Sundresses , Sins Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Writers note: Every character in this story is a work of fiction and are over the age of 18.

I let out a yawn, my eyes fluttering open as the warm sun danced across the silk bed sheets; Kicked off at some point during the night due to the hot air caused by a freshly begun heat wave. Stretching over the large queen size mattress that was not my own. I looked to where Henry had laid the night before, after we had come back from the auction we had spent the evening just enjoying eachothers company.

Sure his mind flashed to images of what he would like to do to me but we never got to it, at the end of the night we simply crawled into his bed and fell asleep next to each other. I think he just enjoyed having someone laying next to him, the guy was engaged but still slept alone.

He wasn’t there, so I sat up in bed. Looking like a mess, my hair was wild and the large t-shirt I slept in wasn’t exactly flattering. “Henry?” I called out through the open door to the master bedroom, expecting to hear him walk down the hall from the kitchen. After a few moments and a couple more yawns I swung my legs over the side and made my way out of the room. It was quiet while I stepped barefoot down the floating floor of the hallway, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

The kitchen and living area was empty, Henry wasn’t here. I had expected him to be taking the day off after the success of the auction, wanting to discuss and explore this new dynamic we had found for ourselves. My phone was plugged in on the counter, I grabbed it and poured myself a cup of coffee from the still warm pot. Two missed texts, one from Henry and one from a friend, Kristy.

I looked at Henry’s first. “Hey Cammy, sorry I didn’t wake you. You just looked so beautiful sleeping.. I had to drop by the store but should be back around noon, we’ll talk then okay?” I felt butterflies fill my stomach, I think that was the first time anyone has called me beautiful. My heart fluttered in my chest as I thought about him watching me as I slept next to him, something about it was strangely romantic.

Two missed calls from Danny, I should likely call him back; he must be worried. We haven’t spoken in a couple days, not since mom kicked me out. First I opened Kristy’s text.

“Hey CamCam! So my mom wants me to help her pack today and I know we had plans but I’m gonna need a raincheck okay? Sorry! Luv u tons xo” I giggled, honestly I had completely forgotten we had plans on the 26th, we were going to spend the day at the beach. Kristy was planning on moving at the end of the summer so we wouldn’t get a lot of time to spend with each other for a while.

“Hey Krispuss, No worries! Enjoy your time with your Mom and tell her I said “Hey!” Kris had been one of the few friends I had my entire life, we had grown up only a few houses from each other. She had a twin brother, so When we were all young we would spend a lot of time together. Bailey, her older sister had moved to Miami a few years back to become a Journalist….Or a blogger? I don’t remember. I wonder how she’s doing. Kris never mentions her. I’ll have to ask when we get together.

I hopped up onto the counter, setting my cup of coffee down beside me. I was considering returning Danny’s call, I knew what he wanted to talk about but I didn’t know If I wanted to talk about it. Whatever had happened between me and Henry had been strangely connecting, something both of us needed more than we realized.

With Henry….I knew I wanted it to happen again, just the way he looked at me. The way his hands firmly held my small waist, every motion filled with desire. He didn’t want to just cum as quickly as possible and move on, He wanted me to feel it. To enjoy every inch of him. When he had the chance to go for it again, I would have let him. He just laid down next to me, Henry didn’t just want a pussy to fill, he wanted all of me. That was the difference between Danny and Henry, My two older brothers. If I had to choose between them….I would choose Henry.

My phone started buzzing in my hand, startling me and causing me to knock over my cup of coffee. “Shit” I cursed as the brown liquid covered the counter top, I hopped down and looked at my phone. Henry was calling.

I held it up to my ear, clearing my throat as those butterflies came fluttering back. “H-hey Henry!”

“Hey Sleepyhead, you okay? You sound a bit flustered” He could hear my nerves thru the phone, I started nibbling on my thumb nail and turned to the coffee covering the kitchen counter. “Yeah, I just spilled some coffee.” I giggled, realizing how silly I must sound.

“Dont worry about it, So i have some news.” He sounded like he was driving, I could hear the sound of passing cars.

“What’s Up?” I grabbed a roll of tissue paper and started cleaning up the mess I had made.

“The Sale went through and we just split the profits. Dad got the lion’s share because he owns the store, But I’m looking at a payday of 400 thousand dollars!” I could hear the genuine disbelief in his Didim Escort voice, the exasperated laugh as he couldn’t believe he was getting so much.

