Sunday Steam Room Surprise

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“Great workout babe!”

It was their Sunday routine-they’d go to the gym where Chris worked as a personal trainer and have a good, tiring workout together before hitting the steam room and then heading home for a hearty brunch. They’d been doing it since they’d first started dating and now a year into married life, they almost never missed a Sunday. Of course, Sundays weren’t their only workouts. As a personal trainer, Chris kept his body as fit and toned as it had been when he’d been a college football star. And Jessica was a marathon runner with an ass that turned heads. Sundays were just their time together.

Chris gave Jessica a quick kiss and then they headed into their respective locker rooms. The place had a communal steam room, with an entrance from either locker room. Every Sunday they changed into their towels and then met up in the same corner to relax together. It was always pretty empty and though they’d made out in the steamy nook a few times, they were usually interrupted by some naked old dude or another shuffling his way through the mist.

Jessica threw her hair up into a messy bun and grabbed a towel to sit on before entering the steam room. She took a slow, deep breath, letting the first wave of moist air enter her lungs before she walked the familiar path over to their corner. She nearly sat down on Chris, tucked further into their corner than usual. Giggling, she murmured, “Oops, sorry,” and settled down beside him instead. She put a hand on his thigh maltepe escort and closed her eyes, enjoying the close warmth of her husband’s body.

They’d been sitting for a few minutes, her fingers absently massaging his thigh, when she felt a gentle tap near her wrist. “Oh?” She giggled again, moving her hand up to grasp his still-hardening cock. He jumped slightly as if he hadn’t expected the touch, and she smiled, her eyes still closed as she enjoyed the steam. She sat still for a moment, just holding his semi-hard cock. She realized soon though, that she hadn’t heard the doors open since she’d come in. They were, for once, alone. With that realization, she gave him a slight squeeze and started to move her hand up and down. Again, he made a surprised noise as if he hadn’t thought she would follow through.

He grew in her hand, a guttural grunt coming from him as he realized she was really going to do this here in the steam room. They were certainly well covered by the thick mist but anyone could walk in on them.

“Oh babe, you’re so thick,” she purred, wondering if the steam had anything to do with how solid he felt in her hand. She felt his legs spread slightly, inviting her down between them. Dropping her towel to the ground for some comfort, she took the invitation, kneeling between his thighs. The steam room gushed a fresh flow of mist, enveloping them so she could hardly see past the thick, hard cock in front of her. “Oh God babe, you pendik escort look so good.” She barely got the words out before she took him in her mouth.

Sucking his head, she moaned. One hand dropped to his balls and the other slid down to her pussy, feeling how flooded she was with her own moisture. She rolled his balls in one hand as she sucked on just the tip of his cock. He grunted slightly at the tease and put a hand on her hair. Taking hold of her bun, he gave her a slight push down. She obliged, sliding further down his cock. She could usually take her husband all the way in-she’d had lots of practice. This time, she found herself unable to take his full length. She came back up, drooling thick globs of saliva onto his shaft. Determined to do what she’d done before, she kissed the tip and adjusted her position, supporting herself against his thighs as she opened her mouth again.

It took some effort but she managed to slide her mouth down to the base of his cock this time. With her new position, he was able to reach over, pulling at her hard nipples. She loved having her tits played with and he did it excellently, tugging and twisting just the right amount. She moaned around him, her mouth stretched wide and his cock lodged deep in her throat. Pulling back up again, she moaned, “Oh God babe, I have to have you inside me. Now.”

On the slippery steam room bench, there wasn’t space for her to wrap her legs around him. She stood in front kaynarca escort of him instead, slowly sitting down on his lap, facing the door where anyone could walk in on them. They’d joked about fucking in the steam room before but they’d never really thought they could make it a reality. She knew, as she tapped her clit with the tip of his cock, that she’d never look at the steam room the same again.

She slid her wet pussy along his dick, whimpering at the electric shocks of pleasure every time his head brushed her pussy. Finally though they’d both had enough of teasing. He reached between them, holding himself steady so she could lower onto the thick pole. It was thicker than she’d ever felt him before and she moaned as she felt herself settle around him. He took hold of her hips, thrusting into her. Reaching around, he rubbed her clit as she bounced on his lap, grunting as she whimpered and writhed.

She came first, which she distantly realized was the first time that had happened in their relationship. And much to her surprise, a second orgasm followed for her soon after as he thrust deep and came inside her. The excitement and the naughtiness were enough to get her off a second time, along with his fingers on her clit. “Oh fuck babe,” she moaned. “I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” She sat on his lap for a few more minutes, catching her breath as he softened inside her.

“I’ll meet you by the desk,” she finally sighed, content and ready to go home. She stepped out of the steam room and took a quick shower before getting dressed and going to their usual meeting spot.

Chris was waiting there, freshly showered and looking apologetic. “Hey babe. Sorry I didn’t hit the steam room with you. I got stuck talking to a client. Maybe next time.”

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