Summer in the Hamptons Ch. 07

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As Mike rode his cab downtown, he directed the cab driver to a small bar that he knew in the West Village, a block or two from the West Side Highway and he walked in. There was a seat available at the bar, so Mike sat down and waited for the bartender, George, to notice him. As he finished serving a man at the end of the bar, George turned, spotted Mike and walked towards him.

“Hey, Mike! Long time no see. How’re you doing? What’s your pleasure tonight?”

Mike smiled, “I’m in need of a stiff one.”

A voice to his right said, “You and me both, Honey.”

Mike turned to look and saw an elfin face framed by a blonde pageboy hairstyle. The face wore a half smile and one eyebrow was raised slightly as she looked up at him.

“Well, actually, I meant I need a stiff drink.”

“That would do to be going in with, Honey.”

Mike turned back to the bar. “I’ll have a vodka martini, very dry and dirty, straight up with olives. This young lady looks as if she needs a refill.”

George looked at the girl, who nodded and he said, “OK – one vodka martini, one passion fruit daiquiri coming up.” As George turned to mix the drinks, Mike turned to look at his new friend. She was still giving him a half smile and he allowed his eyes to wander over her as he introduced himself. He saw that she was wearing a loose fitting black jacket that concealed her figure and that her legs were hidden by an equally loose fitting pair of pants.

The drinks arrived and Mike raised his to the girl. She raised hers to him and they each took a sip. She told Mike that her name was Lucy and that she worked in an investment bank in the Financial District. She had been there for about two years and it was her first job after getting her MBA from Yale.

Mike asked her how she liked it and her face darkened. “The job’s fine,” she said. “It’s the arseholes that I have to work with that’s the problem.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the men are all such dorks. And they patronize me because I’m a woman. Take tonight as an example.” Mike said nothing, but raised an eyebrow and looked interested. “We had a huge meeting today with some really major clients from out of town. I did nearly all the work, all the research and setting up the PowerPoint presentation and I was all set to make the presentation when my dumbass boss comes in to take over. He had me organize the damned coffee and cookies. Lucky I was there when he finished, ‘cos he couldn’t answer their questions. I could, but Şerifali Escort a couple of the guys kept butting in. It was like I was a fucking nobody. Then, afterwards, when we were all supposed to take these people out for dinner, they told me that I couldn’t go, as they were going on to Scores and it would be bad for the bank’s image for me to be seen in a lap dancing club.”

Lucy took another sip of her drink and stared at Mike. She carried on, “It was the same when the bonuses were paid out. I got less than the guys, because my boss reckoned that they needed more than me ‘cos when they dated they had to pay, but when I get taken out on dates it’s free for me. Like I don’t have to pay as much rent as they do, or spend so much on clothes. It’s not even like I get asked out for dates!” She gulped at her drink and then stared at Mike in horror. She put down her glass, put a hand on his and said, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I don’t even know you and here I am complaining about my life to you.”

Mike thought about patting her hand, but remembered Lucy’s complaint about being patronized and didn’t. Instead, he just looked her in the eyes and said, “That’s OK. If it’s bothering you that much, then it’s a good thing to get it out of your system and it’s often easier to talk to a stranger. I’m a good listener and I have no other plans for the evening, so you carry on.”

Lucy’s face relaxed a little. “You wouldn’t understand.” she said.

Mike did now take her hand in his. “Try me. I know hard it is for women in your business. There was something in the paper the other day about a group of women suing the bank where they work for billions because they had to put up with the sort of crap that you’re getting. I hope they win, then it should get better for the rest of you.”

Lucy looked up at him with a skeptical expression on her face, “Do you really believe that?”

Mike smiled, “Of course I do. You’re the one with the MBA – you tell me where it’s written down that the financial world is fuelled by testosterone?”

Lucy’s face hardened. “It may not be written down, but it’s engrained in the fucking culture.”

Over three or four more drinks, Mike listened sympathetically as Lucy bemoaned the lot of women in the financial world, her own lot in particular. After a while, she stopped complaining about work and moved on to her social life – or lack of it. It seemed that she hadn’t dated for the whole time she had been in New York. None of the men Üsküdar Escort with whom she worked were interested in her. When the time had come to arrange the house share in the Hamptons for the summer, she had been left out. She had managed to find a place with a couple of old college girl friends, which was actually quite pleasant as it was in an unfashionable area and she didn’t have to spend time with her colleagues who just wanted to get drunk all weekend and have prostitutes visit.

