Surprise At The Drive In Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: Many Surprises – First Show

This is the fourth segment in a series of the four promised. It has grown much larger than expected, so I’ve split this segment in two – first show and second show. Both movies brought out many surprises for both of us, not only sexually, but also on how we both viewed sex. The on going sexual discovery of two young lovers is played out here with surprises for both partners. The revelations are so strong that they might even have an effect on the upcoming wedding as well.

A few minutes after calming down we came up on our exit off US-23 and headed west towards Durand. Since the Drive-In was on the east side of town we were there in short order. I had pulled up and fastened my shorts on the way across from the expressway, much to the pouting face of my fiancé.

Pulling up to the ticket booth I handed the young guy inside a twenty. Deb was all curled up next to me and of course had a hand inside my pants. As the guy leaned further out than I thought was necessary to hand me the tickets and change, he said, “Looks like you’re going to have fun tonight. You’ve got a real hottie there.”

I took offense to the comment and was about to give him a piece of my mind, when I caught a glimpse of Deb out of the corner of my eye. She had unbuttoned another couple of buttons on her blouse and was leaning forward enough that I’m sure he had a perfect view of all her assets. So I turned back to him and said, “I sure do, thanks,” and drove off into the theater.

“Now why did you do that?” I asked in a calm voice, trying not to sound critical.

“Just feeling a little naughty… I guess….” She replied, paused and then continued. “I told you earlier I just loose control when I’m all turned on like this.”

The sun had set and the ‘Visit the Snack Bar’ advertising was already playing on the screen. I drove around a bit, finding three open spaces just to the right and about two rows behind the concession stand. So, I pulled into the middle one.

The speaker was on my side, so while I put it in place, Deb got the pillows out of the back seat. By the time I turned around, Deb had them placed in her corner against the door; and much to my surprise she was already leaning back into them with her blouse completely unbuttoned.

“Well, we’re certainly not wasting any time.” I said with a smile as I took in her beautiful charms displayed before me.

“As Joy says, can’t keep a girl waiting when she’s hot.” She swooned and started squeezing her breasts sensuously.

“You really look hot to me.” I agreed.

She sighed, “In that case get over here and start sucking on these.” She placed her hands under her breasts, lifting them and offering both for me to indulge myself upon.

I immediately leaped at the offer. Lying on my tummy between her legs I took one nipple into my mouth. After sucking on it for a few minutes I expanded my lips, trying to suck in as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. Deb moaned softly, ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me in even tighter. I reached up with my left hand and began massaging her other breast, eliciting even more moans of appreciation from my wife-to-be. Simultaneously, I began to work my right hand under my belly and in between her legs. After a bit of maneuvering and shifting of weight and legs I was able to find her wet entrance.

Just as I was beginning to slide a finger into the warm moist opening, we heard a voice significantly louder than that of people in conversation just walking by. We heard it yell, “Hey, Jim! Get a load of this bitch over here.”

I pulled my head up abruptly, but didn’t see anyone out the passenger side window. As I lowered my head to continue, we heard, “Jim! Guys! Get over here! You got ta see the teats on this one. And her boyfriend is all over them.”

Raising my head again, a darkness filled the side window as two male faces looked in, causing me to exclaim, “What the fu….” But before I could finish, Deb placed a hand over my mouth and started pulling the sides of her blouse to cover her breasts with the other.

One of the males said, “Yeah. Looks like a bitch in heat.”

The other replied. “Yeah. Sure does.” Then to Deb he says, “Hey girl, you know one guy ain’t going to satisfy you tonight. So when he’s all worn out, come on next door and we’ll finish the job.”

All the while, Deb is saying to me, “Don’t say a word. Just start the car and we’ll move somewhere else.”

I rose up and noticed two more guys looking in the front window. Now realizing there were to many of them, I turned around to return the speaker and noticed another guy looking in my window. I threw the speaker out the back window, turned the key and pushed the power window buttons to close the windows. Starting the engine I slowly drove out of the stall to all kinds of catcalls and other offensive remarks. When I looked in my rearview mirror there were six of them altogether, laughing, flipping us the bird and holding up beer cans, in victory I guess.