“That’s Great Henry!” I squealed in delight, I was so proud of him. He had worked so hard for so long, he had earned the good he was receiving. “Yeah it is, and I was thinking. Maybe you and I can go out to celebrate?” What? Was he serious? I was in shock, I didn’t know how to react but I knew that we couldn’t be seen together in public, someone might recognize us. “Henry….” As if knowing what I was going to say he cut me off.

“Don’t worry, It would just look like a Brother and Sister celebrating the success of their family business, nothing weird.” He chuckled. He was right afterall, there was nothing strange about siblings eating together. “What should I wear?” I threw the coffee stained paper towels into the trash bin and quickly made my way down the hall into the guest room, where all my clothes were.

“It’s still hot out and It’s going to get hotter…..Something thin and lightweight?” I looked through my drawers, trying to find something that matched the description by him. I wanted to look good, not only for me but for him as well, I wanted to give him something nice to look at. “How about a Sundress?” He chimed in with a perfect suggestion.

I dug through my drawers until I found the only one I owned, one he had purchased for me a couple days ago. It was a light red, verging on pink; and matched my red hair wonderfully. It was low cut, while the top would fit snugly against my breasts and abdomen, the billowy bottom would keep me cool in the hot weather. “I’ve got just the thing!” I giggled as I tossed it onto my bed, still made and unslept in.

“Great! I’ll pick you up in 15 minutes. See you soon” The call ended. 15 minutes? Really Henry? That wasn’t anywhere near enough time. I threw off the t-shirt I had slept in, revealing my milky skin underneath. No underwear, there was no need for them last night despite Henry not wanting to do anything other than sleep next to me. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed myself clean, giggling when I got to my thighs. I could see where his seed had leaked out of me during the night and dried against my skin.

With my hair still wet, I hopped out of the shower and combed it. It would be too hot for makeup and I thought my round, freckled face was cute enough without it. Finding a matching bra and panties, I had just clipped the bra behind my shoulder when I heard the door open. “Cammy? Are you ready?” Henry called, I could hear him walking down the hall.

“Almost!” I called back, turning my back to the door to grab the sundress I had thrown onto my bed. “Oh…” I heard him whisper, turning my head back to look over my shoulder I saw him standing in the doorway. His eyes fixed on me. Images of what he was seeing flashed into my mind, There I was. In nothing but a pair of lace panties and matching bra.

My smooth milky skin running along my curves, my soft, pillowy butt in full view. I giggled and wiggled my hips, causing my cheeks to jiggle. “Just a moment and I’ll be ready.” He grinned at my teasing and leaned against the door frame, folding his muscular arms across his chest.

“Take your time, No need to rush.” I giggled again and felt my cheeks redden, he was drinking me in. It felt nice to be looked at like that, Like a attractive, sexy young woman. I slid the dress over my head and pulled it down. It hugged my abdomen and pushed my breasts up, causing them to bounce slightly with every step I made. My hair was still wet but I knew it would dry fast in the humid air. I did a little spin, showing off the dress for him.

“Well? What do you think?” I knew what he thought, I could hear it and see it. I heard him think of how beautiful and desirable I looked and I saw that desire press against the front of his jeans. “You….You look amazing” He chuckled and looked at his phone. “Come on! We’re gonna be late!” He took my hand as I walked up to him and led me out of the house, barely having the chance to close and lock the front door.

“Whoa, why are we In a rush?” I winced as I stepped out into the sun, I had forgotten my sunblock. The sun was a natural enemy of redheads and I burned really fast so I would have to be careful. Jumping into the pickup, I scooted over to the passenger seat and barely had my seatbelt on when he pulled out the driveway. “I made a reservation, If we don’t get there soon they’re gonna give away our table.” A reservation? Where were we going? I thought we would just go by one of the food trucks along the beach to celebrate.

Then I saw his mind flash images of ‘La Plage’. It was a French restaurant within Salono that had only recently opened up to the public. It was VERY expensive and very upper class. From what I had heard about it, it served a wild variety of food prepared by a well respected chef but getting a reservation was a bit of a hassle. Being the premier dining experience for couples, Didim Escort Bayan It was usually booked weeks in advance so Henry must have already had the reservation.

