The Best Friend Pt. 02

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Morning pulled me from my sleep. Leaving me confused. At first I had no idea where I was or what was going on. By the time I worked out that I was lying on my side in a bed; I also realised that someone was lying behind me with their arm over my hip with their hand clumsily fumbling in my pants. It was this pulling at my cock that had yanked me out of my sleep.

Through the drunken haze I realised that I had an almighty morning hard on. Yet in front of me, lying on their side, was somebody else. Somebody I was spooning. Somebody who was wearing a white bra. Somebody who I had placed my hand on their hip and I had placed my fingers tips underneath the tops of their knickers. Not exactly sexual but certainly intimate. This somebody was not my girlfriend. I guiltily pulled my hand free of their underwear, trying hard not to wake them.

I began to recall falling into bed with my girlfriend, Lucy, and her best friend, Clare, all of us in our underwear. It was Clare who was lying in front of me. It was Clare’s knickers I had slipped my fingers into. It was Clare who I was spooning. Therefore it was Lucy who was fumbling with my cock.

I had the hard on of all hard ons.

I rolled over and looked into my girlfriends lust filled eyes. Before I could whisper, “Morning baby!” she had my pants down, freeing my cock. Both her hands gripped it and started pumping.

“Calm down! You will wake Clare!” I whispered.

“But I am so horny and you are so hard! Did you enjoy seeing Clare in her undies? She has fantastic tits hasn’t she?”

Now, I did not know how to answer. Seeing my girlfriend’s best friend in her underwear was fantastic; but, did my girlfriend really want me to say this?. So I let out a questioning, “Huh!”

“I bet you wanted to see her naked?”

Again I looked into her eyes as she pulled at my cock and muttered, “Huh!”

“Did you want to fuck her?”

Now I really felt in a dangerous no win place so I quickly İstanbul Escort squawked, “Huh.” My girlfriend asking these questions was a real turn on; but as my girlfriend had passed out I wondered if she remembered last night.

“Do you remember much of last night?” I casually asked.

“What like us getting drunk?”


“Like us getting into bed?”


“In our undies?”


“You getting a massive hard on seeing Clare strip off?”

I thought I had got away with that – but still I answered – “Huh!”

“Me playing with your cock and Clare watching?”


“Making you get ridiculously hard!”


I was not far off cumming. I could feel it building up. My girlfriend wanking me after being frustratingly turned on last night, waking up and seeing Clare in underwear infront of me, the thought of Lucy playing with me with Clare lying next to us and the thought that Clare might wake up and watch us was all just too much and I was close to the point of no return.

“Do I remember saying she could play with you?”


“Ohhh, that is a give-away. As I said that your cock twitched, big boy!”

“Sorry … do you mind?”

“No… it was just touching …wasn’t it?”

“Uhh huh!”

“Did she put her hand in your pants?”


I slipped my hand into the front of her knickers. Her passion forced her hips towards my fingers and she moved her legs to help me get access. She was really turned on. Her juices covered my fingers. As her lips parted I grazed her clit. It was really aroused, and she shuddered at the slightest touch.

“Did she make you cum?”

“No!” my voice was turning to a squeak.

“No wonder you are so tuned on.”

“Did you touch her?”

Now I was really in trouble. So pushed my middle finger into her and said, “Not like this.” Curling my finer back on itself I could feel her bumpy g-spot. She virtually Anadolu Yakası Escort panted at my touch.

“I want you in me!” Lucie panted.

“We can’t not with Clare next to us – we will wake her!

“If we wake her she can tell us to stop! Or she can watch! But I need your cock in me now!”

I took my hands out of Lucy’s knickers and rolled ontop of Lucy and over onto the other side, so we could spoon and see Clare at the same time. Pushing her knickers aside Lucy pulled her legs up to her chest. My cock could not have slid in more easily. But as it did I looked at Clare. I was sure she moved. I was afraid she might awake. I was afraid she would not wake

Lucy twitched. Lucy groaned. She was close to cumming. I pumped into Lucy so slow, so carefully, so as not to wake Clare. The previous evening and this morning activites meant I was already close to cumming too. I had my hard cock in my girlfriends dripping cunt, she was touching her clit with fingers touching the base of my cock, and I was about to cum with her best friend right next to us.

I saw a movement from Clare. I was sure Clare was about to look at my hard cock covered in my girlfriend’s juices as it slid in out of her cunt. I pulled the duvet down just to make sure she could see if she opened her eyes. I was so turned on. Then I felt my girlfriend bits tighten around my cock as she convulsed into an orgasm, it sent me over the edge. As she clenched I shot streams of cum into her.

I pulled out. Rolled over her and I rolled back into the middle and looked at the non-moving back of Clare. As I wearily put my hands out to my side my little finger glanced off the back of Clare’s lacy illicit knickers.

My girlfriend tuned to me and said, “That was wild. I was so turned on. You were so turned on.”

I smiled to myself, and ungentlemanly, fell fast asleep.

I woke to being bounced about. I opened my eye and saw Clare looking Kartal Escort at me. I smiled, she smiled back. I turned to look at Lucy. Lucy smiled too. I was the last to wake.

“Morning big boy, “said Lucy did we have fun last night.

I suddenly remembered out morning fuck. Putting my hands by my pants I realised that my cock was out of my pants. I had no idea what I was dreaming or whether it was being in bed with two women but I was hard.

“I was just saying to Clare that it was fun sleeping in here last night. So she said we should sleep here all weekend. Is that ok with you?”

“Do I get to sleep in the middle?” I asked.

“If you want, big boy!” Lucy replied.

“Great. I’ll go and get the cases then from the other room.”

“in that case I am going for a shower,” Clare said. “Lucy would mind making us all a coffee please?”

Suddenly, we were all out of bed. Standing there in our undies. I had a hard on but felt less embarrassed after last night. Lucy dived downstairs to get the coffees and I got the bags. As I went passed the bathroom I could hear the shower running. I imagined Clare naked in the shower. I got back into bed and Lucy came back with the coffees. We were busy finishing our cups when Clare came back in wrapped in a huge towel.

“I’m next,” squeaked Lucy and off she dashed.

I was alone with a naked Clare. Well a naked Clare wrapped in a towel. She drank her coffee and we made small talk. I wanted to see her naked. My mind was urging her to take the towel off. Then I wondered if she was stalling so I said, “Do you want me to leave while you get dressed?” I really wanted to her to say no!

“You know it is a bit odd. But after last nights fun and games and with us sharing abed all weekend you might as well stay.”

She put her hand into her underwear drawer and said, “What knickers should I wear?”

She held up an opaque thong and some see-through big knickers. I wanted to see her in her see-through knickers but they were unflattering so I said the thong. Then with her towel still around her she pulled up the knickers. Then with her back to me she put on the matching bra. She looked amazing; but was I ever going to see her naked?

To be continued …

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