Deb Bostancı Escort was all put back together, but had a strange little smirk on her face.

“I thought you’d be all upset by that?” I asked more than stated.

“Well, I am. But, it’s kind of funny too.”

“How do you mean? I don’t like having some guy hassle my girl and I have to runaway from it.”

“Well, with six of them there wasn’t much you could do, except get beat up and then who would’ve protected me.” She reasoned correctly. “Besides, some of what they said, we can take as complements.”


“Well, obviously they liked my looks and it shows you have good taste in women.” She laughed.

“Still doesn’t make it feel right.” I muttered more to myself as I worked our way down the row looking for another place to park.

“I like the way you want to protect me.” She said scooting over and giving me a kiss on the cheek. “My knight in shining armour. I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m going to marry you….” After a short pause she continued, “Besides, this way we’ll be able to get back to our fun a lot quicker.” And so saying her hand dropped into my lap again, working its way under the fabric to its favorite location.

“Why don’t we look for a place between two cars that just have couples in them.” She suggested.

“Probably a good idea.” I returned as I got to the end of the row and turned towards the back of the theater. I went back another couple of rows and turned in. It was hard to find a spot because so many of the cars were empty. Just before reaching the center I found an opening with cars on either side. The one on my side had a couple mauling in the front seat, but the other one was empty.

“Let’s try this one. We’ll just wait and watch a while, until we see who shows up. Okay?” I recommended.

“This is fine with me. Looks like there’s plenty to watch. Look it, over there.” She instructed pointing at a couple up on the next row and to our right about three cars. The guy was standing on his left leg with his right thigh hiked up and rubbing between his girls wide spread legs. His hand was up under her halter-top, while they kissed passionately.

Other couples were walking back to their cars with hands on crotches and breasts hardly covered. It was quite a show.

“I can’t see how the show can get much better than this.” Deb commented, her mouth hanging open. She turned to look the other way and pointed, “My god! Look at these two over here.”

A couple lay mauling on the front hood of the second car down from us. He was on her right side away from us and had his knee tucked up between her legs. Her blouse was unbuttoned while he massaged her right breast, leaving her other nicely sized boob clearly visible to our view.

“It’s incredible.” I had to admit. “Almost makes you want to go lean against the trunk, while I take you from behind. Doesn’t it?”

Slapping me across the chest, she said, “I don’t think so. It is one thing to do that kind of thing in the car, where at least you’re somewhat protected from view. It’s altogether different to do it out in open where anyone and everyone can watch.”

“It didn’t seem to bother you earlier today to swim naked into shore.” I argued.

“Not the same.” She came right back. “We weren’t making love up on the bow of the boat or on shore where everyone could see us. And besides it was just a quick flash between being covered by the water and getting back into the bushes.”

“True.” I acknowledged, starting to unbutton her blouse, again. “But, everyone along the beach knew what we were doing in the bushes.”

“I doubt it.” She argued again.

“Not if they saw either one of us flash from the water to the bushes and me carrying a blanket. At least that’s what Dad said.” I countered, having unbuttoned her third button and reaching inside to start squeezing one her soft breasts.

Deb quickly brought her hand up over her mouth in response to my last revelation. “You’re kidding me. Your Dad saw us and said something.”

“Sure did. And Mon said I needed to protect your reputation.” I smirked in satisfaction of winning this argument.

“Well, I guess we can’t do that anymore.”

“No! No, that’s not what I meant. I was just trying to point out it was almost the same thing.” I responded trying to do a little damage control and quickly added in an attempt to change the subject, “Why did you button up your blouse again?”

“Ah-ha!” she exclaimed, ignoring my last comment. ” ‘Almost.’ You said. So it’s not the same.” She sat there grinning, knowing she had really been the winner in this little argument.

About this time the ‘Visit the Snack Bar’ commercials faded off the screen, replaced with the coming or should I say ‘cumming’ attractions. Deb’s attention was immediately glued to the screen. I watched as her mouth slowly open wider and wider in disbelief, until she turned quickly to say, “If the previews are like this. What are the movies going to be like?”

“Well just like regular Kadıköy Escort movies they usually show the best parts on the previews.”

