The Family Mansion Rewrite Pt. 10

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Chapter 10: Brianna

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2020 Charlie Flemming

Brianna was coming home from her one-night-stand with the man she met at the bar. He seemed handsome in the pale light, but she noticed once they were in his well-lit apartment that he wasn’t nearly as attractive as she thought but was too drunk to care. She wasn’t picky, most of the time, and the only person she really wanted was Liz anyway.

The man came almost as soon as he stuck his tiny cock in her pussy, Brianna was glad she made him put on a condom first. He then passed out on top of her and she had to push his dead-weight body off of her, but it wasn’t too hard. She was glad she spent most mornings exercising with Liz, though part of that was just to see her best friend in her tight exercise outfits.

After Bri’s disappointing intercourse she considered just going home but knew if she did then Liz would know that Bri hadn’t had great sex that night. One of the reasons Bri insisted she and Liz go out every Thursday night was the hopes that she would make her friend jealous, and she loved telling her the next day how great it was, even when it was far from that.

Though Liz tended to shut down when Bri broached the subject of sex, she still let Bri talk about her sex life around her anyway. These conversations were pretty one-sided though as Liz would barely say anything, but Bri liked to watch her squirm. In a way, Bri felt it was punishment for being in love with Liz but Liz acting like nothing had happened when they made love 20 years ago. After that, Liz hadn’t been able to get away from her fast enough and ran straight into the arms of James Slope, the dumbest and most self-centered person that Brianna had ever met, and Liz was obsessed with him. Everything she did was to try and please James. Meanwhile, Bri worked hand and foot to raise Liz’s kids and keep the house in order. She sighed as she thought about how much work she did for her and it seemed like Liz just ignored it.

Bri then felt guilty as the taxi dropped her off at the end of the driveway. She loved Liz’s children as if they were her own and felt like she was more mother and father to the Slope children than their mother and father were most of the time. She was the only one stern with Erika when Liz and James seemed to ignore that their problem child had any problems at all. She was the only one that Nathan seemed able to talk to when his sisters wouldn’t give him the time of day unless they were alone with him. Lexi and Bri were good friends since she was a young girl and she still liked to have private talks with her on Saturday nights in the hot tub, something they’d done since Lexi was a young teenager and needed advice about all the changes going on in her life, and it just became a regular thing.

The only Slope child who seemed distant to Bri was Brooke. She wasn’t even sure why. But at some point, while Brooke was growing up, she became very cold towards Bri. Of course, though Bri didn’t know it, this was because Brooke had figured out that Bri was as infatuated with her mother as she was. She didn’t like the competition, but she saw Bri as an authority figure (because she was) and unable to do anything outside of shutting her out of her life. And since that was around the same time Brooke started shutting herself up in her room, it seemed like she had shut everyone out, more or less.

Bri came in through the door, and it was quiet. She found this odd, even though the mansion was so big that it was rare to hear much coming from the other rooms, especially in the foyer, but once all the Slopes were up and about you could usually hear sounds coming from somewhere. She wondered if they had gone to the movies or something, but after poking her head in the garage and coming back noted that all the cars but James’ was there.

She found Lexi in the living room, which was set up with an oversized couch on one wall that turned with the corner and could easily sit twenty people without an issue. It was across from a super-deluxe flat-screen that took up almost the entire opposite wall. “Have you just been watching TV all day?” Brianna asked like the stern mother she tried to be for Liz’s kids.

Lexi rolled her eyes, “It’s not even noon.”

“It’s four o’clock.” Brianna retorted without missing a beat. She thought about telling Lexi to get a job but knew that conversation wasn’t going anywhere with any of the Slopes. Not when everything was basically given to them on a silver platter. “I think you need to find a hobby,” Bri suggested instead.

“I have a hobby,” Lexi explained, “watching television.” She smiled at her own joke as her blue eyes drifted back to the TV.

Brianna sighed, knowing that it was hopeless. She moved on, “Where’s your mother?” she asked the buxom redhead on the couch.

