The Countess Ch. 31

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It was morning and I felt more than saw the light from the window that woke me up. Sara and I had a good love making session the evening before, but I fell asleep after three bouts. It was almost nine when I arose and got dressed. I also got ready to get a rocket up my rear from Sara for crapping out last night. I even slept through Paula’s call to breakfast. I got up and dressed and went down to the kitchen, but through the window I noticed that Sara and Paula were seated at a table by the pool discussing something.

I walked out and Paula got up and passed me as I walked to the table. I waited for the blast from my wife, but she was quiet. I leaned down and kissed her without her objecting. It felt so good that I kissed her again. I was surprised that there was no snarky comment, but relieved.

“You slept like a log last night are you alright?” ask Sara.

“I’m fine, I guess I needed the sleep, maybe that happens when I don’t have to worry about work. What were you and Paula discussing as I came out?”

“I told her that Bret’s tribe was coming this afternoon and be prepared, I also told her what we needed her to do while we were away,” said Sara.

“Do you have hotel reservations in Houston? But it is silly to ask because you do.”

“It is not silly to ask but everything is under control,” said Sara.

Paula came out with my breakfast and a refill for Sara. Sara asked me when I decided to work on the cabana. I said the moment you told me to find something to do the idea popped into my head. It was either that or look, for a new house and I am not ready for that. Sara said that she had no interest in moving. “Che Red Rock is perfect,” she said. Paula brought out a pitcher of lemonade and we both sat and continued to talk. It had been awhile since Sara and I just talked, and sex was not included. Sara discussed the issues with the ranch and her frustrations with Colin and Fiona who didn’t monitor the work of the local law firm that the family hired.

“The firm is good but set in their ways,” she said.

She asked if I had any work scheduled and I replied that I did have five assignments on my book scheduled to start in three to four weeks.

“I guess that I will be a plague on you and Paula until stuff takes off.”

“Not if I have any say in the matter. The Cabana better be well along before you start work,” said Sara.

I looked at my watch and noted that it was close to 1:00. At that moment a gangly young lady came walking into the pool area holding her father’s hand. Mary Megan was indeed walking and handling it well. She was dressed in a simple one-piece bathing suit covered by a t-shirt with “Daddy’s Girl” printed on the front. Behind her were her brother and sister. Sara jumped up and walked over to the toddler picked her up and kissed her cheek. She carried the child over to where we were sitting. George and Bret came over to the table, the two other kids hit the pool.

“You forgot to ask permission! Get out and come over here right now,” said Bret to her two older kids.

The two kids swam and walked to the wall and exited the pool. They lined up next to where we were sitting and stood “It is ok for us to get in the pool Mr. Rogers?” asked the kids in unison.

I almost made them wait but I didn’t, and they jumped in moved to the center of the pool away from the adults. Sara was fascinated by Mary Megan, who was picked up by the nanny and taken to the pool.

“I guess this means we have to work,” I said.

“Well I want to play with a young lady who has been kept from me for too long,” said Sara.

“Well you could make one of your own, and have him or her 24/7/365,” said Bret.

“But she is a work of art don’t you just want to keep her that size?”

“Sara they all grow up but thank you for the complement. Rene´ likes them also. She started painting them last week.”

We all got up and moved to the dining room inside. Paula brought a tray with a pitcher of lemon aid and glasses. The kids would be under the control of Nanny Roberts. Mrs. Kelly would bring refreshments and assist outside while we worked on the inside.

Bret was clearly in control as she handed out copies of the pilot script. She gave the “Elevator Pitch” like she has done many times. I was about to speak when Bret broke in.

“Paul, I have already rewritten your character after your limited feedback the other night,” said Bret.

This was going to be a multi-day meeting to go over the pilot and the concept. Sara realized that there was a lot of work but kept quiet. Bret went over the first act where Sara and I met and asked for feedback.

