The Glenn

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Big Tits

As this was the first day off that they had had in common in a long time, Steve had built up his nerve and invited Terry to a picnic lunch. The two of them had been flirting for months like moths around a flame, but neither had made a move stronger than a brief kiss of friendship when going their separate ways. However, they both knew that this day would be different. Each of them had let their imaginations create exciting possibilities as well as apprehensions.

Steve had chosen the setting with care, the spot where the picnic would be held, the blanket, the basket, the lunch, and the wine. Each had been chosen after much thought and consultation with cookbooks and resources on the net. He wanted this picnic to be as perfect as possible.

Terry looked again at the invitation she had received. In appearance, you would think it was an invitation to a formal dinner at the White House. However, what it invited her to was a picnic with Steve. “I would be most pleased if you would join me for a picnic lunch, soaking up the spring sunshine, and a private swim.” The note provided detailed instructions on how to get to the picnicking spot. She called Steve to accept the invitation with more excitement than she had expected. Walking into her bedroom, she wondered, “Hmmm … what should I wear?” As she looked through the clothes in her walk in closet she considered the words of the invitation … the key words for her were “sunshine” and “private swim.” Choosing a snow white mid-thigh length sundress, she stepped back into her bedroom. Terry was nude as she stood in front of the mirror and held the dress up in front of her.

Her image reflected in the mirror as she brought up the dress, her dark golden skin that glowed with the Native American part of her heritage. Her dark auburn hair flowing down to her shoulders and flashed with deep red as she walked through the sun from the skylight. Her eyes are a clear brown that reflects flecks of gold in the sunlight. Her cheekbones show her heritage with a strong chin just below full lips. Her shoulders are broad and perfectly match her womanly hips and waist. Her 36C breasts are perfectly proportioned to match the rest with nipples that hint of the babies who had suckled there. Just below the slight swell of a belly, her pubic mound is smooth, shaved, and tanned. At five foot ten, she has long firm legs that are spread slightly and support her and in her building excitement, you can just catch the hint of her swelling pussy lips between her legs as the sun shines on the floor behind her.

While Terry is selecting her dress, Steve is in the glen carefully preparing for the picnic. Typically male, he was wearing old cut-off dungarees and a black tank top; he selected his cloths with comfort and the weather in mind. Steve is not big enough to be hulking, but at an even six feet, his broad muscular shoulders and powerful legs reflect his Celtic Warrior heritage, not a love for the gym. His fine brown hair is short but no longer reflected his military days. His soft brown beard is starting to show a little gray, although his hair does not. His chest, legs, and arms were covered in soft hair that is ample, but not excessive

Steve carefully selects the spot to lay out the large blanket he had chosen, spreading out the softly quilted cotton he places the picnic basket and sets out fine china plates and delicate crystal wine glasses that sang. Each place setting does not miss a detail. Taking the two bottles of wine that he had brought, we walks to the stream, secures a line to each, then lowers them into the coldest part of the stream to chill. Looking over his preparations, he decided that everything was perfect. Sitting back on a large, smooth, flat, white stone which extended like a diving board over the crystal clear pool at the base of the water fall, he pulls off his tank top, lights a cigarette and soaks up the warm sun while waiting for Terry to arrive.

The glen was nestled in a forested valley. Nothing can be heard there except the slight rustle of the trees, the gentle roar of the falls, and the occasional sound of wildlife. Almost a half circle of short green grass fifty yards across, it faces the south side of the stream. The West end of the stream, as it enters the glen, is an eight foot water fall that had formed a deep crystal clear pool perfect for swimming. The stream had smaller pools that were fed as the waters gurgled between the rocks. At the head of the falls and at various places along the stream, water from hot springs mix with the icy chill of the mountains to create varying temperatures depending on where you were. The north side of the stream is heavily forested and soars with rocky outcroppings that sparkle with waterfalls large and small. Always lush, even in winter, the glen is a place out of time.

