Summer ‘Plays’ in the Light Booth

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It was a dark and rainy night. No, Really. It WAS a dark and rainy night. I was on an assignment to update transmitter equipment for the Forest Service and I had come down from the site early because of the weather.

I saw lights ahead and then a sign flashing “Bar & Grill”. Hell, I didn’t want to go back to the motel now anyway, so I pulled in and ran for the door. Taking a short cut, I realized too late that off the path was just mud. Running at a good speed I grabbed the door and sought protection from the downpour. In the winter this was a ski resort so it had a short entry and another door. Well I slid wildly, grabbed the handle of the inner door and went off my feet. My falling pulled the door open and hanging on to the handle for dear life I slid inside feet first and landed on my back. Un-hurt …. other than my pride.

There was complete silence as everyone looked on.

“NOW THERE’S AN ENTRANCE!”, someone exclaimed.

To a great deal of applause and laughter I arose. My face bright red I’m sure.

“Come over here! Let me buy you a drink.” said a guy standing and waving me over. The usual buzz of the place picked up and returned to normal.

Frankly I was a little miffed. No one asked me if I was O.K. I WAS, ….. but still.

There were 6 or 7 people of various ages around a couple of tables pushed together. An older man with large glasses introduced himself as Bob Arnold, explaining they were counselors at a nearby summer camp for kids trying to pull together their big final event which was a play.

After the usual introductions all around I ordered a pint of whatever that was local and on tap. I sipped my beer and listened. At some point the person next to me, I wasn’t sure of the sex, asked what I was doing in this part of the woods. I explained and mentioned I would be around a few more days doing it.

“Hey guys!” It announced in a booming voice, “This dude can probably help us with our lighting problem.”

So that’s how I got involved.

The next afternoon I left work a little early and drove through the gate at ‘Crystal Lake Youth Camp’ about 3:00 pm. I was directed to the ‘Main Hall’ and found Bob.

Bob explained, “About every half hour the light board dims and if we don’t shut down most of the stage lights I’m afraid we’ll blow a circuit breaker. It’s the same setup as last year and we had no problems with it then. Why don’t you go up in the light booth with Karen and watch. It’s bound to happen any time now.”

The light booth was a platform built over the entrance with a stepladder leaning against one side. It was crudely built and cramped. I introduced myself to Karen and explained my why I was there.

“I know, Hi.” Was the extent of her reply.

I unfolded a metal chair and sat behind Karen. The light board sat on a long, low counter and consisted of about 20 home use dimmer switches. Orange power cords stretched out to simple lights attached to ceiling beams above the stage. The dimmers emitted an ominous buzzing sound.

(Welcome to the back country where there are no electrical inspectors.) I thought.

A few minutes later the dimmers began buzzing loudly, the lights dimmed and Karen frantically shut off most of the lights. Down on the floor there was a lot of groaning mixed with a few curses.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “That was exciting. What do you think is happening?”

“No idea.”

“Anything different from last year? I understand it was O.K. last year.”


The kid was a real talker. I pulled my chair up beside her and asked, “Who was it that designed this nightmare. Do you know?”

“A hippie dippie guy that worked for Mr. Arnold last year.”

Thus far she had only looked down at the stage. I touched her arm so I could get her attention and asked, “Somethingis changed. There must be. Are any dimmers not working?”

Karen glanced toward me replying, “I have not changed anything at all. It’ll be O.K. again in about 5 minutes.”

This girl was retarded…. or terribly shy. All I had seen of her so far was long black hair and a big gray sweat shirt.

“We’re quitting for the day and leave it to you two to figure it out…… üsküdar escort ” Bob hollered up to us, “Cripes, I HOPE you can fix it .”

Karen guided me around while double checked everything. We climbed back up into the booth, put all the lights on and waited. She seemed a little less shy as I could get more than monosyllables out of her now. I had observed during our walk around she was about 5′ 4″, better looking than I first thought, though I had no idea if she was thick or thin because the sweat shirt hung almost to her knees. She DID have a nice butt. I was polite and allowed her to go up the ladder first.

Thinking she was one of the summer camp kids I asked who her consoler was.

“I’m staff. I live near here and have been helping Mr. Arnold summers since high school. In two weeks I’m going to start at State U.”

Now more talkative she asked me some questions. Her voice was soft, sort of sultry. The next thing I know I’m telling her my life story. I was up to the divorce last year when the lights went berserk again.

We watched, our hands ready to jump at the dimmers, waiting for smoke to pour out. The lights brightened some but stayed too dim to be normal.

Once again we checked everything but found nothing to corrected the problem. Karen went back up the ladder and I let her go ahead (for a better view of course). Just as I put a foot on the ladder I noticed a humming near the front door.

“Just a sec. I want to check something.”

Outside the front door was a Pepsi machine. The lights were flickering and the compressor was struggling to run. I grabbed the cord and unplugged it.

