Take Me, Tom Pt. 03

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Again, my thanks to Kenji for his perseverance and advice. I may not have taken it all so any and all errors are mine. Kenji can only do so much! Thanks, too, to Paolo for his support and ideas. Again, some I’ve taken on board, others not so much. Constructive Criticism is always appreciated, although since I’m up to Chapter 7, who knows…

Take Me, Tom Part 3

We walked out of the shower and wrapped large fluffy towels around each other. I took a smaller towel and rubbed her long brown hair. I wrapped the towel around her neck and pulled her into my lips.

“I cannot get enough of you, brother. Or your tongue.” she giggled.

“And I simply cannot get enough of your smell, sister dear,” I teased.

I threw that towel down and began to dry my sister off. Slowly I patted every inch of her. Her face, her neck, leaning in to kiss her and then her shoulders. It felt so intimate to be looking at my sister this way. Gently touching her, drying her and just lost in this moment. I ran the towel over her firm breasts, admiring how they looked and felt, even after two kids.

“Honestly, Tom, do you think my breasts are too…well, small?”

“What ARE you thinking? They…they’re gorgeous. Perfect.”

“But…but are they big enough? For you?”

“Where is this insecurity coming from, Chrissie? I don’t care about the size of your breasts, darling. I love their size. I love smaller breasts. I always have. I guess I can blame that on you!” I said, with a light laugh.

“Thanks, Tom,” she blushed. “Jack was always goading me into having a breast enhancement. I’ve just, well, been used to these so I ignored him. I’ve never felt inadequate really. He was just always so insistent. I guess that was just another thing that made me pull away from him.”

“Anyways, you used to, well, spy on your big sister?” she asked quizzically.

I could only laugh, thereby admitting my guilt.

“You really were a little perv growing up!” she said, with a chuckle.

“Yep!” I gleefully said. “And I still am!”

I tenderly kissed each breast. I so wanted to suck on her nipples, but this wasn’t the time for that. I lowered the towel and swept it across her taut stomach.

Chrissie was mimicking my every move with her towel.

“I love your chest, Tom. And your arms. And your stomach.”

She reached down and firmly dried my cock, which was still hard.

“And your cock!” she smiled.

I stopped her by kneeling in front of her, my towel gently petting her pussy. I leant in and placed a simple kiss on it. Her hands went to the back of my head and she tried to pull me in.

I slapped her ass. “Behave, sister.”

“Awww, you’re no fun!”

She had a faux look of being annoyed but I didn’t care.

I turned her around and brought the towel to her back, quickly running it down to her ass. I lovingly dried each peach in turn. I brought my lips to her and lightly kissed each one then let my tongue carefully lick her crevice.

Chrissie, for once, behaved.

“So, what do you want to do today?” I asked.

“Well, I’d like to drag you back to bed and slide my pussy over your mouth for an hour or so, but how about if we pack a picnic and go for a walk in the woods. They’re not far.”

“Sounds like a lovely idea. Keep in mind, I still have a bit of jet lag, but I’ll carry on!”

We went to our separate rooms and readied ourselves.

After hanging up my suits and shirts I pulled out a light flannel shirt and a pair of shorts.

Chrissie took just a bit longer.

I checked in with work, even though it was a Saturday. I called mom and dad and caught up with them. Mom ended her side of the call with a simple, “Make sure your sister takes care of you!”

“Mom, she certainly is so don’t worry, okay?” I said smiling. “See you both soon.”

Twenty minutes later Chrissie was ready.

She walked into the front room wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a blue linen shirt. Her hair was in a ponytail. She had put on minimal makeup. Her nature was such that any makeup distracted from her beautiful face. She wore a tiny pair of silver earrings.

“Remember these?” she asked, whilst showing them off.

I looked at them and then it came back to me.

“Your 18th Birthday, right?”

“You remembered! God, Tom, you’re good!” she giggled.

“They look better on you now though. You’ve kind of grown into them. I love them.”

“Pretty fucking smooth, brother,” she smirked.

“Ta very much!” I smirked back.

“Well, you just rest your weary bones and I’ll put something together, but you’re carrying the pack!”

She turned and flounced into the kitchen. Her ass looked divine in the shorts. I wondered if her idea of staying home and letting her use my tongue wasn’t better.

I walked around the front room, picking up her little knick-knacks and checking out her reading material. She had a variety of first editions and a slew of art history books. I picked up a beautiful hand-turned wooden bowl that held all manner of seashells and stones. I picked Magosa Escort up a few seashells.

