Standing in for Dad Ch. 10

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The doctor huffed and looked at me hard, “This is going to be hard for you to see.”

“I can handle it, Doc. Just get me in there. I have to try.”

Doc nodded and told the nurse to bring a wheelchair and gave me permission to move into Sue’s room. He also suggested everyone go get some rest and a decision would be made the next evening about Sue’s situation. A nurse in scrubs came in with the chair. She had long brunette hair tied in a bun and covered with a mesh screen. She was around 5 foot 10 inches tall, strong and well defined as if she were a bodybuilder. Her name was Cathy.

She helped me up and, after locking the wheels, allowed me to move to the chair with her assistance. We rolled into Sue’s room and the sight was heartbreaking. She had a forced breathing tube, was hooked into a heart monitor, and she had several IV’s hooked up. The IV’s were a mix of saline to flush her system, glucose to keep her energy up, and neostigmine as a reversal agent along with diazepam to prevent convulsions.

She had a catheter and the bag was partially full.

My emotions were in my throat and I could not help shedding a few tears as the nurse skillfully locked me in beside her. I held Sue’s hand in mine and began to softly speak to her. As a med student I knew comatose patients can hear, so I stimulated her with that for a while.

Sue was totally unresponsive. After a bit the nurse went about her other duties in the ICU as I continued to calmly talk to Sue. After a few hours of talking to her, I got up from the wheelchair and leaned over her, whispering into her ear, “baby! Wake up! I have morning wood and I need your help please.”

There was a reaction on the heart monitor.

The ICU nurse came rushing in as I continued, “baby, I really need to make love to you. I need you honey, please wake up and help me.”

Sue’s heartbeat quickened and she started moving her fingers. The nurse said, “Don’t care what you are saying! Say some more! She is coming out of it. As soon as she starts trying to breathe on her own I will take out the breathing tube.”

I kissed Sue’s neck under her ear and whispered as the nurse listened in, “Baby, little bro needs to fuck your luscious ass this morning. Can I lube you up and take you there? Please honey?”

The nurse’s eyes got big at about the same time Sue started gasping for air. “YESS!” Cathy yelled as she moved with practiced speed to deflate the bulb in Sue’s airway and pull out the breathing tube.

Sue gasped for breath as the tube was removed and she moaned before opening her eyes. Trying to focus as she batted her eyes at the light in the room, she looked at me and smiled, “Harry, where are we? Is the party over? I must have passed out.”

Cathy yelled for the ICU doctor and I just laughed with tears flowing freely down my cheeks. “I knew me wanting to butt fuck you would wake your ass up!”

The Doc ran in and stopped at the foot of the bed as I relayed to Susan what all had happened. He watched her closely to gauge her response levels and just smiled at what he saw. After I was finished, Sue just looked at me and smiled, “You know, you really do make a good knight in shining armor. You keep saving everyone and they are gonna put up a statue of you in the town square.”

Everyone just laughed. Doc spoke up, “Nurse, discharge her from ICU and give the two of them a room together. Minimal oversight. I am sure they will want some privacy.”

Cathy smirked, “I am sure I can find some KY here somewhere.” The doc just looked at her with a raised eyebrow but kept his thoughts to himself.

Sue just giggled and said, “How sweet! Harry, we really should invite her to dinner sometime.

Cathy blushed deeply, it was very cute.

“Cathy, would you be so kind as to be our guest at The Club next Friday evening?”

Cathy was dumbfounded, “THE Club? The members only club? Where the Governor eats?”

“Yes, we would be honored. You, too Doc. I will make sure with the hospital that your schedules are clear if you would be so kind as to accept our invitation.”

Doc just raised an eyebrow and nodded with a smile. Cathy gushed and you could see her mind working overtime about what to wear. “So, 5:30 pm sound good?” Both nodded their acceptance.

The staff moved quickly to transfer us to a double room and just as Sue and I had pushed our beds together and were laying naked under the sheets (Sue still had IV’s so we were just cuddling), EVERYONE in the family burst in. Both moms, Lillie, Marion, James, Mavis, Pet, and DD were there. Sue just laid over my side, her arm draped over me with her head on my shoulder.

Marion spoke up, “Ok, so we are spoiling your makeup sex. Just so you know, you are being nominated for a medal by the Mayor. Seems you have become the local political poster boy, nephew.”

I just looked at him.