Sara said that she liked the way I started the original script with her using the internet to look for me when she was in London. Bret took notes of the conversations. Two hours past and there were several good suggestions all noted down by Bret. Bret and I checked our watches and meeting was going on for two and a half hours. I could tell that Sara was tuning out with our talk about dramatic tension aydınlı escort and other issues. Sara was getting antsy, so I hinted that we needed to end. I said that my agent would be getting in touch with Bret’s company to discuss compensation and credit line. Bret ended the meeting by asking me and Sara read the script and give her feedback. Sara bolted out of the meeting to go play with Mary Megan. George followed Sara and Bret and I paused and continued meeting. Bret discussed credits and compensation, but I said that my agent would call and discuss it with her. It would be usual for Sara and me to get an executive producer credit. I would also get a writing credit. The big sticking point would be the compensation and I would need to discuss that with Sara and my agent. We walked out to the pool just as George was corralling the kids. Mary Megan was being entertained by Sara until George and the nanny took charge.

Sara and I walked out to their car and watched them drive away. I put my arm around Sara as we walked back toward the pool. Paula came out with a tray of martinis and deposited the cocktails on the table. I picked up my glass and gently sipped the drink. Paula was becoming expert in building martinis. I looked into Sara’s eyes and grasp her hand and whispered that I loved her.

“Darling I know that, but I require proof at times. You must have an iron hard cock when I demand it,” said Sara with a smile.

She leaned over and kissed me, her hand dropped down to my lap and explored. I moved a little closer so she could find what she was looking for. Sara took a sip of her cocktail and pronounced it good.

“It must be the gin that I wanted Paula to try,” said Sara.

“Could it be my hard cock that is influencing you?”

“It could be if I could find a hard cock. Do you know where one is?

I sat next to her with a blank look on my face. I was beginning to resent the constant jabs to my ego.

“I’m sorry darling, it is the combative nature of my job. I am always getting jabs into my opponent, but you are not my opponent. You’re my lover and husband, and I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.”

I was taken aback by Sara’s statement. I never heard her express those feelings. I hope that I could see her take off the lawyer robes and just be a woman for a while.

“I never heard you express those feelings before,” I said as I kissed her cheek.

“Darling I can’t tell you how upset I was when you disappeared in New York. While I was pleased with the results, I never want you to pull a stunt like that again. I remember what you told me a month ago “You are my wife and my lover, and I get a little possessive.” When it comes to you, I can be very possessive. I love you and what we have built together. I look around the house and see what you and I built and know that I couldn’t have done it without you,” said Sara as she kissed me, and massaged my cock.

Paula approached with another tray of martinis and exchanged glasses and departed.

“Is our house manager trying to get us drunk, darling?” I asked after taking a sip.

“Yes, darling I asked her to keep the cocktails coming while we were sitting out here,” said Sara as she downed the drink in almost one swallow.

What I didn’t know was I was the only one getting a real cocktail. Sara’s glass contained water and an olive. I looked at my watch and wondered what we were doing for dinner. Paula approached and announced that she had sent the order to Mario’s and was leaving. Sara reminded her that she had the day off on Monday. She would need to be on duty Tuesday. Tuesday was the day we were leaving for Houston. Sara arranged for a private jet for us and William. After that the arrangements were fuzzy. I remembered that my birthday was next week, but I will let Sara surprise me. William appeared and both he and Mrs. Kelly got in one of the cars and William drove her home. We got up and walked inside and I offered Sara another cocktail, but she declined. A half hour later the front door camera popped on and I went to gather our dinner. Sara went into the kitchen and set out plates and silverware.

“No wine darling?” I asked.

“No not today. What were you and Bret talking about when the meeting broke up?”

“She wanted to know what credit we wanted, and how much we wanted for the idea. I am thinking that two hundred is a nice round number. What do you think?”

“Darling your script is worth more than two hundred thousand. If this program takes off her company stands to make a lot of money, and you and I need a good percentage of that. Now you have my lawyer mode working,” said Sara.

“Ok then scale back the initial fee to one hundred and take ten percent of the gross,” I replied.

“No darling you need the two hundred, and the ten percent, I will insist on that. They may be our friends, but this is business,” said Sara.