“That’s a little bit of a relief. I’m not sure I could handle much more without becoming grossed out or so turned on I become a total slut.”

“I hope it’s the later and not the former.”

She didn’t respond. Probably didn’t even hear me as she quickly returned her full attention back to the screen. Erotic scene after erotic scene switched on the screen along with all the appropriate moaning and orgasmic howling. Deb was totally captivated by it all.

“Joyce and Marj said it would be like this. I just couldn’t believe it could possibly be this graphic.” She commented in a whisper.

“Well, you’re just seeing quick snapshots of the action right now, although they are probably the most graphic. In the movie there will be more build up to these points and they will last a lot longer, with shots taken from every possible and sometimes even impossible angles.” I critiqued.

Without answering, still enthralled with what was happening on the screen she slowly leaned and relaxed back into my body. We watched quietly while the remainder of the previews continued to flash across the screen.

The feature presentation opened with a bird’s eye view of a city skyline. After the title and credits disappeared the camera zoomed in on one large office building and then onto an upper story window, where you could see the back of an executives chair and the top of a man’s head leaning back against it, as if lounging. As the camera looked over his shoulder a woman’s head came bobbing into view. Her shoulder length blond hair flailed around as she wantonly drove her head up and down his spear.

Panning around to his right side the size of his cock became apparent. The blonde had both of her hands gripping its base as you would a baseball bat. And for the split second that the rest of his cock was visible between plunges by the beautiful blonde, you could see at least another six inches, and that didn’t include its head, which she always kept in her mouth as she lunged down upon him again and again.

“Oooh… my god.” Deb moaned in a very low, almost inaudible breath. “I can’t believe the size of that.”

Totally into the film Deb’s hand just lay on my belly as my still hard cock twitched above it.

The blonde just kept plunging her mouth down on his enormous cock in rapid succession, while he just laid back in his chair with his eyes closed and a self-satisfied smirk on his face. His cock was so thick that the gap between her fingers and thumb was much more than an inch.

“That can’t be real?” Deb asked in a whisper, leaning forward towards the screen as if to examine it a little closer.

“I don’t know. But these are low budget movies. They aren’t known for their special effects. If they need something, they just keep looking ’til they find it.”

Opening his eyes the executive leaned forward and ran his hands through the blonde’s hair, saying, “Just relax now, baby.” She let go of her grip and the man slowly started pulling her down on him. “That’s it sweetheart, slowly. Just relax and let him slide all the way down your throat, baby.”

“God, Bill. She can’t do that.” She sounded worried, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth and leaning back into me as if needing protection.

Slowly the gigantic spear disappeared, until the blonde’s nose was buried in his pubic hair. The camera closed in as she open her eyes and looked up. The camera angle changed to the perspective of the man looking down at her. She looked into the camera or his eyes and you could get a sense of a smile on her face, a smile of both pride and lust.

“Bill! How can she do that?” Deb whispered.

“It’s called deep throat.”

“Swallow baby. I love it when your throat mussels massage my big cock.” The executive instructed. The camera panned in on her throat. As she swallowed you could see the mussels flexing down along her throat repeatedly.

“My god Bill, how can she do that.” Deb gasped again, this time clutching her throat.

“I don’t know Deb. I’ve never seen that one before.”

“Okay, baby. Back up to the top.” He instructed again and she complied, slowly pulling her lips up to the top of his cock. She let her lips slide out over its crown and off its head, as it laid bent slightly in her direction. She smiled up at him again.

As the camera angle changed, she stuck out her tongue and used it to circle the surface of the huge, almost purple bulbous head. As her tongue pulled away a string of pre-cum stretched from the end of her tongue back to the head.

The camera angle changed again back to a profile and for the first time we could see the real size of this huge monster cock. It was much more than twelve inches long and at least three inches thick. It looked like it was transplanted from a horse.

“Oooh, my god.” Deb gasped again. “I just can’t believe that’s real.”

“Yeah.” I agreed. “Even makes John Göztepe Escort Hughes look small.”

“John who?”

“John Hughes. A male sex star, with about a foot long dick, but only about half as thick as this one.” I explained. “And this guy isn’t even fully erect yet.”

“How can you say that?” she responded in awe. “He can’t possibly get any bigger.”

