Tasty Terra Ch. 01

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It was your average Friday night in a small boring college town. There were four of us total; Myself, Grant, his Girlfriend Cindy, and my roommate Dave. The evening started out normal enough, grilled some burgers, drinking beer, playing video games, just chillin’. Dave and I had been friends since we lived on the same hall in the dorms during our freshman year. I met Grant through Dave, and Grant and I quickly became great friends. I had recently ended another worthless relationship and was in need of some serious female companionship.

“Hey guys, guess what?” called Cindy from the kitchen.

“Uh?” was all that Grant could muster. Dave and I completely ignored her. The three of us were in a heated battle of Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo.

“Terra just got off work and is on her way over,” replied Cindy.

My attention was quickly diverted from the video game and thoughts began to race about who this Terra was, what she looked like, and what were my odds. The game ended shortly after. Grant won, I came in second and Dave always ended up last. Before we could get the next game going, I felt compelled to ask.

“Yo, dude, who’s this Terra chick that’s coming over,” I asked.

“Oh some girl that works with Cindy at the hospital, you will love her,” Grant replied.

My curiosity now well aroused, “Oh yeah, whys that?”

“She’s got ridiculously huge tits,” Grant informed. He knew full well that I was a total sucker for big tits, the bigger the better. They were my Achilles heel, my kryptonite, and my one weakness.

“Hey Cin, Grant tells me that your friend’s got a big rack?” I yelled to the kitchen.

“Oh god Craig, they are the biggest things I’ve ever seen. They are unbelievable.” Cindy confirmed.

I knew that my roommate Dave was also taking a keen interest in the arrival of a female, but he knew that with me in the room, he would have a very hard time. He was hoping for some luck, or maybe that I just wouldn’t like the girl and would let him go for it. Now knowing what I know about girls with big breasts, they usually come with some extra baggage. It’s rare to find a girl with a flat stomach and large natural breasts, so with all the hype about the size of this girl’s rack, I was expecting her to be a little on the heavy side.

A short time later Terra arrived. She was introduced to Dave and I and joined our group. The four of us were definitely approaching drunk since we had been drinking for hours already. My first impression of Terra was about average, certainly nothing special. She was about 5’6″ with short brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. She had a very adorable face with a great smile, but looked to be wearing no make-up and her eyes were hidden behind her glasses. She wore an oversized sweatshirt over her scrubs, which made it difficult to judge her body type. I could tell that she had a very nice round ass, and there was definitely a large pair of tits under that sweatshirt.

The night carried on and I attempted to engage in the typical small talk with Terra but got a feeling that she just wasn’t into me. A short while later I was pretty drunk and knew that it would be bedtime soon. Grant, Cindy and Dave were in the back room looking at something on the computer, küçükçekmece escort Terra was in the bathroom and I thought it to be a good time to make my departure. I was putting on my coat as Terra came out of the bathroom.

“Are you leaving?” Terra inquired.

“Yeah, I’m gonna take off, I replied.

“Well what are you up to?” She asked curiously.

“Nothing really, probably just gonna go home, put on a movie and pass out,” I stated.

“Oh really? Have you seen the Scooby Doo movie? I just got it on DVD today. Wanna come over and watch it with me?” She enthusiastically invited.

I looked down at my watch and it was getting close to 4 AM. I was a little confused and thought that maybe she was just being friendly. I mean really, what kind of a pick up line is “hey come over and watch a cartoon movie with me?” But the situation seemed harmless at worse, and so…

“Sure, lets go,” I replied.

We made our way into the back room of the apartment and all eyes were transfixed on a video of a concert playing on the computer screen. Everyone seemed to be really into it, and we didn’t want to interrupt immediately. Terra was standing right in front of me and I scanned her body once over trying to assess weather or not Id like to make a move on her. As I looked down I noticed Dave (who was sitting on the bed right beside me) was caressing the back of Terra’s thigh. I slapped him in the shoulder and he looked up with a confused “What?” kind of expression. I shook my finger at him and felt like I was disciplining a toddler.

“Guys we are taking off,” I interjected before my roommate tried molesting my date any further.

“Where are you two going?” Grant asked mischievously. I’m sure he already knew the answer.

“We are gonnna go to my house and watch Scooby Doo,” Terra stated with an almost ditsy sound of excitement in her voice.

We made our way out to the cars and I followed her to her house, which was no more than a half-mile down the road. I followed her inside and made myself comfortable on the couch.

“I’ll be right back.” She said as she made her way to the back bedroom.

“Sure” I said as I scanned my surroundings. She had a nice place. Leather furniture, big screen TV, and the place was pretty well decorated.

She returned shortly wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt. I could tell instantly that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits bounced and jiggled as she walked towards me on the couch. Grant and Cindy certainly weren’t lying. I couldn’t give an accurate estimate of their size, but I knew that my last girlfriend was a 34 D, and these were MUCH bigger. I was instantly entranced by her beautiful bouncing boobs.

I also noticed for the first time that she had a very nice figure along with that rack. Her massive chest tapered in to a very narrow and flat waist and then curved right back out to her sensual hips and curvy little ass. She had an amazing hourglass figure with enough curves to be soft and completely sexy without being overweight at all.

