The Co-Worker

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Big Tits

When it comes to teasing, there is nothing more exciting to me, than the sight of a beautiful woman on the job. Just the thought of catching a glimpse of her breasts or panties under her skirt was something I only dreamed of. I waited for the chance to meet her in a secluded spot to satisfy her in a very special way. Hoping beyond all hope to fulfill your fantasies or hers for that matter. I have been working at the same job for what feels like an eternity. Many people have come and gone but to this day one woman has caught my eye. Her name is Jalanda. She is a petite sexy woman a little older than me. You could never tell that though for she takes great care of herself if you know what I mean. Many times when I work next to her I can hardly take my eyes off her voluptuous body. She always looks great to me wearing tight tops and tight bottoms too. Outlining her features in just the right way. Sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like to just meet her one day and have my way with her. This alas was only a fantasy and I thought surely it would never happen. Was I wrong and am I glad for that let me tell you how this fantasy became a reality.

Well, it started out like any other Saturday making up time from work. I sat in my usual seat in the corner and to my delight in walked Jalanda. She was wearing tight form fitting jeans and a small little top that showed off her braless breasts. Up to this day she only knew of my thoughts about her in a very appropriate manner. If she only knew the truth behind the casual glances to her titties and the looks to her sensual groin, she would be shocked. I asked her if she wanted to sit near me. I had hoped she would so that yenibosna escort I could talk to her and tease myself from her presence.

We started the day out as any other doing our jobs to the best we could. With our conversation I learned she was having some problems in the sex department. This was most definitely my favorite topic to discuss and I proceeded to try to comfort her.

I knew this type of talk should probably not be talked about on the job but we are both adults and so we agreed to be discreet. Throughout the day the conversation varied from steamy to very hot and I for one was getting very turned on by her. She leaned over to me and told me that she was being turned on by our talk and I informed her the feelings were very mutual. I suggested that we get together apart from work for a more intimate discussion of this matter and she agreed. We decided to meet in the afternoon next weekend. She would call in sick but not tell her husband so she could have the whole day to be with me. I couldn’t believe it the very thing I wanted was about to come true. She told me to meet her at a secluded spot in town in which I did. She met me there about 9am which would normally be the time she starts work. She wore her sexiest outfit I had seen. I got into her Sport Utility Vehicle and we drove off for our encounter. Now outside work she felt she could be more candid in what she told me. She wanted me to know how she had felt about me and my own body. I never knew that Jalanda felt the same way as I did about her.

While we were driving to the forested area outside town to be alone, I casually reached zeytinburnu escort over to stroke her bare leg. I asked her if that was okay and she told me to continue. I responded with a little higher touch and gentle squeezes. Jalanda told me to be careful so she didn’t have an accident. It was hard for her to drive with my hand up her dress. She told me though not to stop because it felt better than she had felt in a long time. I was glad to hear that so I proceeded to calm down a bit. I decided to wait until we were alone for her to join into the fun. As we drove, we talked about what each of us wanted from this relationship.

We decided that it was just a good time with good friends and we would take things as they happened. I thought that was a great idea. I also wanted to have the opportunity to tease her in the ways of my dreams.

Jalanda was getting turned on by my touches so she unbuttoned her top exposing the most sexy pair of breasts I had seen in a long time. I wasted no time in attacking them. Gently I groped them at first but with more vigorousness later. We finally arrived at our secluded destination. She parked the vehicle and removed her top completely. I took her breast in hand and licked her nipple to a point. She reached down and unzipped my pants to bring out my hard cock. With one hand on her breast and the other in her crotch I continued to lick her nipple. I buried a finger inside her moistening pussy and we kissed passionately for the first time. It was a very deep kiss our tongues entwined. The heat was building inside the vehicle and the smell of sex was growing. Jalanda acıbadem escort twitched at my touches to her pussy all the while matching my pace on my cock. She stroked my cock as a pro and I even had to ask her to stop so she didn’t make me cum to fast. She leaned over and took the head of my prick in her mouth, sucking my cock inch by inch into her awaiting lips. I asked her if I could return the favor and she turned around for us both to be satisfied. Jalanda’s pussy was sweet as honey and the juices were flowing as I licked them. She sucked a testicle in her lips and sucked on it hard while I ate her out. I couldn’t take it much longer and needed to fuck her. I told her and she peeled off my pants and lifted her skirt for easy access. She got on top of my cock and eased it slowly inside her. I pushed my hips up to meet her thrusts and soon we were fucking each other passionately. Jalanda was great she knew exactly what she wanted and how to achieve it. She told me it felt great and that she had wanted this for a long time. Her movements got faster and she was about to cum. I was almost there myself and wanted to cum with her so I pulled out of her dripping pussy and grabbed my cock to shoot my load all over her.

She screamed in pleasure as she gushed in orgasmic furry. I came hard shooting a thick wad of cum onto her breasts. We kissed again very passionately and thanked each other for a wonderful experience. You were everything I imagined you would be I told her. I think she liked that because a small tear escaped from her eye. I rubbed it gently and told her not to cry.

“It’s not that I am sad, I just enjoyed that so much,” she said. “I have absolutely no regrets,” she again said.

I have none either Jalanda you were they greatest lover. If you ever want to do this again just ask me and we will get together again. We proceeded to clean up and drive back into town. Jalanda and I have not gotten together again. When we see each other at work, I am sure she remembers that day in the woods, when Co-workers got together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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