Sara was learning quickly about the business of show business. We finished eating bağdat caddesi escort and put the dishes in the dishwasher and the leftovers in the fridge. Sara would usually want a cocktail after dinner but tonight she didn’t mention it. My cock was primed and ready for sex and I grasp her wrist and led her to our bedroom. I directed her to the floor to ceiling mirror that was opposite the bed. She was in front of me as I unbuttoned her top and pulled it off her shoulders. I was surprised and pleased that there was not a bra getting in my way. The reflection in the mirror almost made my cock go off prematurely. I brushed the crack in her ass with my hard cock and massaged her ample breasts. I kissed her neck and breathed in her scent. My hands drifted down to her slacks and soon they were on the floor. I stood back and quickly got out of my clothes and put my cock in the crack of her ass. I worked over her nipples and noticed her breasts becoming aroused. Sara was letting me have my way with her without comment just coos of pleasure. We finally got on the bed and I came face to muff with my wife’s pussy and began to give her as good a tongue job as I could. It was taking all of my will power not to slip my cock in her pussy. Sara took charge and brought her face to mine and we kissed.

“Sir I want to make love,” she said with a smile.

We both maneuvered on the bed and between the sheets and I mounted Sara and kissed her. My hands were busy giving her nipples a workout while we kissed. Her pussy was warm and silky and accepted my cock easily. We kissed again while I was busy moving in and out of her cunt.

“Come on big boy you know what to do.”

I felt a little bit of the old Sara begin to creep in, but I didn’t care. We were making love to each other. She encouraged me to move just a little faster and I felt her orgasm, flooding my cock with her juices. I waited while she collected herself before I started fucking her again. Tonight, I would look into her eyes while we made love. I would concentrate on giving her pleasure and stay on task. I kissed Sara and held her and kissed her again. With my last thrust I exploded depositing what I thought were gallons of cum in her pussy.

“Darling, in a half an hour I will need another like that. You are the best lover a woman could ask for,” said Sara.

I embraced and kissed my wife and it wasn’t too long before I was again ensconced in Sara pussy with my lips on her lips, my tongue exploring her mouth. We made love several times that evening, and morning.

Two days later Sara and I were on a private jet beginning the final approach into Houston’s Hobby airport. In the rear of the aircraft was our tall shadow William. He would handle the driving and make sure we were safe. The sun was setting as we set down on the runway. I really enjoyed flying private. It made flying fun again.

The plane pulled to a stop in the private terminal and the crew opened the door and let the steps down. Parked on the tarmac near where our plane stopped was a gold Land Rover. The rental agent passed the key to Sara who gave it to William who was supervising the ramp personnel handling our luggage. I walked out of the plane and took a gulp of humid salt air spiced liberally with jet exhaust. Sara was already in the car and I joined her. After William finished with the luggage, he took the driving position. Sara handed him a set of directions and we were off. Sara pulled her phone out and touched several numbers and brought the phone to her ear.

“Jessica, Aunt Sara we just arrived, do you want to meet somewhere after we get settled?”

I couldn’t hear the other side of the conversation. “Ok then we will meet for breakfast tomorrow,”

Sara disconnected and put her phone in her bag. “Jessica and her friend will come over to where we are staying tomorrow morning and we will then go to breakfast,” said Sara.

William got us on the Houston freeway system, and we exited on a street called San Felipe and turned west. Sara finally told me that she rented a house in the Tanglewood area. After a few turns William pulled up to almost a clone of our house. It was a little smaller, but it was still in the mid-century modern style, which stuck out among the other houses on the street. The door opened and I expected to see a staff member greet us but was surprised to see Mrs. Paula Kelly coming to greet us. She was dressed in her usual uniform of black pants and white shirt. I turned to Sara and mouthed WTF.

“The house did not have staff and I decided that we needed Paula, I knew that you would give me a lot of static, so I invited her to come along. She arrived yesterday to get the place prepared. We are going to be doing a lot of entertaining and I needed her help.”

All I saw were dollar signs leaving our checking account. This trip was going to be expensive. William opened the door and assisted Sara from the back of the SUV. We both walked into the house bostancı escort and Paula showed us around. Sara’s phone started to beep, and she picked it up. I only heard one part of the conversation, but Sara was agreeing to meet someone in an hour. William and Paula were moving the luggage in to the house. About forty-five minutes later the doorbell rang. Paula answered and Barbara Dayworthy burst in like she owned the place, demanding to see Sara. The pair embraced and air kissed. Sara asked if I could make Barbara a martini but declined one for herself. Paula showed me where she set up the bar, and soon I had two cocktails ready. One for me and one for Barbara. The two women were in the living room when I approached.