She sat next to me and instantly cuddled right up to me. I put my arm around her and began caressing the silky smooth skin of şişli escort her shoulder. I don’t think the opening credits had finished before I put a gentle hand on her cheek, turned her towards me and kissed her passionately. As soon as our lips locked I knew right where this was heading. We embraced tightly and kissed each other with a heated lust that I had never known to happen so quickly.

Within minutes, Terra rose from the couch, took my hand and led me to the bedroom without saying a word. She closed the door behind us and lit a few candles around her room. Still standing in the middle of the room, she approached me and pulled my shirt over my head in one swift motion. I responded in kind, and planted a firm and sensual kiss to her lips before lifting her t-shirt over her head and threw it to the floor.

She reached for my belt as I slipped of my shoes and socks where I stood. Within seconds my pants and boxers were on the floor and I stood before her completely nude. My eight inches rose instantly at the site of her massive pillowy tits. I kissed her again as I slipped a finger inside the fabric of her pajama pants, and pulled them to the floor. I quickly walked her to the bed without breaking the sensuous embrace of our lips.

We hit the bed together, Terra on her back and my massive figure hovering above her. I looked down on this sexy little love angel and knew we were gonna have one hell of a night. She gazed up into my eyes with an adorable little smirk on her face and I knew that she knew it too.

Raising a gentle hand to her cheek I kissed her deeply and passionately. Our tongues eagerly probing each others mouths begging for the sexual interconnection that was now inevitable. I turned her face to the side and began lightly kissing and sucking at her neck and collarbone while my free hand found her massive milk mounds. I squeezed them firmly before finding her nipple. I had her left breast in my right hand as I kissed my mouth down to her right breast. I traced my tongue lightly around her areola teasing her before locking my lips around her now stiff nipple. I sucked and nibbled at it meanwhile kneading her breast with my hand. She began to moan and squirm beneath me as I shifted my mouth to her left breast careful to give it the same attention I gave its twin.

My mouth left her chest as I kissed my way down her flat stomach to her lining of her blue thong panties. I licked and kissed all above the seam of the last piece of fabric separating our two bodies. I slipped my tongue teasingly inside the blue silk as I slid a thumb inside the thin straps on her hips. She raised her body to allow me to remove her panties easily and I could smell the sweet aroma of her femininity as I slid them down her legs and threw them onto the floor.

The teasing was over, and I just couldn’t resist anymore. I dove my face in between her thighs and traced her slit with my tongues gently. She let out a deep moan as I found her perfectly shaven and already sopping wet pussy. I gently parted her pink lips and slipped my tongue up her vagina to her clit, allowing her juices to collect on my tongue. Her nectar tasted so sweet and sensual and I swallowed şirinevler escort it whole before beginning my assault on her clit. I flicked my tongue firmly over her love nub and moaned into it allowing her to feel the vibrations that emanated from my deep voice. I sucked gently at her while flicking my tongue over her clit faster and faster.

Suddenly Terra grabbed what she could of my short brown hair and pulled my face away from her succulent sweetness. “I need you inside of me now,” she begged as she pulled my face back to hers. I positioned myself between her legs with the head of my cock gently rubbing against her opening as she kissed me again. Our tongues intertwined, as she tasted her own juices from my mouth. She pushed her hips down against me begging my cock to penetrate her and I was more that happy to oblige her desires. I pushed forward, easing my cock into her narrow love tunnel. Her pussy was hot and wet as I protruded deeper into her.

I was about halfway in when I dropped my body on top of hers and wrapped my arms around her. I continued pressing deeper and deeper until I had buried the length of my shaft into her in one slow but seamless motion. I pulled her tightly against my body and gave a final lunge as I buried my cock as deeply as I could into her body. Every muscle in her body tensed and she wrapped her arms and legs around me locking me into place with her tight little womb filled to capacity with my cock. Finally I began to slide back out of her taking my almost completely out before gliding it slowly and gently back in. I raised back up on my arms as my speed increased.

Minutes later what had started as a slow and passionate love making session was turning into some heated animalistic fucking. With every insertion of my cock her sighs and moans got louder and heavier, and I, in turn fucked her faster and harder. With every stroke I removed my entire length from her leaving only the head inside before plunging my cock deeply back into her.

We fucked for what felt like hours. Her massive tits bouncing all over the place as I pounded her tight little body. Our bodies had connected and we were now riding the waves of ecstasy together. I pumped faster as her breathing became heavier and more erratic. I fucked her harder and harder as her moans increased exponentially until they reached an ear-popping scream. Her body went tense and the walls of her pussy began squeezing my cock violently as I felt a torrent of her juices flooding all over my cock and balls. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!” she screamed wildly and loud enough that I thought she would have woken Grant and Cindy back at their house.

As her body trembled in orgasm and the walls of her dripping pussy contracted against my now throbbing rod, I knew that I just couldn’t hold out any longer. “I’m CUMMMING!!!” I yelled as my cock exploded within her filling her full of my hot sticky cum. The sensation of my cock bursting within her sent her back over the edge because just as I thought she was coming down from her orgasm she screamed louder and bucked wildly and uncontrollable beneath me.

Exhausted and drained my body collapsed on top of hers as my cock lay softening inside of her pussy. We wrapped our arms around each other as we held our bodies close in a sticky, sweaty, post-coital bliss. Without saying a word we both knew that this was NOT a one-night stand by any means. Minutes later Terra retreated to the bathroom to clean up a bit. As she exited the bathroom her gorgeous figure was backlit in silhouette and my cock instantly went hard again…

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