Hearing a slight rustle from the other side of the stream, Steve looks and sees a large whitetail buck step powerfully from the forest. The buck decides that Steve is no threat and lowers his head to drink. Suddenly the Antalya Escort buck’s head comes up high and with a single leap disappears. Turning his head the other way, Steve sees Terry enter the other side of the glen. Rising from the stone, he walks toward the picnic blanket that is between them and prepares to meet his guest with a rapidly beating heart.

As Terry walks out of the shadows of the forest toward him, the sun turns her hair to an auburn fire and her sundress into a white fog. A fog that only shadows her nudity as the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hips fill Steve’s eyes. As his eyes drink her in, his eyes move up until the only thing he sees are the pools of brown that are hers.

As Terry steps up to Steve he takes her hands in his and while still swimming in the pools of her eyes says, “Welcome to my glen, you just missed a huge whitetail buck.”

With a chuckle and a smile, Terry responds, “Damn, I’m always missing the good sights, but that is ok, because I have a great sight right here in front of me.”

Steve turns to face the glen, the falls, and the picnic, with an encompassing wave of his arm he says, “I hope you like the glen, it is my favorite place to get away and relax. You are extremely beautiful this afternoon and as you walked across the glen, the sun dancing in your hair, I couldn’t help but notice the sun outlining your body through your dress. Do you often walk in the woods practically nude?”

Slightly surprised at the turn of his words Terry said, “Ahhh you are very observant. Is it ok with you that I am not wear anything under my dress?”

Smiling into her eyes he said, “Of course … I wasn’t planning on swim suits when we take a swim later anyway.

With a slight theatrical look of fear, Terry replied, “Hmm will you make sure I don’t drown. I’m not a good swimmer.”

Squeezing her hand firmly, “It’s not too deep, you can touch bottom most places, and besides, I will be right beside you all the time.”

Moving closer to him so that the warmth of their bodies, though not quite touching, could be felt Terry replied, “That’s good honey. I would love to have you holding me while under the waterfall. Hmmm which would you like to do first, eat, the waterfall, or what?”

Hearing Terry call him “Honey” caused his heart to pound as the sight, warmth, and smell of her caused his manhood to start to swell and strain against his shorts, “We have plenty of time to eat.”

Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, they move into each other’s arms and kiss very passionately. Molding their bodies to each other, slowly without breaking the kiss, he relaxes his embrace and moves around her so that he can gently caress her breasts with his hands through her dress from behind. As his hands lightly touch the curve of her breasts, lightly touching the tip of each nipple, Terry raises her hand up behind his neck, pulls their lips closer, opening her mouth, and lightly flicks his tongue with hers. Arching her back, she pushes back against his groin while lifting her breasts more firmly into his moving hands.

Steve slowly moves his kiss from her lips moving across her cheek. Gently brushing her skin, he kisses the lobe of her ear and kisses her neck. Slowly working down to gently kiss the back and side of her neck, a low moan of pleasure comes from deep within Terry. “I love it when you kiss my neck.” She says as her eyes close and her head tilts so that he has easy access to her skin. Her hand and fingers move up from the back of his neck and move through his hair, she moves her other hand around behind her onto Steve’s stomach and moves it slowly downward.

Massaging her breasts, he gently roles her erect nipples between his fingers then works with a feather light touch down around the tender skin at the curve of her breast. The touch of his hands and the feel of his lips upon her ear lobe forces another deep moan from her lips as she pushes her entire weight back against him. Fanning his fingers he slowly spread them down across her stomach and gently bring them across the swell of her hips then slowly up her sides across her breasts, then up to her shoulders. Sliding a finger under each shoulder strap of her sundress, he pulls them down off her shoulders and then slides her dress down over her breasts. Bare skin touching, like a floodgate of fire opening between them and the dress moves slowly downward. Only the pressure between them held the dress at her waist as his hands move back up her silky sides and stomach to caress her bare breasts and role her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Pulling gently then pressing them to her firmly under his hands.

Loving the warm feeling of his chest against her back, Terry turns around to face him. The feel of her breasts and rock hard nipples moving through the soft hair of his chest were burning points of pleasure for both of them. Putting her arms around him, her hands massage his back pulling him closer. With Terry’s height and long legs Steve is able to Antalya Escort Bayan slide both of his hands inside the precariously perched sundress to cup both of her cheeks in his hands, pulling her as close to him as possible. With his fingers spread, he moves his hands up the cheeks of her ass with this thumbs tracing the line as they move up to the base of her spine.