The Governor himself is coming by along with a few local politicians, State Senators and House members: you know, the typical jump on the good news bandwagon kind of thing.

I still just looked at him.

“I am having a uniform Magosa Escort worked up for you. They want you to be their poster boy for the new state level war on violent crime and push for law abiding citizen gun ownership campaigns. Pay you to do commercials and stuff, if you are interested.”

“Commercials.” I said. “Medals?” I asked. “Political activism?” I queried as I looked at Sue…She was beaming.

“Marion, I am too straight shooting to be a politician…pardon the pun.”

James responded, “Maybe that is exactly what people need these days. A politician who actually puts his or her actions where their mouth is.”

I looked at James and Marion, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This really isn’t a career choice for me at this time. But, Marion: Make sure the politicians know who they are snuggling up to. I’m not one to worry about how I say things….plain speaking and stuff.”

The two men just smiled and looked each other in the eye and I had the distinct impression they were planning shit behind my back. I figured what the hell, let the old men have their fun. Life is too short to be pissy about good intentions.

DD gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear that she was glad her Master and Mistress were OK. I patted her behind and told her the feeling was mutual…that I was looking forward to being pleased by the family pet once again when we got home.

Pet then hugged us both, “Powerful Master is now a famous hero! Girl is so proud!”

Kisses and hugs and caresses and handshakes went all around before Leesie spoke up, “Okay everyone, they are fine. We have a pool party and an award ceremony to plan.” The men chuckled and the women squealed and everyone left with waves and blown kisses.

Sue laughed after they left. “You catch that look between Uncle Marion and dad?”


“You know grandpa was the Lt. Governor of the state, for like 16 years, right?”

“Oh shit. I thought they were planning something.”

“I think you better get your LEO certification ASAP.”

“I don’t mind, but I want to finish Medical school before I get into politics.”

“You have three years before election year. Think you can get it all done by then?”

“Yes, if these distractions will back off, I can.” I held Sue close as her breasts pressed against my side and we lay there in silence, just enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies.


Friday came fast. DD, Lilly, Leesie, Sue and Barbara all decided to dress up as submissives and James, Marion, and I dressed to the hilt in formal wear. We all had the Governor’s advanced security team vet us Thursday and we learned he had paid for the whole Club to be secured for the award ceremony next Monday.

When Marion had said he was getting a uniform worked up for me, he failed to mention it was a TAILORED uniform that required several fittings. The shop was paid extra for the rush job and they assured Marion it would be ready by Saturday if I made all the fitting schedules.

James had brought up my car and we three men sat in the living room waiting for the ladies to come down and join us to go eat.

They came down the stairs one at a time and stood before us, and the view was mouthwatering. They all had collars with short leashes. None wore bras or panties, and each woman wore a skin tight dress that showed off their best attributes to the fullest.

Nipples were high and the headlights were on.

Each of us men went down the line, deep kissing each woman as we fondled their breasts, not a word was spoken. I took Sue’s and DD’s collars, James took Leesie’s and Barbara’s, and Marion took Lilly’s.

Marion and I took our pets in Sue’s car while James took his in their Bentley James had taken out of storage.

I have to say, the women were putting on a show. Bobbing boobs, swinging hips, short skirts, the works. They had all three of us guys adjusting our pants and dragging our tongues on the way to the cars.

Sue and DD and Lilly made sure to flash lots of bare pussy and show off their butt plugs as they got into the car. From James’s vocal reaction, both moms did the same.

This was going to be a fun evening.


“Yes Master?”

“What did you think of our doctor in the ICU?”

“Master, he was very cute. Does Master want girl to entertain him this evening?”

“I would not presume to ask, but since you brought it up, would that interest you?”

DD just smiled, “He will be putty in my hands, Master.”

“Let’s see if there is a spouse or girlfriend issue and play it by ear then?”

“Girl will know, immediately, Master. If girl hands you her leash, you will know.”

I nodded and smiled. Yeah, this was going to be fun.

When we arrived, Doc and Cathy had just arrived and were standing at the entrance to the Club. Our favorite Valet was there and his jaw dropped as he helped the ladies disembark. Knowing he got an eyeful as evidenced by him shifting his pants. Each woman made sure to flash him and give him a big kiss before walking up to be with Kıbrıs Escort Doc and Cathy.

