Teacher’s Pet Ch. 2

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I was handed the note in English class. I was to go to the Principal’s office right away.

It was Friday, two days after Mrs. Earle taught me how to please myself and one day before we made our secret rendezvous at her house. Ms. Langford had saw us in the hall that day and I shivered as I went meekly into her office.

I stood in front of her desk, head lowered a little.

“Shannon, I’m sorry I had to take you out of class so suddenly, but I thought we should talk.”

Ms. Langford rose out of her chair and came around the desk. She put two hands on my shoulders, leaned forward and whispered, “I saw you Wednesday.”

“Yes, I saw you in the hall too.”

“No, Shannon.” Her hands slide down either arm, “I saw you in the class together.”

“I , I ,I don’t know what you mean.”

“I could see you squirming under the touch of Mrs. Earle.”

I couldn’t reply. I couldn’t move. And it wasn’t because of what she said, rather, her hands were now sliding along my hips, meeting on my belly. I felt her press against me, her hips pushing against my ass. Ms. Langford was always intimidating silivri escort but I didn’t realize we were almost the same height.

She spun me around, took my face in both hands and kissed me, hard, her tongue parting my lips. I tried to break away but she was holding me tight, crushing me against her, her hands gliding over my back and down to my cheeks. She was tugging my blouse out. Ms. Langford, finally stepped back a little. I stared at her dumbfounded, as she began to undo my buttons. She opened the front and her hands fell upon my bra cups, massaging them, squeezing them. She leaned forward and kissed in between my cleavage, pushing each breast against her face. I felt her wet tongue lick me there.

Then her mouth was on mine again and I responded. There was a hunger here. Not passion, not love. This must be lust.

She pushed me back against the edge of her desk. She forced one of my breasts out of its confines and began to lick and suck the tender nipple. I God, that was great!

My skirt was pushed up and a hand thrust rudely şirinevler escort between my legs, pushing and probing until the fabric was off to one side and she was working my pussy hard. I tried to help her out of her suit jacket but she murmured that she had to stay dressed. But she added the phrase “for now”.

Ms. Langford was suddenly down on her knees in front of me, tugging at my panties, pulling them off my legs. And then I felt her breath on my sex. Only one other person had ever kissed me down there but I’m not going to reveal family secrets.

She pushed my legs wide and tilted her head. She began to lick and suck my cunt. I didn’t know what to do with my hands but the force of Ms. Langford’s licking made me cling to the edge of the desk anyway. She pulled away and told me to turn around. I did. She told me to bend over and I did. Her strong hands grabbed and massaged each ass cheek and then spread them apart, her face buried between them, licking me from clit to anus.

As her tongue ran over my tight pucker, I would shiver and draw şişli escort in my breath. Her fingers slid off one cheek and began to play with my pussy while her tongue rolled around and around my tiny anus. Ms. Langford began to finger fuck me, first one then two fingers, pushing them in to what must have been the last knuckle.

“Oh, oh, oh.” Is all I could say.

And as I neared what I now knew to be an orgasm, Ms. Langford slid her other hand a little to the right and a wet finger pressed against my anal muscles. Without actually penetrating, I suddenly came on her fingers in my pussy, squeezing them. So intense was my orgasm that my knees buckled and I nearly fell on the floor.

At first Ms. Langford scowled at me, but then she smiled and even laughed. She held me on the floor and told me what a good student I was, and that I was going to learn to take it up my ass. I shivered at the thought, but I don’t think it was from disgust.

Ms. Langford helped me stand up but left me to get organized myself. She took a Kleenex from her desk and wiped her face and hands. She said she had no time for me today but she wanted to see me again. Did I need a ride to the volleyball tournament Sunday? I said yes. “Good, I’ll pick you up at 1pm sharp. Don’t keep me waiting Shannon, you don’t want to get me angry.” And she gave me a wink.

I stumbled form the office. What had I gotten myself into?

To Be Continued…

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