Then it dawned on me, He had made this reservation for himself and Lela. Not for us. It hurt a little knowing that the reservation wasn’t meant for me but it did help when I realized he chose to take me over the person he had made it for. We drove down to the beach, which was absolutely packed. It was peak tourist season so there were thousands of people walking the sandy shores and swimming in the warm waters. I could smell the sea air blowing in off the ocean. It was trying to cool the land but the overbearing sun outpowered it.

Pulling into the jammed parking lot, He grabbed my wrist and pulled me along with him out the drivers side door, I stumbled and nearly fell over as my feet hit the pavement. He turned and grabbed me by the waist, helping me get my footing. My heart fluttered in my chest, His hand felt so firm pressed into my soft skin. Our eyes locked and I could see that he wanted to kiss me just as much as I wanted to kiss him….but we couldn’t, not here, not now. Not where we could be seen. I saw it play out in his mind, the whole scenario.

Him catching me before I could fall, scooping his arm around my waist. Holding me against him, I melted against him, Our lips locked in a heated embrace there in the middle of the parking lot. Then it faded, He knew just as I did. Not in public, not here where we may be recognized. He smiled down on me, I softly returned the gesture. Walking into the restaurant I was in awe. I never actually saw the inside, I passed by as the building was being constructed but never had the opportunity to experience it myself.

Immediately I was met with the aroma of seafood, which made perfect sense considering there was a look in kitchen so you could see the chef and cooks in action, already they were hustling around the relatively new and still shiny kitchen, one looked to be preparing some kind of salad while another was prepping a customers deserts. The floor decor was simple but elegant, a royal red carpet for the entrance while the dining hall was floored with planks of a darker wood, I couldn’t tell which kind of course. There were two separate sections for the diners, a ‘public’ section where four twelve top tables were set, each table was filled with hungry customers who chatted among themselves.

The private section, where our table was. Was set on a balcony overlooking the kitchen itself, where while we dined we could watch the staff as they worked. Henry confirmed his reservation and the Matre d showed us to our table. It was fairly far into the balcony as the tables closer to the spiral staircase were already set with other couples, some were already dining while others watched the Chef below, wondering if he was preparing their meal at that very moment.

It reminded me of that show with that angry chef, However there wasn’t any cursing or yelling in this kitchen. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing at any given moment. Henry pulled out my chair for me, I giggled and sat at the table. Tucking my dress under my legs as he pushed the chair in, causing the royal blue table cloth to flow over my thighs. He sat across from me, a smile on his sharp features. His stubble looked like it needed a trim but other than that, He was as Handsome as ever.

A waiter arrived, Someone I knew. Richard, He was my first and only boyfriend. We had met in our senior year and had gotten to know each other as the two outcasts. In fact he was the guy who took my virginity, He was still tall and lanky though not quite as tall as Henry. His face seemed to brighten up after he took a second look at me.

“Camille? Oh my god hi!” His enthusiasm was kind’ve off putting and it made me immediately uncomfortable, he took a step closer to me. He was going in for a hug, Henry cleared his throat, sensing my unease about the situation which caused Richard to take a step back. “Oh, Sorry. What are you doing here? God it’s been ages.”

“Oh, Uh yeah” I didn’t come here for a shallow catch up conversation with the guy who couldn’t even last long enough for it to start feeling good. I looked at Henry with an expression that read ‘I dont wanna talk to him’ Henry smiled.

“Listen pal, we’re just here to have a nice meal and celebrate alright?” My brother was giving the guy an out and rescuing me from a pointless conversation I did not want. Richard’s body language immediately changed. He had relaxed when he recognized me but thanks to Henry had noticeably become more withdrawn.

“Oh….Sorry!…..Henry, right?” He placed the Menus on the table, more of a tossed them in front of us rather than set them down. I chuckled under my breath, well this afternoon was off to a great start. I opened the Menu and looked through it as Henry tried his best to get Richard to move along.

“Yeah, You’re Dick right?” I giggled, Richard never liked to be Escort Didim called that and it was a name used by those who bullied him. ‘The fuck is she laughing at’ his thought floated threw my mind, I smiled and giggled again. “Listen Pal, Obvious Cammy doesn’t wanna talk to you, so how about you just leave us alone alright?” Henry was still trying to get Richard to leave as calmly as he can, Henry was never an angry person or a violent one. He had always tried talking to someone rather than confronting them, I on the other hand could be a bit of a hot head, came with the red hair.

