Stays in Vegas

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I met you at the gate. Did you see my hand trembling, when I set my bag down next to yours? My heart was pounding furiously. I had been dreaming of this trip for weeks.

Business… forget business. I had a very different type of agenda but I didn’t have the nerve to put it on the table. “Ready for adventure?” you asked.

“What?” I stammered.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” you replied casually.

“I…I…” was the only response I could force out of my mouth, which had suddenly become parched.

It was only a beat and you seemed not to notice as you continued “… I love those commercials. They’re so funny.” I sat down quickly and pretended to search for something in my purse while I tried to start breathing normally again.

The entire plane ride, I tried to casually move my leg over a little bit at a time, so that it might brush up agains yours now and then. I thought about pretending to doze off, and end up with my head resting on your shoulder, but no, too obvious. You were so funny, such a gentleman. It seemed too much to hope that you’d put your hand on my knee, and so I wasn’t really too disappointed when you didn’t. We listened to music on your laptop and chatted and laughed, while the butterflies danced in my stomach.

We checked in at the hotel. You didn’t notice that the girl behind the desk looked at you, winked at me, and then upgraded my room. Perhaps if the bellman hadn’t moved so quickly to take my bag you’d have noticed that I was on a much higher floor.

A while later I met you in the lobby. “Ready to see Vegas?” you asked. We walked through the casino, and I was drowning in the swirl of people and music and blinking lights and bells. We stepped out of the front door, and a wave of heat hit me.

I took a deep breath and tried to stop my voice from shaking. “Which way?”

You took my hand and smiled a little bit. “You ok?” you murmured as I stopped in my tracks and looked into your eyes. I blushed, a little half-smile spreading across my face, and nodded mutely. You gave my hand a squeeze as we headed off to see the incredible sights of the city. The sun was falling behind the nearby mountains and the neon world around us was becoming more vivid.

We walked for a while and slipped into a huge hotel, finding a bar area where a live band was playing. There were several small booths and you chose one off to the side of the room, where we silivri escort could sit side by side. As I sat down you slid close to me, and put your arm around my waist.

“Give me a kiss” you said with quiet confidence, as though it were a statement and not a question. Without hesitation I leaned forward and allowed your lips to brush across mine. The softness of the kiss made my mouth open with the desire for more contact. The waitress inadvertently interrupted us, turning toward us from a nearby table. I ordered a glass of wine, and you smiled and said simply to her, “…two.”

When she had walked away, you reached out and softly touched my cheek. I smiled involuntarily, looking down and feeling the dizzy excitement fill me again. “I love this smile” you whispered, tracing the shape.

I leaned in close to your ear, and whispered, “I love you.” Your hand moved softly over my jawline to the back of my neck, and you gently pulled me toward you for another, deeper kiss.

We sipped our wine and listened to the band. It was a jazz mixture of piano and horns. There were no words, which allowed me to speculate silently about how far our evening would progress. The kisses we exchanged grew deeper, and you pulled me slightly closer to you in the booth. When you slipped your tongue into my mouth I felt a shudder down my back and an urgency that I could no longer ignore. I had to get you alone.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“I’d like you to see my room” I said, with the same confident tone you had used to request a kiss. Your face lit up with a mischevious grin.


“Yes, I’m quite sure it’s nicer than yours” I teased.

“Oh, and how do you know?” you replied, up for the challenge.

“Two words, baby, spa tub.”

You slipped away briefly to pay for our drinks, and then we were walking quickly back to the hotel. This time the wine mingled with the lights and the sounds of the casino, and I leaned on your arm, pressing my breast against your arm. I knew that you noticed the stiffness which was evident right through the shirt I was wearing.


As I slip my key into the door, my demeanor changes. You notice. I look intently into your eyes, smiling in a new way as I pull you inside and shut the door. You glance around the room and whistle. “Wow…” A king size bed, a large seating area facing merter escort impressive windows, and a kitchenette area. I clear my throat softly and you see that I am pointing into the bathroom with a wicked grin. You walk to the doorway and take in the view – an enormous tub, with a skylight overhead.