“Are these from Oregon?” I asked.

She glanced at me and her mouth dropped.

“How? Do you actually…remember that?” she stammered.

“Of course I do! You were, what, 20 or so? That was a wonderful holiday. I remember it quite vividly.”

I heard a knife clatter down and she came running towards me.

Chrissie jumped up into my arms and kissed my lips, her arms tight around my head.

“What? What’s that for? Not that I mind but…”

“You remembered,” was all she said.

She slid off my body, turned and walked back into the kitchen.

I stood there silent for a few moments then walked into the kitchen. Her back was to me.

I slid up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I leant my head in to kiss her neck and saw she was crying.

“What? What’s wrong, Chrissie? Did I say something wrong?”

She slowly turned around.

“No, Tom. You said everything right,” and she kissed me again, but with more passion.

I picked her up by her ass and held her onto my hard cock.

“Ohh, Tom,” she moaned into my neck.

I pressed her ass into the sink with my cock firmly laying on her.

“My…my, Chrissie,” I groaned.

“Take me, Tom. Now. Please.”

I carried her over to the cleared kitchen table and laid her down. Delicately I unbuttoned her shorts. We looked at each other with a depth of affection I have never felt before.

I slowly pulled her shorts off then grasped her tiny, lacy blue panties and pulled them down her legs. I quickly undid my shorts and pulled them down in one swoop with my boxers.

I was still hard.

“Just…just fuck me, Tom. My beautiful, Tom,” she gasped.

I took hold of my cock and slid it between her full lips.

“Don’t tease me, Tom. Not now.”

I held my firm cock, stared at her, and slid deep inside her. There was no resistance whatsoever. Her hands were on my shirt, pulling it. I drove myself into her.

” Ugggghhhhh,” she moaned. “Yes, Tom. Fuck me hard.”

I looked down at her and revelled in the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her. Parting those wet lips made me even harder. I loved watching my meaty shaft take her.

“That’s it. Fuck me. Love me. Use me!” she almost screamed.

I kept my eyes on her as I loved my big sister. My thrusts were hard, firm and sure. The heavy table was moving under my weighty surges.

“I love fucking you, Chrissie. I love you under me. I love taking you!” I growled.

“Yes, Tom. Take me. All of me!” she wailed.

I had my hands on her hips, holding her in place. I looked down again at my prick taking her. Her scant tufts of hair were wet with our juices. I gathered some spit in my mouth and let it slowly dribble out, right onto her cunt.

Chrissie was watching me as I did this. “Ohhh, fuck, Tom! You’re…a…fuck!” she yelled.

I kept shafting her, time and time again. I thought I was going to hurt her at one point, but she just kept her legs spread and her hips moving up to meet mine. I bent over and grasped one of her nipples and pulled hard.

” That’s it, Tom. Just…that’s…that’s…”

And she came. I could feel her slick cunt grabbing me. At the same time, I came. Almost violently I pushed and pummelled myself inside her. Holding my stiff prick deep inside, I let loose my fertile sperm. Then I pumped her, completely losing myself in her dainty body.

“Fuck. YES…that’s….that’s…” Chrissie screamed again. “Oh, Tom. My….Tom.”

One long last spurt and my sister had emptied me. My breathing was quick and harsh.

“Fuck, Chrissie,” I laughed. “That was…beautiful,” is all I could come up with.

“God, Tom. You’re such a…dirty fuck,” she said, laughing, too. She tried to slap my body but was too far away. “Kiss me…” she asked.

I leant down and ran my tongue over her lips, teasing her and then, yes, I kissed her, burying my tongue in her.

With bated breath, Chrissie looked at me and asked, “Would my little brother like to…uhh…clean me up?” she asked shyly.

I wrapped her neck in my strong hand and smiled. I gently squeezed. “I’d love to Chrissie,” I hissed.

My wet cock slipped out, dripping with our cum. I moved off her and slipped to my knees.

I leant into her sodden and used cunt and licked our thick juices. I slowly ran my tongue over her in long, teasing strokes. Every so often, I would get a mouthful of our combined cum, stand up, look at her, and let it trickle from my mouth to her heaving stomach. Back down I went, to make certain my sister’s cunt was clean. I loved swallowing us. I loved burying my face in her sopping cunt.

I gave her folds a final kiss and stood up. “Now. Clean me up, sis,” I snarled. I held her hands and pulled her up to a sitting position on the table. “How’s your back?” I asked with a laugh.

” The bed would have been better but…”

I pointed to my wet cock.

