The Firefighter

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Scott was a veteran firefighter, he’d been on the job for about 15 years and had risen to the rank of Lieutenant. He was in top physical a member of the Firefighter Combat challenge team. Scoot loved his job because he was able to help people in their time of need.

Scott arrived at work at his usually time 0600, not knowing what the day had in store for him. He planned to do some rope rescue training with his crew as well as putting the FNG through some backbreaking work. First thing was his workout. Today was cardio day and he was ready for his 5 mile run on the treadmill. Scott flipped on the TV in the exercise room and got on the treadmill. He started off slowly and moved quicker and quicker. He was tooling right along watching the news when the tones opened.

“House Fire Box 18-6, report of people trapped and an explosion.” Scott immediately jumped off the treadmill and even though he wasn’t “working” yet, he was a fireman and always on duty. Scott grabbed his gear and ran to the truck. The Lieutenant he was going to replace was happy to see another person. Budget cuts had reduced the crews from 4 to 3. The truck rolled out of the station with the siren blaring.

The house was close and the truck was the first on the scene. Scott jumped out and immediately grabbed the heavy irons (a sledge hammer and Haligan), he also grabbed a 300 foot bag of rope. There was a group of people outside saying that a woman, who lived alone, was still in the house. Scott didn’t hesitate, while running to the door he turned on his air bottle. He kicked the door opened and entered the house. The fire was coming from the kitchen and licking up the steps. He radio out to the crews outside giving them an update. The Chief told him that the bystanders saw the lady in the 2nd floor window just as the explosion happened.

Scott saw the fire licking around the steps and knew that he was not going to be able to bring the woman down. His gear would protect him but it would burn her severely. Scott fought through the heat on the steps. feeling the singeing on his neck. He made it up to the second floor. He quickly did a right hand search, nothing in room one, nothing in room two. The smoke started to really bank down, he realized that if the woman was still alive she only had minutes left until she inhaled enough toxins to kill her. He step up his pace…nothing in room 3…he could only see a foot or so in front of him as he entered room four…he reach out and grabbed a leg. He realized that the woman was unconscious. He knew that he was cihangir escort not able to climb down the stairs with her, so he smashed the window out and called down to his crew. They have been unable to get the fire put out. The were trying desperately to get into help but the fire had spread and if they put water on it from outside it may burn Scott and the victim.

Scott grabbed the rope bag and tied it to the four post bed. He picked the woman up and threw her over his shoulder. He jumped out the window just like the rope training he had planned for his crew, that day. But he had never done it with another person on his shoulder. He slid down the rope much faster than he had before. He hit the ground hard and felt his knee pop. He didn’t think about his pain he immediately ripped of his mask and gloves. He felt for a pulse and breathing. She was doing both. She was unconscious but alive. The ambulance arrived but there was not a paramedic on board. He was the only paramedic on scene. He gingerly climb into the ambulance, gave her some oxygen and started an IV. They transported to the nearest burn/trauma unit.

During the transport, the woman became more alert. She didn’t know what happened but she knew who she was. She said her name was Jeanie and she was getting ready for work. Scott introduced himself but made no mention of the heroic rescue. Once in the hospital, Jeanie was whisked into the trauma unit where a team of experts looked her up and down, ran tests and wanted her to stay overnight, just to make sure things stayed that way.

Scott on the other hand was getting he knee checked out and the doctors noticed that he had some burns on his neck. The weren’t extremely bad but they would need some treatment and he had a tear in his MCL. Scott was placed in a room on the burn unit right next to Jeanie.

Jeanie was lying in her hospital bed talking with her friends and family. She still didn’t know what happened but she had no marks on her and seemed to come out of this relatively unscathed. Her family explained what had happened and that she was rescued from her house by the fire department. She wanted to know who saved her but they had no clue.

Meanwhile Scott was in minimal pain thanks to the pharmacy, but he was also loopy. His crew was in the room visiting their leader, they were sitting around laughing it up and joking with Scott. They were making fun of the way he jumped out the window and hurt himself. They were making comments about how he jumped out of a window with that beautiful bahçeşehir escort half naked woman over his shoulder. They were making comments about how HOTT she was. Jeanie’s friend heard the raucous in the next room, but couldn’t make out what was being said. So she stepped out and tried to listen but still couldn’t hear anything. She didn’t realize that Scott was getting tired and his crew was getting ready to go. Jeanie’s friend was moving her ear up to the door when the door opened and some of the guys started to leave. The rookie was the first one through the door, he said “Hello.”

