The Group Ch. 03

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When I got home, I went for a shower, going upstairs, I noticed Anna’s door wasn’t fully closed, so I thought I should let her know I was back, I opened her door, to put my head round, to see if they were ok, and needed anything, the sight that greeted me, had my prick jumping.

There was both Helen and Anna, totally naked, with Anna on the bed, and Helen knelt in front of her licking her pussy, Helen’s cute butt was pointing towards me I stood there for a while, not knowing what to do, when Anna screamed and tried to cover herself up.

“So how long have you 2 been having sex together?”

Helen nearly shit herself, until then she still didn’t realise that I was there.

They both flushed with embarrassment, “Don’t worry, I understand, if you want me to leave I will, but I’ve seen everything now. So what’s the point, and if you feel uncomfortable with me being dressed, I can always strip off for you, and we can talk about it”

“I’d …. I’d rather you leave dad,” she stuttered

“If you say so Anna”

About 5 minutes later they both came down looking rather sheepish

“Right you 2 we need to talk, now sit down,” I said

The looks on their faces said, they both thought they were in big trouble, so I tried to put them at ease

“You know there’s nothing wrong with what you were doing, it’s only natural that you’re curious about sex, but there’s one thing I want you both to remember”

“What’s that” they said in unison

“I want you to remember that it’s not all one way, whatever one does to the other, the other does back, to equal out the enjoyment” “Now if you want to go back and finish what you started, I’ll understand”

“Wow, your dads so cool about it” said Helen, as they walked arm in arm back upstairs

“I thought we were in big trouble, now come on, let’s finish it” replied Anna

“Fine by me” said Helen

About 10 minutes later, I remembered that I had some of Loraine’s, my late wife’s, vibrators in a drawer in my bedroom, so I though Anna and Helen might find a use for them, I ran upstairs, to find them, and replaced the batteries, just in case.

I knocked on her door, and said I had something for her, when she answered the door, I noticed that she did not bother to cover herself anymore

“Look, I found these, they were you moms, do you want them”

“I wouldn’t know how to use them”

Smiling, I said “There’s only one way to find out and that is to have a play with them, go on just try it”

With that I left them to it, and went to bed, as I lay there, I could hear the low moans and groans coming from her room, and gradually fell to sleep


I awoke to the sound of the telephone


“Nigel, it’s me”


“Carol,…………………………………………………………………… I need help”

“Why what’s up”

“The washers leaking, and there’s water all over the kitchen”

“Where’s James?”

“He’s out of town, with work”

“Ok……..ok, gimme 10 mins, and I’ll be there”

No sooner had I got there then I saw the kitchen floor covered with soapy water

“It looks like it’s coming from the washer,” Carol exclaimed

“Right then, where’s the stop tap?”

“It’s round the back of the washer, but it’s too heavy for me,” so out I pull the washer, find the tap and switch off the water

“Oh thank you” she said, and kissed me on the cheek

“Your welcome”

“Right,” I said, “we’d better get this cleaned up, you got a mop and bucket?”

“I’ll find it”

And off she went, now Carol, is a nice woman, brunette, brown eyes, slim framed, and not very busty, you wouldn’t say she was a stunner, but pretty all the same, but dressed as she was, in her night clothes, she was so sexy

Anyway back she came, and we spent the next hour cleaning up, after we’d finished, we sat down, it was then I remembered what Charlotte had told me about Carol and Tracy

“Why didn’t you tell me about Tracy,” I queried

“What about her?”

“That she was a lesbian”

“I didn’t think it would amount to anything”

“And whilst we’re on the subject of lesbians, and bi-sexuals, why didn’t you tell me that you and Tracy were lovers at one time”

“The bitch, she promised she would never tell anyone”

“She didn’t”

“Then who?”

“Her mother Charlotte”

“You mean her mother knew about us”


“Oh shit, you won’t tell James will you”

“Not if you don’t want me to, but he’d probably get a kick out of it”

“No……No…………… not yet, maybe later,” “Anyway how did you meet her mother?”

“When I took Tracy home the morning after we’d been out”

“The morning after?”