“Look when it comes out of her mouth. It’s bent slightly toward her. It curves nicely down her throat.” I explained, beginning to massage Deb’s breast a little harder. “If he was fully erect it would be bent back towards his stomach, like mine.”

The executive pulled his secretary back towards him. She willingly took him all in again, keeping her eyes open and looking at him the whole time as the camera shot it from his prospective again. Slowly she slid down the long shaft until again her nose was buried in his nest of hair.

“Swallow, some more, baby.” He commanded and the camera panned back to the profile to show her lips descending the length of his shaft and then her throat muscles flexing again as she swallowed over and over again.

“You like that. Don’t you, baby.” He stated more than asked. She responded while slowly shaking her head in the affirmative. “You love to suck on your boss’ big cock… don’t you sweetheart.” He said again while she both swallowed and shook her head. “You like to have its big head down deep in your throat. You love to massage it as you swallow its big head.” He continued and she kept nodding yes as well.

“How does she breath?” Deb asked in an even lower whisper. After a slight pause she gasped as a sudden revelation hit her. “How is she ever going take all that in… wh… when they make love. It will just kill her!”

“Don’t babies come out through the same place?” I asked, kidding.

“Yes!” She slapped me across the chest, yet again. “After nine months of preparation… and from what I’ve been told it’s not a whole lot of fun and it hurts like hell!”

The executive placed his hands on the sides of the blonde’s head and slowly pushed her head away until her lips were just below the crown. Then he pulled her back towards him again until her nose was in his hair. He pushed out a little faster this time and her cheeks sucked in. As he pulled her back onto his shaft her cheeks ballooned out. In and out he pushed her head, picking up the speed on each rotation. Her cheeks caving in and then ballooning back out again, over and over.

“I still don’t know how she can do that.” Deb mumbled. “I can’t take much more than half of you in, without beginning to gag.”

“It’s relaxation. The old sword swallower’s trick… bend the neck back and relax.” I explained like I knew all about it.

“How do you know so much?”

“I told you, I bought Penthouse for the articles and not the pictures.”

“Yeah, right.” She came back sarcastically.

“Okay, baby.” The man on screen started. “That’s enough of that. How about opening that blouse and letting me fuck those fantastic teats of yours.” She pulled her lips off his dick with a ‘pop.’ Leaning back and thrusting out what now appeared to be a very large bust line, she started slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Batting her eyes and licking her lips sensually she did a mini-strip tease on her knees. Once she slowly pulled her blouse off her shoulders, she revealed a lacy blue half-cup bra that hid her nipples, but not the top of her areolas. Much the creamy white flesh spilled out above the blue material. Reaching behind herself with both hands, thus making those luscious mounds look even larger; she unfastened her bra. Holding the straps she brought them around and held them so the bra cups stayed in place until she could grab both breasts.

“I’ve never heard of teat fucking. What’s that?” Deb asked.

“Watch and you’ll see.” Then I suggested, “Maybe we can try it some time.”

The secretary held her breasts and pushed them up for a couple of more teasing moments. Then she let them fall, dropping the bra at the same time. She swung them back and forth lasciviously a couple of times, then reached forward to grab his cock with both hands again.

Once in her hands the secretary began jacking off his huge staff a couple of times. Then she pulled the tip of his cock between her breasts and spread the drops of pre-cum in the valley. Letting go with both hands she spit into both palms and smeared it up and down his shaft. Now holding the outside of her enormous breasts she leaned forward and wrapped them around his mammoth hard-on.

She’s got breasts a lot like Joyce’s.” Deb commented. “I’d bet you’d love to fuck them.”

I didn’t comment on that, knowing there was no right answer.

Raising her thighs up off her legs where she kneeled, she dragged her breasts up the length of his shaft. The head of his cock disappeared between her breasts and then quickly reappeared as she lowered herself back onto her calves. The view changed to his perspective. She smiled at him seductively; rising back up until the tip disappeared again and quickly reappeared. Her pace quickened as she jerked herself up and down, letting his appendage shoot up between her breasts repeatedly. She stuck out her tongue so that each time she lowered herself it licked the underside of his shaft.

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