My arms circle around your waist as I press against you from behind. “There’s wine in the minibar. Please pour me a glass and meet me on the couch.”

I slip into the bathroom, emerging in a robe I bought after checking in, in anticipation of this opportunity. (How fantastic are the hotels in Vegas? You don’t even have to go outside of your own hotel to shop). The deep rose silk covers a set of lingerie for your eyes only. Your eyes widen in delight as I slip onto the couch next to you. “Cheers”, I murmur, as I clink my glass against yours. As I take a sip of wine, your arm slides around my shoulders to draw me in for a kiss.

We take turns, kissing each other. When it is my turn, I move slowly back along your jawline, and exhale onto a spot that I have just kissed behind your ear, where I can detect a trace of maddeningly delicious cologne.

We continue exchanging kisses mingled with sips of wine, until you stop, and deliberately take both of our glasses, and step over to the minibar to put them out of the way.

When you return to the couch, you sit down and then pull me forward, so that I am nearly on top of you. Your tongue pushes into my mouth again and again, ratcheting up my level of excitement. I feel your hand tug at the sash of my robe, and I whisper, “Oh no you don’t”. I put your hands on YOUR shirt, and demand “Off.” You rapidly comply, and I have to suppress a sound of delight. I have wanted to see your bare skin for so long.

I kiss and lick my way down your torso and then trace the edge of your jeans with my tongue as you groan aloud. “Off.” I repeat. Off comes everything you are wearing, and as you reach for me I push you back down onto the couch. “Wait.”

I slowly untie my robe and then tease you, peeling it off my shoulders inch by inch while I stare into your eyes. I drop the robe completely. Deep pink lace.

As I sink to my knees in front of you, I maintain eye contact and watch your face as you realize what I’m about to do. I reach out my hands, and you feel my fingernails barely graze up your lower legs mecidiyeköy escort as you get harder and harder.

I lean forward, and begin at your knee. A tiny circle with my tongue, a soft wet kiss, and then a barely perceptible bite. Over and over, up the inside of your thigh as you watch, your fingers brushing the curls away from my face so that you can watch my mouth – I look at you, close my eyes, kiss you, and then look at you again, over and over as I work my way up.

My face is against you, and I lift my head slowly so that I drag the side of my jaw up the length of your erection. I go down again, then up…but this time with my tongue. I wrap my hand around the base and open my lips, lick them slowly, and trace the outline of my wet lips with the tip. One drop has already appeared and as I drag your dick along the edges of my mouth, it mingles with my saliva. I close my lips over the head, and let you enjoy the warm wetness as my tongue swirls over you from within. My fingers begin moving up and down steadily, easing you one agonizing bit at a time into my eager mouth.

Now I have two hands on you, one stroking your balls, and the other on the shaft, moving up and down as I suck you into my mouth, and let you slide out, over and over, the wetness from my mouth making you glisten. I break my mouth away only to move down to lick and suck at each ball, stroking the hidden spot underneath with my fingertip. Yes, another spot to excite you.

When your breathing has grown ragged, I stand, smile, and walk over to the bed, and as you follow I point to a box you hadn’t noticed on the nightstand. As you put one on, I peel the bra and panties off and lie down on the bed, looking over my shoulder at you. I roll over onto my stomach, spread eagled. You stretch out on top of me, using your arms on either side of me to keep from crushing me with your weight. I raise my hips slightly, and you slide into me easily, realizing how warm and wet I am and that I love to be taken from behind. Your right hand slides down until your fingers find my clit, and you stroke it as I writhe underneath you, clawing and clenching at the bed linens as I go sweetly insane at the feeling of you pressing into me, deeper and deeper. Faster. More. All I want is for you to push against that secret spot inside of me over and over, and you do, until I explode, so hard that you feel the ripples inside of my body, and fall over the threshold with me.

When the waves of our orgasm have subsided, you begin kiss the back of my neck (ooooh… aftershocks rippling through me….) and then you kiss your way down my entire back, and roll me over and kiss your way back up, slowly, slowly, until you reach my face and we begin all over again

(in the tub…..)

–for BT….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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