Chrissie jumped off the table Kıbrıs Escort and onto her knees. She picked up my still hard cock and kissed the head. She leant in and I could feel her inhale our scents. I saw her tongue snake out between her beautiful lips and she began to lavish little strokes on my wet member.

I placed my hands on her head and gently held her there. “That’s it, Chrissie. Can you taste us? Hmmm. I could taste us on your…cunt. Did you like that? Did you like me sucking your pussy? Hmmm? Come on. Clean me up,” I taunted her.

Chrissie moaned in ecstasy. She was such a good sister. Lifting my still throbbing cock and taking my empty balls in her mouth, lovingly sucking them.

“Fuck, Chrissie. You’re…so…good.” I sighed.

Her tongue continued to lick every hard inch. I only wish I had just a little bit of cum left in my empty balls to feed to her. When Chrissie felt she had done a good enough job, she unceremoniously dropped my cock and stood up. She licked her lips and wiped her mouth.

“I’m going to change my panties real quick,” she laughed. “Give me a few minutes, okay?” and she walked from the kitchen.

I was left with my cock hanging there. I could only laugh.

In ten minutes, Chrissie came out.

“You ready now for our walk?” she giggled.

“But…but…” I stammered and laughed.

“Yeah. Sure,” she giggled.

Instead, I took her in my arms and kissed her. After we had calmed down, we were ready. Chrissie was flushed with that just-fucked-glow that made her look even more desirable. She handed me the small backpack and we headed out.

We jumped into her car and headed off. My hand firmly found her thigh.

“Distractions, brother.” she grinned.

“For some reason, I think it would take more than my hand on your leg to distract you!”

It was a beautiful, sunny day. I suppose everything looked just a little bit better this morning. As we drove along, she pointed out new shops and all the changes that had happened over the last two years.

“Have you heard from the kids?” I asked.

“Not yet. I’ll give them a call later this afternoon. It’s only been two days so I doubt they’re missing me that much,” she laughed.

“Was Jack okay when he picked them up? Is there a good enough dynamic now? I know he can be a jerk so…”

“We get by. I try to be civil but he knows what buttons to push so I need to address that, but yes…things are looking better now,” she said, as she smiled at me.

“I can’t wait to see the kids. I have missed them. Think they’ll remember their Uncle Tom?”

“Of course, they remember you! How could they not! Just…well, try not to spoil them too much. You’ll be a tough act to follow with parenting.”

“Well, no guarantees there, Chrissie.”

“I thought not.”

We pulled into the forest preserve parking in no time. I grabbed the pack and we headed off on a trail that Chrissie knew well. It felt like we had the forest to ourselves.

The atmosphere changed to one of tranquillity almost right away.

“I love it here,” she said with a murmur.

“Did you and Jack come here?”

“Jack? Hiking? Not a chance! I bring the kids here. It’s a good place for them to run off some excess energy and a wonderful place for me to relax. I love it here. It’s mine!” she laughed. “Let’s head down here. It will take us to the lake.”

I followed her, watching as her toned legs stepped to and fro around fallen trees and rocks. She moved so beautifully. Chrissie certainly looked like she was in her element.

We kept a slow pace. We weren’t in any hurry. When the trail allowed, I came alongside and held her hand. It seemed so natural.

“What kind of tree is that, Tom?”

“That’s an elm.”

“And that one?”

“That’s an oak.”

“And that?”

“That’s a cedar. Red. Why all the questions? You know your trees.”

“Just seeing if old London had made you forget your trees,” she said, with a cheeky laugh. “You were always so good at this outdoorsy stuff.”

“I still am, Chrissie. I know you have gorgeous landscapes and mountains here, but England has some stunning landscapes. I just find it tough to find the time to enjoy them.”

“Find the time, Tom. I know it’s good for you.”

We walked for half an hour or so and found a clearing so decided to sit for a while. I laid out the blanket and lay back. The sun felt so good on my face. Chrissie lay down next to me and put her head on my shoulders.

Life was good.

“So…about the last twelve hours? Should we, well, talk about it? Maybe clear the air and just…” she said, with a little trepidation in her voice.

Chrissie lifted her head off me so I rolled over on my side, facing her.

“I’ll go first, okay?” I said. I thought Chrissie may need time to gather her thoughts together.

“Okay…if you don’t mind?” she whispered.

“Where do I start, Chrissie? I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, okay? You may not want to hear some things, but I feel it’s Lefkoşa Escort best to just get it all out. I only hope you still feel the same after, okay?”

“Tom, I’m certain I will.”

“Some of this may sound a bit, well, pervy so.”

