The Elderly Woman from Next Door

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My next door neighbor. She caught my eyes when I moved in the place. Unfortunately she was married back then. She was with her husband for about fifty years. They still were in love, and I could hear on occasion that they still were fucking each others brains out. Other than that, they were the perfect neighbors.

A couple of years went by. Me and my neighbor were chatting from time to time in the hallway. Sometimes it just was the two of us, sometimes her husband joined in. I liked them both. They were just a nice elderly couple living next to me, enjoying their live as good as they could: Yes, they were traveling a lot. They always told me that in their age, you got no time to waste.

But then fate hit hard. My male neighbor from next door got sick. He got cancer. It was devastating for his wife. And it didn’t went by me, seeing him getting worse and worse every time I ran into him in the hallway. I offered them my help, they gladly accepted. I became their grocery shopper. And a friend with an open ear.

A few months went by, then he passed by. He died in his own bed. Surrounded by his family. It was a devastating event for my neighbor. She was destroyed. She was alone for the first time in over half a century. In the beginning some family members stayed with her, but at one point they had to get back to their own lives. So I offered her that she could knock at my door, if she needed some help. And nope, I wasn’t thinking of seducing her. I just did it because I liked her.

From the I offered her to be there for her, we had contact at least on every second day. She normally knocked at my door, asking me to help her out with something. Sometimes she only asked me if I liked a cup of coffee. I mostly ever accepted her invitations, and when she needed some help, I just was there for her.

With time our relationship changed. We got closer and closer. We slowly but steadily, over the course of a couple of months, became more than just friends. We became a couple. Sort of. Because we Escort Avrupa yakası did what couples do, but we weren’t fucking each other. But that should change pretty soon.

Over the weeks she got more and more seductive. She began to show off her seventy five year old body. I checked her out when she did something revealing. She made my thirty four year old dick more than just rock hard. But I struggled to make a move on her. I probably was just to nervous to do so, because while jerking off, thinking about her made me cum fast and hard.

One day I was over at her place. Helping her getting some things from high up down on the floor. It was a box filled with photo albums. From back when she was in her twenties and thirties as I found out later. Because she insisted of me sitting down with her on the sofa and go through them with her while enjoying some ice cold drink. I had nothing else planned for the evening, so I stayed. And listened to her stories from back then.

At first she told me ordinary stuff. Like on the vacations she had been, something about her children, but then she began to point out herself. How hot she was back then. How the men were after her, but she never cheated on her husband. While doing so she came closer and closer to me. Until our bodies were touching.

She kept on going in that direction. While giving me more than just view down her cleavage. Yes, she had me on the hook. And then she mentioned something, with a somehow resigning voice: “That was back then. I was a hot one. But now, I am old now. Not attractive anymore.”

I shock my head. I locked at her. I checked her out from tip to toe. I told her that she still was an attractive one. A hot one. A woman I loved too look at. And a woman I was secretly fantasizing about while playing with myself.

A huge smile appeared on her face when she heard me saying those things. She even blushed a little bit: “Thank you. Very kind of you.”

Then our eyes met. Seconds Ataköy escort later we were kissing each other. We shared a few gentle kisses that turned into passionate ones soon after. Our hands were over each others bodies. The photo album dropped to the floor. So did our clothes. We were tearing the clothes of each others bodies. Horny was in full swing.

I kissed my way from her face over her boobs towards her pussy. I sucked on on her nipples for some time. I squeezed her gorgeous booby while doing so. She let out a few decent moans. And my dick got even harder while her nipples were in my mouth.

After some time I kissed my way down even further. I opened up her legs, I enjoyed watching at her tasty looking pussy for some time, then I dug in. My tongue went inside her fuck hole. As deep as possible. She tasted more than just good. I was addicted within a second.

While my tongue was working on her pussy her moaning got louder, got more intense. She soon asked me for more. She asked me to slid some fingers inside her. I let her suck on my fingers first to lube them up. Then they went in. One after the other. While my tongue was playing with her clit.

It didn’t took long and her hands were going through my hair and her legs began to squeeze my head. She came closer and closer to an orgasm with every thrust I gave her. And then boom, tension left her body. Her legs were shaking. She was gone for some time.

When she was back herself again she pulled me up towards her face. She gave me a few gentle kisses. Then she told me that I exactly gave her what she needed. She did that while one of her hands was going up and down on my rock hard, pre-cum dripping dick: “Time to return the favor.”

She knew how to touch a dick. She knew the spots she had to hit. And after I asked her to do so, she also knew how to squeeze my balls. Now my moaning was filling the room. Now my eyes were running in circles. It felt so damn fucking good. She brought me closer Şirinevler escort bayan and closer to an orgasm with every stroke she gave.

But then, she stopped. Without any warning: “I want you to cum inside me. I want you to fill me up with your semen.”

The disappointment that she had stopped jerking me off was gone within a few moments. Fucking sounded more than just awesome. But at first she excused herself for a few moments. She went over into her bedroom, when she came back she had a huge half empty bottle of lube in her hands.

She drowned my cock in lube, the also put some on her pussy after she had laid down on the sofa. Then she opened her arms for me: “Fuck me.”

No need to say me something like that. Moments later I was on top of her. Moments later her legs were around my back. And moments later my rock hard dick was sliding inside her needy pussy. I took my time with going in. I was in no hurry.

Her pussy wrapping herself around my dick felt nothing but good. I fucked her gentle, but balls deep. More and more tension was building up while I gave her one thrust after the other. I had to hold myself back. I had to stay focused to prevent myself from creaming her pussy to early. I wanted her to cum first.

Luckily it didn’t took long until her fingers began to bury themselves into my back. She was getting closer. So was I. I decided to just let go. I fucked her, fast and deep. Her moaning got more intense while I did so.

Not even ten thrusts later my balls unloaded themselves into her pussy. It came good. My sweat dripping body was trembling. So was hers. She came with me. I collapsed onto her. We stayed in that position for some time.

Then we looked each other in the eyes. We shared some gentle kisses. Then we smiled at each other and I got off her body. No, we weren’t cuddling or anything. Not back then. We just got dressed again. Checking each other out a little bit while we put our clothes back on again. And then, we began to talk.

We talked about the fact that it was an awesome first time. That it came great. That we should do it again. But with no strings attached at all. Just neighbors, friends, fuck buddies. And to take one thing away, it worked out great. For a couple of weeks, then we both admitted that we had developed feelings for each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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