When she began to lament her loss of a social life, the look of anger on her face was replaced by one of sadness. She had enjoyed dating at college and missed it. Mike looked at her and commented, “I can see why the men don’t want to date you.”

Lucy glared at him, “Oh, you can, can you? You want to explain it to me?”

Mike smiled, “They’re scared of you.” He held up his hand to quiet her as he continued, “You’re young, you’re very attractive but you have a brain. Probably a better brain than most of them. They’re young, too and they want to go out with women that they can boast to and try to impress with their platinum credit cards and Dolce she was so wet that he could hardly feel her, just a hot wetness. Lucy settled herself and said, “Shit! That feels so fucking good! I think I’d come if you even moved a tiny bit.” Mike reached up to gently pinch her swollen nipples and gave a twitch of his pelvis. True to her word, Lucy convulsed as a small orgasm raced through her body and Mike felt a wet sensation on his scrotum as her fluids leaked from her. She allowed her upper body to collapse on top of Mike and he continued to thrust gently up into her and stroke her back and buttocks gently as she quivered. Slowly, she stopped moving and gently maneuvered her legs so that they were straight on either side of his.

Mike continued stroking her back and gently undulating his hips, as Lucy lay atop him. Slowly, she began to respond to his movements, raising and lowering her own hips to meet his movements. Gradually, their pace increased and Lucy raised herself on her arms to look down at Mike as she began to set the ever increasing pace. Mike reached up to squeeze her breasts as she began to move even faster, adopting a rotating movement to rub her clitoris against the base of his penis. Again, she was so wet that Mike found little difficulty in holding back his own orgasm, as there was so little discernable movement on his glans, but he found it very arousing to watch the expression Ümraniye Escort on Lucy’s face as she rode him. Her movements became erratic and then she let out a squeal as she went rigid.

Her eyes closed and a red flush spread over her upper chest. She shook violently several times before, once again, collapsing flat on top of Mike, who held her close as she shuddered through a second orgasm and more fluid poured down Mike’s scrotum to soak into the bedding beneath. Slowly, her breathing slowed and Mike realized that Lucy had gone to sleep. As he held her close, to avoid disturbing her, he felt his erection start to fade and he felt his soft penis slip from her sopping vagina and begin to grow cold as it dried.

After a few minutes, Lucy stirred, rolled of Mike and lay on her back with a smile on her face. Mike reached to the nightstand and passed over her glass of wine before reaching for his own. She raised herself onto one elbow and turned to face him as she sipped. “Holy crap, Mike, that was amazing. I’ve never come twice so quickly. What did you do to me?”

Mike smiled at her, “I just lay there and let you get on with it. I think I just needed to be here and bring a cock with me – that was all.” Lucy snuggled up to him, “No,” she said, “It has to be more than that. I don’t usually even kiss on a first date and I’ve never had orgasms with a guy until at least the fourth or fifth fuck.”

“Maybe it’s my stunning body and amazing personality?”

“Whatever it is, it’s working.” She sipped her wine. “Can you stay? I don’t think I’ve finished with you, yet and you didn’t come, yet, did you?”

“Yes I can and that’s OK.”

“Great!” said Lucy, “C’mon, we’re all sweaty and slimy. Let’s take a shower and cuddle up under the covers.”

They got up and went down to Lucy’s tiny bathroom where they squeezed into the shower. Lucy got the temperature just right and they luxuriated in the hot stream. She passed Mike the body wash and turned her back. Mike began to wash her back and when she turned round, he began with her shoulders, moved on to her breasts and then down to the thick blond bush. As he began to wash her vagina, she stopped him.

“I’m sorry, honey, I’m a bit tender there. Do you mind?”

“Of course not – why should I mind? It was me that made it that way!”

Lucy laughed and took the body wash from him. She began to wash his chest and then rubbed her soapy hands down his stomach to take hold of his growing penis. She gently stroked and caressed it until it was fully erect and then waited for the soap to wash away before pushing Mike back out of the water stream. “Your turn, honey.” She said, as she knelt down, gently peeled back his foreskin and took him in her mouth.

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