“You? A pervert?” she said giggling. “Tom, you’ve always been a bit deviant so nothing you say will shock me,” and she laughed so hard, I knew any animals would run away.

“This whole ‘thing’ probably started when I was, I don’t know, younger? I just started to, well, notice you. I was a teenager, after all.”

I was stroking Chrissie’s cheek and running my fingers through her hair as I confessed my, well, indiscretions.

“You were never the bratty sister that so many of my friends had. You were nice to me. You listened to me. You talked with me. We’ve always been close, which I loved. You were there to support me, coming to my swim meets and gymnastic meets. You didn’t mind being seen with me. And then, of course, there was, is my, well, sexual attraction to you. You were always my idol. I looked up to you. You were smart, kind and, well, beautiful.”

I waited for some reactions, but she just lay there listening. Chrissie was always good at listening. She said nothing. It’s said that the next person to talk loses so…

“You knew my infatuation, didn’t you? You said as much last night. And I know, using your bras and panties was uncalled for. Well, at least now I can admit it was uncalled for! At the time, well, I was what, 18, 19 and you’re this beautiful woman walking around half-naked or nearly so. That’s no excuse, true, but…Do you forgive me?” I asked earnestly.

“Oh, Tom. Of course. Of course. I was, and I shouldn’t say this but, I was, well, flattered. True, growing up you were my pesky little brother but I loved you. I always looked out for you. My, well, fascination started when I used to go to your swim meets with mom and dad. You were probably 18 or so? One day it just hit me. I have no idea where it came from, but boy, did it hit me!” she said laughing. “We were at a County meet and you had just placed in the breaststroke. You pulled yourself out of the pool and, well, you looked gorgeous, just beautiful with your wide smile, but I was captivated by…you sure you want to hear this?”

“You had better not stop now!” I stammered.

“I can still remember the way the water flowed over you. You were tanned and so fucking fit. I saw the way your arms flexed, your chest heaving for air. And then, well, I saw your cock in those tiny swim trunks. God, Tom! I felt myself getting wet! Over my brother! How depraved is that?” she said, with a giggle.

Chrissie’s face was turning a bright red and it wasn’t from the sun.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Seriously! I did feel weird in a bad sister kind of way, but I couldn’t help it. From then on, I would watch you. Now that’s pervy! I watched you in the yard or as you would come out of the bathroom. I can’t believe I’m telling you this! But it was more. As I started noticing you, I saw how mature and wonderful you were. You didn’t seem to be like your friends. You cared. You were polite, helpful and yes, desirable. God, I hated it when you started dating. Jealous? Fuck, I could have clawed their eyes out! I wanted you, okay? I’ve said it. I wanted you. I used to leave my panties around and was SO thrilled when you found them. And like I said Friday night, I used to wear them after you, you know, came in them. God, I had the best orgasms doing that!” she said and hid her head.

“I’m flattered, Chrissie,” I said, with a chuckle. ” Did you want to, uh, touch me or anything?”

“Tom. I wanted to fuck you!” she said with emphasis. “But it just wasn’t the physicality of it all. It was YOU! Who you were and what you were becoming. Come on, now you’re some big shot equity guy in bloody London!” she laughed, trying to mimic British slang.

“Okay, I’m not a ‘big shot’. I know my stuff, yes. I went to school, studied and was in the right place at the right time. You supported me in more ways than one. I doubt if I would be where I am without your support…even if you were perving on me!” I laughed.

“God, you’re never going to let me forget that, are you?” she sighed.

Laughing still, I held her. ” We’re both pervs, okay? Feel better?”

“Not really but…So, do you want to hear more about my masturbation fantasies?” she said, giggling.

I would never tire of the way Chrissie would giggle. It was girlish, so coy-like.

“You bet I do!!!” I said, a little too eagerly.

“Well, when you joined gymnastics and were into the rings. God, you never had any idea what you looked like up there, did you? You looked like the most beautiful man. The way you could hold yourself in that, what was it, iron-cross? God, Tom. I creamed myself more than once. I’m surprised you didn’t smell me on the way home in dad’s car. I wanted your body. You were so fucking fit. I used to hope–wish–you’d walk into my bedroom and yes, take me. Do whatever you wanted to me. I’ll tell you, my vibrators and dildo never got close to scratching THAT itch! Okay…that’s enough, okay!” she smiled.

I pulled her in and we kissed, slow and loving. I had her long hair in my hand and I gently bunched it up in my hand and held her there. I leant down and bit her shoulder, then her neck.

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