The Camping Trip Ch. 01

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Thank you to all the wonderful people who have supported me with their feedback. Thanks most of all to Amanda, my recent source of inspiration. I am already working on Part II.


After high school graduation, I was still very innocent about sex. I had a serious relationship for almost two years (as serious as something can be in high school) with a wonderful girl. We had fooled around a bit, but the furthest we had ever gotten was one blowjob she gave me after our school’s Winter Break Ball. We broke up in May, two weeks before final exams, because she didn’t want to be with me while attending a different college. The break-up was fairly hard on me, especially the terrible timing being so close to graduation and the fact that we shared the same group of friends.

Two weeks after graduation, in the early July heat, a group of my friends invited me on a weekend trip to a cabin on a lake just outside of town. My ex happened to be traveling with her family at the time, which is probably why I was invited (they never would have taken either of us if we were both in town). I was very hesitant at first because I would be going on the trip with two couples. Brian and Jackie had been a solid couple for almost the entire four years of high school. The other couple, Megan and Robert, had been friends for all of high school but had only started dating two months before the trip. Despite the fact that these people had been my best friends for four straight years, I could clearly see that I was the fifth wheel in their little party. But in the end, I was very happy just to be invited, so I agreed to go on the trip.

Brain and Jackie, in their own way, were two of the best looking people at our high school. Brian was a jock, and though he wasn’t exactly built like a body builder, his muscles and toned body were still impressive. He was almost as tall as I was at 6’1″, with very short black hair and dark brown eyes. Brian was always tan from being in the sun, which contrasted nicely with his girlfriend as she was very fair. Jackie was very short at 5’2″, but she was an incredibly sexy short. She had shapely legs that rose into a cute apple bottom, and a very beautiful face framed by silky black hair that nicely framed her doll of a face. Besides her bright blue eyes, the most striking feature about Jackie was her large breasts. I love a short girl with a nice rack, and Jackie was the best example I have ever seen. Her boobs were large, firm, and almost seemed out of place on her diminutive frame. Brian and Jackie seemed very much like visual opposites, but they were the perfect high school couple.

Megan was also very attractive, in a girl-next-door sort of way. She had a very nice body, long shapely legs, a toned ass, and nicely full and firm B-Cup breasts. She was very thin, a fact accentuated by her height at 5’9″, and her earthy features were most noticeable in her shoulder length dirty-blond hair and light hazel eyes. Robert was one of my closest friends in high school, though he wasn’t much of a looker. He was short for a man, but luckily as tall as Megan at 5’9″. Robert wasn’t out of shape, but he definitely wasn’t an athlete either. His sandy blond hair and deep blue eyes did make his face stand out in a handsome way.

When the fateful weekend arrived, we all piled into Brian’s Ford Explorer and headed into the hills and mountains a few miles outside of our town. The cabin was a typical summer retreat, a small wooden structure tucked into deep forest beside a fair sized mountain lake. The nicest thing about the setting was the solitude, which I often jokingly pointed out would make for a great horror movie. There were maybe 12 cabins around the lake, all part of a vacation complex, and spread out over the 9 miles of shoreline around the lake. Every cabin was just out of site of the other, and all had easy access to the cool mountain lake water. The cabin itself was sturdy but smallish. There was a rustic looking porch out front, and just inside was a very large living room complete with an authentic fire place. Off to one side was an adequate gas powered kitchen, and on another side of the cabin was a large bathroom and a small bedroom.

As we unloaded all the food and sleeping materials into the cabin, the girls rushed in and claimed the single bedroom for themselves. The other guys and I grudgingly relented and continued unpacking while the girls slyly slipped all of their belongings into the bedroom.

When we had finished setting ourselves up, Brian suggested we all head down to the lake for a quick swim. We all agreed that a short dip was a good idea, and the boys in the group quickly changed into our swim trunks and were ready in under five minutes. The women had, of course, locked themselves in their room and explained that they would need a few more minutes. The other guys and I decided we would meet them down at the lake.