Doc and Cathy witnessed the whole scene and both mouths were wide open when I walked up. “High class does not mean boring!” I said, and both of them closed their mouths and laughed.

Cathy looked me in the eye, “I think I over dressed.”

She had on a burgundy, mid-thigh dinner dress with a halter top that nicely shaped her breasts. The fabric between them scalloped down to show a nice amount of cleavage. “No, I think you look absolutely scrumptious!” I returned with a smile. Doc just shook his head and laughed. They were obviously not a couple and neither had rings on.

DD took one look and smiled as she handed me her leash. I held it out to Doc, “Doc, my pet here, whose name is DD but would prefer you call her Pet or Girl, will need more attention than I will be able to give her tonight. Would you be so kind as to show her a good time?”

As Doc took her leash with a trembling hand, DD pressed her large breasts against him and pulled his ear to her lips, “Girl doesn’t bite, Sir: well unless you ask her to. She is yours to do with as you please tonight and this girl would love to please you in any way you desire.” With that she blew in his ear and I thought the poor man was going to faint dead away.

Cathy just roared and Sue walked up to her, offering her a collar. “Care to join in the fun, Cathy?”

Cathy’s eyes bulged and she took in a sharp breath. She looked at me and slowly nodded. Sue handed me the collar and I made sure to make lots of light finger contact on Cathy’s neck as I fastened it around her throat.

Sue asked, “Are you wearing panties, Cathy?”

When she nodded yes Sue asked, “Well, would girl mind if I remove them so she can be in character?”

Cathy turned deep crimson and nodded yes. Everyone gathered around to hide her as Sue pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties…well, what there was of panties.

She had dressed sexy.

Sue reached into her purse and pulled out a shiny butt plug and lubed it up. “Turn around, Pet, and spread your cheeks.” Cathy did as she was told and Sue gently pushed in the well lubed butt plug.

“Oh my goodness!” Cathy moaned as she was plugged, in public, right at the front door to the most exclusive dinner club in the state.

Her trembling hands were on my shoulders as Sue stood up. Her lower lip was between her teeth. “Well, pet, I hope girl is going to really enjoy her evening. Master has lots of plans for his new pet.”

Pete was at the door and was just shaking his head with an ear to ear grin. “Always a pleasure to have you and the ladies, Sir. You keep life interesting. Good for you.” He opened the door for us and all the ladies gave him a huge hug as they passed.

Mavis had set aside the private dining room for us off to the side of the main room. There was a nice oblique oval glass table with a large paned, one way mirror on one wall facing the main eating area. One end of the table butted up against it.

There was one entrance, a coded door, going into the main dining room. Mavis spoke to everyone once they entered, “This room is soundproof, so if you want anything, just use this intercom (she pointed to a button on the wall next to the door) and I will see to it that your needs are met.”

“The waiters will knock before entering and you should open the electric lock with this keypad (which she handed to James). Your two waiters will be with you shortly and will be assigned to you only during your visit.”

James nodded and smiled, “Will you be joining us, Mavis? We always enjoy Chef’s and your company.”

“Mavis smiled, I am truly sorry, but we are quite busy this evening. Although, Chef will be in for a moment to say hello. Harry?”

“Yes Mavis?”

“Chef has put your injected pork loin on the menu. I must say, it is selling out almost daily. She is very thankful you allowed her to use it.”

“I will be sure to tell her how honored I am that she felt it was worthy of her expertise.”

Mavis just shook her head and looked at Sue, “He just has no clue, does he?”

Sue winked, “Which helps to make him so special.”

Mavis left and everyone was waiting to know the seating arrangements. I took Cathy’s and Sue’s leashes and brought them to the left of the table next to the window and seated Sue at the window seat.

When I had done so, I slipped both hands under her top and tweaked her nipples as I kissed her neck. I did the same With Cathy as I seated her in the third seat and her breath quickened as my fingers ran delicately over her hard nipples.

I asked dad to sit at the head of the table with Mom and Leesie to either side. He seated his girls, following my lead with the breast fondling. Barbara almost came right then and there. Marion then followed, sitting Lilly one down from Leesie so he could sit between them: he took extra time fondling Lillie’s breasts to the amusement of all.

DD looked at Doc and said, “This girl is your pet for the evening, Master, Lefkoşa Escort do as you please.” At which point he took her leash and seated her across from Sue and me. He leaned over her shoulder and softly nibbled her earlobe as his hands wandered under her top to play with her large breasts. DD moaned her pleasure saying, “Thank you Master, your pet enjoyed that immensely.”

