The Family Affair Ch. 1

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Sometimes life becomes complicated as the characters on the ever-changing stage of life act and interact with each other. Some of the characters, like Sam, are naturally wise, confident and inevitably powerful. Others, like Sandi, made it through a difficult childhood without self-esteem and lacking confidence in themselves and their abilities. Some, like Sandi’s husband, were simply immature, incomplete and incapable of a fulfilling relationship and would never change. This is the story of their part in the human drama that is life around us.

* * * * *

Chapter 1: The Meeting

Sam sat idly watching his grandson play the electronic games while he ate his portion of the pizza that was to be his and his grandson’s lunch. As he watched the boy move from machine to machine, dropping tokens as fast as he could. He missed his wife, even after eleven years. “Had it really been that long,” he thought. He was lonely.

Sam was bored with life since his forced retirement a few months ago, at age 65. At first his work had occupied his mind and carried him through the grieving and sorrow of losing his wife. When not at his work, he had become active in community activities and spent more quality time with his family. Then, without his work, he forced himself to be interested in other things…it did not come easy. Only his daughter, Sheila, and her family remained close to him, his other children and their families having moved far away and apart for their father. Much as Sheila and her kids tried to entertain his and include him in their lives, his life had a large void.

Sam had enjoyed a good marriage and when Thelma died it left a giant empty spot in his life. When the grieving was past and life had returned to a routine it was the loneliness that was worst. The silence around him spoke only of his need for the adult companionship that his wife had formerly provided. He knew that his family were trying to keep him entertained and he appreciated them for what they were trying to do. The loneliness was the worst…

Then, he still missed the healthy sex life that they had enjoyed. For the first couple of years he remained frustrated in the hope of not betraying his dead wife. Then, after considerable thought, he made a conscious decision to seek another woman for a sex partner to relieve his tensions. He sought only a woman for the evening, not wishing to incur any long term obligations on his part. He tried with several women and got very little satisfaction. Finally, he had simply given up on other women and live with his frustration. It had been several years.

As he sat watching the game room Sam noticed a mother with her five children. She was tall, perhaps 5′-11″ or taller. As she shepherded he children from machine to machine and kept them in line, Sam made a careful appraisal. Her dirty blond hair needed a trim and was hanging straight and unruly over her shoulders. Her face had some nice features, a ruddy complexion and was totally without makeup or other enhancement. She wore a non-descript cotton blouse, baggy shorts and sandals…all probably purchased at a discount store. Her best features were her long, perfectly formed legs and butt that had most likely widened with child birth. What was most apparent to him as he continued to study the object of his thoughts he noted that she was unusually tense…on the verge of a mental break.

Other than her state of near panic, she was not much different from a dozen or more young mothers in the room. On most days she wouldn’t garner a second look. Sam did not consider, why on this particular day, she aroused his interest…but she did! He continued his appraisal and enjoyed the warm sensation that it generated. His appraisal had noted that the woman was overwhelmed with her responsibility. She lacked the confidence to discipline the children.

Sandi, had gone to the children’s play center to entertain her kids by allowing them kağıthane escort to dispel their youthful energy on the electronic games. With their minds diverted she might enjoy the relief and prepare for the rest of the day. School was out and all five were at home. The kids friends from the neighborhood were away on vacation. Summer swimming lessons were over. Soccer practice hadn’t yet begun. She had not intended to go to the play center and had finally done so out of desperation. Sandi’s husband had left for work before 6:00 am and would not return before 6:00 pm so she would be the sole caretaker of their five kids for the day. The responsibility weighed heavily on her…she responded to the children’s crisis as they developed and discipline was reserved for those times when she had lost complete control of her faculties. She tried to be a good mother but she was also keenly aware of her failures.

With the pizza was ordered and the kids occupied with their games Sandi relaxed and let her mind slip into a less tense attitude. As she wandered about the game room, feigning interest in her kids activities, she became aware of Sam’s appraisal of her. “Dirty old man,” she thought. Still, his appraisal didn’t seem like a come on or present any threat. Keenly aware of the attention she was getting from a strange man, she found that she enjoyed it. “How long had it been since she had received such attention,” she thought. Meanwhile, Sam continued his interest while not making any overt move. Soon, Sandi lost any sense of fear and the tensions of the day were lost in the harmless flirtation.