The water was very cool when we got there, still a bit of a spring chill in the water, but the Anadolu Yakası Escort day was warm and we were ready so we all dove right in. Brian and I were horsing around when the women showed up, and they were quite a sight. Jackie was heart stopping as usual, wearing a tube-top styled two piece that showed off her large tits. Her body had a pound or two extra, but nothing that distracted from her magnificent frame. The most unexpected sight though was Megan. She looked surprisingly stunning in a skimpy string bikini that showed the length of her beautiful legs and the soft curves of her hips. The two thin triangles of brown fabric on her top made even her rather average breasts look spectacular, and every inch of her toned and athletic body was on display.

I caught a face full of water for staring at the girls. “Stop gawking at our women,” Brian teased with a laugh while I wiped the water out of my eyes.

The girls got into the water and we swam around a bit and chatted. We were all very excited and talkative about leaving for college, but Brian and Jackie were being noticeably playful and touchy in the water. After climbing out and spending some time soaking up the sun on shore, Brian and Jackie announced that they were going back to start dinner. Figuring that was a code phrase to let us know that they were going to make out, Megan, Robert, and I let them leave and remained behind on the lake shore. I was perfectly content to let Brian and Jackie have a little privacy while I ogled Megan slyly out of the side of my eye. Megan’s body glistened in the sun, and she had the cutest, tight little ass hidden under her little bikini bottom.

After maybe ten minutes I was starting to feel hungry and a little sun burnt. I informed Megan and Robert that I was heading back to the cabin, and Megan said she was also ready to go back. As we began to stand, Robert informed us with closed eyes that he wanted to work on his tan and was going to stay at the lake for a few more minutes. With a shrug, Megan and I gathered our towels and clothes and headed back up to the cabin.

We talked briefly on the short walk back. Megan had been my closest female friend in high school after my girlfriend, and she had also been the first person I confided in after my break-up. We had always been close, and she talked to me on the walk about how much she would miss me in college. She warned sternly that I had better keep in touch.

We were literally on the porch, in front of the door when we heard a long, low moan come from inside. I froze, my hand stretched out for the door knob, and Megan and I exchanged a wide eyed look. Another low moan followed as we both stood, unmoving on the porch. Finally, Megan grabbed my arm with her soft hand and pulled me over to the window. She crouched down, placing a finger over her lips to tell me to keep quiet, and peered in the window. I crouched down behind her, and tried to adjust my eyes to the relative darkness inside the cabin.

Brian was leaning back against the counter top that separated the living room from the kitchen. Both of his hands were rested on the counter, and his swim trunks were in a bundle around his ankles. Jackie was on her knees in front of him, her top removed and her huge, round breasts exposed. Jackie’s head was bobbing up and down, working Brian’s cock in and out of her mouth. One of her hands was on Brian’s leg, steadying herself, and the other was wrapped around the base of his cock and pumping up and down his rod as she blew him.

Between the sight of Jackie giving Brian a blowjob and the sight of Megan in a bikini crouched in front of me watching them, I popped an instant and almost painfully hard erection. I was mesmerized both by the sight of Brian’s dick disappearing into Jackie’s eagerly and inviting mouth and the sight of Jackie’s naked breasts jiggling beneath her. I had to shift to one side to accommodate my throbbing cock as I watched Jackie suck Brian’s glistening dick into her mouth over and over. This proved to be a mistake as Megan shifted back to lean against me and unintentionally pressed the weight of her firm ass against my obviously stiff erection.

Megan rocked forward, off my lap, and turned to look at me. “Wow,” she whispered, “somebody likes what they see.”

“It’s not like I can control it,” I whispered back.

Megan slid back against me and ground her soft ass against my dick. She looked at me with a devilish grin, her soft brown eyes full of mischief, and I slapped her on her ass. “Stop teasing,” I whispered sternly.

Megan giggled and slid her weight off of my crotch, and she was apparently about to whisper something else when Brian groaned loudly again.

“Oh Jackie, I’m going to cum,” he groaned, his eyes shut tight with pleasure.

Jackie released his cock with a pop and his hardness bounced on her chin for a second. “Not in my mouth, babe,” she replied.

As if they had done this many times before, Jackie placed her hands Kartal Escort on either side of breasts and smashed them together, interlocking her fingers over her hard pink nipples. Without a word, Brian slumped down a bit and positioned his cock below Jackie’s large, firm breasts. He rocked his hips forward and drove his cock deeply into Jackie’s soft tunnel of tit flesh. He pumped in and out of Jackie’s chest, fucking her tits, and she began to encourage him onward.

