The House By the River

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The House By The River

I live in a suburb of a large city. In some fifty meters from my house begins the forest. When a child, I have spent lots of time there. I know that there is a large forsaken house standing on the bank of the river which flows through the wood – some day the house is bound to fall right into it. Sometimes I go there just to be on my own for some time…

One warm summer morning I went there to spend all the day there. I was thinking of smoking my pot when I heard somebody’s footsteps, and a minute later the door squeaked and opened. I quickly hid in the little room behind the main one, and looked through the crack in the wall. I saw a young woman, her face was pretty – large brown eyes, a sensitive mouth, long fair hair. She wore a short white dress and no bra, so her large tits swayed to and fro as she walked. In her hand was a plastic bag. The girls scanned the room and then approached an old chair standing in the corner. She dragged it into the middle of the room, right under the ceiling pillar, and then opened her bag and took out a coil of rope. And I understood everything: she had come here to hang herself! I tried my best to conceal my heavy breath and felt the spasm of lust burning in my pants. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Meanwhile, the girl stood on the chair and attached the rope to the pillar. The rope was thick, with a noose on one end. Having done this, she sighed deeply, arranged her dress and put the noose on her neck. Taking her long hair out of the noose, she did it in a braid, then she tightened the rope on her neck and Erzincan Escort then stood on the very edge of the chair, stretching her right leg down, while the right heel held her weight. Then the chair fell. She was hanging now. When I saw these two slender legs hanging in the air, my dick went crazy. For a second or two her feet were motionless, but then they started dancing, trying to reach the floor, and I felt the horniest erection in my life. I watched the rope eat into the girl’s smooth skin, her face quickly turned red, then purple… Her pretty lips parted to let out her dark tongue, with saliva dripping down. But none of these lessened her beauty… When her body began jerking, and her large tits swayed to and fro, rubbing against the dress, and I could see through the fabric that her large dark nipples were very hard. Her legs at first moved chaotically, wriggling in the air, rubbing against each other… but then she kinda walked in the air, and the short dress revealed her pretty little cunt covered by white panties. Her arms stretched out with her hands stretched downward like if she was doing “thriller” and she seem to raise her knee towards her large chest. Finally, her eyes rolled up and she seem to relax as her legs slowly stretch back out. Her arms slowly return weirdly and seem to hold in front of her large breasts. A strange sound escape her mouth, almost like she was hiccupping. I felt strange but I was so fascinated by this beauty and I approached her. Every couple seconds the strange sound would escape her mouth and her breasts seem to jiggle Erzincan Escort Bayan a bit, her hands slowly relaxed and finally rested by her side. I reached out and touched her wrist, there was no pulse. As I admired her, a stream of liquid trickled down her legs. I know she is dead and beyond recitation. I grabbed her head and kissed her passionately, tasting her sweet saliva and feeling her tongue with mine. Girls like her would not even look at my way and now there’s one here all to myself.

A moment later I turned her around and began to unzip her dress and pulling it down. She had no bra so I moved on to her panties, it was already soaked and to my dismal she shitted her self. But I was not deterred, I took off her underwear and tossed it aside, then bringing the bottle of water I had with me I weted part of her dress and began cleaning her ass with it. It took a little bit to clean the shit from her bottom. Now I am finally ready to begin. I took my time slowly licking her all over. Kissing her large round tits, sucking on the still hard nipples, and licking her cleavage with great pleasure. My tongue was slowly sliding downwards, down her belly, and then slowly opened her thighs. Her pussy was very wet, and it was also very hot! I licked it a little before my tongue entered her love hole. I have to admit, some of the other guys bragged about how sweet a girl’s pussy tasted, but I would say it is an acquired taste. When I was ready I removed my clothe and ran my dick up and down her inner thigh. Holding the body around the waist, I pushed Escort Erzincan my dick into her warm relaxed hole. To my surprise she was very juicy and warm. The slurping sounds of my dick going in and out of her drove me wild. She hung just a little off the ground and it was the perfect height for a standing fuck. With very little effort I was able to fuck her in a position that would test a man’s stamina and strength. I kissed her mouth and licked her breasts as I drilled her standing up. My thrusting made her breasts bounce so enticingly and her head to bob around. When I came it was the most intense experience of my life. I felt like I shot gallons of cum into her. Afterward I held her to me and her breasts flattened against my chest. My dick was still so hard and after catching my breath, I continued to fuck her. I can feel war juices leak out of her pussy and run down my legs, looking down I see the white cream running down her inner thighs and I came in her again. This time my dick began to deflate and I stepped back from my beautiful dead lover. I admired the cum slowly run down her legs and drip on the floor. I pulled up the chair she used to assist her suicide and sat in front of the hanging beauty.

Tired I decided to take abreak, drink some water and smoke some pot. Later I would fuck her again. I don’t know for how many times I’ve made love to that hanged girl that day. But I can tell you it’s one of the best experiences in my life. I was taking a risk spending too much time there with her, so I left regretting I have no camera. A week later I saw her picture in the local paper, the note said about a young woman found hanging in the forsaken house, signs of post mortem sexual activity was present. But due to the location being a popular spot for hobos and drug addicts, the suspect was never found.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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