The Ladies and the Master Ch. 02

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“Mmmmm…” Angelique sighed with delight.

Her Master’s kisses were enrapturing. She never felt anything so warm and pleasing like being held and fondled in her Master’s arms.

She looked up into his eyes and smiled wanting to press her lips on to his and slip her tongue into his mouth, but she knew the rules. Instead, she stood there in front of him completely naked shivering in anticipation.

“Tag mig!” she thought feeling her taut nipples pulsating along with her beating heart. Her pussy was primed and moistened just waiting if not beckoning to be entered.

Brad smiled at her and brushed the back of his fingers along her temple, then down her delicate neck to her soft and dainty shoulder. He gave her a firm grip and shook her gently at first, then shook her harder still with the gentle smile on his face. Although his demeanor didn’t change, the shaking wasn’t pleasant at all. She said nothing in protest, but felt her smile fade from her face. Angelique felt a chilled breeze cross her body and another violent shake on the shoulder. Her Master’s face faded from her eyes and she woke up with her arms clutching her naked body.

“Huh?” Angelique said blinking her eyes quickly realizing her dream had faded to reality.

Charlie was on one side of her bed holding her blankets in her hand and Danielle was on the other side looking at her with an annoyed look. She pointed over to the bathroom in dismay and Angelique nodded with a rub of her eyes. Charlie gave her a big slap on the bottom and smiled at her before Danielle and her left toward the bathroom.

Angelique sat up on the bed and looked over at Danielle and Charlie seeing their shapely asses walking away from her. She could feel her nipples still hard and pulsating and looked down between her legs and wondered how wet she was. She looked over and saw Danielle and Charlie were out of sight in the bathroom when she took her index and middle fingers down below just parting the lips and slightly grazing her firm clitoris.

The touch was quick and light, but the sensation was intense that she felt the orgasmic energy deep inside her body wanting to be released. Angelique closed her eyes and covered her mouth not wanting to let out any sounds of self-pleasure. She glanced over at the room camera angled in her direction then rose and quickly walked over to the bathroom.

As Angelique was about to enter, Danielle and Charlie exited and looked at her annoyed. Charlie took her hand and guided her back to the center of the room and they did their morning workout routine.

With their bodies glistening with sweat and hearts beating, they returned to the bathroom. The all got into the shower and Angelique looked at both of them and put her hands together in front of her chest with an apologetic look on her face. Danielle stroked her cheek and smiled acceptingly while Charlie offered a pouty frown. Angelique smiled in earnest taking a bottle of soap and a loofa in each hand offering to Charlie. She smiled, but turned her back to Angelique.

Angelique lathered up the loofa and wrapped her arm around Charlie placing her hand on her belly. She pulled her body against Charlie’s ass against her own pussy. Angelique began gently scrubbing Charlie’s breasts and riding up until she was only scrubbing her nipple. Charlie turned her head and they looked at each other in the eyes. They were smiling and the gleam in their eyes expressed without a doubt that they were thinking the same thing.

They could hear each other breathing hard as their faces came closer and closer. Their mouths parted as they closed their eyes then they felt a jet of cold water spray on their bodies.

“Eeekk!” they both shouted and jumping away from the cold water.

Danielle stood by the faucet and shook her head then pointed at the large mirror. Charlie looked at herself in the mirror and stomped her feet. She pointed at her pussy annoyed. Danielle held out her hands and shrugged her shoulders. They all knew there was nothing they could do but let their lustful juices simmer until tonight.

The Ladies washed each other from head to toe then took their time to moisturize every part of their bodies. Charlie guided Angelique over to the chair and sat her down. She looked at Angelique with a sly smile sliding her hand down her body until it was between her legs. Angelique knew this intimate touching wasn’t allowed, but did nothing except look surprised and unsure. Charlie brushed her fingers over Angelique’s skin feeling the prickly stubble of growth between her legs. She smiled over at Danielle then stepped back leaning against the vanity countertop.

Danielle smiled opening one of the drawers and pulled out a metal cup with a brush inside and then pulled out a straight razor that shined like a mirror. She added some soap and water to the cup and stirred vigorously clink clanking the brushing around the cup. Once the soap had become a foamy lather, Danielle knelt down in front of Angelique and opened her legs like a pair of French doors.

Angelique felt the soapy brush dab and brush all around her pink folds making her İstanbul Escort shudder with a bit of pleasure and anticipation. Charlie smiled and licked her lips and Angelique covered her mouth to hide her laugh. Danielle placed the cup on the counter and took hold of the gleaming straight razor bringing its honed edged against Angelique’s supple skin.

