The Kiss

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The kiss…

He pulled himself together and took care of his duties in the bathroom. He left the bathroom to find she had ordered room service and a luscious meal was laid out. He smiled and thanked her, sitting down to eat. Together they shared a lovely meal, silently eating and occasionally looking at each other and smiling. No words were necessary. When they finished, they cleaned up the dishes, loaded them on the cart and pushed them out into the hall.

He turned to her, smiled and stepped forward. Quickly, he took her in his arms, gazed into her eyes for a moment, then brought his lips to hers.

Thus, the kiss began.

It started slow and soft, their lips together slightly parted. Then the warmth of it began to build. She felt her toes curl slightly as if they were somehow involved. Her knees weakened a little and he held on to her more tightly. The kiss began to grow. Their tongues took up the kiss and became involved in their own way. First they played tag, hiding from one another and finding joyfully the other exactly where one would expect.

She began to lose her senses of the rest of the world. First, the outside sounds disappeared and she could only hear his breath and soft moans that escaped from between their locked lips. Soon the room dimmed and she could only see his eyes, sometimes closed, sometimes locked Adana Escort in hers as they became a part of the kiss as well.

Soon she became one with him and her body melted into his. She began to feel her passion rise as the kiss took over more and more of her body. She felt herself growing first warm and then wet between her legs and she could feel him rise and press against her stomach. Their robes parted and their flesh touched completely. She does not recall opening her robe, nor does she remember him doing so. Rather the kiss demanded it and made it so.

The began a slow dance as together the kiss took them to the bed. Their legs were in danger of giving out as the kiss consumed more and more of their muscles. Soon they fell softly onto the bed.

The kiss lived on. Its intensity growing now that gravity was no longer fighting it.

The kiss willed her legs to wrap around his body and that he enter her. No longer could the kiss be denied. It took over their bodies and their minds completely as they lost themselves in its embrace.

Their love motion began in the tongues. As they began to direct what the rest of the body would do. His tongue entered her mouth and began to thrust in exactly the same rhythm as his manhood inside of her. She squoze her vagina around him in the same manner as her lips Adana Escort Bayan squeezed his tongue. The actions of the kiss became the direction for their lovemaking.

Moans escaped her lips as the passion rose and consumed them. Never once was the kiss endanger of stopping as their bodies complied to its demands. The kiss consumed them, built their passion to higher and hotter limits they ever before.

The kiss continued on, its momentum building as their bodies mirrored its actions. She felt something begin to rise inside of her. It felt like an orgasm building only much deeper, from inside her body and mind from an area that she had never felt. He too began to feel something warm growing deep within him as their kiss called something deep and primitive inside him.

The continued unwilling and unable to stop as the kiss consumed them. It rose inside of them and began to grow hotter.

The kiss called to it and it responded growing hotter as they became more passionate in their lovemaking. It continued to grow, building inside of them until their very bodies seemed on fire and the kiss made it more passionate.

They knew they had no control now, they were completely at the mercy of the kiss and that which the kiss built. She began to feel something familiar as her orgasm started to shudder Escort Adana but soon she realized that it was more than just an orgasm. It was much more. As she began to become controlled by this new thing he too, felt a familiar stirring deep within his loins. Yet his seemed to pull all of his energy from everywhere in his body and soul and focus it forward and upward.

His began to build faster now, taking its energy from every muscle and focusing on his thrusting inside her. She began to convulse like any orgasm but this was just the beginning. The kissed urged the climax on. Like a giant wave, it was preceded by smaller waves of orgasm that she felt and dismissed in preparation for IT. He began to feel her shudder over him and he too began small climaxes but the kiss urged them on.

As they felt it growing nearer and nearer the briefly considered breaking the kiss to prepare but they could not stop it. The kiss controlled it and it controlled them. She felt it first as the largest wave overcame her and she moaned into his lips and wrapped her legs around him to take it all in. Waves of heat and spasms shook her to the soul as she struggled to maintain her consciousness. Then his began in answer. White hot cum pumped deep from within him and filled her with the results of the passion. Over and over they came, thrashing while the kiss continued on. Their bodies shook, convulsed and moaned while the kiss maintained its control.

Finally, they stopped convulsing and totally spent, quickly passed out in each others arms. Some time as they slept the kiss left them but its memory has changed their perceptions forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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