“Yes, she stayed over that night”


“Let me put it this way, Tracy is no longer a lesbian, she’s now bi, the same as you”

“Oh Nigel, you didn’t”

“I did”

“Oh my god, good for you, I’m just gonna go change, I’ll be back in 10 mins”

“Ok, I’ll make a drink”

And off she went, I put the kettle on, and realised I needed the loo, so went up to use the toilet, as Antalya Escort I got to the top of the stairs, I could hear some low moans coming from Carol and James’s room, I couldn’t resist a peek, and there was Carol laid on her back, frantically frigging herself

“ And what are you doing young lady,” I said

She sat bolt upright and looked at me


“Never mind, I think I got the idea, you got hot talking about Tracy, didn’t you”

“Yes I did”

“Do you miss her?”

“Yes, I do”

I moved a little closer to her and she stood up, walking towards me, she locked me in a very passionate kiss, we stood there just kissing each other, me fully clothed and her stark naked, when we broke off, she started to undress me, when she got down to my boxers, she could see just how hard I was

“God you look big, bigger than your son” she exclaimed

“I dunno about that you’ll have to judge for yourself”

And with that she removed my shorts and gasped in amazement

“Can I lick it?”

“Be my guest”

She placed her lips round it and began to slowly lick and suck at my cock

I groaned at her ministrations, through gritted teeth I said, “why don’t we get on the bed then we can 69, you can suck me while I lick your pussy”

“Mmmmmmmm great idea,” she mumbled

We slid on the bed, and down I went, down on that sweet smelling pussy, not only did it smell sweet, but it tasted it too.

I started it lick it and work my tongue into it’s folds, all the time she was sucking my cock and moaning, god it felt good

Carol broke off and asked me if I’d fuck her right there, right now

Of course I would, what red blooded male wouldn’t, so she pushed me over onto my back and straddled me, she grabbed the base of my cock and guided it into her warm wet velvety pussy, it was tight, not as tight as Tracy’s but tighter than Charlotte’s, she was facing me, so I reached out to play with her tits and tweak her nipples, this caused her to groan even louder

She started to move faster, I knew she was about to cum, so I encouraged her by lifting her by her hips and pulling her hard down on my cock, this did the trick and she collapsed on top of me quivering and shaking from head to foot, I had not cum yet and was still hard inside her, so I asked if we could change positions

She rolled off me, I put her on all fours, ready for me to enter her from the rear, I moved in behind her, and eased my cock into her now soaking pussy, as I got to the last inch or so, she moaned out loud and tensed up

“God it feels even bigger this way” she gasped

I said nothing, just started humping her slowly at first, building her up to another mind blowing orgasm, she started to push back onto my cock, wanting even more of it inside her, I was getting close, very close, I needed to bring her off quickly, so I decided to try and put my thumb up her ass.

I licked my thumb and got it as wet as possible, placed it on her ass, and started to apply a little pressure, she started to object, but I calmed her down by telling her that it would feel good, and to tell me if it hurt and I would stop

Trying again, she relaxed and let it slide part way in, I stopped for a moment, just to let her feel it there, then pushed a little more, until my whole thumb was inside that cute ass, this made her go wild, and her pussy clamped tight round my cock, milking it for all it was worth, we collapsed in a heap on the bed, totally spent, and very happy indeed

As she got her breath back, she said, “James is nowhere as good or as big as you are”

“Why thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment”

Just then her phone rang, it was James saying he’d be home in 1 hour

Making my excuses and not wanting to cause Carol any embarrassment, I left

Getting home I found Anna and Helen had just woke up, now any pretext of modesty was gone with those two, where as before they would always make sure they were dressed in their night clothes or ordinary clothes, now they just wandered round the house either naked, or just in a robe, which made for a lovely sight.

“Oh dad”

“Yes” I replied

“Yesterday morning when we came home, who’s were those clothes I saw in the living room”

“They were Tracy’s she stayed here last night”

“Who’s Tracy?”

“A friend of James and Carols, she got locked out the night before, so she stayed here”

“Oh, ok”, “I’ve got to go out in a bit, is it all right for Helen to stay here, till I get back?”

“Of course it is, but don’t you think you should make yourself decent first”

“Oops, I almost forgot, jeez that would have given the neighbours something to talk about,” she laughed

15 minutes later, Anna came in fully dressed

“What have you done with my car keys,” she asked

“They’re on the hall table”

“Thanks,” “I’m off now, should be about an hour or so”

No sooner had she gone, then Helen, came over and sat by the side of me, she asked me what I thought of her?

