the entrance looking longingly at the door, when he slipped and landed heavily on the carpet. I waited not a moment longer. I dashed around the table and was out of the door in a trice. I quickly locked it with the key which had been hanging on the inside and dashed outside looking in every direction for help.

“Help me!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. The rain pelted the roofs ahead of me. I ran on down the slight slope hoping I would not slip in the mud and fall, hurting myself. I saw a shape faintly ahead of me. “Help!” I shouted again. I could now see it was someone under an umbrella.

I caught up with them and a man’s voice said warily, “What is the matter, lady?” Despite being on his guard his voice also communicated concern.

“My husband…” I panted as I slowed alongside him.

“Has he hit you?”

“He surely would have, if I had not been faster than he. Thank God for his being drunk!”

“Come in,” gerçek sex hikayesi he said pleasantly. We had come to the locked door of a cottage sitting by itself. When he opened the door, I was shocked to recognise the teacher who had severally talked to me in a way to suggest he wanted to sleep with me. Now it seemed luck was on his side, as I had nowhere else to go for tonight. My misfortune had turned out to be his profit.

I turned back the way we had come and saw no escape. I had no choice but to enter the maw of this house, now to me more of a prison. I was convinced its owner was bent on having his way with me in my misfortune.

“Please take a seat while I get these wet clothes off me. Then I can warm some food for us. Is that OK?”

Of course it was nowhere near OK, but what choice did I have at that hour? “Yes,” I replied with trembling lip, trying to gather my flimsy nightdress about me to cover more of my legs. He saw that and came back to the sitting room with a light blanket.

“Here, put this around you. You could catch your death of cold.” His voice was so kind and concerned that I began to believe he would not force himself on me, despite his being at such a huge advantage. I fought to bring my breathing back to normal.

I have no idea how long he took to put on fresh, warm clothes but he came back and went straight into what I took for the kitchen. Soon smells of food wafted to my nostrils telling me the food had been cooked the previous night. I missed the fresh meal I had made for supper, now aborted.

He brought it out on a tray, and lay it on the coffee table in front of me. He placed one plate for me and the other for himself opposite me. At home we usually had our meals at table but here I was about to eat supper off a coffee table, no matter that it was glass-topped with silver studs in the corners.

“Welcome, Carol!”

“Thank you.” It was something mashed with a delicious looking stew made of peas, carrots and some chunks of meat. It was not à la carte but it would put some warmth into me. So I dug in hungrily not minding what the teacher would think of me.

“You have lived alone for some years in that house on the hill, yet so much at peace,” he voiced his mystified thoughts.

“Yes, I had no one to disturb me since my husband was arrested in the corruption case involving the Railways. I have no idea if he was implicated or was an innocent victim who was at the right place at the porno erotik hikayeler wrong time.”

“He had never seemed to us like a thief of public funds, but who knows what they look like?” He chuckled.

He kept me talking about my life with my husband since he had come out of jail a week or so ago. His replies were so warm that I found myself, in spite of myself, getting to like him. After all, wasn’t I going to spend the night in his house? It is better to do so with someone you held no fear of.

I stood up suddenly wanting to take the dirty dishes to the kitchen and wash them. In my house I could not stomach dirty dishes in the sink at night. “Where are you going?”

“To the kitchen. I can’t leave!” Then I made a face.

His protest died on that reply and I sailed on that fair wind to the kitchen. Quickly I washed the two plates and spoons, then washed out the pot and cooking spoons he had used, stacking them in the dish dryer. Turning round to a slight sound as I dried my hands on the kitchen towel, I was startled to see him at the door. His eyes dropped to my breasts as they swung gently under my nightdress.

“Thank you so much! I can’t believe that a woman of your status could go to such lengths as washing my dishes for me. I have grievous trouble with washing up, sometimes only doing so when I run out of things to use.”

That long speech touched me to the core. I felt my legs carrying me towards him and I hugged him to me. Only when our bodies were in close contact did I realise what I had done. He was clutching me in his strong arms, with hands running up and down my back. Instead of trying to rectify my mistake, I found his embrace so very enjoyable that I delayed my reaction. He too, was enjoying my body so much that I felt his erection against my lower stomach.

It was so long since I had felt a man’s body against mine that I now exulted in the power I had to affect a man to the point of raising an erection. His breathing was also changing quickly. How long ago was it since I had affected a man in such a profound way. I felt his hands on my lower back and then he crossed over into that forbidden land of my buttocks. I flinched. He too, seemed to have been shaken throughout his body.

I speculated what would happen if he chanced to touch my boobs. On one hand my nipples ached for his touch, but on the other, I was curious to see how big an effect it would have on him. I realised that he was moving porno hikayeleri me back towards the living room. He led me to the sofa with his hand on my left side. I wanted to twist my body to let those fingers graze the side of my breast. He sat me very gently and let his arms encircle me. It was not difficult for his hands to visit the soft flesh of the side of my boobs; and he did.

His breath drew in sharply inciting me to do the same. I turned my face towards him causing his hand to cup the full breast in his palm. I wish I could tell you more fully what I felt when I felt him grasp my breast uninhibitedly. He began to palpitate it as if he were looking for tumours therein. This drove me higher on the scale of lust. One part of my mind could not quite come to terms with how I had found myself in this position, married woman though I was, and the other part wanted to shut out those questions and just enjoy being caressed and fondled by a real man who wanted my body.

Then he kissed me! Wow, that threw me completely off-kilter. All my good sense deserted me in an instant. I kissed him back with great heat wanting him to do more to my body. I felt a coolness between my legs only to realise that I had parted my legs. Both his hands were treating my boobs to the best fondling, something I had desired on many a night, but which had remained just that-a wish.

Now it was reality. My cunt was awash with juices as if I was a cow being milked, only there was no pail into which it would go. I took one of his hands and guided it down to my thighs. He groaned with pleasure and anticipation. He ran up one thigh and down the other. I was so eager to feel his fingers between the lips of my cunt. Soon he did. I opened my legs wider in welcome.

I willed him to get his fingers under the elastic of my panty and strum my lips. I twisted this way and that wanting him to find my hungry, wet cunt. He took the hint and ran his palm over my pubic mound, squeezing the whole area with his strong hand. I scooted my body forward to allow my legs to part further. He lifted my nightdress and fumbled to find the elastic of the panty leg. I was thankful when he found it and pushed his fingers under it to find my wetness. He groaned again as he slid one joint of the finger into me causing me to squirm in pure pleasure. My own hand went in search of his trouser zip and drew it down. I wiggled my fingers under his boxers to encounter the hard softness of his erection. I shivered with excitement knowing he would take me right here on the sofa. I was sure neither of us could wait until we got to the bedroom. I pulled his rigid stem with the urgent message that I wanted his cock in my pussy now, rather than later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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