“Yeah…Dick, leave us alone.” I could see his face turn red, his thoughts were a mess. A tangled web of curse words and phrases that if Henry heard, I’m fairly certain Henry would punch him in the face. Henry rolled his eyes and put his hand on the table, scooting his chair a little closer to mine. “Just go man.” Richard wasnt stupid, He knew if he started something it would cost him his job and likely make him look like an idiot, when he tried to get to me through my 6’4, weightlifting brother.

While he did think about throwing something back at me, Dick turned and walked away in a huff. He looked so weird, trying to contain himself as he walked past the other guests. “What are you doing Cammy?” Henry chuckled through his sentence, Looking me straight in the eye.

“What?” I did my best to look innocent, like I didn’t know what I had just said. We both looked through our Menus and WOW, this place was expensive. Nothing on the menu cost below fifty dollars but Henry didn’t bat an eye, he found what he wanted and set his menu down. Looking through it, a lot of it sounded like it was going to taste yucky. However there was a ‘Gourmet’ fish cutlet with a side of freshly cut chips. Living by the ocean, you either hate fish or love it….and I loved it.

Setting it down with a smile on my face, Henry flagged down the nearest waiter. This one was a middle aged woman with a polite smile on her face, a small notepad in her hand. “What’ll you have?”

“I’ll have the 16 ounce T-bone with a side of mash please” Henry picked one of the most expensive things on the Menu, when she turned to me I sheepishly told her my order which was one of the cheaper ones. “You sure you want that Cammy?” Henry scooted his chair even closer to mine and opened the menu again, pointing out a risotto topped with grilled lobster.. “Y-Yeah, that looks good. I’ll have that!” I stuttered at first, I wasn’t expecting Henry to move so close to me. He had no thoughts about it, so I guess he just did it on a whim, without thinking.

The waitress smiled and nodded politely, “Thank you, Your order should be ready within 15 minutes.” She sauntered off, delivering our order to the Kitchen below. Henry, now practically shoulder to shoulder with me, had this sweet smile on his face as he looked out to the kitchen.

He wasn’t thinking beyond this moment, He was genuinely enjoying me just being there with him. He had no plans to seduce me with an expensive meal, he just wanted to spend time with me. His phone vibrated in his pocket, pulling it out I managed to catch a glimpse at it before he blackened the screen. Two missed calls from Lela and five missed Texts, He was ignoring her.

“SO what do you think of the place?” He turned his attention back towards me, His hand fell over my wrist, the pad of his thumb gently rubbed my soft, freckled skin. “It’s nice….and Expensive.”

“Yeah but we deserve something nice….Don’t we?” Then I saw it, clearly he was imagining leaning closer to me and pressing his lips to mine. I wanted to kiss him, I REALLY wanted to kiss him.

Wetting my lips, I leaned closer to him. “Here you are!” Wow this waitress had the worst timing possible. We both sat up straight in our chairs as she placed down an absolutely delicious smelling steak, the brown sear on the outside was mouth watering and I was kind’ve bummed I hadn’t ordered the same thing until I saw mine. She placed my risotto before me. It looked creamy, the bowl of rice had a rich aroma to it that had my mouth salivating. In the center was a perfectly grilled lobster tail.

“Enjoy your meal and let me know if you need anything else!” She left us to our meals. One spoonful of the risotto and I was in heaven, it was so savory and smooth, the flavors popped and instantly I wanted more. Henry was enjoying his medium rare steak to my side, every so often we would look at eachother with our mouths full and chuckle.

Henry cleaned his plate, all that was left was the t shaped bone of the steak and a smear of sauce. I on the other hand couldn’t finish mine, I’m used to eating small portions so by the time I had eaten half of my risotto I was stuffed. We were in no rush, neither of us had to be anywhere so for a little while we just sat and talked. Talked about the Heat wave, about Mom kicking me out, about the auction and what it meant for the family. We kept skirting around what we had done during the auction.

I could see that he didn’t want to discuss it in public and I was okay with that. My elbows were on the table, my chin in my hands looking into his eyes when the Waitress returned. Henry ordered us a shared dessert, Knowing I was full and wouldn’t be able to finish my own.

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