Angelique took a nervous breath and held it, but Danielle smiled at her and patted her on the knee hoping to reassure her. Danielle made a careful swipe and the sharp razor glided over the skin like a finger sliding over polished alabaster. She swiped and shaved above and around Angelique’s delicate pink folds seeing them contract now and then with each precise swipe.

When Danielle was finished, she gave Angelique a quick rinse and toweled her dry. She brought her head down close and gave it a thorough inspection making sure there wasn’t anything she missed or any nicks she caused. Danielle popped her head back up and gave her an approving smile. Angelique smiled back and touched her freshly shaved region and was amazed at Danielle’s deft razor skills. She felt smoother than she had ever felt before as she glided her fingertips over her skin. Her legs were next, which received the same careful treatment, and then it was Charlie’s turn. Danielle’s steady hand finished her rather fast with Charlie showing all the trust in world even with a sharp razor so close to her pussy.

Charlie and Danielle quickly traded places and Angelique watched carefully this time. She knew she would have to perform this task in the future and watched to see how they used the razor so well. As delicate of an area close to the pussy, Charlie was careful yet bold with her strokes.

“Wow!” Angelique thought and smiled impressed.

Charlie finished and gave her the same close inspection. She looked up at Danielle as eager as a child on Christmas morning, then glanced over at the mirrored wall. She brought her head down onto Danielle’s pussy and gave it a big kiss. Danielle was surprised at first then quickly pushed Charlie’s head off of her and covered her pussy with her hands. She looked over at the mirrored wall frightened for a moment then rose to her feet.

Danielle motioned to Charlie to stand with a stern look on her face. Charlie got to her feet and put her hand together in front of her chest apologetically but pouty. Angelique was not sure what to make of the situation, but shared in their fear and their angst. Danielle pointed to their make-up and the Ladies prepared themselves for the day.

They all got dressed and left their chambers to do their daily chores when their Master called for them in front of the steps. They scurried down and stood with their eyes cast down in front of him.

“Good morning, my sweets. Is everything well?”

“Yes, Master.” they all said, but not in unison.

“As you know, tonight we’ll be attending a Gentlemen’s Social. I hope you are all feeling well?

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. I’m giving you free time here at the mansion. You may do as you please until 2:00. Then I want you all to take naps and be cleaned and ready by 8:00. Understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then off you go, my sweets.”

“Yes, Master.” They said and gave a curtsey.

“Oh Charlie. Just a moment.” Brad said.

The Ladies all looked at each other nervously for a moment.

“Y-yes, Master?” Charlie said as Danielle and Angelique walked away concerned.

Brad said nothing seeing her looking down at her feet with a shiver in her body.

“What’s the matter, sweetie? You look frightened.”

“I-I’m sorry Master. It’s my fault.”

“Fault? What did you do?”

“I touched Danielle without permission.”

“Touched her how?”

“I kissed her.”

“On the lips?”

“No. Well, yeah…I mean, not the mouth, but…on the pussy. Master. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. Please don’t punish the others. I am the one to blame.”

“I see.” Brad said with a sigh. “Why did you do it?”

“I-I don’t know, Master. I felt like it. It looked…so pretty. I just wanted to kiss it.”

“Do you feel this way a lot towards your sisters?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do your sisters share the same feelings as you do?”

“I don’t know. I think so, Master.

Brad sighed again. “Can you promise me you won’t do this again?”

Charlie struggled to speak and clenched her hands, but finally said, “I-I promise, Master.”

“Thank you, my dear.” he said gliding the back of his hand along her smooth, warm cheek and snickered, “Your sisters and you are very pretty. I guess being around them all the time and not being able to express your “appreciation” is punishment enough, do you agree?”

“Y-yes, Master.”

“Sweet, Charlie. You’ve always had a lustful heart.”

“I’m sorry, Master.”

“Don’t be. Your energy and enthusiasm is a joy to be around. Now join your sisters and enjoy the day.”

“Yes, Master.” she said with a curtsey and turned to leave then stopped. She turned and looked at Brad in the eyes and smiled, “Thank you, Master.”

He smiled as she turned Escort Bayan and left the room.

Danielle and Angelique were waiting back in their room wondering what Charlie’s fate was.

“Master won’t do anything to Charlie. Not when there’s a party to go to, ja?” Angelique said.