Lexi shrugged, “Her and Nate went somewhere. I think they’re still out.” Lexi sighed as she thought about Liz catching her practically jerking her brother off while Girne Escort he was sleeping and was sure that she had already told Nathan all about her indiscretions. She tried to explain it to him in the bathroom that morning but he was distracted by something and hadn’t listened to her words. So she had been watching TV since then knowing that Nathan rarely came in there because he could watch whatever he wanted on the computer in his room and the girls basically wouldn’t let him decide anything otherwise.

Bri grumbled something about laziness as she left the room and went searching for Liz.

After checking Liz’s bedroom and the dining room, which had a side area with a rocking chair, Liz would sometimes sit and listen to music while staring out the window into the yard. Then she checked by the pool as Liz would sometimes get some sun or take a dip after coming back from her therapy appointments on Friday afternoons. She decided she could always tell Liz about her “amazing” sexual experience the night before later in the hopes of making her jealous, but as she walked in through the sliding door in the changing room, Bre heard a soft moaning coming from the nearby gym.

Bri tiptoed over to the slightly open door and peeked inside. She gasped in surprise at the sight but then had to do everything in her power to stop herself from downright screaming in the absolute shock of what she saw.

Inside the room, Liz was lying on her back on one of the massage tables that normally were folded up and lined up on one side of the room. Nathan was standing beside her. Liz had a warm cloth over her eyes, but aside from that they were both completely naked and Nathan currently seemed to be rocking a humongous erection that was leaking pre-cum on Liz’s midriff while he had both hands on his mother’s huge tits.

“That’s it, Nathan,” Liz moaned, softly but loud enough for Bri to hear at the doorway about 30 feet from where this was happening, “Pinch Mommy’s nipples!”

About half an hour before Bri came home, Nathan and Liz came in through the door. Sounds of the television where Lexi was watching could barely be heard as the sound had to travel across the living room through the hall stretched around the interior of the house.

Liz glanced at her son and smiled before shyly looking away again. The trip home had been a grueling one as neither Nathan nor his mother had been able to look at one another, let alone speak about what happened. Liz had been mentally berating herself for being such a horny slut in the diner when she jerked her own son off under the table until he came all over her hand, not to mention the underside of the table. And though Dr. Laurel jerking her son off had been under the guise of being a medical examination, she still believed it was somehow the fault of her Sex Demon, what she called her overenthusiastic libido, and something she tried to keep locked away in the back of her mind, but since she’d seen her son’s cock early that morning Liz’s Sex Demon had basically been in control of her throughout the day.

Since Liz herself had not orgasmed even once since she’d started her journey into town with her handsome, hung son, all her thoughts on the way home were about Nathan’s huge cock and how much her pussy, aching with need, wanted to swallow her son’s throbbing cock and make Nate fuck her aching hole until they both couldn’t stand for lack of energy but continued to fuck anyway for the pure taboo pleasure of it all. Liz did her best to try to think of anything else at all but then would think of how good her son’s thick, veiny dick felt in her hands in the restaurant or how much she loved the taste of her cum when she sucked him off in his sleep the night before, how much she enjoyed the feel of it on her skin. Her pussy throbbed, a brief fantasy flashed through her mind of riding Nathan’s big dick while she screamed in ecstasy, she’d stop the fantasy, try to think of anything else and this mental cycle continued for the entire car trip as Liz drove back home.

Nathan had similar self-defeating thoughts on the way back. Why the fuck did I do that? I mean, I guess Mom is the one who jerked me off… God her hand felt so good on my cock, NO! That’s your mother you idiot! And then he looked at her out of the side of his eyes so she didn’t see his head turn towards her. God, she’s so beautiful. Her face alone would make her a perfect 10, but then that body of hers! Wow, she definitely keeps in shape, I doubt there’s any body fat on her at all. Her tits are amazing! I don’t think even most models have boobs as big or as perky as hers. And those legs! He thought as he remembered holding her calves while they stretched for yoga. But that only remembered what happened after he came all over her body and Nate felt guilty again, Jesus Christ, I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately… And he just felt miserable for the entire trip as he stared out the window, didn’t look at his mother anymore, and felt like something Magosa Escort must be severely wrong with him.

After coming into the foyer though, Liz knew that she couldn’t ignore her son forever. “Look, Nate, we better talk about this.” She said, staring straight at the floor while she did so.

