Taking Care of Mutual Needs

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Dave grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania. Rachel, who he always thought of as his cousin, lived two blocks away but was really his mom’s brother’s stepdaughter. Being close knit and in a small town environment family members saw one another frequently. Dave and Rachel, also being the same age, were in classes together at school and hung out together, but nothing was serious. Upon graduation from high school Dave got a degree in metallurgy from a state university on the east coast whereas Rachel went to the west coast and got a degree in nursing.

Dave had taken a job with a medium sized producer of aircraft parts and on a wintery day in February had to make an extended business trip to Chicago and thence onward to Salt Lake City and finally Seattle. As it turned out Rachel lived in Seattle and when Dave sent her an email telling her of his trip, she jumped at the chance to see him because it had been nearly seven years since they had connected as family.

It was a snowy Sunday afternoon when he caught his first flight. Flying was something that generally agreed with Dave, but could become stressful due to weather and this was one of those days. On Monday morning he called on his client near Chicago and was briefed on the production problems that he would see in both Salt Lake City and Seattle.

It wasn’t until late Thursday afternoon that his plane landed at Seattle in the midst of a torrential downpour. Since Rachel agreed to pick him up at the airport, the minute he got off the plane he texted her that she should meet him at baggage claim number 12. He no sooner picked up his bag when he turned around and saw a very attractive petite blond dressed in a gray skirt with navy wellington boots and a trenchcoat. Despite the trenchcoat and boots, he could tell that she had a great pair of legs and nice figure.

“Gosh, but she is attractive,” he said to himself as he smiled and approached her.

“Hi Dave,” said Rachel giving him a to die for smile and a warm hug. “How was the flight?”

“Tiring, but at least this one was on time.”

“It’s such a miserable night, let’s just get take-out on the way home. This weather is typical for Seattle, but there’s no sense getting drenched,” she said leading him to a sheltered causeway that accessed the parking garage. The two chatted all the way to the car. He learned that Rachel had been married for less than two years and was recently divorced. While he knew that she had gotten a nursing degree, he also had not been aware that she had become a certified nurse practitioner and had a very nice job with a large OB/GYN practice.

Once in the car the discussion turned to what to pick up for dinner. Pendik escort The options were seafood, Chinese, or Italian. Since Seattle was a great town for seafood, that is what they agreed upon and after a quick stop were proceeding home with grilled wild salmon, rice pilaf, and coleslaw. At Rachel’s townhouse, her parking place was some distance away and while she was dressed for the weather, poor Dave got soaked. Once inside she showed him to the spare bedroom where he could change out of his wet clothes and then she went to the kitchen to get dinner ready.

Dave finally came to the kitchen and was wearing a pained expression. “The salmon looks great, but I’m not feeling that hungry,” he admitted.

“What’s wrong? Are you OK?” she asked with concern a frown replacing her usual winner smile.

“I’m fine, but a bit stressed from the trip. My stomach also feels a little upset.”

“Let me take a look at you,” said Rachel feeling his head. “I’ll get my stethoscope.”

When she returned, she had Dave sit on the sofa as she listened to his chest. Then had him lie down as she palpated his abdomen.

“I’m fine, really,” he said.

“Your stomach feels bloated and hard. When was your last BM?” she asked with a professional demeanor.

“Probably Sunday before I went to the airport.”

“Sunday? That’s four days ago. No wonder you’re not feeling well. I suspect that you are just really constipated. I wouldn’t be feeling all that great either!”

“I usually don’t go that long, but with the air travel and the client meetings I haven’t really had a good opportunity.”

“OK, come into the bedroom. Take off your jeans and lie down on your tummy,” said Rachel then disappearing.

Dave had no idea what she was up to but surmised that her nursing skills had just kicked into high gear. A couple of minutes later she returned, having changed into jeans and an old University of Washington sweatshirt. She also had brought with her a large towel, latex gloves, a tube of KY, and a jar of suppositories.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to give you a suppository. Now just pull down your briefs.”

“But I . . .”

“No buts,” said Rachel putting on a glove and lubing Dave’s anus. “Just relax and I’ll take care of everything.

“But . . .”

“No buts, only butts,” she joked as she took a suppository and inserted it in his butt pushing it as far up as her gloved finger would allow. “This should work in about 15 minutes.”

That Dave was embarrassed is an understatement. However, she was the nurse so he yielded to her superior knowledge. Some 15 minutes went by, then 20, and eventually 30. Nothing.

“I Kurtköy Escort don’t think it worked,” said Dave who again turned crimson.