Jeanie’s friend said, “Hi, who is in there?”

“That is my Lieutenant, Scott” The rookie said with obvious admiration.

“What happened to him?” She asked.

“He rescued a woman from a house fire this morning,” said the Rook

“Oh, Thank you.” She replied.

She walked back into the Jeanie’s room. “Jeanie,” she said “Have I got a surprise for you.”

Jeanie said, “What tell me.”

“The guy who rescued you is right next door.”

“I have to meet him!!” Jeanie exclaimed.

She pushed the nurse button. The nurse called on the intercom and asked how she could help. Jeanie asked if she was allowed up. The nurse said that she needed to use the wheel chair but she could leave her room. Jeanie got into the wheelchair and her friend pushed her into Scott’s room.

Jeanie pushed the curtain aside and gazed upon Scott. She looked at his shirtless body. He had some bandages on his neck and his knee was in a brace. His hair was very short and black with some speckling of grey. She couldn’t see his eyes but knew that he was the paramedic in the back of the ambulance. She got up from the chair and walked over to Scott. She put her hand on his rock hard chest and leaned over and kissed his forehead. She whispered Thank you and exited the room.

As Jeanie got into her bed she felt a strange tingling between her legs. She was thinking about the shirtless man that was lying in the bed next door. She was thinking about the hardness of Scott’s chest and how she wanted to feel that touch again. He friends and family decided that she needed some rest and left saying they would be back later. Jeanie started to close her eyes. She couldn’t help but think about the man next door. Her hand slid under the sheet and lifted up the hospital gown. One hand played with her erect nipples while the other stayed under the sheet lightly caressing the her moist labia. She thought to herself about how it would feel to have maslak escort Scott on top of her kissing her neck and slowly lowering himself down until he was licking her clit. Her fingers were moving faster and faster, she had never found herself this wet. She rubbed her love bud until her body began to quiver. She was thoroughly relaxed but couldn’t get Scott off her mind. She fell asleep.

Jeanie awoke a short time later when the nurse did her rounds of vital signs. After the nurse left, Jeanie decided to go over to Scott room again. She got in her wheel chair and rolled in over to his room, hoping he’d be awake. Upon entering the room she saw that he was still asleep. She got closer to the bed and started talking to him, thanking him again. She touched his arm and started caressing him. She noticed that the sheet began to rise.

It startled her, she quickly removed her hand worried that he was waking up but “he” wasn’t but his cock was. Now this was a predicament for Jeanie, she was torn between looking at his rising member and leaving him alone. She decided to look because he had already seen her naked, it was only fair. She slowly lifted up the sheet and saw a most magnificent sight. His cock was looking right back at her. His cock was nice and long probably about 8in. She held the sheet up staring in amazement. She kept thinking about how much she wanted to touch it. She decided that she should check to see if Scott was still asleep and he was. She reached down and touched the tip with one finger. It jumped. She rolled her finger around the head with the lightest touch and felt some little juices flowing out. She smeared the pre cum all over the helmet while licking her lips. She slid her hand down around his shaft but she couldn’t get hand hand all the way around it. She started to move her hand back and forth, trying to milk more from Scott’s delicious cock. She slid her head down under the sheet and started to lick the pre cum from the head of his cock. Um this is tasty, she thought to herself. She slid one hand down to fondle his balls. She had never hand a cock of this size in her mouth before. She tried to take it all the way down but she wasn’t able to at least not in this position.

She wanted his cum, she began pumping his cock faster and faster and bobbing her head faster and faster. She worked herself into a frenzy and finally Scott shot his cum into her waiting mouth. She was trying to swallow it with each ejaculation but he must of been saving this up for a long time because he just kept cumming and cumming.She love the taste of his cum, it was salty and sweet. She covered him back up leaned over and gave him a kiss on his forehead and said See you later!

She left the room and went back to her room, laid down in bed and continued thinking about Scott.

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