“Now I know why you keep him around, darling he makes a mean martini,” said Dayworthy.

“There are other reasons that we stay together,” replied Sara as I sat next to her.

“Yes, Sara I know there are more reasons to stay together,” said Dayworthy.

We found out that her Paul was at the lab working on an experiment and couldn’t shake loose. On the trip to the house I was presented with an agenda for the next day. We would have breakfast with Jessica and her boyfriend. Barbara, Sara, and Jessica would go off to shop for the gala, leaving me and Jessica’s boyfriend to get to know one another. We would all meet for a late lunch at a place to be determined.

I got up and made another martini and asked if Barbara wanted one.

“I have exceeded my limit with the first one you served me, since I am driving myself,” said Barbara.

Barbara stood and the two women air kissed. She said that she would see us tomorrow and bid us a good evening. Paula followed her to the entrance.

“How do you feel Paul?” asked Sara.

“I feel fine, why do you ask?” I replied.

“I was wondering if the flight fatigued you that’s all,” said Sara.

“Sara, I have enough energy to give you a good fucking if that is what you are asking?”

“I love it when you talk like that,” Sara said as she kissed me.

I was surprised that her tongue invaded my mouth and her hand probed my crotch. I pulled away and moved her hand out of my crotch.

“Sara we are not alone, but I will service you when we go to bed.”

“Paul, William and Paula are living in an apartment over the garage, we are alone. We can do almost anything we want.”

“How did you find this place, Sara?”

“Barbara manages the house for the owner who is living out of the country. She told me that it was empty this week, so I booked it. Are you still mad that I brought Paula along with us?” said Sara.

“Ms. Solsbery I cannot be mad at the woman that I love, but I wish you would tell me your plans.”

“Take me to bed and make love to me Mr. Rogers, and I will tell you all my plans.”

Sara stood and grasp my wrist and directed me to the bedroom assigned to us. When the door was closed. She pushed me into an enormous round bed and began to remove my clothes. I started to get up to make it easier, but I was pushed down again. Sara smothered me with a kiss. Her hand got into my pants and massaged my cock confirming that I had an erection.

“Sara please do not get any ideas about getting a round bed, Paula has a difficult time keeping up with our linen needs now. It would be impossible with one of these things.”

“I really want you to make love to me, Paul.”

I stood and got out of my pants and shirt and got between the sheets. I watched as Sara undressed and joined me in bed. We came together in a kiss. She drove her tits into my chest. Sara used her hand and directed me into her pussy. I reflected on how nice it was to be next to Sara. A tap on my head brought me back to concentrate on making love to Sara.

“I swear that I will force you to see my friend the psychologist to find out what you do when you make love to me,” said Sara.

“Darling I was enjoying the feeling of being next to you. You feel so good, I love the way you look, I love the way your breasts feel next to my skin. I love the smell of your perfume, the smell of your pussy, the way you kiss, the way your hand massages my cock. Madam I love you and everything about you.”

Sara moved on top of me and brought her lips to mine. We kissed and I massaged her butt.

“I forgot to say that I love working your butt over it is beautiful, firm and a shape that drives me wild.”

“Well sir if I drive you wild why are you keeping still and not fucking my brains out,” said Sara with mock seriousness.

Taking the hint, I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy. I kissed Sara and it felt so good that I kissed her again. Her pussy was warm and well lubricated allowing me to move with ease. I felt Sara tense and I felt my cock being bathed with her cum. I kissed her again and held her close to me. When her erotic crises passed, I started to move again. Sara indicated that she wanted a kiss and for me to relax.

We held each other and kissed. Sara moved me to the top and kissed me again.

“Now sir I need your best fuck.”

I kissed Sara and began to move my cock in and out of her pussy. I continued moving until I felt my orgasm build. I waited a few seconds and then thrust in and out several times until I felt my cock unload. I kissed Sara again, and continued to move my cock in and out of her pussy. I fell out but continued to embrace Sara.

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