“Then what about after the party? That stupid girl! What was she thinking?”

“She was thinking how much she loves you.”

Danielle sat down next to Angelique on the bed and held her hands. “I’ll tell Master it was my fault. I mean I shouldn’t have been playing with her like that anyway.”

“No. I will tell Master. I will tell him I made her do it. Maybe Master will be kind because I’m new.”

“Or maybe harder. No. I’ll tell him.”

“Tell him what?” Charlie said walking in with a smile on her face.

They both rushed over to Charlie and gave her a hug.

“So. What happened?” Danielle said.

“Oh, I love Master!” Charlie said getting misty eyed.

“What happened?” Danielle asked again.

“I broke down and confessed. I told him exactly what happened and he said that being around you two is punishment enough.”

“We are your punishment?” Angelique said.

“Master meant that in a good way being around you two naked and pretty girls all the time with smooth as silk pussies and not being able to do anything about it.”

“Horny bitch.” Danielle said.

“Takes one to know one. And I love you too. And you too Angie.”

They all hugged each other tight.

“Now don’t be stupid again, okay?”

“I know. I know. Master made me promise never to do it again.”

“Okay then. That should settle it.” Danielle said.

“But did it feel good?” Angelique said.


“You heard the question. How did it feel?” Charlie said.

Danielle replayed the events in her mind and remembered the feeling of Charlie’s lips touching her pussy and feeling her hot breath touch her skin. Danielle shrugged her shoulders tight and closed her eyes with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Mmmmm…” Angelique moaned.

“Oh Dani!” Charlie said.

“It was good. Yes. It felt really good.” Danielle said swooning.

“I am getting all hot again.” Angelique said.

“See. That’s the punishment. So what are we going to do now? We can’t go anywhere.” Charlie said.

“The garden is nice, ja? We can have frokost.” Angelique said.

“Frokost? What’s that?” Charlie said.

“I mean lunch. Sorry.”

“A picnic! That sounds like fun. Why didn’t you ever suggest that idea, Dani?”

“Why didn’t you?” Danielle said, “Well then. Let’s go.”

“Do we have to wear our house clothes?” Angelique said.

“Well it is our free time.” Charlie said and took off her cape and heels placed them neatly in her dresser.

The others followed suit and Angelique waited to see if the others were going to put on any clothes.

“Come on Angie. Let’s go.” Danielle waved to her completely naked.

They all exited the room naked and smiling and walked down to the kitchen.

“So what are we going to eat at our picnic?” Charlie said.

“I can make something, if that is okay?” Angelique said.

“Okay. As long as it’s something yummy.” Danielle said.


“Don’t be too long. ” Charlie said.


Charlie and Danielle left Angelique in the kitchen and went outside to the garden. Angelique opened the refrigerator and looked at what was inside. The usual things like eggs, milk, butter, juice and fruits and vegetables in the crisper drawers.

“Hej, min soede.” Brad said.

Angelique was startled, then looked over at where the voice came from. She brushed her blonde hair off her face and stood straight toward him with a bit of a smile, “Hej, Master.” she said with a curtsey.

“Pray continue, my dear. This is your free time.”

“Yes, Master.” she said and gave him a nervous look before looking back inside the refrigerator.

“Are you looking for anything in particular?”

“Do you have any laks? Master?” she said looking at him then down to the ground.

“We, my sweet. You live here too. Do ‘we’ have any laks.” he said.

“Yes, Master. Do we have any laks?”

“Do you mean smoked salmon? I believe we have some.” he said and walked up beside her.

Angelique stole a glance at his face and put her hand next to her mouth to conceal her smile.

“Here it is.” he said pulling a package of lox from the back shelf handing it to Angelique.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Anything else?”

Angelique looked around the refrigerator quickly and saw the foil wrapped roast they had the other day.

“May I have some of the oksekod…I mean…beef. Master?”

“Of course. Would you like me to slice it for you?”

“Oh…no, Master. I can do it.”

“I know. But would you like me to slice it for you?”

Angelique looked at him taken back at the request. She could feel herself blushing at his kind yet penetrating gaze until she looked down again.

“Um…Ja…uh…yes. Thank you, Master.”

Brad pulled the roast out and brought it over to the counter. Eskort Angelique watched blushing all the way until he looked back at her and she turned back toward the refrigerator. She pulled out a jar of mayonnaise and some fresh herbs then shut the door. She looked over at Brad and saw him looking at her with a smile and she returned the gesture with a shy smile of her own.

