Sydney Pt. 05

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Big Dicks

It is 2019 and I am a 51 year old divorced mother of two living by myself in Naples, Florida. I am 5’8″ and weigh 120 lbs. I’ve kept myself in good shape as I aged, so I am still close to my 36c-25-36 figure of my youth. My story started 15 years ago in a quiet little Midwest town. I was 36 years old then, a teacher, divorced, and in retrospect very lonely and vulnerable. The summer of 2005 I seduced or maybe I was seduced, by my son’s best friend Ty. Unfortunately my son eventually found out about my affair with his best friend and no longer wanted anything to do with me. So, in 2006 I moved to Naples to get away from everything. I sold my house and for better or worse I said goodbye to that incredibly intense short period of nonstop sex, sex, sex, and more sex. I needed a fresh start.

I am not going to kid you; it was not easy at first. My sex drive or should I say my lust to be filled and sated was overwhelming. Thank God I had my little toys to help me over these tough times. I had become a cock loving slut. Eventually I was able to control my inner sluttiness and started a new and calmer life.

Naples is wonderful! The weather is great and the community is laid back. I felt a certain calm and joy that had been missing since my divorce. I bought a really nice fixer upper in 2007 and spent the better part of my time getting it up to speed. I had gotten a job as a waitress in one of the nicer restaurants in downtown Naples. The tips were great as were the hours! This allowed me to slowly work on bringing my home up to my standards as well as give me time to lay out in the beautiful Florida Sun. Life was great! I didn’t know anyone other than my friends at work. My neighbors were never around and when they were, they kept to themselves. I was okay with that as I really just wanted to be by myself. All I wanted to do was forget about how badly I had hurt my children.

Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t forget everything from those years. As they say, you take the good with the bad but leave the bad at home. I became a very confident woman and I liked that about myself!!!! I kept my wardrobe sexy but classy. I enjoyed the weather, the lifestyle, and my job. My life had been great until last year. Last year my life began to get complicated.

It started when the house next to mine went on the market and sold immediately. About two months later I noticed the moving van out front so I went over to introduce myself. I found out that Jack Michaels, like me, was from the Midwest. Jack was personable and very handsome. He had recently lost his wife and decided to buy this house as a getaway from the harsh Midwest winters. He was retired but kept himself in very nice shape from what I could tell. I let him get back to his move but he did invite me over for cocktails and appetizers once he was settled in. It was a nice offer that I happily accepted before heading back inside.

A couple of weeks later I saw Jack in his backyard and went over to say hello. He was in his swim trunks and I got a much better look at his body. He was I would say, 6’2″ and about 200lbs. My guess was that he was in his late 50’s or early 60’s. He had a very nice well-defined chest with minimal midsection flab that you would expect from someone his age. I glanced down at his crotch and noticed a nice bulge. I immediately felt a warm tingling down low wondering how big his cock was. I guessed I must have spaced out a little in my horniness as Jack said “Sydney are you okay?”

I laughed a little and said “Hello.” Wow I had not felt that tingle since my slutty time with Ty.

Jack’s backyard was enormous and landscaped immaculately. In the middle was this beautiful in-ground pool that I was drawn to. “Jack this place is beautiful and I love your pool! I am so jealous as I only have an itty-bitty hot tub.”

He replied “Thank you Sydney. This is why I fell in love with the house.”

I was dressed fairly conservatively in shorts and a blouse but I could feel Jack’s eyes undressing me as I stared at him. It was such a turn on! I could tell I was starting to get moist and was certainly feeling a little warmth flowing through me. I snapped back to reality when I heard “Sydney you are always welcome to use the pool whenever you want. Even if I am not here just let yourself in and enjoy.”

“Thank you. Jack that is so nice! I will most definitely take you up on your generosity.”

As he approached me, I could feel my legs quiver thinking that he was going take me right there on the spot. Instead, he gently rubbed my back and told me,

“No thanks needed. It’s a beautiful pool and you are a beautiful lady so it’s a perfect match.” he continued “Let’s plan on getting together next Saturday afternoon around 5:00. My grandson will be in town and that way you can also meet Brooks. In the meantime, I have to run as I have a tee time at the club in less than hour. You are welcome to stay if you like.”

With that he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and went inside leaving Sarıyer escort me all aglow. I quickly turned and embarrassedly race into my house.

