The Flight of Passion

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Big Tits

Hey all I am mike this is my first story for this website. Thanks for reading.

On a mid afternoon flight Joe catches an eye of this beautiful woman who is about 5’4 brunette hair about a C cup. He’s thinking to himself damn what a fine woman. I wonder if her pussy is shaven I would love to find out. As the announcer said it was last call to board the flight the woman walked up and gotten on the flight and as Joe said to himself Thank you Lord! Now Joe wasn’t that bad looking he was 5’7 180 pounds of muscle and had a good size cock on him. As Joe took his seat he noticed that he was sitting next to the hot brunette he saw at the bar. They both exchanged names and talked the brunette’s name was Janet.

They talked about this that and other things. Janet sighed saying her shoulder was bothering her so Joe took it upon himself to give her a massage to ease her tension in her back. So Joe started to massage her shoulders and Janet started taking off her jacket revealing her skin for the first time to him. She started to let out a soft moan, I must be doing a good job he thought to himself. With the massage getting a little more sensual Janet started feeling him up and whispered to him “lets head şişli escort to the bathroom together”. So Janet led the way and Joe followed quickly behind her.

They both entered the bathroom together and they immediately began to kiss as if there was no tomorrow. Janet broke the kiss and confessed to Joe that she has been eyeing him before the plane took off. Joe confessed the same thing and they began to kiss again. Joe began to kiss her neck softly and continued to kiss more of her heavenly body. She began to let out more moans. Janet backed off of him and began to strip in front of him and she began to take off one strap of her skirt very slowly making Joe whine like a little kid. She began to take the skirt off revealing more and more of her skin and to Joe’s amazement she wasn’t wearing a bra. Joe came over to her and began to suck on her breasts and kiss them.

He then took his tongue and flicked them over her nipples she began to let more moans out this time around. He then set her down on the toilet and took her black silk thong off of her with his teeth. He started to kiss and rub her feet and work his way up by kissing her inner thighs and began to kiss and gently nibble çapa escort on her nicely shaven pussy. He then proceeded to stick his tongue into her and began to lap up all her pussy juices she moaned more and more. She kept begging him to stick his cock into her but he wouldn’t just yet. He slipped two fingers in her and began to suck on her nipples again she began to grind on his fingers. He then got up and she ravaged him by ripping his clothes off and taking his boxers off to finally reveal his cock to her.

She asked him if he had any condoms on him he replied he has one in his wallet. She got into his wallet and go it out. As Joe was putting it on she ripped it out of his hands. Janet put the condom in her mouth and began to put it on his cock. They got on the floor and she got on top of him and started to bounce up and down on him. Louder and louder the moans were getting he started to pinch her nipples and they were becoming very erect. They switched positions and he was sticking it to her as hard as he could he lifted one leg up to get even deeper than before. He bent her over and started to fuck her in the ass. His ball sac was smacking her ass. He took his hand and began to finger mecidiyeköy escort her pussy some more.

Her moans were making him go at it more and more. He flipped her back over and she got on top of him pushing down on his cock she knew that he was getting close to cumming as she was. Their orgasms were building up and she started to release all her juices on his condom and was relieved. She then pushed him off and took off the condom and began to suck his cock licking each side of his shaft sucking on the ball sac. He could feel his sac boiling and he told her he was ready to cum. Whether or not she heard it was that she was continuing to get him off. He blew a hefty load down her mouth with cum dribbling down the side. She took it out of her mouth and jacked him off to his last drop left.

Cum splattered on her tits, her face and her neck. She lifted her tits and began to lick his cum off her nipples and swallowed it all. They kissed some more before they got dressed and the pilot came on to tell them that they would be landing in a little while telling all the passengers to go ahead and put their seatbelts on. So they got dressed and proceeded to take their seats. Joe asked her where she was staying at any hotels. Janet replied yeah the Hilton. Me too Joe said.

To be continued…

Thanks for taking the time and reading this and remember this is my first story any and all comments are welcome.

Copyright 2004 joker500

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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