The Apartment

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(film concept)

Elise works as an account manager in an upmarket corporate office. She’s a young slim brunette in a tailored business suit.

Together with her male boss she has a boardroom meeting with their biggest client, a rich middle-aged female for which they do a lot of consultancy work.

After the meeting Elise is called into the office of her boss. He explains that the client has asked him if Elise could provide some extra services. Her boss tells her that it’s vital for the company to keep this customer happy. The client would get in touch with her to explain the details. Elise reluctantly agrees.

The next day Elise receives an email. The client will pick her up for lunch in her limousine. Elise gets into the car and is driven to the client’s luxury apartment. The older woman lives there but also owns the vacant furnished apartment on the opposite side of the street. That apartment has a bedroom at the front with large glass sliding doors and vertical open blinds. Elise notices that you can look straight into the bedroom. It has a large bed in the middle of the room with red bed linen and red halogen ceiling lights.

The client explains that she uses the apartment for her entertainment. She likes to watch people in sexual situations. She tells Elise that she finds her very attractive and wants Elise to go over to that apartment tonight, go to the bedroom, strip, get on the bed and masturbate while she watches from the other side of the street. Another girl would join her later on. Elise beşiktaş escort is shocked and refuses, but later on back in the office, realizes the importance of this client. She calls the client and reluctantly agrees.

She arrives at the apartment in the evening, slowly goes into the bedroom, turns on the red lights, closes the blinds, undresses to her underwear, gets on the bed and slowly opens the blinds with the remote control while masturbating with her legs spread towards the large glass windows. Moments later she hears the front door open and another girl appears beside her, sliding her hand in between Elise’s legs. Elise is shocked, but already too aroused to resist. She moves her hips and fucks the fingers. The girl moves towards the sliding doors and slowly strips, masturbates, then turns around and, on the bed, ravished Elise.

The next day Elise is unable to get any work done. Her mind is still in the apartment, the frantic sex, the girls tongue and fingers, and the people across the road, watching… On her laptop appears an email, thanking her for her performance and inviting her over to the apartment in the evening once again.

The experience is a huge turn-on for Elise. When she arrives in the evening, two girls await her in the bedroom. They’re standing away from the window. They’re nude, wearing black strap-ons. The girls move towards Elise, one in front and one behind her. Frantically kissing and groping her through her clothes, Elise manages beşyol escort to break free. She slowly walks towards the sliding doors. The girls stay behind while she gradually strips and masturbates. Elise is making sure that all spectators can see every detail of her body. In the reflection of the window she notices one of the girls coming towards her. A pair of hands runs down her back. Elise opens her legs and pushes her bottom backwards. The girl takes her furiously from behind. Elise stretches her arms and hands against the glass in front of her to provide some stability under the onslaught and almost comes when the girl stops. Both girls move onto the bed where the third girl joins in. Elise gets fucked in all holes, her genitals red and swollen.

The next day an email comes in on her laptop. Not only the client but also her various neighbors have enjoyed the show, are enjoying her naked body and are looking forward to more lesbian variations.

That week no more emails arrive on Elise’s laptop. The client comes in after a few days for a business meeting. Elise is not with the meeting. Hot sexual images race through her mind. The meeting ends and everyone leaves the boardroom. Elise and the client are the last to leave when the client closes the door. She gently moves Elise against a wall, opens her pants and slides her hand between her legs. Elise gasps. Her hips start to move. She wants to perform again at the apartment. The client smiles and kisses her in the beykent escort neck. She reads Elise’s lust and desperation in her eyes. Elise tells the client she’ll do absolutely anything to be of service.

A few days later, on Friday night, Elise is called over to the client’s dimly lit apartment in the evening. Together they stand at the window. The lights in the bedroom on the opposite side of the street are on. Elise watches several nude girls on the bed frantically tribbing under the red lights. Elise realizes an orgy awaits her.

The client caresses the face of a visibly horny Elise, her hand runs from her face down her neck, over her chest. She tells her that she enjoys seeing her naked body in action. She kisses Elise lusciously on the lips and asks her if she’s ready to do anything for her. Elise is too aroused to answer. The clients’ hand runs further down her body, under her skirt. She feels fingers penetrating her. Elise is more than willing and unbuttons her blouse when the client stops. She tells her to go to the apartment, open the sliding doors, step out on the balcony, take her clothes off and masturbate with her legs wide open. Then joining the writhing bodies on the bed.

This last scene is a combination of shots of Elise slowly opening the door of the apartment, moving around the bed watching and touching the frantic bodies, kissing the girls, stepping out on the balcony, stripping and masturbating with in the background the tribbing girls as seen through the glass windows from the outside, then slowly merging into the orgy.

The actress playing Elise should be a plain, elegant looking girl, to elevate the erotic appeal like for instance Sophie Strauss alias Melisande. The older client is very much like Linda Roberts, a woman without the porn star look, but with a high level of simmering eroticism.

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