Damn girl what has come over you I scolded myself! Yes, the man is handsome and I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve been with a man but seriously, he was just being neighborly. Yet I still had the image of Jack taking me there in his backyard etched in my mind.

There I stood in my kitchen looking out into Jack’s backyard and there was no mistaking it. I was so hot. My hand immediately went to my breast and started to play with my nipple. Ooh that feels so good. I felt that all too familiar itch in my loins and I scampered to my bedroom quickly unbuttoning my blouse. I quickly removed all my clothing except for my panties and sprawled myself on my bed. I reached over to my nightstand and pulled out my silver bullet.

I set the vibrator to its lowest setting and began tracing it around my hard nipples before running it down to my stomach. I closed my eyes and imagined Jack’s cock in my hands. I softly teased the vibrator over my mound and I instantly shuddered as it glanced around my swollen clit. I was so turned on. My panties were already soaked.

As much as I wanted to cum, I also wanted to delay my orgasm as long as possible so that I could savor these incredible feelings exploding within me. I eased it up my slit, torturing myself longer. “Hmmmmm sooo nice,” I whispered. With each pass I added just a hint more pressure until I finally took the tip and pressed my soaking panties inside my pussy.

Suddenly I couldn’t wait any longer and I ripped my panties off. I rubbed the vibrator under my nose so I could smell my arousal then licked my own cunt juice. Oh my god I was on fire. I drove the toy deep inside myself. My mind reeled as I imagined Jack between my legs driving his hard cock into me over and over again.

I could sense the impending orgasm. My hips bucked with each thrust as I pulled and toyed with my nipple. “Ooooh Jack fuck me! Fuck me hard baby! I want you baby. Make me cum. Oooh my gawwwwwd I am cummmmmmmmmin,” I groaned to myself and as I shoved my vibrator one last time.

My hips bucked, my back arched and I erupted in a huge orgasm. I closed my legs on my hand as I rode the pleasure train as it coursed through my body. As I let the tremors subside, I softly caressed my breasts wondering why I had gotten so horny. I still felt a tingling warmth all over me and I smiled caressing myself wanting more.

I must have fallen asleep and when I woke up, I cursed myself as I had 45 minutes before my shift started at the restaurant. Damn girl, get a grip on yourself I thought as I raced to get ready!

I told myself that I was going to take advantage of Jack’ generous offer to use his pool as much as possible, maybe even Jack too. I smiled and headed out to work.

I woke up Thursday morning and took a nice long hot shower, my body was tired from last night’s hectic shift at the restaurant. As I was drying myself off, I glanced at myself in the mirror and in all honesty, I was still a very attractive woman. My breasts had a little more sag but they were also much fuller. I ran a hand over my stomach, it was nice and firm. Turning around I looked over my shoulder and my ass was tight. I worked hard to keep my body looking good and it shows.

I thought today I would just relax over at Jack’s pool and enjoy the warm Florida sun. I dried my hair and put some makeup on (well maybe more than just relaxed I hoped). I wanted to look good just in case Jack was home. I put on my swimsuit. It was a two piece, black and white tiger striped bikini that had a halter top and a sexy bottom that tied on the sides. Not my raciest swimsuit but it was very flattering to my figure and in my opinion made me look younger.

I moseyed on over to Jack’s backyard and found no one around, damn. I laid down on one of the poolside chaise lounges and began reading my book. Evidently, I must have nodded off as I was awakened by some noise coming from the house. I I thought, “Yea Jack must be home. I can’t wait until he sees me.”

Looking up I saw Jack coming outside beaming and saying “Hey, Sydney. You look amazing!” I blushed at the compliment and mouthed a Thank You to him. Before I could say anything, I noticed someone else walking behind him. Jack turned and said “Sydney this is my grandson Brooks.” WOW I said to myself. This boy or man is gorgeous!

Brooks was a little taller than his granddad and about the same weight however his body showed the muscle definition of a young man. My heart skipped a beat as I said “Hello Brooks it is so nice to meet you.” As he started to approach me, I stood up to shake his hand.

As he took my hand, I looked up to him and smiled as he said “The pleasure is all mine, Sydney.”

My legs weakened and I felt my face reddened, as I stood frozen in place unable to move. I looked away and he finally released my hand. I returned Escort Silivri to the chaise lounge hoping that no one sensed my awkward embarrassment. Being honest with myself, I did not have a good history of resisting men, especially strong, confident, and assertive young ones. It appears I just won the lottery as I looked up and gazed at these two strong and very attractive men. My nipples were on high alert and clearly visible. I could feel myself leaking from my arousal.

