Taught to Purr

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A crystal tumbler and a champagne flute; broken glass, left sparkling among the grotto rocks. Presumably dropped by her cousin and her non-English-speaking bit-on-the-side last night when the patrol soldiers arrived. The hotel staff clearly hadn’t checked the area, not expecting anyone to have disobeyed the curfew.

Alexa nudged a crystal shard with her toe, then quickly withdrew, curling up on the ledge with her own glass in her hand. The lanterns in the grotto made the pink liqueur glow, casting a pale tint over her white skin and chiffon dress. She took another sip, rapping the glass silently with a finger in a blurred combination of anger and nerves.

It was well after curfew. That damned curfew that had been imposed on the resort town after rumours spread of armed clashes at the border; the inevitable risk of holidaying in unstable countries. Alexa’s stubborn logic had led her to believe she had the right to be there because there was nowhere else for her to go; if there was any trouble, she would blame her semi-alcoholic cousin for kicking her out of their room so she could fuck her foreign toyboy. For the third time that day.

He wasn’t even attractive, she mused, shuddering. Vain. Too much hair gel. Probably on steroids.

Thanks to him, Alexa had been dismissed from the room at half ten, after sunset, with nowhere to go and no one for company. Just a daiquiri. The grotto was too far from the main complex to be exempt from the town’s curfew, and being on the edge of town it was near the patrol grounds. She felt safe from encounters with the soldiers though, as long as she was quiet; her cousin must have been asking for it, she knew how loud that bitch could be. She downed the remainder of the cocktail at the thought, then carefully put the glass down in the middle of the shards.

In mocking response to her feelings of reassurance, a sudden noise made her freeze. She warily turned her head to look towards the entrance steps, and could make out a shadow moving down the steps from the forest above. He paused in the light of one of the lanterns, frowning as he tried to reattach the strap to his rifle. She recognized him; some of the British troops who were posted at the army base near the capital city had been dragged into protecting the tourist towns. This particular soldier spent a lot of time in the hotel bar during his time off, and she hadn’t been able to help noticing him on occasion. He had just been leaving the bar when she arrived there that evening; he had held the door open for her, smiled vaguely at her.

Now with the daiquiri in her veins, she paid closer attention to his physique. He was tall and well-built, his khaki tank top emphasising impressive biceps and torso. His hair was light, reddish, and cut short; she couldn’t see his face clearly right then. Dressed all in white, she waited nervously to be spotted; it only took a couple of minutes. Clearly taken aback, he raised the rifle sharply and shouted at her to stand up. His tone was threatening; he had been caught off-guard and clearly was not happy about it. She obeyed, getting to her feet somewhat unsteadily, her eyes now as wide as a doe’s. He came closer and slight recognition Kartal escort crossed over his face. He let the rifle drop to his side.

‘You’re from the hotel, aren’t you?’

She nodded again. His face was handsome.

‘Then I should escort you back before anyone else finds you. You shouldn’t be out here. Understand?’

He was fierce, his voice gruff. His gaze was intense. Now alongside her, he reached out and seized her face roughly to make her look right at him. She growled defensively and tried to move back; he grabbed for her arm and she stumbled back, crying out as he advanced and locked his arm around her waist. She twisted and bit his shoulder in panic. Shocked, he grunted in pain and pushed her away, so hard that she stumbled and fell into the pool before she could grab hold of anything. She resurfaced quickly, gasping, and hauled herself out, closer to the exit than the soldier but too shaken to run.

‘Wildcat, you are,’ the soldier commented. She couldn’t tell if his tone was malicious or amused. ‘Going to calm down for me?’

Eyes cast down, she stood shivering, her arms wrapped around herself in shyness of the transparency of her wet dress. The material was so thin that little was left to imagination. Her nipples, erect with cold, showed through clearly. When she didn’t respond to him, he came closer again. Watching her face from the corner of his eye, he reached out and lightly brushed his thumb over one of her nipples. A small sound of weak protest caught in her throat as she unwillingly looked back up at him. Now staring directly into her eyes, he gently massaged her nipple through the material, his other hand straying to caress her other breast. An intake of breath from her and the sight of her pupils dilating was enough encouragement for him. He slid both hands up to her shoulders and pushed the dress straps off, slowly pulling the top of the dress down until her breasts were exposed to him.

‘Bit tamer now, aren’t you?’ he murmured. His hands holding her waist, he leaned down and let his tongue flick over her hard nipples, licking and sucking on one then the other. She let out a quiet whimper at the sensation, feeling the tingling pleasure spread and heat her body up. When he slowly released her breasts, he gently kissed her on the lips before pulling her dress back up, so she was covered again, and stepping away. She stared at him in surprise, and a sound like a small whine escaped her throat at the loss of his touch. In spite of herself, she had fixed her eyes on him, hungrily, pleadingly, and took a step towards him without realising.

‘What is it?’ he asked softly. ‘Are you wanting something…?’

He didn’t move though; his voice was deliberately enticing, an implicit order for Alexa to go to him. Her subconscious obeyed and she walked right up to him, her hands on his chest, lightly pressing her body against his, and strained upwards, trying to kiss him. He kept his head up, though, too tall for her, and repeated his question in a heavily seductive tone.

‘What? What is it you want?’

‘Kiss me?’ Her voice was timid but insistent at the same time.