“Go to the bathroom anyway. It’s right across the hall.”

Five minutes later Dave returned with a sad look on his face. “It didn’t work. Now what?”

Rachel curled her lip and said, “I guess we’ll have to be a bit more aggressive. When was the last time that you had an enema?”

“A what?”

“An enema. Surely your mom had to have given you an enema or two while you were growing up.”

Dave thought for a moment. “Yeah, she did, but it was probably at least 15 years ago, or maybe 20.”

“Well, that’s what you need. Just wait here and I’ll be back in a few minutes”

Dave could hear the faint sound of water running and wasn’t sure what it meant, but he was certain of one thing, namely that his incredibly attractive cousin had already stuck one thing up his butt and was intent on doing more.

A few minutes more and Rachel returned carrying a red rubber combination syringe which due to the quantity of its contents was bulging.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“That’s your enema.”

“No, enemas come in a little squeeze bottle.”

“One of those wasn’t going to be sufficient,” she said placing the towel over the bedspread. “You’re pretty backed up, so back on your tummy, Mister.”

Dave rolled over and again her latex gloved index finger inserted some more lubricant. The idea of such an attractive woman inserting her finger into his butt was also sort of exciting and he could feel an erection begin. “Not now,” he said to himself just as Rachel removed her finger and inserted the nozzle.

“This is so embarrassing,” he kept repeating.

“Don’t worry, remember I’m a nurse and I’ve seen lots of butts, although I have to admit none quite as cute as yours,” she giggled.

“So here goes,” and at that she opened the clamp and raised the bag so that the large quantity of warm soapy water could fill Dave.

“So how many of these have you given?” he had to ask in the lamest attempt to make small talk.

“Oh, I can’t remember, but it’s a lot. We had to learn to do this when I was in nursing school. Are you comfortable?”

“I’m OK,” uttered Dave, but the whole process was really different from what he remembered as a child. Then he began thinking about what it would be like for him to be giving Rachel an enema and how many of her fellow students were guys. The erection started again.

“You’re doing fine. The bag is about half empty,” she informed him.

“Once it’s empty, then what?”

“Then you have to hold it for a few minutes to allow it to work before Maltepe Escort going to the toilet. I can assure you this will absolutely take care of everything.”

“Terrific,” said Dave. “My cutie of a cousin gives me something that helps me to shit my brains out.”

“Just relax. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. I know I always do.”

Rachel’s last comment conjured up all sorts of images, all of them incredibly sexy Rachel naked and a tube up her bottom. The result was that Dave’s erection was now a serious matter. But as they say timing is everything and Rachel announced that he had taken the whole bag. She removed the tube and told him to wait until he had the urge to defecate. It didn’t take long before he had to make a beeline to the bathroom and shut the door.

Some 15 minutes later he emerged and returned to the bedroom where Rachel was waiting for him. She had taken off all of her clothes and was now standing there stark naked. “What are you doing?” he asked eyeing her amazing perfectly proportioned little body.

“First, do I get the idea that the enema worked? Second, that you still have that erection problem? I think I can help you with that, too,” she said as she walked over, put her arms around his neck, and planted a passionate kiss on his lips all the while pressing her sweet little body against his. Dave was acutely aware of her perfect boobs against his chest.

“Oh, that enema worked for sure,” Dave said wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight, “but how do you think that you can cure my other problem?”

“That one is really easy to cure. First, just lie down on your back on the bed.”

Dave did so and his erection stood straight up. Rachel then positioned herself on top of Dave and lowered her vagina onto his stiff penis allowing him to penetrate her now very wet pussy to its maximum depth.

“I’m not sure that is helping,” Dave said.

“It might not be helping you the way you thought, but it sure is helping me,” said Rachel moving her hips up and down.


“I haven’t gotten laid in nearly a year and you are curing my problem.”

“I’m just glad that I can help!” he thought to himself.

“Oh my God, I’m soooo horny! And you feel soooo very good. I’ve got to cum. Ohhh!” she exclaimed.

Dave reached up and fondled her perky breasts, which were neither too big nor too small. “Perfect,” he thought just as he shot a huge load of his cum into Rachel.

“Oh, but that feels marvelous! You were really full, too!” she exclaimed feeling the throbbing that was filling her with Dave’s semen.

“Trust me, the pleasure was all mine.”

“Well, if you are really feeling up to it, I might even let you give me an enema tomorrow night. However, you have to be a good boy. Promise!?”

“Oh, I promise,” he said.

“Good!” said Rachel as she raised herself from being impaled on Dave’s manhood.

“Do I ever promise!” he thought to himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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