Jack told me he was leaving to go play golf but to stay and keep his grandson company. As he turned to walk away Jack said “Sydney there is food and drinks inside if you need anything.” I asked myself had Jack given me a little smirk? Did he know that I was already lusting for his grandson? Was I that obvious? God I am such a slut!

They both left and I went back to my book, horny and sexually aroused that I was almost beside myself with desire. After what felt like an eternity to me, I glanced up to see Brooks walking out of his house in his swim trunks. Lordy lord that boy/ man is looking mighty fine. I smiled and he pulled up a chair next to me and sat down.

We talked for several minutes learning more about ourselves. I found out he was 22 years old and had just graduated college. He was down here to spend a little time with his grandfather before trying to look for a job. He mentioned that Jack was lonely and sad since his wife’s passing and he was hoping to help him through this tough time.

Brooks oozed sex appeal. He was confident, personable, and from I could tell stealing peeks at his crotch, well endowed. We talked a little about my past, and about how much I enjoyed the casual lifestyle of SW Florida.

He finally decided that the sun was too hot and he dove into the pool to cool off. He swam laps for a bit and then came to pools edge and beckoned me in. “Sydney come in the water it is refreshing.”

“Maybe later.” I replied knowing that I might have a hard time controlling myself alone with someone young enough to be my son.

He made a pouty face and went back to swimming laps. My god, I thought to myself, he looks incredible. He swam effortlessly and with such power. I could only envision nasty nasty visions of his naked body.

Again, he tried to get me to join him, “Come on Sydney join me I don’t bite.” he teased with a sexy little smile.

He was so hard to resist that I finally agreed “Okay but don’t get my hair wet.” I got up and started to walk to the stairs, I felt both eyes devouring my body. It was all I could do to keep a steady pace until I finally got into the pool. “Wow the water is refreshing.” I cooed.

He waded over to me and then playfully pretended to get my hair wet. “Don’t you dare!” I admonished.

He laughed and said “Or what? What are you going to do?”

I smiled and with prettiest little face pled “Please don’t Brooks.” He laughed and swam away leaving me standing in the water leaning onto the pools edge.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the water when all of a sudden, I felt Brooks swim up behind me and whisper into my ear “You know you look really sexy in that bikini.”

I tensed up not knowing what to do when suddenly I felt his arms wrap around my waist bringing himself into me. Oh my gosh I could feel his hardness pushing up against me as he gently began to kiss and nibble on my ear.

“Brooks please don’t,” I said weakly “this is not right.”

But he continued to press up against me as his hands slowly started to caress my stomach. My God his cock must be 8-9 inches long. Why was I having these wicked thoughts? My lust for him was wrong and dangerous. Yet I was so turned on by Jack and then Brooks that I was feeling my resolve fade away.

“Please stop Brooks I am old enough to be your mother. This is wrong. Please.”

I felt his lips on my neck as he gently whispered “Sydney you are not a mom. I want you baby. You turn me on.” His hands rose to my breast and he gently cupped them. I basked in the titillating feelings running through my body. I moaned as his fingers toyed with my nipples through my top.

Instinctively I pushed back to feel the heat and hardness of his cock. I felt the ties to my halter top being undone as his hands came in direct contact with my tits.

“Does that feel good Sydney?”

All I could do was nod my head and mew as he continued to pull and rub my now very erect nipples.

“Do you want me to stop?” he teased me as his tongue flirted with my ear.

Quickly he spun me around and as I looked up his lips descended on mine. Our first kiss was sensually soft. I was drunk with desire and my arms reached up around his neck to pull him closer to me as our kisses increased in passion. I opened my lips and allowed his tongue deep into me, our mouths opened wider as our desire increased. I had not kissed anyone like this since in such a long time. I was delirious with lust as my hips ground into his manhood.

I was very aroused Topkapı escort bayan as Brooks continued to pull and rub my nipples moaning into his mouth. Our tongues continuing to probe and dance.

He pulled away and looked down at me and said “Tell me what you want Sydney.”

I moaned as I dropped my head to his chest and wrapped my arms around him holding my body tight into his. I continued to purr as he asked again “Tell me what you want”.

“This is so wrong Brooks. Please” I submitted one last time.