“That’s it baby, cum quickly before they get back. Cum on my tits for me,” she encouraged, “fuck my tits. I want you to cum for me now. Cum for me now baby.”

With Jackie’s words spurring him on, Brian pumped his hard cock into her tits a few more times before freezing. He moaned deeply and his hips pumped very slightly as he came between Jackie’s smooth breasts, his first spurt of cum squirting out from between her mounds and lobbing a large clump of goo onto the underside of Jackie’s chin. Jackie shifted slightly and apparently caught the rest of Brian’s load between her tits, his hips shaking a bit as he came.

When Jackie was sure he was done, she stood with her breasts still clamped together and walked into the kitchen. Brian remained against the counter briefly, reveling in his orgasm, before he shot a look at the door and quickly pulled his pants up. Jackie came back into view dabbing a paper towel between her chest and running it under her chin.

“Did I get it all?” she asked, showing Brian her wet chest.

“Yeah, that was so good baby. Thanks,” Brain replied.

The couple kissed very tenderly, and then Jackie retrieved her tube top and began to put it back on. “I love you babe,” Jackie said with one last peck on the cheek.

“I love you too,” Brian responded.

Megan shifted sideways so she was no longer under the window, stood very carefully, and then grabbed my arm once more and yanked me to my feet.

“Come on,” she said, “they’re expecting us back.”

“How am I supposed to go in there like this?” I asked, pointing to the extremely obvious tent my throbbing hard cock was making in my swim shorts. It hit me that I would normally be very embarrassed about Megan seeing something like this, but the fact that she had just felt my cock pressed against her somehow made it seem okay.

“So what are you going to do?” she whispered.

“Just give me a minute, it will go away,” I replied.

“Well we can’t just stand here on the porch, it’ll look really suspicious” she replied.

Without responding, I walked off the porch and into the woods. Megan followed a step behind me as I followed a short path into the trees and desperately tried to think of nature and hiking and anything else that would soften my dick and soften the burning fires of desire raging through my loins. Megan stayed a step behind me as I walked a wandering path through the woods, and after several minutes I was better. We quickly ran back to the cabin and swung open the front door to find Brian and Jackie calmly preparing dinner.


After dinner and quick showers to wash off the suntan lotion and the effects of our swim, we all settled in front of the fireplace in the living room. We had all changed into white T-shirts and gray sweatpants, and Brian laughed saying that we looked like some sort of cult. Robert quickly and unexpectedly dozed off, obviously disappointing Megan who had snuggled herself into his arms. Brian suggested we take some blankets down to the lake shore and star gaze for a while, and the rest of us happily agreed to the idea.

It was a beautiful night for star gazing, a clear and wonderfully starry sky laid out above us. We put down two large, heavy blankets and Brian and Jackie got on one and Megan and I climbed onto the other. There was a hint of mountain chill in the otherwise comfortable summer air, and Brain and Jackie spread another lighter blanket over themselves. Megan and I soon copied them, and the four of us began talking quietly about the stars and our favorite high school memories. The group conversation died off and the blankets were just far enough apart that Brian and Jackie began to whisper and I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I was trying to pick out their conversation, between Jackie’s giggles, when Megan moved her lips millimeters from my head and whispered very softly into my ear.

“So what did you think about what we saw?” she asked in an almost inaudible whisper. Her warm breath was like a soft caress on my face in the cool night air.

“What do you mean, what did I think?” I asked carefully in a soft whisper straight into her ear. We shifted so we were facing each other and could keep quiet, and we were so close that our lips almost brushed each other. The closeness was honestly delicious.

“Jackie told me that she and Brian had oral sex before, but the way they acted, they must be doing it all the time,” Megan whispered quietly.

“She told you?” I blurted out incredulously.

“SHHHHHHHH!” Maltepe Escort Megan hissed back at me. Jackie and Brian must have been lost in their own conversation because they laughed loudly at our outburst.

“What are you two love birds doing over there?” Jackie asked mockingly.

“Nothing,” Megan responded in a sickly sweet voice. In our current position, neither of us could see Jackie or Brian, and Megan flashed me a bright smile. We waited patiently for Jackie and Brian to resume their inaudible conversation.