Satisfied with the cue, he leaned Kurtköy Escort down and caught her mouth with his. Less gentle than before, he seized the back of her neck so she couldn’t pull away and drew her closer towards him, forcing her mouth wide open for his tongue to explore deeply. She moaned helplessly in pleasure. As she did, he seized her hair and roughly pulled her head back so she was looking directly up at him. His other hand strayed downwards and she heard him undoing his trousers.

‘I could very easily turn you in. For being out here.’

The implication in the warning was obvious, but she hesitated. He regarded her carefully then forced her down onto her knees, still gripping her hair tightly, and pulled his hard cock out in front of her, stroking it slowly. Feeling increasingly vulnerable, she continued to hesitate until he grew impatient and pushed her head forwards. Obediently, she took hold of his cock and ran her tongue along the length, flicking her tongue over the tip before engulfing it in her mouth. She built a steady rhythm with both her hand and mouth, and glanced up at him tentatively for any sign of approval. His eyes were closed, but his hands clasped her head firmly to prevent her from stopping. A moan rose in his throat and without warning he forced her head further forward, forcing her to take his entire cock in her mouth. Caught off-guard, she instantly gagged violently and broke free of his grip, crawling away, coughing and trying to regain her breath. He came down onto the ground after her, catching hold of her leg to keep her still and hushing her softly. As he spoke to her, his hand stroked her leg, higher each time, reaching under her dress. His touch and voice had the desired effect, and she calmed down, afraid of him and mesmerized at the same time. His hand brushed over the material of her underwear and she tensed with a small intake of breath.

‘Sensitive?’ He slipped his fingers under the material and gently let his fingers explore her warm pussy, stroking and teasing, dipping his fingers in and out. She gasped as his forefinger lightly began rubbing her clitoris and let out a trembling moan. He withdrew his hand and tugged at her soaked dress, eventually succeeding in tearing it off her and tossing it to the side along with his own top. Gathering her in his arms he pulled her against his chest, pinning her arms behind her, and then let his hand stray back down. She whimpered again as he pushed the thong aside and played gently with her clitoris. ‘Pussycat…’ he breathed in her ear in response to the sounds escaping her. The pleasure was making her relax, and she instinctively curled up closer to him, completely forgetting the situation itself. Liking her reaction, but not fully satisfied with it, he eased away from her and kissed down her body until he reached the edge of her thong. Holding the material to one side, he kept his eyes on her face as he slowly ran his tongue around her pussy, snaking around it and back to her clitoris. As he teased her with light, fluttering licks, she began to breathe faster and her moans became louder and less timid, until she was gripping the rocks tightly in her Maltepe Escort fists, head thrown back, gasping and moaning with no restraint. As he slowly raised his head again, his mouth glistening with her juices, he pushed two fingers deep inside her. She held his gaze without blinking, her cheeks flushed.

With military swiftness, he disposed of the remainder of his clothes and wasted no time in removing her thong, then roughly dragged her around until she was on all fours with her ass directly in front of him. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he positioned himself behind her and tantalizingly rubbed his cock against her wet pussy. By this point mad with desire and excitement, she couldn’t help but push back against him, half rising up and looking over her shoulder. Holding her firmly like that, he watched the pleasure sweep across her face as he entered her. He moved slowly at first, as deep as he could, filling her, then nearly completely withdrawing again. She moaned weakly at first, but increased in volume and became more strident as he began to thrust faster. Taking hold of her neck, he pulled her head up and turned her face towards his own, kissing and then biting down on her lower lip. Her mind was a blur; she made no resistance to him or his silent, physical commands. Building up speed, he suddenly thrust into her harder than before and simultaneously bit down mercilessly on her lip, making her half scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He slowed down after her cry and carefully released her lip, withdrawing from her, and making her twist around and clutch at him in disappointment.

She wasn’t sure at what point he pushed her, or how she avoided hitting the rocks, but she next found herself thrown back into the pool. Not a strong swimmer, she pushed herself across to the other side to have rocks to hold onto, and watched the soldier as he slid into the pool and caught up with her in but a few strokes. With the sort of flawless skill that implied he was not new to this situation, he found a rock as a foothold and grabbed onto the edge of the pool either side of her, trapping her. Slipping one hand under the water, he guided her hips back towards him and ruthlessly thrust back into her again. Still holding the rocks with one hand, she wrapped her arm around his neck, her fingernails digging into his back as he thrust in and out. Momentum built up, harder and faster; she writhed in his arms, kissing him whenever she got the chance, moaning as the pleasure swept through her. His eyes stayed fixated on her face, relishing at the sight of her so defenceless and in his power. Gripping her tighter, he let out a long, low moan, as he came inside her. Slowly pulling out, he loosened his grip on her and climbed back up onto the ledge beside them, turning to help her out after him. She paused right at the edge, watching him with her eyes wide and bright as he leant back against the wall to rest. He looked back across to her and beckoned her to him lazily. Starting to feel colder again in the breeze, she crawled to his side to curl up against his warm body. Looking back across the pool to the other ledge, she could see the outlines of their clothes and the sparkling pieces of glass further down. Alexa looked away from the glass and back up to the soldier, who glanced down and met her with a kiss.

‘See, much better when you’re tame.’ He put an arm around her and lightly stroked her hair; she pressed closer, purring quietly.

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