He took hold of my one hand and brought it down front onto his cock! “Rub my cock, Sydney. Rub it baby. I know you want to.” he said as he lowered his mouth onto my tit to suck and lick my nipple.

That sent me over the edge as I was now starting to feel the beginning of a powerful eruption. I grabbed his cock and said “You are so hard baby and I am so wet.” His hands reached around and grabbed my ass pulling me deeper into his embrace. Feeling his fingers knead my ass I continued to grind onto his cock.

Again, Brooks looked down into my eyes and growled, “Tell me what you want Sydney.”

I mewed weakly “Please. Please…”

“Please what Sydney. Tell me.”

I had surrendered any strength of holding out as I softly cooed “Make me cum.”

I felt his hand leave my ass and pull on the strings to my bikini bottom. He picked me up and set me down on the edge of the pool. “Ooooh yes. Please touch me. I am so wet. Make me cum.”

I closed my eyes and laid back onto my elbows as I felt his fingers begin to roam up and down my wet slit. I spread my legs wider as I moaned in pleasure and anticipation. He licked and kissed all around my pussy. It had been such a long time since I’ve had my pussy eaten.

The sparks and illicit tremors were firing inside me. His warm tongue began running up and down my folds then he pressed inside my hole to taste my juices. He lapped my pussy like a kitty sending me into an uncontrolled murmur. Easing a finger deep inside of me his tongue rose to greet my little bud.

I purred as I wrapped my hands around his head, bringing him flush with my inner folds, “Ohhhhh. Yesssssss, don’t stop. Ohhhhhhhhhh my god.”

The sensations wrecking through my body were indescribable. I knew I was going to cum as my hips rocked against him. “Yesssssss right there don’t don’t Ooooooooh yess I am cummmmmin.”

A powerful orgasm cascaded through my loins. I rode his face as he kept fucking me with his fingers. It was an amazing feeling. My hips bucked and my legs thrashed lewdly.

He looked up at me with a sexy smile and asked “Did my sexy little slut like that?”

Oooh he called me his sexy slut. Eyes still closed I grinned and contently nodded my head. Then I felt his tongue curl deep into my moist cunt. I twitched as he continued to tongue around the folds of my pussy. He moved his tongue higher onto my clit again and teased it with quick little flicks. My body started to respond.

“Oh, how can this be? I just came…” and then he took my clit between his teeth and began to titillate it with his tongue.

“Ooooh God! Ooh God! Oooh God!” I panted repeatedly while arching my back off the pool deck.

He began to jab my cunt with his tongue. He stiffened his tongue and rammed it in as deep as it would go into my pussy, my legs once again started to thrash uncontrollably. “Oh! Oh!Oh!Oh! Oooooooohhh,” I moaned excited by the tongue fucking he was giving me “Ohhhh yess! Yes! Don’t don’t stooppppp….” I grunted.

My god he is going to make me cum again. “Do it to me! Lick my pussy! Iam sooooooooooo close. Just a little bit….” I screamed.

I felt his tongue reach up and suck my clit into his mouth. “Oooooooh I am cummmmmmmin. I’m cummmmmmin. Yes, yes yes” I hollered as my body erupted in another huge orgasm.

I groaned mindlessly as my hips ground against his face, my pussy tried to milk his thrusting tongue. I once again pulled his face deeper into my pussy as my legs continued to thrash about. “Oooh my god. Yessssssssssssss.mmmmmmmm so gooood.” I spewed as my pleasure began to subside.

My god I was exhausted. I had just about forgotten how wonderful a man’s tongue is! My eyes opened to find Brooks lying next to me. I reached and gently stroked his face as I started to awaken from my orgasmic stupor. I pulled him into me and passionately kissed him and held him close to me. I was so content in his arms when I felt his hardon twitching against my thigh. I reached down and started to softly stroke his sex tool. It was so big! So hard! So hot!

He looked into my eyes and with a smile said “Suck me, my sexy little slut.”

As strange as it sounds, I enjoyed being called a slut. I had been such a good person all my life, it thrilled me to act with a little nastiness. I looked down at his cock as I got onto my knees. It was long and thick with a plum shaped helmet. I leaned in and kissed it. The head was soft and velvety smooth as I swirled my tongue across it, licking off a little precum into my mouth.

His cock was so large that I could not get it all in my mouth. My deep-throating skills were out of practice so I stroked the base and inhaled as much of his cock as I could. I hope he was enjoying my efforts as I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me.

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