Doc just said, “Damn, I think I am falling in love.” and sat down.

The table was fantastic for sightseeing. All the ladies had their dresses set so their pussies were visible through the table top. Needless to say, man and woman alike were enjoying the eye candy.

At that point there was a knock at the door and our two waiters walked in with Chef. She walked up beside me and said, “Great Master, this girl is proud to say your pork loin is a massive hit. Even the Governor has selected it as the main course of choice for his party next week.”

“Well I am very pleased you have done so well with it. I am looking forward to tasting your improvements on the basic recipe.”

“I’m so sorry, did I, I mean, did this girl hear that right? You have a recipe for pork that the Chef of the most exclusive dinner club in the entire state has incorporated into her menu?” Cathy interrupted, somewhat frazzled.

Chef answered, “It is our most requested menu item and, truth be told, is an actual operatic play of Caribbean flavors you will find nowhere else: except in the Great Master’s kitchen of course.

Cathy looked at one of the waiters who was busy enjoying the eye candy and said, “Yeah, I want that!”

I kissed Chef’s hand and thanked her for her diligent work. She then surprised me, “Great Master, there is an annual Great Chefs of the State competition at the end of the month. Would you allow this girl to enter your pork loin into the competition?”

“Chef, that would honor me and please me greatly. I am sure, with your expertise and tweaks, it will take pride of place.”

Chef was all smiles as she left and the waiters were finally able to close their mouths and place the menus and take drink orders. James asked if anyone was against him ordering a Rose wine with the first course and everyone agreed. He ordered several bottles of the Italian Santa Margherita Prosecco Rose that was not too sweet and had a light, spicy, peppery finish which would go well with our diverse dinner selections.

Everyone wanted to try the pork loin, but I suggested that Doc and DD share different main items so Doc could get more of a feel for the Chef’s abilities. I mentioned the same to Cathy and they both agreed to pick something else and share.

The waiters returned with the wine and Lilly did the honors, commenting on how well it cleaned her palate. She gave an approving nod and drinks were poured all around with full glasses of water, dishes of sliced key limes and lemons, along with dishes of sugar and sweetener colored to represent their type.

James spoke with the waiters, explaining the issue with wanting to try a full range of Chef’s choice offerings. One waiter spoke up, “Sir, with your permission, may I make a suggestion?”

“Absolutely! Please!”

“If you and your guests would allow, we can bring some Chateaubriand to the table with whole pork loin which we can then cut to order. We can also bring platters of fried or boiled prawns, steamed lobster tails, or braised quail if you like.”

“That is an absolutely fantastic idea! You just earned a special tip young man.”

The waiter beamed.

After everyone ordered their salads, the group decided on Marinated Pork Loins, Chateaubriand, and Lobster Tails for the main courses with mixtures of Au Gratin potatoes, sauteed squash, baked sweet potatoes, or asparagus sauteed with balsamic vinaigrette. The side dishes were to be brought in chafing dishes and served individually as requested.

As we were deciding on our orders I had moved my hands up both Susan’s and Cathy’s inner thighs, softly caressing their soft skin. Both ladies widened their thighs and gave Doc an eyeful of hairless, wet pussy through the table. Doc soon followed suit with DD who also opened to give him full access and the rest of the table soon picked up the action.

The waiters returned with the salads to women moaning and exposing their sexes to finger manipulations. The waiters did their best, but all the sex was distracting them to no end. Leesie and Barbara had mercy on them and they each called one over and began to give them blowjobs right there at the table.

Neither of them lasted long. After both waiters had recovered, Barbara dropped her top and had both of the boys suckle and milk her breasts which they both did enthusiastically.

DD shivered as Doc began to rub her clit and she asked, “Would Master like his pet to service him under the table?” Doc groaned his yes and DD dropped her top to expose her breasts as she went under the table and pulled down his pants to give him a blowjob. The view was fantastic as Doc’s eyes rolled up into his skull.

I looked to Cathy and said, “Pet, I do believe your Matriarch wishes to give you some special attention before our main course arrives.” Whereby, Susan went between her thighs under the table and ate out her pussy. By that point, everyone at the table was having a quickie of one form or the other as the waiters set out the salads.

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