Soon, she began to flirt openly with this old man…not overtly but with certain body movements and momentary eye contact… the kind of activity that’s not apparent to others but communicates with the person for which it’s intended. Sandi soon realized that she had not flirted since high school and her actions, though rather awkward provided the thrill of knowing the effect she was having on the old man made her excited. “My God!,” she thought. “I’m getting aroused.”

With that thought, she instantly stopped her actions and broke off the contact. She knew that it was the proper thing to do…but in a few minutes, wild horses couldn’t have stopped her from looking back to where the man sat. He had not made a move; rather sat as he had before…appraising her. Instantly, she felt a flutter…something she hadn’t felt in a long time. The exhilaration and excitement that came with the power she was exerting over this man had soon aroused her again. Unlike before, the sensation felt good and she began to revel in it.

Sam sat as before… obviously interested but still making no overt move. For him it was a far different matter. Flirting was one thing but he felt his age and capabilities ebbing… Still, there was no harm in a little flirting.

As Sandi started towards the salad bar she was feeling rather light hearted and giddy… flirting like a school girl had brought her much pleasure and her tensions were momentarily forgotten. She had been oblivious to her children that surrounded her but as they approached the salad bar, her attention was demanded. She returned to the real world of kids and appetites, etc.

As Sam started towards the salad bar he was thinking only that he needed more fresh vegetables in his diet.

Perhaps it was fate that brought Sandi and Sam together, side by side, at that salad bar as neither consciously intended that they should meet. When they brushed each other, side by side, the effect was instantaneous and electric. The shock of the sudden meeting coupled with their demons of loneliness and the need for adult companionship in each of them united to form a bond. Then, the fires of lust and passion that had been so coyly and adroitly handled a few minutes previously as they flirted reached out for each other. It came swiftly as each was aroused and drawn istanbul escort to the other.

The demons of loneliness and need for human companionship were coupled with the flames of lust and passion and instantly unleashed in both of them to unite and form a bond… At first it felt good; then, as they stood side by side, the realization came. It came swiftly – they were aroused and drawn to each other. Demon feelings, more powerful than either of them could ever recall were impelling them towards each other. What had been light hearted and fun a few minutes ago has suddenly become serious.

It was Sandi who hurried away from the salad bar with her children. Her mind was in chaos and her thoughts totally confused by those demons which now possessed her. What had a few minutes before been light hearted and innocent had developed into a fearful situation. Only one clear solution came to her mind. “I must get away from here fast!” she thought. That was as far as her solution had been formulated…

Quickly, in a mild state of panic, she proceeded to gather up her kids and leave only to find the kids becaming unruly as they still carryed a hand full of unused tokens – they resisted!..

Then, Sandi lost it… her mind simply failed to function rationally any more and instinct drove her into an uncontrolable rage. As she fought gamely to overcome her out-of-control feelings, her kids, sensing the gravity of the situation, quickly fell into line. Until this moment, they had never seen their mother act is so hostile a manner. Without a rational mother, their own security was threatened and they grew uneasy as fear began to envelope them and the unused token in their pockets were quickly forgotten. Only when they were in the familiar surroundings of their van, did the tension began subside and the family become functional again. On the ride home they enjoyed the calm of being their usual family unit again. Soon the kids were happy and the incident was forgotten.

But, for Sandi the matter was not forgotten…her residual feelings from that recent encounter kept returning and she resisted by busying herself with family matters. She reasoned that wth time the feelings would recede but they did not recede. After several days and nights of torment, she approached her husband.

She laid her plans carefully. Friday she cleaned house and prepared a fine dinner. The kids had been prepared and were in bed early. No woman had ever prepared to pleasure her husband with more vigor. She had put on a sexy summer sun dress and greeted her husband with her sexiest approach. Dinner was superb. As they prepared for bed, Sandi showered and primped; then donned her sexiest night gown. Her demons of lust and passion were kindled and re-directed towards her husband.

