The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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I gripped Karl’s hand as the living room door swung open and in flounced my younger sister Julie. I held in a grimace of disgust and forced myself to my feet and went through the pretence of mock kisses to our cheeks just for the sake of our parents, they were old and liked to think their two daughters got along pretty well. I tried not to react as Julie openly stood appraising Karl, eyeing him up and down like a piece of meat at a market before sitting down next to him on the opposite side from me. I squirmed in discomfort and knew Karl would too. I had told him all about my nymphomaniac slut of a little sister.

“So this is your latest boyfriend Sis?”


“Seriously Karl the last three years that little bitch has ended up bedding my boyfriend over the Christmas holidays! I know she does it just to wind me up and upset me but really, I liked at least two of them and she just flounced in flashed her ass and her tits and low and behold they were making the two backed monster in her bed. In fact, she did Brian in my bed, the cunt!”

Karl had listened impassively to Lisa as she vented furiously.

“I mean she is better looking than me, slimmer, younger, more attractive but can she not just leave my men alone? I’m just telling you what we’re going down to babe, sure you’re up to it?”

“Oh I think I can handle your little sister alright.”


Julie had a bath that evening after we had all had tea (and I suspect she had already played a little footsie with Karl) which was the perfect excuse for her to appear in the living room in just a big, white fluffy bathrobe. Mum and Dad had already gone to bed, which was just as well as our father may well have had a stroke had he been looking on as Julie sat on the sofa and folded her long, tanned, bare legs beneath her, displaying ample amounts of her thighs in the process.

I glared across at her and was met by a grinning, mocking smirk. Damn her, she was as sexy as ever and didn’t she know it. Her long, blonde hair was wet and tangled and she had a shine about her that made her even more attractive. Karl Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir was staring at her I knew but somehow managed to tear his eyes off her and excused himself to head up to my bedroom, blaming being tired for his early retiral. That left the two of us staring at each other and once it just us Julie’s cute face changed perceptibly. Mine turned downright angry.

“You stay away from him you little slut!” I growled the warning across the room.

“I must say sis he’s a bit better than that thing you brought home last year, Robert was it? God he was dull and unimaginative, I had to go on top the whole time. Probably fine for you but I like a little more life in my men!”

“Robert was a nice guy, I still can’t believe you seduced him you bitch. I fucking loved him!”

“Love! Ha! What does a cold hearted bitch like you know about love? Boo fucking hoo! If he loved you Sis then he wouldn’t have been so keen to jump into bed with me, would he? I guess he just didn’t want to be stuck with a dull, frigid cow all his life.”

I took each insult as a physical blow almost and knew I could not win this argument. So instead I settled for a good old fashioned threat. I stood up and pointed my finger at her animatedly.

“Listen Julie, if you lay a hand on Karl I promise you will regret it!”

She just grinned back at me evilly and casually undid the belt on her robe and flashed her tits and shaven pussy at me.

“Oh I won’t use my hands Sis, not when I’ve got all this to offer him!”


Things were surprisingly calm on Christmas Day. Bar some flirting which Julie seemed incapable of stopping herself performing there was little of note by the time I walked back up to the bedroom Karl and myself were sharing. Perhaps she had taken my warning to heart this time or perhaps she was finally growing up and maturing. I doubted both though but if the slut was to show her true colours and try to lead Karl astray she would only have one more full day to try as we were due to leave early the day after Boxing Day. İstanbul Escort Boxing Day would, however, provide her with her best chance. Mum and Dad always insisted on hosting an evening party and inviting lots of friends and family and I was determined to keep my eyes on Julie for the whole day.

Julie being the slut she is of course she was dressed in the most wildly inappropriate outfit. She had a tiny black skirt, black stockings and a silver top that showed nearly all of her back and a fair proportion of her front, her breasts nearly spilling forth whenever she moved. Her hair was all piled on her head and she was plastered with make up. She just had that glint in her eye that she could do anything she wanted that night and I recognised it having seen it so many times over the years. Helping mum serve drinks and food kept me too busy though and before long I was chatting with old family friends and found myself losing track of what Julie was up to and before too long where Karl was.

Finally, I managed to extricate myself from a deeply boring monologue from one of my parents long time neighbours and seeing no sign of either my sister or Karl I immediately leapt to a conclusion and sneaked out into the hall and stealthily crept upstairs. I knew before I heard the desperate animalistic sounds of mating coming from my little sisters bedroom that they were together. I knew before I pushed open her door slightly to peer in that they were fucking but seeing it with my eyes brought it all home to me. She had done it again, I had warned her off but she couldn’t help herself, she had to ruin whatever I seemed to have.

I stayed there and watched in silence. Julie was stripped completely naked and was kneeling on the bed facing me but with her head down as she was shunted forward with each frantic thrust of a half dressed Karl as he pumped her doggy style. They were rutting, there was no love between them it was purely physical. It was typical of Julie, she held no love in her heart, not for me not for anyone. She was so selfish, she just Escort İstanbul wanted to satisfy her needs and her wants and did not care who that hurt or how. I should have been used to it by now.

With a particularly vigorous thrust Karl reached forward and grabbed her long, blonde hair and hauled back on it to force his dick even deeper and as he did her face swung up and she glimpsed me standing in the crack of the door. Looking directly at me but never letting on to Karl she panted out.

“Yeah, that’s it. Fuck me good. I’m the best lover you’ll ever have Karl. My prude of a sister would never have let you her like this and guess what? You can do me in the ass later!”

Disgusted, I stepped away and slunk downstairs to the party. She really was beyond redemption.

It was no surprise to me that when I finally made my way to bed that night, Karl was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t mind, let the two of them enjoy their lust I thought before collapsing into bed.


I was up early the next day though and strode confidently into Julie’s bedroom, bursting in on her still lying on her bed, cum still in her hair and on her naked thighs. She looked thoroughly satisfied with herself after a good hard fucking.

Her eyes fluttered open at my presence and she smirked up at me smugly, making no move to cover her nude, exposed body.

“Did Karl enjoy himself bitch?” I demanded.

“Oh at least four times that I remember. Said you two had never done it you know. I doubt you’ll get a better one next year Sis!”

Her self-satisfied smile dropped somewhat as I smiled sadly and pityingly at her.

“Where is he anyway? I think we could go another round before I have to leave.”

“He left early, he has to go to the clinic today, more tests you know, I do hope you were safe Julie, what with what he’s got!”

Saying no more I turned on my heel and left her, a huge, cheesy smile plastered on my face. I had warned her, I had told her not to do it. I had been fair, given her the chance not to subject herself to the various STD’s and venereal diseases Karl carried. It’s amazing who you can meet on the internet these days and Karl had been perfect for my plan and he had got a free holiday and a good night with a sexy girl into the bargain.

I heard my sister falling to the floor and scrambling after me and knew this would be the last year she would do this to me….

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