The Hitchhiker

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She was on her way to Las Vegas, tooling through the desert between Phoenix and the Sin City , the CD player blasting Bon Jovi, the air conditioning on the rental cranked to the max.

The landscape was, at the same time, dramatic and boring. Rock formations, in every imaginable shade or red and brown, breathtaking at the start, had lost their fascination. So, she was daydreaming …

About an e-mail she had just received from a man she had just met online … a sexy tale he had created about climbing into her bedroom and taking her, partly against her will, but not entirely. She enjoyed believing that a man, beside her husband, would lust for her like that. She needed it for her self-confidence, and he made her feel good again. His writing and her imagination were a powerful pair.

In a part of the story, he described how he would lick her. She had read that story a dozen times and touched herself each time. And as she thought about it again, she began to get wet.

She remembered she was in the middle of the desert, not another car on the road. No one within miles, so …

With her left hand on the wheel, her right hand pulled up her sun skirt, reached inside her panties and started stroking her clit. Mmmmm, that felt good. She knew better than anyone how she liked it … just a soft, slow stroking that would make her moister and moister. She loved how she felt to herself, silky wet. And she loved touching herself. Sometimes she would make herself cum quickly, to relieve the sexual tension. Sometimes she liked to take her time and enjoy it. This time, she would linger.

She removed her panties and made small circles around her clit, occasionally slipping a finger inside her. She thought about her friend’s tongue. God, she wished he were licking her now. It had been a long time since any man had really made Van Escort love to her pussy with his tongue — teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue, making long, wide licks between her lips, plunging it deep inside her, pulling her clit into his mouth and gently sucking on it. She loved it all.

In between the soft caresses of her clit, she slipped a finger inside as far as she could. First one, then two. While it was no substitution for the real thing, it did feel good, especially on the way in.

The throbbing was starting to build, and she had waited long enough, so she started rubbing faster. She knew how to bring herself to climax quickly. So she put her head back, just on the brink, when …

Watch out!

She swerved and missed the car disabled on the side of the road. But only barely. She heard a thump and screeched to a halt in the sandy shoulder. She looked in her rear-view mirror. Had she hit someone? Run them over? She got out of her car and walked back toward the sedan. There didn’t seem to be anyone around …


He popped out from behind the trunk.

“I’m sorry. Did I scare you?” he said. “Man, you just missed making me a hood ornament. I’ve got a flat, but my spare is shot, too. I was waiting for someone to come by. There’s a garage about 20 miles down the road in the next town. Could you give me a lift?”

She wasn’t sure. He was handsome, kind of. About 6-feet tall with blue eyes and a shaven head. He was in a t-shirt and jeans, and, with an athletic build, he wore them well. She guessed he was mid-40s, a little older than her.

But could she give a ride to a stranger on the highway? Maybe the flat tire was a trick. Before she realized it, the words came out of her mouth …

“Sure,” she said. “Hop in.”

As she climbed into the driver’s seat, she Van Escort Bayan noticed a wry smile on his face.

“What?” she said.

He held out the panties she had placed on the passenger seat and forgotten about. She blushed. He laughed. What the hell, she would make a joke of it.

“Well,” she said. “It is a long drive.”

They exchanged pleasantries and small talk. She worked for a cleaning supply company and was headed to a trade show in Vegas. He was a local, a landscape designer who worked with his hands. He held them out to show her the callouses. She ran her hands over his. She liked the feel of a working man’s hands.

Eventually, the talk came back to the panties. Of course, it did.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” he said with a chuckle as he twirled them on his index finger.

“As a matter of fact …”

She looked at him. They both broke out in a laugh. He pulled the panties to his nose and inhaled. “Mmmmmm,” he said. She felt that familiar tingle.

“Why don’t you show me what you were doing?” he said.

“Uh, no,” she answered.

“Sherry, we’re strangers. We’ll never see each other again. Wouldn’t that be hot, to share that and then just walk away? Show me …”

She resisted.

He said it again. “Show me.”

She felt powerless, just as she had when he had asked for a ride. So, her hand went between her legs and she started playing with her clit again. He reached over and pulled the sun dress all the way up.

“I want to see it,” he said.

She was breathless by now. He reached over and pulled a strap off her right shoulder, revealing her breast. The forbidden excitement of him touching her sensitive nipples and the hot desert air on her breast was too much. Her head started swimming. He knew it.

“Cum for me, Sherry,” he said. “Cum Escort Van for me.”

She did. Stroking her clit faster and faster put her over the top. He had grabbed the wheel to keep the car on the road, so she tossed back her head and totally let go. The orgasm seemed to last for minutes.

She looked at him.

“Okay, your turn,” she said.

“What? No,” he said.

She started rubbing his crotch.

“Oh, yes. Do it. Pull it out. I want to see it. We’re strangers, remember?”

He was caught and he knew it. So he obliged. His cock was getting hard as he yanked it from his jeans. She reached over and ran her right hand over it, then reached down and felt his balls. “Nice,” she said.

He was totally hard now.

“Stroke it,” she said. “Jerk off for me.”

He started running his hand up and down the shaft. Watching him do that was making her wet again. She started playing with herself as she watched. God, she had never been this wet before. Heck, she had never done anything like this before. But she loved the thill of it. Her eyes were locked on his cock. His eyes on her pussy.

“I want to see you shoot,” she said to him. “Tell me when you’re close.”

He knew it wouldn’t be long. Nor for her. She was ready to cum, too.

“Now,” he said.

She slammed on the brakes and dropped her head into his lap, sucking the cum from his cock. When the first shot hit her throat, she came, too. She was gasping during her orgasm and struggling to take his every drop. She didn’t spill any.

“I though you said you wanted to see me shoot,” he said.

“I lied,” she replied. “I just wanted to know when you were going to cum.”

They fixed their clothes and resumed the trip. Within minutes, they were at the garage. He hopped out and smiled. He knew the rules. He couldn’t ask for a phone number, couldn’t ask for anything beyond what they had shared.

“Sherry,” he said. “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

“Same here,” she replied.

She smiled and sped off, tossing something out the window. It landed at his feet.

The panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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