“What do you mean she told you?” I asked in a careful whisper.

“She told me. We’re best friends, we can share things like that,” Megan replied matter of factly. “You seemed to enjoy the show.”

I felt my face flush, “I’m sorry about that, I couldn’t help it. I didn’t mean for…”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Megan whispered, “you’re my closest guy friend. I feel like I could tell you anything.”

I stared deeply into Megan’s big brown eyes, soft shadows in the pale moon light. I was caught a little off guard by her response. “Thanks,” was all I managed.

“Of course, I mean Rob is great, but I feel like you and I are better friends,” Megan whispered with a smile.

“I’ve always felt the same way,” I replied, giving Megan a warm smile.

“So of course Jackie told me she had given Brian a blowjob,” she whispered matter-of-factly, “I told her I had given Rob a blowjob but nothing more than that.”

“What?!” I replied, incredulous again but this time careful to keep my voice down. “You’ve given Rob a blowjob?”

“Well, yeah, didn’t Jen ever give you a bj?” Megan asked in response. The mention of my ex-girlfriend hurt a little, but I couldn’t deny that Megan was right.

“Well, yeah,” I conceded.

“I’d love to learn how to give a good one,” Megan said honestly, “Rob was less than helpful in giving me direction. He lasted less than a minute.”

The conversation was traveling down a completely unexpected road, and I was just about to point out that perhaps we were crossing a line when I heard some rustling noises next to us. Jackie and Brian had tossed off their blanket and were standing up.

“Jackie has to pee and she’s afraid to go into the forest by herself,” Brian explained, “We’ll be right back.” Jackie punched Brian lightly in the stomach for his comment and then strode off into the woods with Brian walking clutching his mid section behind her.

“I bet they’re going off to fool around again,” Megan whispered. “Let’s follow them.”

“Are you crazy?” I asked, but before I could fully object Megan was slipping to her feet and quietly tip-toeing into the forest where Brian had disappeared between the trees. For a moment I considered staying where I was, but I grudgingly got to my feet and began to quietly follow Megan.

It was dark between the trees, so dark that I could barely see Megan two feet in front of me. Patches of moonlight stood out brightly in spots, but the forest canopy was thick and the trees grew close together. I was thinking to myself that Jackie probably did have to pee and we would look like idiots if Brian caught us sneaking after them, when I almost plowed into Megan from behind in the darkness.

I was just about to ask why she had stopped, when my eyes adjusted and I saw some movement a few feet ahead of us. Jackie giggled again very quietly, confirming that we had followed our friends successfully. Megan and I ducked behind a bush as I tried to figure out what Jackie was doing. It appeared at first in the darkness that Jackie was squatting, but I soon realized that she was leaning against a large boulder with her legs splayed out widely to each side but her ankles together. Brain was crouching between her legs, pulling her sweatpants down to below her knees, and I realized that was why her position looked so odd. One patch of pale moonlight fell directly on Jackie’s pink panties, and another fell on the lower half of her face. She smiled brightly as Brian ran his hands up her smooth leg and slid two fingers under the side of her panties.

“Ooooo, you’re so dirty,” Jackie teased. Brian responded by sliding the crotch of Jackie’s underwear off to one side, exposing her puffy pussy lips. “Ohh, so cold,” she said softly.

Brian teased her soft lips with his finger tips, lightly playing with and pushing apart her folds. Her wetness was clearly visible in the moonlight as Brian slid his finger up and down her folds. After playing with her outside, Brian suddenly slid a finger up into Jackie’s wet pussy. She moaned erotically, her eyes shut and her face contorted with ecstasy.

“Not too loud babe,” Brian warned with a whisper.

He began sliding his wet finger in and out of her pussy slowly, causing her to squirm against his invading digit. He quickly began to finger fuck her in earnest, slipping his finger in and out of her rapidly, her chest heaving up and down with her arousal.

“We have to make this quick babe, I need you to cum for me,” he said.

Brian leaned in, planting a light kiss on the top of Jackie’s soft folds as he continued to finger fuck her. His soft kissed turned into a light nibble, followed by a long, slow lick with the length of his tongue.

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