Nathan knew this was coming, “Mom, I’m so sorry about what happened! It’s my fault! I shouldn’t have let you touch me like that.” He’s been practicing this little speech in his head for the few moments since they left the car. He had envisioned that she would be looking at him face-to-face when he said it, but she was still looking about as miserable as he’d ever seen his mother before. Nathan did something a bit unlike him, but he just couldn’t stand to see his mom so gloomy. He stood in front of Liz and put a hand under her chin so he could lift her head up to look at him.

Liz didn’t resist her son as he put her chin up to look him in his face, but she was still looking away. She was scared to look him in the eyes. Scared of what she might do, “I don’t know…” She started to say.

“Everything is going to be okay,” Nathan said, smiling broadly at his mother. It was an almost automatic response from seeing her so unbelievably miserable.

This phrase made Liz look at her son in his radiant blue eyes. She saw that he really just had her best interests at heart. This was nothing like his selfish father. Liz swooned, and felt her pussy tingle, as she thought about just how handsome her strong son was, how much she wanted him, how much she wanted to fuck-

Liz didn’t finish that thought as she had started to kiss her son, passionately, and Nathan kissed his mother right back with just as much affection. She felt her son’s tongue in her mouth and practically squealed as she knew this meant he was just as horny for her as she was for him. As they kissed, her hand had a mind of its own as it traced down the front of his chest to feel the hard cock in his shorts and she moaned around Nathan’s tongue as she knew the state of his dick was all because of her.

But then Liz realized what she was doing and pushed her son away. She took a deep breath, “Okay, see,” she said as she looked at her son scornfully, “That’s exactly what Dr. Kim was talking about.” In truth, the session with her therapist that day was kind of hazy, and she only really remembered the advice she gave near the end, “We need to learn to touch each other more appropriately. You wouldn’t want your mother to be your…um,” Liz stopped herself from saying, “your own personal fuckslut,” a phrase she was surprised even showed up in her brain, but the term was turning her on so much she couldn’t think of another phrase so, “your own personal fuckslut.” came out of her mouth anyway, and that made her blush profusely as she shouted, “GAH!” and grabbed her son’s hand and dragged him to the gym while hoping that if they moved fast enough her son would forget altogether that his mother had said such a thing to him.

Actually, this idea kind of worked. Nathan had heard what Liz said quite clearly, but then was rushed out of the room before he could even process it and he decided he must have just misheard her. Also, he could still taste his mother’s saliva on his lips and tongue and it was very distracting to him.

When they got to the gym, Liz dragged him over to the massage tables, “Here, help me take this down and, um…” she started to say but as she turned back to her son, she noticed once again that his giant cock was rock hard in his shorts and her pussy surged with lust as her Sex Demon went into overdrive. “You know what, Nathan? I have an idea.” She said with the sexiest (yet scariest) smirk Nathan had ever seen on a human.

“Um, uh,” Nathan spouted nervously, not sure if he was more afraid or excited by what his mother had in mind. He swallowed, “What, um, did you want, uh, to do?”

“I want to fuck your brains out.” Liz didn’t say but thought very loudly in her mind, “Well, since Dr. Kim wanted us to get used to each other’s bodies in more appropriate ways, I thought you giving me a massage would be a good idea. This will help us keep our, um, thoughts under control.” She explained this as if she were talking about the nice weather they were having.

Nathan did want to touch his mother some more, “Okay, that seems fine.” He figured she’d want to do something like that anyway since they were getting down a massage table at the moment.

“But, I think we should both be naked!” Liz finished her suggestion.

Nathan’s mouth dropped open so far he was pretty sure it hit the floor.

Nathan had expected his mother to lie on her stomach once they both disrobed completely and he stood there trying his best to keep his hands in front of his boner in the hopes his mother didn’t know, but she just laughed at him.

“After the day we’ve had,” Liz explained, “you have nothing to hide. Besides,” Liz said as he lay on her back on the table and grabbed Kıbrıs Escort a warm cloth from the table to the side with various oils laid out, “I like to have a cloth over my eyes, it relaxes me.” She put the towel over her eyes. This was a lie, really Liz just wanted to let her son touch her openly and wasn’t sure if he would if she had her eyes on him the whole time.