She moved in her most enticing and erotic manner as she prepared for bed. If her attempt appeared awkward it was because she had never done it before…to most men she would have driven them to the point of distraction. Her husband was apparently unimpressed.

Her husband had preceded her in going to bed and lay waiting for her arrival. “I’ve had a busy day,” he said. Sandi was not to be deterred as she climbed into bed beside him and began to caress his arms and chest. “Wanta do me?” she asked to start a conversation. There was no response and she continued, “I need some adult conversation tonight real bad.” Finally, she placed her hand directly on his genitals and caressed ever so lightly. Still, her husband said nothing. “Honey, I need you tonight.” she said. “Not tonight,” he said and rolled his back to her. The matter was closed.

It was after her husband was snoring soundly that she arose from the bed and went into the family room where she wept quietly. She had tried her best and her husband had refused her. She felt ugly and unloveable. Her self-esteem, which had been very low before was now virtually non-existant.

So taksim escort it went for several days as Sandi fought to gain some control of her life. Her husband had taken his usual sexual favors without sharing of any love or intimacy save the act itself. She had no friends to discuss her problem with. Of course, family activities kept her busy and detracted from any quality time to think through her plight.

Saturday, her husband was up at dawn and gone. With the kids away at their Saturday activities,Sandi finally had time to carefuly considered her situation without interference. “Here she was, lusting after a man, old enough to be her father, a stranger whose name she did not know,” she thought. Then, after further consideration, she began to see the ridiculous nature of her situation. Even as she concentrated on the ridiculous aspect of her situation she felt herself becoming arouse as her breasts became sensitive and her crotch moist. Masturbation only worsened an already tenuous situation. By late afternoon, her children had returned and her thoughtswere interrupted by the return of her kids; then, as she prepared dinner, her responsibilities occupied her entire thinking. At dinner time, her husband was not home, nor had he called. Sandi ate dinner with the kids and at 10 oclock, with the kids in bed she retired alone. She heard her drunken husband when he returned much later. This night Sandi had given up on her plan to communicate and feigned sleep. She would need an alternate plan.

Sunday was church time for Sandi and the kids… her husband never went but this Sunday would be different. She would sleep in and prepare a simple breakfast; then do some shopping and leave the kids at home with their dad. It would give her time to think and to reformulate a plan for the rest of her life. In a downtown coffee shop, on that Sunday morning, she enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee and thought about her alternatives. She could go on with life as it was until her strength was exhausted – this would leave her kids without a mother. She could seek professional help – this would be costly and her husband would never permit it. She could seek comfort and solice elsewhere – something that could wreck her family and ruin her life.

By afternoon, Sandi had just about completed her shopping and still faced her dilema. The few groceries from the supermarket would complete her day and she would take her problems home with her. She walked into the shortest line to the checkout counter and waited. Then, the realization slowly dawned on her…the man in front of her was Sam – the object of all her lusting, frustration, passion, appetite and unresolved feelings. “Perhaps if she remained quiet he woudn’t notice her,” she thought.

Scarcely a minute later, Sandi reached out and touched Sam’s arm. “I think we’ve met before,” she said as her plan disintegrated. “Stupid! Why did I do that?” she thought as Sam turned and smiled. “Sandi ####,” she said. “Sam ****, from out on Old Farm Road,” he replied. After a few quick quips about the weather, Sam began to check out and their meeting was over.

As Sam left the store he, too, was facing his demons. “She’s old enough to be my daughter.” he reasoned. “Besides, she’s young and healthy…I’m too old to do her right.” Oh, he’d been facing his torments since that first meeting as Sandi had become more desireable with each passing thought…quickly, she turned into a goddess in his eyes… “But, Heck! I don’t even know her name…”

“Crazy old man…” he reasoned.

As Sandi left the store she was silenty regretting her actions in the check out line. Then, as she drove home, the old demons returned and she would be glad to get back to the responsibilities of her family where her mind could not focus on the demons that otherwise possessed it.

At home, her husband was in a surly mood after having spent all day with the kids. She prepared dinner silently and was unaware of a tension that existed around her. In bed she slept only fitfully – she faced her dilemma alone as her husband slept soundly next to her. This night she did not cry… she had wept before! Instead, she concentrated on formulating a new plan.

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