“There bright again!” Karen yelled.

Climbing the ladder I told Karen I think the problem may be solved. When I told her what I had done she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well, we’ll see.”

We powered all the lights full up and sat back.

This time I ask Karen about herself. She was nervous about registering at U, had struggled with a bad complexion, has over protective parents and didn’t find any of the local guys interesting.

Karen fanned her face with a program. It was hot from all the lights, especially up near the ceiling where we were.

“Aren’t you hot in that sweat shirt?” I asked.

Fanning herself harder she said, “Whew! Yes.”

“Why don’t you take it off? I’m getting hot just looking at you.” I replied, not realizing what I said.

With a coy, side look she replied, “I’m not wearing a bra. I might be cooler, but would that helpyou any?”

“Go ahead. I won’t look.” I smirked. “…..I promise!”


“Well O.K. then, I won’t touch. Scouts honor!”


“Well I guess we’ll just have to sit here and stew in our own juices then.”

I turned away pretending to be upset. I took a quick look back. Her sweat shirt was over her head and about to come off. WOW! Slim, petite body, perfect breasts, erect dark nipples. It is amazing what the male brain can absorb in a second. I looked away before she saw me.

Karen sat quietly so I made broad movements to turn my chair around and look up as if I had just discovered her.

“Not going to look huh.” she huffed. “I bet you won’t keep your promise ‘not to touch’ either.”

“Of course!” I mumbled as I leaned forward to cup a luscious breast and press my lips around a hard nipple.

Karen actually whimpered and lightly touched the side of my face. “I haven’t done anything like this for a long time.” she whispered.

“Me either.” I returned as I raised my lips to her neck while gently cupping both breasts. I stroked each nipple with my thumbs causing Karen to inhale.

In a tiny voice she asked, “Are we going to make love?”

I think my voice quivered when I said, “God, I hope so.”

I reached to open her slacks but she stopped me saying, “No, take off your T shirt. I want to feel you against me.” We both grasped my shirt pulling it off and I threw it aside. Karen moved to sit on my lap where we clasped each other closely, her breasts pressing my bare chest.

“Not to break the mood but I don’t take any birth control.” şerfali escort she whispered, “Do you have something?”

“I’ve had a vasectomy.” (And I fought getting one when I was married. But this wasnot the time to discuss that!)

She then gave me the longest, most loving kiss I have ever experienced. No suck face or other drama just her sweet breath mingling with mine. I followed her lead, not moving, transfixed in a state of bliss. … And growing the stiffest hard-on ever.

“Whoa!” she said breaking our kiss. “Something’s really poking me. I better check and see what’s going on.” Her ability to go from passionate to playful was delightful.

“You better stand up.” she ordered.

When I did stand she had my belt and top button undone. The zipper went down, then she pulled my pants and briefs to my ankles in one motion. Of course my cock sprang out, almost hitting her in the face. There wasn’t much room in the narrow light booth so I reach behind me to move the folding chair. Next thing I knew my cock was pulled into her mouth, hand grasping the base of my cock, lips gliding over the head and onto the shaft.

It was my turn to shudder and moan.

All too soon I pressed my hands to her face to slow her motion. “Stop. Please stop. I don’t want to cum this way.”

I took her hands, pulled her up and pressed her to me again. My cock pushed against her waist, slid up between us, almost touching her breasts. She licked one of my nipples and I kissed the top of her head.

“My turn now.” I commanded.

“Your turn for what?” she asked. “Please, let’s don’t go too fast.”

“We won’t.” I answered, pulling her pants and briefs down in one motion as she had done for me. Grasping her hips I pushed her back to sit on the edge of the counter. There wasn’t enough room, but Karan reached behind her and shoved the dimmers over, dropping several off the other end on to the floor.

She reached for my cock, but that wasn’t what I had in mind yet. I knelt before her and slowly ran my hands up the inside of her thighs, parting them. With a thumb I carefully explored the moist lips, easily finding her erect clit.

“Ohh my god. THAT! You SURE you want to do THAT.” Then in a quieter voice, “I’ve never had it before.”

My answer was of course my tongue, sliding up to swirl around her hard clit. Karen shuddered, squealed, “My god! Ohhh myy god!”, pressed her thighs to my ears and immediately opened them again. I pressed my nose to her clit and pushed my tongue between her lips, into her pussy as far as I could, eventually running my tongue slowly up to her clit again.

It wasn’t long before she grasped my hair, holding on hard. Karen began shuddering and shaking. Deep urgent moans accented her movements.

“Wait! Wait! Please stop a moment.” she insisted. I stopped. She relaxed.

“I NEVER came like THAT before! WOW! WOW!WOW!”

I ungallantly wiped my mouth on the inside of her thigh, stood up and held my cock to her wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm. Yes! Put it in now.”