Nathan gawked at his mother’s nudity. He had never seen a naked woman before, not outside of porn anyway. His mother was so beautiful, he loved every inch of her skin, her giant, perky breasts that moved with her breath from where she lay on the table, her shaved, swollen pussy that seems to almost be calling out to him. Part of Nathan wanted to just lay his hands directly on his mother’s vagina but he knew that would be taking things too far, no matter how much he wanted to in that moment. Better to keep it professional, Nathan decided as he started rubbing his mother’s neck.

Even with Nathan touching an innocent area of Liz’s naked body, the feel of his hands on her skin electrified her. It helped that Nathan seemed to be a natural masseuse, every poke and prod from around her neck sent shivers down her spine. He seemed only able to touch the areas that brought her the most pleasure.

“Oh yes Nathan,” Liz moaned out as she brought her hands up to meet her son’s, “You make me feel so sexy,” she was hardly paying attention to what she was saying, she was so turned on by her son’s touch. It was addictive and she only wanted more!

Nathan was surprised when his mother grabbed his hands and even more surprised when she took his hands and placed them on her tremendous tits. She then removed her hands, saying, “continue your massage, son. You’re doing a really good job.” Liz then dropped her hands and let Nathan do whatever he wanted to his horny mother.

This was the first time Nathan had his hands on a woman’s breasts. His cock was rock hard and he was doing nothing to hide it as it stuck out and started leaking pre-cum right on his mother’s belly. He noticed right away this was happening, but he was too turned on to care. He was so far gone in his own horniness that he started getting more aggressive with feeling up his mother, gripping her full breasts and pushing down, enjoying every moment of feeling Liz’s pillowy goodness. He pinched her nipples with both hands simultaneously between his thumbs and forefingers.

He was greatly surprised when this action got a response from his mother, “That’s it, Nathan,” Liz moaned, her knees pushed into the air as she started moving her legs in an up and down motion as her pussy pulsated in a mini-orgasm, “Pinch mommy’s nipples!”

Nathan’s cock twitched. He was so turned on he didn’t care who this woman was he was currently stroking and pinching the tits of. He wanted more, and he suddenly put his face into his mother’s closest boob, sucking her nipple deep into his mouth and started batting it around with his tongue. He loved the taste of his mother’s skin and the feel of her large nipple and areola in his mouth. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the experience of sucking on his mother’s tit.

However, when he opened his eyes again, Bri was standing on the other side of the massage table from where he stood. He immediately took his mother’s tit out of his mother along with his hands off her body. He also tried to cover up his huge erection with his hands.

“Nathan, what’s wrong?” Liz said as her hands started to come up to her face to take the towel off her eyes. “Did Mommy go too far?” She was legitimately concerned about that but was so turned on that she also didn’t want her son to stop touching her.

Bri glanced from Nathan to Liz knowing full well she was about to be caught, but she knew right away what to do. Moving quickly, she practically jumped around to the end of the table and then dove, face first, into Liz’s pussy. Bri started lapping away lovingly, this was what she wanted and had seen an opportunity with Nathan feeling up his mother to become intimate once again with Liz. True, she wouldn’t know it was her, but she could tell from the door how horny Liz was, the only other time she’d seen her like that was when they made love many years ago.

Nathan gaped at the scene in front of him. Being that he’d only seen some porn and mostly read erotica for his masturbation needs, he’d never actually seen two women having sex of any kind before. And the fact that now he was watching only a couple of feet away, his mother getting her cunt licked by the family’s maid (who was practically a second mother to him) something in his brain exploded in the severe depravity of the sight in front of him. He could do nothing but watch, feeling hornier than he’d ever been in his life but so new to anything even remotely like this that he was unable to anything but watch as his mother cock her pussy eaten by Brianna.

Liz was in a haze of pleasure, “Oh yes, Nathan! Eat my pussy! Eat mommy’s cunt! Make Mommy cum! Please, lick me! Suck my clit! I’m going to cum! MOMMY’S CUMMING! OHHH! OOOOOHHHHHH!” And Liz screamed so loudly in her orgasm that the sound seemed to echo around the gym for many seconds after she was done. As she recovered from her first orgasm that day, her head tilted and the towel across her eyes fell on the floor.

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