“You’re a very nice young Antalya Escort Bayan lady”

“No……. you know what I mean, do you like me”

“Very much so,” I replied

“Do you erm fancy me”

Did she mean what I though she meant, I asked myself

“Fancy you, you mean as in physically?”


“I would be lying, if I said no,” I told her

With that she turned and kissed me deeply, I returned her kiss, and seeing as she hadn’t bothered to get dressed, my hands found there way to her small but firm tits, I massaged both of them, squeezing and tweaking the nipples, this caused her to sigh, and work her hand down, and start rubbing my now hardening cock, through my clothes.

“I want you to fuck me please,” she said

I didn’t need asking twice

Taking her hand I led her to my bedroom, once there, I undressed and climbed into the bed, I started licking and sucking her nipples, pausing only to nibble very gently on each one to get them erect, Helen moaned loudly, I let go of her tits with my mouth, and replaced it with my hands, slowly fondling and playing with them as I worked my way down to her pussy, I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy, as I put my tongue down into her pubic hair, I felt just how hot and wet it was, I probed her pussy further, stroking my tongue from her vagina to her clit, no sooner did I touch her clit, then she pushed her hips up to meet my mouth.

I sucked her clit and licked her pussy, for all I was worth, I was determined to bring her to orgasm at least once before I fucked her, I could tell she was getting close, so re-doubled my efforts, as I was aching to put my cock inside her, all of a sudden she stiffened up, and started to shake from head to foot, as she came

“Oh my god,” she said, once she got her breath back, “I’ve never cum that hard before”

“I take it you enjoyed it then?”

“Oh yes”

“Good, would you like me to put my cock inside you?”

“Yes please, but please be gentle, I’ve never been with a man before,”

My cock jumped at this as I told her I’d be as gentle as possible

I got between her legs, grabbed her by the ankles, and placed them over my shoulder’s, then I placed my cock, at the entrance to her pussy, slowly easing forward, letting her feel it start to stretch her, she tensed up a little, so I stopped

“Are you alright”

“Yes it just hurts a bit, but you can carry on”

I eased in a little more, then pulled back, then back in, I kept doing that until, I had my full length inside her, then I rested for a while, just for her to get used to the size

“Mmmmmmmm that feels so good,” she purred

“I’m glad you like it,” and with that I started to rock backwards and forwards, very gently, slowly increasing my pace, but also checking with Helen, that I wasn’t hurting her.

I let her legs drop off my shoulders, and she instinctively put them round my waist, and tried to pull me further inside her, as she moaned and groaned under the pounding of my cock, she started to raise her hips to meet my thrusts, and her breathing got heavier, I knew she was about to cum again, and so was I, so I buried my cock, deep inside her, and spewed my hot semen inside her, I let myself go limp before I pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed, we laid there for a while, not saying anything, just cuddled up to each other, when Helen said

“That was wonderful”

“Hmmmmmm, it was nice, but don’t you think we should clean ourselves up, before Anna gets home”

That said, we showered together, taking it in turns to wash and soap each other, we dried ourselves and dressed just in time to hear Anna pull up.

Later that evening, my Mobile Phone rang, now not knowing if it was Tracy or Charlotte, I had to be careful how I answered it


“Nigel, is that you”

“Yes, who’s that?”

“It’s me, Charlotte”

“Oh, hello, I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you on the phone”

“What are you doing tomorrow evening?”

“I’ve no plans Charlotte, why?”

“Do you fancy that drink?”

“I don’t see why not, what time?”

“Around 8ish if that’s alright with you”

“That’s fine by me, I’ll pop round and pick you up”

Nothing much happened the rest of the day, or for most of the following day, except that Tracy rang and asked if I was busy, that evening, I told her that I was going out, but didn’t tell her with whom, anyway, I showered and changed ready for my night out with Charlotte, and a wicked thought crossed my mind, I was going to see just how far Charlotte would go, so I packed a small bag with 2 towels, shower gel, a few condoms, and some deodorant, my plan was to see if she was interested in trying a swingers club, now it had been some time since I had been, a couple of years, in fact, as in most clubs, the single guys, ended up just standing there, jacking off, very few, got lucky at all

I collected Charlotte at 8.00, and we went to her local, we got our drinks, and found a quiet table to talk, she had her usual G&T, and I had a coke, we sat Escort Antalya there, both unsure of what to say, I then smiled at her, and she smiled back

“Did you enjoy our afternoon together,” I asked, thinking, why not cut to the chase

“Oh yes it was wonderful”

“Would you like to repeat it?”

