The Key Ch. 01

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So I had spotted her on the train a few times. You know that way. You see someone and the way they look or dress catches your eye. You get to wondering if in another time or another place you met them, what would happen. You keep an eye out for them. On some days, you maybe even fantasize a little about them. Daydreaming on the train. Undressing them in your head, rolling onto a bed. Their eyes looking up at you. So yes, one of them. I got the distinct impression that when I chanced a glance at her, she was always looking at me. But that means nothing, right?

Anyway, this particular train journey was stressful. I’d forgotten my book and had spent the trip with my head pressed against the window. The rain was lashing down and the world outside was grey. It was also moving slowly. The train had stopped again and again and after an age, a voice would come over announcing signal problems. Then another a wait until finally the train lurched off again. To cap it all, only three carriages had shown up rather than the usual six, so the train was heaving. I’d been lucky enough to bag a seat by the window, but the rest of the train was standing room only and not much of that. The large man sitting next to me was taking up a seat and a half and so I was crammed up against the window. Staring out as the train was later and later. After the first half an hour of delays, I called the office and muttered apologies.

I hadn’t seen her that day, but she must have been in the carriage somewhere. As we got closer to the town centre, more and more passengers got off, including my over-generous sex hikayeleri seat mate and the atmosphere started to lift a little. I was staring out the window and someone threw down a folded up copy of the free newspaper in front of me. I jumped a little and looked up just in time to see the back of her head disappearing out the door. Was it her? Oh well, something to read at least.

As I unfolded the newspaper to read it, I saw that there was something in the fold. A leaflet maybe? No, this was plain white. There was still someone sitting in one of the seats opposite, on the other side of the table, so I carefully shielded the object from their view. Another glance and I could see clearly. It was a small white envelope. A letter maybe? I lifted one edge with my finger. Quite heavy for a letter. I felt the envelope. There was something solid inside. I didn’t feel comfortable investigating further in front of my fellow passengers, so deftly slipped the envelope into my jacket pocket.

Once I was at the office, there was a lot to do. I went straight into one meeting and then stayed on to get a report from the meeting I’d missed. Then there was calls to follow up, emails to read and write and discussions to be had with colleague. So the first opportunity I had to investigate the mysterious envelope came when I nipped to the loo after lunch. I did my business at a urinal, then picked a cubicle, locket it and sat down on the toilet seat.

Did my hands shake a little with nerves as I opened the envelope? Maybe. Inside there was a piece sikiş hikayeleri of paper with a key chain with three objects on it. One of the objects was definitely a yale door key. The other was much smaller, maybe a padlock key and the final one looked like an electronic key fob. On the paper was written:

Flat 5/3, 140 Seaview Crescent

07/05 13:30

Ok. An address. And a date and time? That was next Monday. During the day. When I’d be at work. Oh, wait. Next Monday was a holiday!

It must have been from her, right? I took my phone out and searched on Google Maps for the address. It was in the fancy new flats. The tall ones by the look of it.

So that was on Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week wondering what to do. The details were so specific. But I’d read stories about people. Online for example. Getting lured into a situation and blackmailed. Or just mugged. But mainly I thought about the girl on the train. While I looked, I didn’t see her on the train for the rest of the week.

Even up until midday on the Monday, I was in two minds. Maybe it was mistake? Maybe she had dropped into the newspaper by accident. Maybe she had just found it herself and passed it on. But by midday, I was resolved. Fuck it. Let’s see what happens.

I’d been right about the location, it was the new flats. They looked very grand as I approached. I had to pace along for quite a while to find 140. Sure enough, there was a electronic entry pad. I looked about me and held the key up to it. It beeped and when I pushed the door, it sex hikaye opened. Step one. Although there was an elevator, I deliberately went up the stairs. Maybe because it would then be easier to turn around if I had a change of heart part way up. So I walked up all the flights of stairs to the fifth floor.

The interior stairwell was as swish as the exterior with new looking carpets, clean walls and neat wooden doors. And there I was, outside Flat 5/3 Seaview Crescent at 13:30 on the 7th of May. I could see a doorbell and part of me wanted to just ring it. Maybe knock on the door too and if there was no response, go. But that wasn’t how the game worked.

I took out the keys again and held the yale key. It looked a good fit for the lock. I tried it. It went in first time. Then I turned the lock, and pushed the handle downs and leaned on the door. It opened with a swish. I paused one last time, looked around and stepped in, closing the door behind me.

Inside the flat was..nice. As expected. Laminate flooring. To one side a glimpsed a large bathroom with shower. The other doors were closed, save one further down the corridor. I could see that sun was shining into that room and it was clear that that was where I was being led.

I was conscious of my breathing now as I stepped along the corridor, it was nervous and deep. I could hear my heart thumping in my ears.

The first thing I saw in the room was a large black leather sofa. Then a breakfast bar, with a kitchen further back.

Then I noticed her. She wore a shortsleeve black blouse and shortish black shorts. She was barefoot and kneeling upright on a cushion on the floor. There was a paperback, face down on the floor in front of her. Her hands were in handcuffs and resting on her lap. I suddenly remembered the third key.

She smiled warmly. “Hi.”

[To be continued]

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