Spending Time with My Love

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Greeting you, in my boxer briefs, at the door after your long day by wrapping my arms around you when you get home for a warm tight hug. I kiss you softly and let you lean against me while I massage your back working out all the tension from your day. My hands rub up and down and massage your shoulders and back. Then my fingers will slide up and down your spine slowly as I feel your weight against me.

Your firm breast so nice against my chest while I caress down your back and rub in circles over your bottom. Taking your hand in mine I lead you to the bedroom and lay you down gently on your tummy. I will continue to massage your back while straddling your legs. My fingers rubbing up and down your back slowly as I feel your muscles relaxing. I help you remove your blouse and bra to caress your warm skin now. Your skin so soft, warm and sensual under the touch of my hands over your back.

Rising to my knees I undo your skirt and slide it down your legs caressing all the way down as I do. With very light Caresses I slowly move up your legs to remove your panties too. My hands sliding slowly down your curvaceous legs. Now in your natural glory I straddle your legs again.

Returning to massaging your back I feel you relaxing. The massaging causes me to undulate against your tush. Feeling myself growing hard as I feel your bottom pressing back against me. Laying forward over you to hug you lovingly my hardness ends up laying between the cheeks of your ass. My lips nibbling between your shoulder blades. Rocking my hips slowly my firm member slides up and down between the cheeks of your bottom.

My hips lift so my hardness poises between your thighs and against the swollen lips of your pussy. Pressing slowly into you feeling the head slip between the wet lips. Your pussy kissing my cock as I press slowly deeper into you. Sliding all büyükçekmece escort the way in and laying there for a time just enjoying your body against mine and my cock in your womb. Holding you in my arms as I hug you close.

I proceed to rock slowly with my cock sliding in and out of your pussy. You start rocking your hips and rubbing your tush against me. Oh it feels wonderful hun. We match each others rhythm moving slowly and picking up speed together. Sliding in and out slowly increasing in speed with your pussy sucking on my cock. Your ass cheeks are so hot against me.

Thrusting harder and faster till the bed is squeaking to protest our movements. Feeling you lifting up against me as I thrust down into you I close my eyes. Your pussy gripping tighter and tighter with each thrust. I am going to cum hard soon because I can’t take your pussy sucking so hotly on my cock and your tight cheeks rocking back against me. Thrusting in and out till I feel your pussy quiver and your ass tighten as you climax around my cock buried deep inside your womb. My balls drawing up and pumping my seed as I climax with you filling you with cum.

We collapse together on the bed. I Hold you in my arms just wanting to stay with you. The warm afterglow of our love making keeping us warm and contented. Snuggling together and pulling a blanket over us we doze with love and contentment.

Waking in the morning I find you have already risen. I climb out of bed and walk into the kitchen to find you bent over looking for something in the lower cabinet. I think to myself, you look so delicious. