The Desk Job

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Ashley Harris pulled into a spot next to the warehouse and turned off the car. She looked up at the looming building.

The warehouse was several stories high with wall of metal spotted with rust. The randomly placed windows were fogged over and a few were pushed out.

Ashley tried not to fidget, but found it hard to keep her excitement contained. She pulled her hair into a tight ponytail and looked down at her outfit. She wore a black dress that hung and thin straps. The skirt hung to a few inches above the white knee-high stockings. She smoothed out the material and gave her thighs a squeeze.

Ashley opened the door and stepped out of the car. The air carried a hint of the cool night to come. In the east as the last bit of light flared against the darkening west horizon. The thumping of bass from inside the warehouse made the windows rattle as she walked across the dirt to the door.

Ashley had joined Artists Unlimited as an intern her senior year of college a year prior with the help of her roommate Katy. It was a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor, and the fact that Katy worked there too just made it too good to pass up. Since then she graduated college and took a full time position working as an assistant for one of the agents, Maria Sanders.

Katy and Ashley grew up together and for all intents and purposes were sisters despite not being actually related. Katy worked as James Thompson’s assistant.

Mr. Thompson was one of the senior partners of the firm, and was throwing a party for one of the firms clients that had just finished a successful tour. Ashley found him extremely attractive. He was handsome in that rugged way that maybe it easy to imagined him surviving a couple of weeks fending for him self in the woods. His commanding presence could silence a room when he entered, and that smile. She loved his smile. Especially when he smiled at her. It always caused her stomach to flip.

Then of course there were the moments they were alone. The sexual tension between them was palpable. Of course it didn’t help that they both seemed to enjoy flirting every chance they got. But the invite to this party caught her off guard. Did he ask her as an employee? Or as someone he wanted to hang out with outside the office. In the end it really didn’t matter. She was hoping to get him alone in a dark corner and see if the flirting between them would led somewhere.

At the door a lone man stood watching. He noticed Ashley and nodded. As she reached the landing he reached over and pulled open the door.

Music spilled out and Ashley stepped inside.

It took a moment for Ashley’s eyes to adjust, but once they did she was amazed. The warehouse had been decorated like a dance club. On the far wall a DJ sat in a booth above the crowd. He held headphones to one ear and swayed to the music as he worked the tunes. On one side a bar has been setup. The bar back looked like it was set in columns of ice that glowed green, blue, and red from alternating lights at the base. Near the bar was an area of couches and small tables. Most were already taken with small groups of people watching the action in the center. The center was packed with bodies grinding against each other.

Ashley took in the crowd of people and spotted her friend Katy. Katy gave a wave and pointed to a couch. Ashley nodded and started in that direction.

“Ash, I didn’t know you would be here?” Katy asked. The music was loud but not so much so that it drowned the tone of her voice.

“Yeah, Mrs. Sanders told me she couldn’t make it but that I should come.” She didn’t allow the lie to hang on the air. “This is pretty impressive. It actually looks like a club.”

“Yeah. Mr. Thompson has a way with parties.”

The girls sat for a moment watching the crowd of dancers move against each other. Bodies grinding against each other. Hands sliding over each other. There was just something with watching people dance. It was so intimate. And it made Ashley feel like she shouldn’t be watching the interaction, but that only made it more intoxicating.

Ashley caught Mr. Thompson squeezing through the crowd, and felt her anxiety kick in. His black hair was in disarray but on him it looked sexy. His eyes glowed in time with the strobes roaming the room. He was dressed in a tight fitting shirt that showed off the work he had put into his body. His tie swaying as he leaned to slip around people. Ashley caught herself wondering what he would look like without the shirt. The way he moved with purpose ignited her lust. There was just something about him that made her want to do bad things.

“Mr. Thompson,” Katy said almost spitting her sip back into the glass as Mr. Thompson stepped into her view.

James laughed. “Relax Katy it’s ok. This is a party, not work.”

“It’s an awesome party,” she said. Her game face was back on.

“Thanks. Your DJ suggestion seems to have been the key. Good job.”

“Thank you sir.”

Ashley caught the hint of red in Katy’s cheeks maltepe escort at the compliment.

“Ashley, glad to see you got to come out,” he said.

For a moment all she could do was smile up at that gorgeous face, those defined cheekbones, and that mouth. She wondered what it would be like if he kissed her. Just pulled her body to his and kissed her. The feel of those hands on her, the smell of him close. She was supposed to be doing something. Shit. She was supposed to be talking “Please, call me Ash. Mr. Thompson,” she finally got out. The smile she gave felt wicked.

Mr. Thompson smiled, “Very well. Ash.” Her turned to Katy. “I got to make a few more rounds before I can relax. Can you check make sure the bar has everything they need?”

“Absolutely,” Katy said.

“Then enjoy yourself.” He turned to Ashley. “You too.”

“I will.” Ashley watched him walk off. She didn’t realize how fast her heart was beating until it was starting to slow down.

“Holy shit, Ash,” Katy said giving her friend a bump. “Can you be more obvious?”


“Don’t give me that,” Katy said. “I know you. I saw that look you gave my boss.”

“Hey, I’m not sure if you noticed but your boss is pretty hot. Besides there is nothing wrong with window shopping.”

“Unhuh.” Her friend’s words were full of skepticism. “Just be careful. He is not someone that you want to get on the wrong side of. Best to keep things professional.”

“Don’t worry.” But she didn’t want to keep things professional.

“Ok, I got to go check on the bar.” Katy handed Ashley her drink. “I’ll catch up with you in a bit.”

“I’ll be here.”

Ashley sat back to people watch enjoying the feel of the music. She lifted Katy’s drink to her face and sniffed. After drawing a blank based on smell she took a sop. She closed her eyes and the music filled her taking control. Her thoughts drift back to of Mr. Thompson. Him leading her to the dance floor. Their bodies moving with the music. Grinding her body against his. His hands on her hips as they dance. The image so vivid she can even smell his cologne. What a wonderful scent, she thought. Then she realizes someone has joined her on the couch.

She opened her eyes. Mr. Thompson was sitting next to her watching her. She stopped moving and his smile broadened.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said.

She stared at him for a moment again losing her thoughts before speaking. “Katy left a few minutes ago. She said she would be back in a few.”

“You like the music?”

“Yes. You did a god job pulling off a club vibe.”

“Thanks,” James said looking around. “It’s owned by a photographer I know. He uses it for his own work and rents it out.”

The music changed, and Ashley downed the last of Katy’s drink.

“Ash,” James said letting her name hang in the air for a moment as if he was watching it float off his tongue into the air. “That is an interesting name.”

“It’s a nickname. I have had it since high school. Too many other Ashley’s at school so it was easier.”

“I like it.”

“Thanks,” she said unable to keep herself from blushing.

“So why are you sitting on this couch, and not out there.” He tipped his head to the crowd dancing.

“Sometimes that’s not the dancing I am interested in.” She gave him her best-wicked smile. It made her feel sexy. Not to mention she loved flirting.

He shifted closer to her and put an arm on the top of the couch behind her head. His body was so close they were almost touching. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered. She felt her core warm. Holy shit what was it about this guy.

He leaned in so his mouth is close to her ear. “Ash.”

She loved hearing him say her name, and how his breath teased her skin.

“Perhaps you can help me with something then.”

“Anything. Just say the word.”

She didn’t have to see his face to know he was smiling. “Dangerous words,” he continued. And there was something else in his tone. It caused her body to tingle with excitement.

“Not Dangerous. A promise,” she said. She didn’t get as much innuendo in the tone as she wanted, but was hard to concentrate with his breath on her neck.

“Well lets just put that promise to the test shall we?”

She felt his fingers touch her knee and start to slide along the side her leg. She tried not to tense as they slipped under her skirt. The sensation forcing her to hold back a shiver. His fingers reached her hips and slid over her thigh. They started to push under the edge of her panties, and then stopped.

Ash raised her eyebrows and looked down. She didn’t want to scare him off, but his hand retreated and came to rest on her knee. “What did you have in mind?”

“For starters, why don’t you take off your panties.”

“Here? Now?” She looked around thinking surely someone had heard him. But no one was even paying attention.

“Yes. Just take them off, and give them to me.”

Ash looked around again. No one pendik escort was watching. A thrill shot through her as she thought about what she was about to do.

He leaned in to her ear again. “I want your panties. Now, Ms. Harris.” He put emphasis on the now part.

She slipped her hands under the sides of her dress before even realizing she made the decision. She pressed her back into the couch to lift up enough to slide them over her hips. As the fabric pulled away from her skin she realized they were are damp already. She pulled her knees together and then quickly pushed them down to her ankles stepping out of them one foot at a time. She wadded them up.

James held out his hand. She placed the ball of material in his hand. He closed his fist around them, raised them to his face, took in a breath, and smiled. “That’s what I thought,” he said. “My kind of party girl.”

He slipped her panties into his pocket and leaned into her ear. “Why don’t we go dance.”

Ash’s mouth went dry, but she heard the word she realized it had enter her brain. “Ok.”

James took her hand, and pulled her up with him and started tugging her away from the dance floor.

She looked over her shoulder to find Katy, but didn’t see her.

They slipped through a door behind the bar and the music started to fade as the hall echoed with the door closing. The hallway they were in was dark. The only light came from a few sparsely lit bulbs handing from industrial fixtures that cast yellow cones from the ceiling. At the end of the hall he opened a door and indicated she should go in. The music faded to a dull thump as he closed the door behind them.

The room looked like a set for a BDSM photo shoot. There was a desk, chains on the wall, and a mattress on the floor.

Ash took in the room and turned to James arching an eyebrow. “I thought were going to dance?”

“We are going to see just how well you keep your promises. After all you said you were willing to do anything I asked.”

Ash nodded. “Yes, sir. How can I be of service?” She lowered her head and smiled clasping her hands in front of her.

“Good girl. Why don’t you come here,” he commanded.

She walked over to him slowly. She liked playing the submissive even though she knew she held all the power.

He reached up and grabbed her hair at the base of her ponytail, and pulled her face to his. Slowly he ran his tongue over her lips. He yanked her head back catching her eyes with his and then and captured her mouth in his. His kiss was forceful, possessive. He kissed her like she was his, and it made her feel sexy. To be wanted, to be owned by this man. His tongue pushed into her mouth. He held her tight to him. Their mouths slid over each other.

He tugged her away from him breaking the kiss, and then released her.

“Take off that dress.”

She took a step back and held his gaze as she grabbed the hem of the skirt, and slowly lifted it up. His eyes fell to her stomach as the dress lifted past and they followed her skin as it was revealed. She pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor.

“Now the bra.”

She reached around and unclasped the material freeing her breasts. Pulling the bra forward she covered her breasts briefly before dropping the bra and letting her hands fall to her side.

James moved up to her. His hand slipped around her neck and he pushed back towards the desk. The pressure on her neck was gentle but firm. There was something about the reality of where his hands were. That her life was in his hands that she enjoyed. She started to ache for him to be inside. She wanted this man to hold her down and fuck her.

The edge of the desk hit her upper thighs.


She slid up on the desk.

He released her neck and slid his hands down over her breasts passed her navel.

His hands were firm and warm on her body. They moved with purpose owning every inch of her skin. She loved the feel as they explored her. A hand slid over the tuft of blond hair and to her center. Two fingers slide pass on either side of her sex squeezing her between them. His free hand slid around to her back and up to take hold of her ponytail.

A finger pushed gently against her seam but stopped.

“I love that you are wet for me,” he said turning her head to face his. “Are you going to get let me finger this wet cunt?”

“umm,” she started to say finding it hard to hold a thought long enough to put words in the right order.

“I don’t think you are in a position to stop me are you?”

A finger pushed inside her. She bit her lip.

His fingers were experienced. They quickly found the rough patch and force a moan from her. Taking his time he massaged her, his thumb finding her clit and together they worked to coax more moans to freedom.

“Oh yes,” she said as her body filled with pleasure. “Yes. Oh god, yes.”

Ash began to feel the pressure inside build. Each move of his fingers brought the pleasure closer kaynarca escort to the top. He pulled her head back as it reached the top. His tongue on her neck forced the dam to break and her orgasm ripped through her in waves.

Before her body has settled he pulled her to her feet. James loosened his tie, and pulled it off.

“Turn around.”

She turned giving him her back. James grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her. The silk tie wrapped around her wrists and pulled tight.

He took hold of her wrists and turned her to face him. “On your knees.”

The concrete was hard and cold, but she did as she was told. James unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Her eyes took in his broad shoulders, his muscles straining against his t-shirt, the lump pressing against his slacks. Holy shit, she thought.

He unzipped his pants freeing his massive cock. It was thick and corded with veins. This man was a beautiful male specimen.

He moved to take hold of her head again holding it tight. He tugged at it to the side. “Open your mouth,” he said and took hold of his cock. He held her tight as he moved his cock to her lips. He stopped and smiled down at her for a moment. Then he pushed the head of his cock into her mouth.

It filled her mouth. It tasted of soap and skin. She had always loved sucking cock. Ever since being dared to in high school at a party. There was just something about it. The control she held. The power to make a man cum. nothing made her feel more like a woman.

Mr. Thompson took hold and pulled her back. She pressed her tongue against the back of his cock as it slid free and then and back in. “That’s a good girl.” He pulled her off and pushed her back on. “Suck my cock.”

She let him control the speed. He started slow and with each thrust sped up. Each thrust got shallower and shallower until the head of his cock rested just outside her mouth.

“You are such a dirty girl, Ash. Do you know that? But I like a girl who knows her place is pleasing me.”

James took hold of her arms and in one easy motion pulled her to her feet. He was strong. Once on her feet, his hand wrapped the back of her neck and he pulled her to him. They mouths melted into each other. A dance of tongues and lips.

She felt him shift, and the pressure pulling her head back forced her to break the connection.

“Now I want to taste that slutty cunt of yours.”

He took hold of her neck and pushed over on the mattress. She turned to her side to lessen the impact but the mattress was soft and it caused her to bounce before coming to a rest.

He grabbed her legs under the knees and pushed her legs in to the air as his mouth found her wet center. She moaned as his tongue slid through her lips splitting her and slipping inside.

His rough tongue felt amazing against her smoothness. His tongue moved to her clit circling it and then sliding over the top. The sensation sent a jolt through her body. Fingers slid inside again as he sucked on her lips.

Ash closed her eyes and couldn’t help as the giddiness pushes against her smile threading to break into laughter.

She opened her eyes and looked down as he rose. He smiled that wicked smile of his. His face was glistening. She loved seeing her essence covering that face.

“You taste absolutely amazing.” He leaned back and took his cock in his hand.

She felt the head pressed against her. “Wait,” she said. “Do you have a condom?”

“No.” The look in his eyes told her it wasn’t up for debate. “I’m going to fuck you. You can try and stop me, but I think it is a bit late for that. I am going to fuck you, Ms. Harris. Don’t worry. No one will hear you.”

“Wait,” She said feeling panic rise.

He smiled and looked down at her cunt as he shifted closer.

She felt pressure as he pushed the head of his erection inside her cunt.

She tried to say something as he slowly filled her, but her thoughts flew apart at the sensation. His massive erection threatened to split her. The pressure pushed her apart. She bit her lip, closed her eyes, and gasped.

“mmm I love tight pussies.”

“Holy fuck,” she moaned as she felt him reach bottom. He slowly pulled out, the pressure easing. And then he slowly pushed back inside. She loved the feel of his cock pushing inside. Skin sliding again skin.

“That’s a good girl. Take my cock.” He groaned as he pushed always the way inside. “Fuck.”

“mmm,” is all she managed to get out before he pressed a hand against her stomach and started to really fuck her.

She opens her eyes and moaned. Her breasts bounced as he rammed into her. Their bodies slammed against each other. Skin slapped against skin. She felt her orgasm build again. The wave sloshing against her dam, and then she called out as the dam broke. Her body clenched around his cock as he continued to thrust.

“I’m gonna cum,” James said. Oh fuck, I’m going cum.”

“Not in me. Please,” she pleaded between moans and gasps of pleasure.

“Oh Jesus,” James cried.

She felt his cock start to harden. He was going to actually cum inside her. Oh fuck, he is going to cum. Panic started to break free.

Then James pulled his cock out. He moved up next to her grabbing her ponytail and pushed his cock into her mouth as he explodes.

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