Terry’s lips and tongue continued kissing and licking his neck. Slowly she moves her lips all around his neck kissing him as she moves. Her tongue comes out and licks his ear and neck, slowly sucking in the skin of his neck. While they are embraced with one another her hands move to the front of his cut-off jeans and she unbuttons them. Unzipping them, she pulls them down low enough so they just drop to the ground at the same time that the pressure is released and her sundress also falls.

Terry’s long legs are a perfect match to Steve and as they move together the top of his erect cock slides along the lips of Terry’s pussy. Like perfectly matching parts, they slide together, the warm moisture of her silky caress on the top of his throbbing manhood. Their passion building, their moving hands and hips and lips exploring each other at a pace that is becoming enflamed as their bodies move together.

One of Terry’s hands slide down Steve’s chest and she grasps the base of his cock. The other slides down the other side and she gently grasps his balls, slowly and very gently massaging them. She gently rolls them around in her hand and her fingers playing with them. Her hand on his cock is stroking it very gently. Pulling it and pushing the skin back and forth while guiding him closer and closer to entering her as she started to raise up on her toes in expectation and desire.

Steve knew that they were losing control. He moved his mouth down the right side of her neck and down her breast until he could run his tongue around her nipple just before he sucked in her incredibly hard one-inch nipple. Rubbing it with his tongue just as he slid his cock back along her lips as he moved his body lower. Massaging her back and the cheeks of her ass, he pulls her toward him, pressing his face into her breast.

As Terry feels him suck her nipple into his mouth and the lost sensation of his cock against her, she releases a moaning growl that quickly returns to a moan of pleasure. As one of his hands reaches around her leg then gently traces the lips of her pussy pulling the moisture and her mind with the edge of his hand as he brings it up between the cheeks of her ass. Terry bends her head forward, hugs, and kisses his head while he sucks on her breast.

Pulling back, Steve lets her right nipple pop from his lips just before he starts moving his mouth over to her left breast to suck her fantastic nipple into his mouth. All the while he is using his hands to explore every inch of her golden skin. Sucking strongly on her left breast that tiny drop of mother’s milk that never goes away dropped from the tip of her nipple onto the top of his tongue. Pulling again, he let her nipple pop from his mouth and his tongue flashed out and licked the underside of her breast.

Slowly he worked his way down her stomach, kissing and licking around her belly button. His tongue thoroughly explored the skin of her belly. Tasting the tender skin that would normally be covered by her pubic hair, a new experience that excited him. He moved his tongue down the right side of her mound just at the crease of her leg.

Terry had never really liked oral sex. Something had always been lacking. But the tip of Steve’s tongue drew a line of sensations wherever it moved. She spread her legs farther apart in anticipation of where his tongue might choose to travel. She grasped his head gently, letting her fingers run through his hair. Holding him as much as an anchor, to keep her from falling backwards as she arched her back then leaned forward, instinctively trying to move as her body tried to completely take over her mind. As his tongue moved up the inside of her right thigh, it moved higher, just touching her swollen pussy lips his tongue traveled up and just glanced the exposed hood of her clit. A throaty moan and shiver passed through her body at that fleeting touch.

Feeling the shiver pass through her, Steve moved his tongue down the other side of her pussy, letting just the tip brush her clit causing another shiver as his tongue moved down the outer edges of her pussy lips. Moving along her lips then down her thigh a short way then back up her other leg and across her pubic mound. He moved up until he gently kissed the underside of each of her breasts as her pubic mound ground into his chest.

Holding her in his strong arms, he gently lowered her onto the blanket. Sucking one nipple then the other into his mouth, he leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the lips then moved back down to her breasts as her arms spread out above her. Her back arched pressing her nipples into his mouth. He moved downward again, Escort Antalya more rapidly, but keeping his lips in contact with her skin as he passed over her silky smooth pubic mound. Parting her pussy lips with his tongue he sucked the hood of her clit into his mouth and rapidly flicked the tip of his tongue over the delicate exposed skin of her clit. His warm mouth and lips placed firmly against her pussy as his tongue strummed a rapid cord on her soul.