I hurriedly dragged the head of my cock up and down gathering fluid. Finding ‘the spot’ I very slowly pushed into her. My knees felt weak so I put a hand against the booth frame above Karen and continued my push inward. She grasped my thighs, pulling me to her and I moved deeper until there was no more. Stopping full in, I gave a few muscle jerks on my cock. Karen went, “Uh.” each time I did. Savoring the moment, I filing it away in my permanent memory.

“Oh let’s stay like this forever.”, she whispered. However she soon began small rocking movements.

Matching her I moved my cock in small strokes, growing to a frantic increase in length and speed. (Thinking about this now I wish I could adequately describe the experience. My heart still races.)

I could feel cum gathering from my toes rising to my cock. Karen grasped my thighs very hard and my cum blasted thru my cock, into her.

With Karen’s arms around me I moved slowly within her as we came back to earth. She had said nothing and didn’t need to.

“Good god,” she giggled. “I thought we were going out the window and fall on the stage mid fuck!”

We both laughed as I withdrew. Karen let her legs down and stood looking at the cloths scattered about. I moved the two folding chairs placing their backs to the counter.

“I’m not ready to quit. Are you?” I asked.

“No! … Looks like you ‘have a plan’.”

Karen caught on immediately, placing her knees on the chairs, elbow’s propped on the counter, butt in the air. I guided my stiff cock toward the exciting form before me.

It found her center.

A slight push closed her cunt around the head of my cock. Holding her hips I pushed, sliding deeper and deeper until it was almost all the way in.

“UH! OW! Stop” She raised up. “Not so deep. It’s too long.”

“Sorry.” Backing off ever so slightly.

Karen curved her back pulling me out some. I held my position. It felt just too good to withdraw. Slowly she lowered her back allowing my cock to slide deeper. She squiggled her butt some and pushed back sinking me farther. Holding there a moment she then pushed hard, sinking my cock to it’s very root.

“It feels really big. Just be careful. O.K?”

I reached under her to cup both perfect breasts, pressing my elbows to her thighs. After a few careful movements I increased speed. Nature taking it’s natural course I couldn’t help but raise up, grab her hips again and charge! I didn’t go deep, … didn’t need to. Her pussy had a tight hold on my cock. I pumped away for some time.

Soon Karen hummed, “Oooo, yesss. Yesss.”

It was alright until slammed against her butt too hard.

“UH! Oh. … .. “

I pressed tight against her and held my cock as deep in her pussy as possible. I felt a rippling, pulling, jerking on the head of my cock.

“Oooo. Oh my god. … I’m going off again. Oh, Oh, OH YES! … Aaagggh!”, she moaned, shaking her head from side to side.

Meanwhile my cock responded to the convulsions in her cunt with another violent eruption of cum. It took me by surprise. The spasms were so strong I thought my cock might fall off. After a moment I began pumping again, slowly.

My cock remained thick but softening.

Karen reached back to touch my thigh, “Good golly gosh, … gee whiz and everything else I can think of. I’m done. Please take it out. I need to stand up.”

My cock had it too and was shrinking fast so I withdrew. Karen got up and slowly turned around. There was cum drooling down the inside of her thighs.

I grabbed my white briefs and wiped the inside of her thighs, then tucked them in her crotch.

“Well aren’t you the neat and tidy one.” She grasped the shorts and tried to wipe my face with them. I grabbed her wrist and gave her a quick kiss.

“The lights are still on. No problems. I think it’s fixed.” I said picking up my pants.

Karen had one leg in her panties when I said, “Wait a minute.” I grabbed my handkerchief and just as she raised the other leg to step in her panties I placed it tight up her crotch and held it there.

“You need this or it’s going drool some more.”

“I bow to the man of great experience.” she replied giving me a dirty look, then pulled her panties up tight, making it difficult to withdraw my hand.

After dressing we shut everything down and locked the doors. The sun had set, night was not far off. As we walked to our cars, birds were chirping and I may have heard Snow White singing in the background. We held hands, fingers entwined.

At the cars I touched her cheek and bent down to gently kiss her again.

“That’s it! Summer’s over. It’s goodbye?” Karen teasingly asked.

“Oh yes. There’s one more thing. Give me my handkerchief back.”

“WHAT! That’s gross. I’ll wash it and give it to you tomorrow.”

“Nope! Gotta have it now. C’mon give it up.” I said, reaching to lift her sweat shirt.

“You are a sick person!” However she sucked in her tummy and thrust her hand inside, reaching down to her crotch. Holding it with two fingers she offered the damp cloth to me which I grabbed. Very reverently I folded it back to it’s original shape and put it in my pocket. (This unwashed item still resides in the far back of my sock drawer.)

“I better stop by tomorrow and check that the lights are working O.K.”, I said turning to get into my truck.

“You better!” she growled, kicking my tire.

—– —– —–

Another Episode? Possibly, if the muse comes upon me again. Thanks for reading this far.

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