Angelique placed the items down on the island counter and went over to the pantry where she picked up some dry spices and mustard. She walked back to the island seeing Brad looking at the ingredients she had in her hands.

“What are you making, my dear?”

“Remoulade. Master.”

“Oh really. Where did you learn how to make that?”

“My mor. I mean, mother. Master.”

“I see. Is she here or back home?”

“Back home, Master.” Angelique said mixing all of her ingredients in a bowl.

“Do you miss her?”

Angelique shrugged her shoulders, “Sometimes, Master.”

“Well. I hope you’ll feel you can call this place your home as well.”

“I do, Master.” Angelique said quickly. “You have been most kind. And my new sisters are very nice to me.”

“I’m pleased to hear that, my sweet. But Jack wasn’t mean to you, was he?” Brad said making his last thin slice of meat.

“No, Master. He was not…mean.” she said not able to find the right description, “But he was not as kind as you are.” she said blushing and feeling her heart thumping madly.

“And his Ladies? How were they?”

“We had our own rooms. I did not speak to them very much.” she said dipping her finger into the remoulade and tasting it with a long and loud finger suck.

Brad placed the sliced roast beef and lox on a plate and brought it over to Angelique. She stacked a few slices of bread on a plate and placed everything on a large silver tray.

“Thank you for helping, Master.” she said ready to lift the tray.

“May I have a taste of your remoulade?”

“Oh yes, Master.” Angelique said reaching for a spoon at first then dipped her finger in the bowl with a smirk and held it up to him, “Please.”

Brad smiled and held her hand bringing his mouth closer and sucking the remoulade off her finger while staring directly into her eyes. Angelique let out a quiet shudder feeling the tingling sensation run up her back.

“Mmm…very good.” he said.

“I can make more, Master.”

“Maybe another time.”

“Yes, Master. Would you like anything else?” Angelique said standing very close to her Master.

He looked at her noticing her lush eyelashes around her blue eyes. He couldn’t help to smile and brush her smooth blonde hair along the side of her face.

“No, my dear. Go along and enjoy your lunch with your sisters. You have a long night awaiting you.”

“Yes, Master.” She said with a smile and took the tray into her hands.

She was walking out of the kitchen when she turned and said, “Master? Thank you. For choosing me. You could have chosen any Lady you wanted. I…I am very happy it was me.” she said finishing with a curtsey.

“So I chose the right one?”

“Yes, Master. I mean, I will do my best to please you.”

“I know you will. Tak tou, min soede.”

“Du er velkommen, Master.” Angelique said with a bright smile and left the kitchen.

“Oh wait.” Brad said walking towards the wine chiller and pulled out a bottle of white wine. He grabbed three flutes and put them on the tray Angelique was holding. “Is that too heavy?”

“No, Master. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He said gently lifting her chin to see into her eyes.

She smiled and blushed again feeling the warmth of his eyes all over her body.

“Now go enjoy yourself with your sisters, my sweet.”

“Yes, Master.” she said finishing with a curtsey.

Angelique carried the tray out into the garden and saw Charlie and Danielle chatting and lounging at the gazebo when they both noticed her walking toward them.

“It’s about time. What were you doing? Baking a cake?” Charlie said.

“No. Sorry. I was talking to Master.”

“Oh really?” Danielle said with a mock surprise and said with a hushed voiced, “Were you sucking his cock?”

Angelique stopped with a stunned and surprised look. “What?” she said feeling a twinge of jealousy on her shoulders. “N-no. I was making remoulade.”

“Remoulade? Is that Danish for fucking?” Charlie said.

“No. It’s-,” Angelique said and saw their grinning faces, “Not funny.” she said.

“Oh, don’t be like that, sweetheart.” Danielle said taking the tray from Angelique and placing it on the table, “We’re only having a little fun.”

“Yeah. You’d be laughing too if you saw your face.” Charlie said with a playful wink.

Angelique smiled and let the angry feelings pass and sat down next to her sisters, “Eat.”

Angelique took a slice of bread and slathered a good portion of remoulade over it before layering it with slice after slice of roast beef and handing it to Charlie. Then she did the same for Danielle piling slices of lox for her.

“Mmm…” they both said biting into their sandwiches.

The beef and lox were both good, but it was Angelique’s remoulade that added creaminess along with a zing from the mustard and freshness from the herbs. They washed it all down with the chilled, sparkling white wine, which was bold and crisp and absolutely refreshing.

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