Her whole body was shaking and her legs became very tight as she felt his tongue all around her pussy and clit. The warmth and wetness of his tongue felt so good. She felt herself cumming and thrust her hips upward. He let her pussy travel upward and let his tongue travel down her pussy plunging it deeply into her as he felt the gush of her cum flow across his tongue, into his mouth, and soak his already wet beard. Her hips moved downward again and he let his mouth move up to her clit. Again sucking the hood out of the way and strumming his tongue on her.

Terry let out another moan then said; “I want you to turn around so that I can suck you. I want you so that I can lick and kiss your cock. Turn around baby so that I may have you.”

Steve slowly rolled her onto her left side as he moved from between her legs; always keeping his mouth and tongue on her quivering pussy lips. As he lay beside her, he rolled her over on top of him. He could feel her breasts breast against his skin and her lips touch the end of his cock. With his excitement, a drop of cum formed and she gently licked it off. His hands moving slowly over her body and cupping her breasts. Rolling her nipples between his fingers, he sucked her clit into his mouth again…

She sucked the small amount of pre-cum that had seeped out of his cock. Her tongue moved up and down his cock slowly licking his balls. She felt his hands on her breast and pushed them deeper into his hands and he squeezed them. As her tongue and lips slide over his balls, she sucked his balls inside her mouth and rolled them with her tongue. Sucking on them every so gently. Her hands are between his legs, moving them outward so that she could feel his muscles tighten as her mouth sucked on his balls. She slowly released his balls and starts to lick his cock.

Starting at the bottom and slowly working upward, her lips came to the tip of his cock. But she does not place his cock in her mouth. She slowly ran her tongue over the tip and licked the slit of his cock. She tasted his excitement and licks it from the slit. She slowly moves down the other side of his cock and back up again to the tip. Slowly she placed just the tip of his cock into her mouth. Just to the base of the head so that he could feel the wetness of her mouth on the tip. Her tongue rolled all around the tip then placed her tongue into the slit.

His muscles quivered from her touch and her tongue. Slowly he ran his tongue across the skin inside her pussy lips and plunging it deeply into her pussy. Then he ran it over the skin between her pussy and her ass then back along the edges of her pussy and back to her clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth and rapidly fluttered his tongue against the tip as his right hand moved down her back and massaged the cheek of her ass. Running his finger from the base of her spine down the crack, passed it over her ass, and reached one finger into her pussy in search of her G spot. Keeping her clit in his mouth he constantly flicked it with his tongue trying to bring her a powerful orgasm as he started to quiver into his.

As she felt his finger go deep inside her pussy she moaned with excitement. She could feel her aching pussy want to release its cum into his mouth. When she felt his finger moving all around inside of her she gasped for air and her mouth suddenly plunged down on his cock. As she deep-throated his cock she tightened the grip around his cock with her mouth. He can feel the back of her throat with the head of his cock.

She began to suck on his cock very strongly as she felt him looking for her G-spot. She moved her head up and down on his cock. She was sucking his cock so hard that he cum seeped inside her mouth just a little. Stroking his cock with her mouth, he could feel her tongue running up and down his shaft. She stroked a little faster and harder with every movement of her head. She began to rapidly use her mouth and tongue on his cock.

As he felt the head of his cock touch the back of her throat he came with an explosion that caused his whole body to shake with spasms. When he regained control he moved his mouth up to her pussy and licked and sucked, drinking in the juices that were flowing from her pussy. His face was slick and he felt the inside of her pussy with his tongue.

Faster and harder. “Ahhhh I want to cum in your mouth and with your tongue flickering my clit and you finger finding myeah G-spot Ahhhhh …” Her quivering body released a flow of cum dripped from his hand and flowed into his mouth.

As she hit her peak he rolled her over so that he had her pinned then he goes back to her clit to bring her back to another orgasm. As he felt her hitting another one he slowly and gently ran his tongue around her pussy, gently flicking the tip of her clit on each pass until he felt her starting to relax.

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