“Yes, but when?”

“As soon as you like”

There was total silence from her, and not wanting to let this track of conversation drop, I said, “Charlotte, can I ask you something, it’s very personal, and if you don’t want to answer, I’ll understand?”

“Go on, what”

“Can I ask you what your sexual preferences are?”

“What do you mean?”

“How can I put this,” I said, “I know you like men, but have you ever been with a woman, or been curious about one?”

She flushed slightly, then said, “I have thought about it, but never done anything about it, why?”

“It’s just that if the opportunity arose, would you?”

“If it was under the right circumstance, maybe, why?”

“Well, if your in agreement, I have a surprise for you, but I’m not gonna tell you what it is, until we get there, if however, once we get there you don’t want to go through with it, you don’t have to”

“I’m game if you are” she giggled

“Come on then, drink up, and we’ll get off”

We climbed in my car, and off we set, It took us a good hour to get there, as we got close to the club, and I asked Charlotte, if she would mind putting on a blindfold, just until we got there, to keep the surprise a little longer, we rounded the corner of the club, and parked in their car park, I helped her out of the car, and told her she could remove the blindfold, no sooner had she took it off, then she realised I had taken her to a swingers club

“You want me to go in there,” she exclaimed

“Only if you want to, and if you do, we don’t have to do anything with anyone, even each other, it’s entirely up to you”

“Well,” she said, “I’ve got to admit, it does excite me, I’ve thought about these places, but would never have dared to come”

“So, is that a yes or no?”

“Yes, lets go for it” she said excitedly

We went in, filled out the formalities, and looked round, the dress code was very relaxed, towels mainly, but some women had sexy underwear on, as we walked through, we both suddenly felt a very overdressed, I had been here before, some time ago, so I knew where most things were

“Come on, lets get changed,” and I led her to the lockers, we changed, then went for a good look round, they had some private rooms for one, two or three couples, or combinations there of, to use, one large room for couples only, no singles of either sex allowed in there, and another for the singles, no matter if they were male or female, although, you rarely saw a woman in there, most single women used to find a guy in the club, and go into the couples room.

I explained to Charlotte, that if a woman went into the singles room, she was classed as fair game for every guy in there, and that was why it tendered to be only men in there

We went back to the bar, and ordered a couple of drinks, they only had soft drinks, and moved to a table, we hadn’t been there long, when this couple approached us, and asked if they might join us

I said “It’s fine by me,” but you’d better ask Charlotte

Charlotte agreed, they sat down, and introduced themselves, he was Norman, and she was Gina, they asked if we were new

Charlotte told them it was her first time, and I said it had been a couple of years for me, they looked at each other, then noticed neither of us had wedding rings on

I explained we were not married, just friends, who enjoyed sex together

“So what do you both like,” asked Gina

“Basically anything, straight for me” I replied, and Charlotte said the same, but admitted after a little pressing from me, that she had thought about another woman, but never acted on it

“And what about you two” I asked?

“I’m totally straight” said Norman, “and Gina’s bi, that was one of the reasons, we came over, she really likes the way you look, and so do I for that matter, said Norman, looking directly at Charlotte”

This sent a shiver down Charlotte’s back, and she blushed

“Well” I pressed her, “are you interested”

“I’m not sure,” she replied, then blushed again

“Ok I’ll tell you what,” said Gina, “what if we find a private room, and take it from there”

“Sounds good to me” said Norman, “but don’t worry we won’t make you do anything your not comfortable with,” added Gina

We took our drinks with us and went upstairs, finding an empty room, we went in and closed the door, now theses rooms have a one way mirror, so people can look in, I knew this, but Charlotte didn’t, Norman moved in behind Charlotte, and put his arms round her waist, and slowly kissed her neck, Gina came over to me, and in a more blatant move, put her hand inside my towel and grabbed my rapidly rising cock, and kissed me, we moved over to the giant bed, and she pulled me on top of her, and up so I was sat on her upper chest and my cock, was level with her mouth and started to lick and suck it, at the same time, Norman had slid his hand inside Charlotte’s towel and was playing with one of her tits, Charlotte, laid her head back onto his shoulder, and moaned quite contently

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