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Big Dick

The day was long and hard for you. All the way home all you could think about was just relaxing. Maybe watch a movie, anything to forget the day. The muscles in your neck are tight and giving you a headache. The drive is long and the traffic is light on this warm summer night.

As you walk up to the door, you see that it is slightly open. As you walk in, the smell of flowers hits you. A note leads you to a bottle of wine and two glasses with another note to follow the trail of flower petals to the back patio. A bikini is hung up, waiting for you next to the hot tub. A large platter of fruit is laid out on the deck.

You strip down and change into the bikini and slide down into the hot water. The bubbles melt away the tension and the day slides away as a distant memory, fading to oblivion. The music from the stereo in the house is soft and relaxing. Suddenly, a pair of strong hands starts to rub the back of your neck and you let out a low moan. I bend down to kiss you and say hello. I slide into the water behind you and rub your neck, shoulders, and back. I work my way around to your stomach and you lean back into me. I softly nibble and kiss your neck. Another low moan escapes you. I run my hands over your breast and feel your hard nipples begging to be released from their confines. I untie the top with my teeth ever so slowly and work my hands up the front of your chest to your shoulders and rub them. I pull the strings down and free your breast.

You turn to face me as I wrap my arms around you. Our lips meet in a soft, tender kiss. Slowly parting our lips with our tongues, an electrical charge sweeps through us. You trace taksim escort your fingers up and down my spine as I do the same to you. Goose bumps form on our skin in the wake of our traveling finger tips. I untie the bottom string of your top and remove it. Slowly, I kiss my way down your neck to your breast. Slowly, I lick one hard nipple, then the next. Around in smaller circles, until I take it into my mouth and hungrily suck on it. You gasp at the sudden sensation of warmth surrounding your nipple. I gently rub the other and my hand gently traces down your ass. You lean your head back and arch your head back, pulling my head closer to your chest. I release your nipple and move to the other. I slowly pull your bikini bottom down and start to rub your legs and ass. You back up to the edge of the hot tub and sit down as I slowly kiss my way down your stomach with your hands in my hair guiding me to your hidden nest.

You spread your legs wide, wanting me to reach your depths. I kiss my way down your legs to your calves and feet. I gently massage one foot, then the other as you lay back on the deck rubbing your nipples and tits. I slowly start to kiss my way back up the other leg, lightly licking behind your knee. Nibbling on the inside of it, and working my way back up. Your flesh is hot now and your breathing is faster. I reach your hot folds and gently nuzzle and blow on your lips. I kiss softly around your lips as you take a deep breath. I gently part your lips with my tongue and you gasp. I am careful not to touch your swollen clit. I sense you are close but I am not topkapı escort ready to send you there yet.

I kiss my way up your stomach to your tits and then to your soft lips. I reach up and take a strawberry and place half in my mouth and offer you the other half. Your arms wrap around my neck as we kiss and giggle. The sparkle in your eyes is like a star exploding and the depth of your love shows brightly in them. I am lost in these deep pools and hope to never be found.

I slowly start to kiss my way back down your stomach to another pool. Your juices glisten as I part your lips with my thumbs and slowly start to lick. A deep animal groan escapes your lips and fills the night air. It is like music to my ears. I avoid your swollen clit so I can drink your juices. They are heavy and free flowing. Your scent is intoxicating me. I want to dive in and it is harder to stay focused now. Your breath is ragged and deep now. I feel your hands pulling me closer and deeper to you. Your back is arching. Finally, I take your clit into my mouth and make small circles around it. This sends you over the edge and you scream out your passion. I drink your nectar as fast as it flows from you. Your hips are bucking wildly against my face.

I let you rest and catch your breath. Your legs are trembling as I climb out of the water and lay next to you. I feed you grapes from the platter of fruit and we talk as we sip our wine. The long day has become a distant memory.

We start to kiss as you roll on top of me. I feel your hard nipples in my chest as you nibble on my neck. You start tüyap escort to kiss your way down my chest to my nipples. Slowly, you nibble and lick them. You have a deep burning passion in your eyes. A strong storm is building inside of you, and like flood waters, takes the path of least resistance. You kiss down my stomach to my throbbing length. You lick it, up one side, and then the other. Gently you rub my balls as you lick me. Suddenly you take me deep in your mouth. Your mouth is so hot. I see explosions behind my eyes. I run my fingers through your hair. You move slowly at first, building speed, trying to coax my seed out. It is an art to you, as you concentrate. You will not be beat. It can not get away from you. I feel the burn deep in the pit of my stomach, building to an inferno. Finally, I can hold back no more as I erupt deep in your mouth. You moan in victory as it fills your mouth.

You climb on top of my still hard cock and slide down slowly. You are so wet and hot. You slide up and down slowly at first as I rub your nipples. They are so hard. Like diamonds. You throw your head back as you race to the edge. So close. So elusive. I sit up and take you in my arms as you wrap your legs around me. I put your back up against the wall and slide in and out of your depths. You rake my back with your fingernails and bite into my shoulder. Harder, we stroke into one another. Deeper. The burn returns for us both as we race to the edge of existence. Nothing matters but us. Our screams echo through the night as we exhaust ourselves in our lust race. Finally, we explode, leaving us weak and trembling in each other arms.

I lay you back on the deck and hand you another strawberry. Our chest heaves as we try to catch our breath. Sweat covers us. Your hair is stuck to your face and is so beautiful. Your glow lights up the night. I love you now more than I did when I met you so long ago. I take you in my arms and kiss you deeply, teasing each other on our lips…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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