The Benefits Of Living Alone

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I shut the laptop with slightly shaky hands. I was wet. Ridiculously so. I could feel my pussy lips smoosh against each other as I scooted back on the couch and replayed his words in my head. He always had this effect on me. It was just words on a screen, but without fail I’d find myself getting wet when he told me what he wanted to do to me. It wasn’t everyone I talked to. Just him. He had a way.Most nights after I shut the computer down I’d head to bed and fall asleep after fucking myself with my vibrator to a mind blowing orgasm. I’d usually wake in the morning, bleary eyed and sticky fingered, head for a shower and fuck myself some more on my wall-mounted toy. Yeah, benefits of living alone

– you can leave your sex toys in the shower. Better morning kick than coffee any day.Tonight though… tonight was different. He’d told me in no uncertain terms what he’d do with my slutty little holes if he had me in his shower and it left me itchy with need. Benefits of living alone

– ability to shower at any random time of the day or night.Chucking my laptop on the couch, I stood and stretched before making my way upstairs. In the bedroom, I undressed slowly, running my hands over warm bare skin as it emerged. My nipples hardened as soon as they came into contact with the cooler air and I pinched them, moaning aloud at the sting.I’m gonna bite those nipples til you’re begging me to stop.Fuck, he knew I didn’t want to get treated like a lady. I didn’t want romantic lines and puppy dog eyes. I wanted to be treated like the little slut I’d always been too scared to be. My juices were actually running down my inner thigh by the time I reached the bathroom and switched the shower on. My dildo protruded obscenely from the tiled wall. I hadn’t been single all that long, but I’d come to rely on that suckered Escort Tunalı silicone length far more than I’d relied on the last loser I’d let between my legs. No small talk, no foreplay, no excuses. Just a permanent, low-maintenance hard-on. Perfect.I turned the dial up and waited until the steam billowed. I wanted it hot. I wanted my skin pink and tender, a thousand watery needles to redden the places he’d threatened to redden with his palm.Smack You like that, baby? Stick that ass out and count them. Maybe if you’re good I’ll slap that cunt of yours too. I bet you’d be fucking wet by the time I fingered your tight hole.I was nearly trembling with need by the time I opened the shower door and stepped into the swirling mist. I braced my hands on the back wall and just let the water rain over me, soaking my hair and running down my body. I turned around and pulled my cheeks apart letting the water run over the crevice of my ass and down to mingle with my arousal. I inhaled sharply. God it was hot! I moved until the spray hit directly over my asshole, pulling my cheeks apart more and bending slightly. The water battered my puckered star and ran in rivulets down through my pussy. I moaned aloud in frustration and need, the sound echoing in the enclosed cubicle. Benefits of living alone
– no one can hear your sex noises.I straightened and reached for my shower cream, determined to prolong this sweet agony. I squirted a liberal amount into my palm before soaping myself up. My hands slid over my breasts tugging again at my nipples. They were so hard, so needy. I pinched them between my fingers, rolling them around, feeling myself getting impossibly wetter.Finally, I allowed my fingers to creep down into my slick folds. I skimmed them over my clit, knees nearly buckling ulus escort at the sensation. I was tempted to tease my fingers into my pussy, but I resisted. I needed something thicker and longer in there, something to pound out my frustrations on. I swept a soap-slicked hand up and down the length of the dildo making sure it was fully wet. I turned around and bent forward at the waist, reaching between my legs to grasp the dildo and line it up at the entrance to my sopping pussy. Then, ever so slowly, I slid myself along it until it was fully embedded in me.I’d bend you over, wrap your hair around my fingers and pull, making you arch that back, then I’d slowly slide my thick cock into you until I’m balls deep in your tight cunt.Fuck. It was big. I braced my hands on the wall in front of me and pushed, getting it as deep as possible. My butt was pressed up against the cold tile wall at my back. I could feel my insides being stretched by the thick shaft I was impaled upon and it was torturously good.I pulled forward until it was nearly all the way out of me, then slammed my butt back. Holy fuck that felt amazing. I pulled forward again, feeling my pussy lips drag along the length. Everything felt so vivid and so sensitive as I stood under the water, super aroused, fucking myself on a thick fake phallus. My thrusts back and forth became more frantic and the sound of my butt slapping off the wall echoed wetly in the enclosed cubicle.That’s it, baby. Fuck this big cock. Tell me how much you want it. Then I’m gonna slide my thumb into your ass and fuck both your holes and make you scream out how much you like it.I was already gasping by the time I reached around and teased my fingers over my ass. My tight puckered hole resisted as I ran a fingertip over it, but with a little yenimahalle escort bayan pressure my finger popped in to the first knuckle. I stopped my thrusting with the dildo firmly inside me, removed my finger and reached for the shower cream again. A moment later, my questing finger was creamily rimming round my hole, easing the way for my middle digit to slide back in, further than it had been before.With one hand braced on the wall and the other lewdly fingering my ass, I started humping the dildo in earnest.I wasn’t going to last long. My head bowed and I closed my eyes as images of his text played in my mind.Cum for me, you little slut. Let me feel your tight pussy explode all over this cock. Come on, fuck me like the cock-sucking whore we both know you are. Cum on this cock while I stretch that ass and get it ready for a good hard pounding.Just the thought of him trying to fuck my virgin ass was enough to bring me to the brink of orgasm. My finger felt huge inside me, there was surely no way anything bigger would fit in there. Both my holes felt filled to the max as I felt my pussy start to clench.I gripped around the cock like I was hanging on for dear life as I exploded in a mind numbing orgasm. My knees went weak and I pulled my finger from my ass to brace both hands against the tiles, shuddering and gasping. When the contractions wore off slightly, I slid bonelessly from the dildo and collapsed on the cubicle floor, still shaking. I lifted my face to the water and let it pound on me. Fuck, that was intense.Yes, cum on my cock, baby. Then I’m going to dive into that juicy pussy and lick you clean until you’re ready for more and begging me to fuck that ass.God no. I couldn’t take any more. I tried to ignore the throbbing in my pussy as I got to my feet and washed myself down. Wrapped in a big fluffy towel, I went back to the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed, hugging myself. How could I still be so horny? What the fuck was wrong with me? I flopped back on the bed and stared at the ceiling when a stray thought had me bolting upright and heading for my bedside drawers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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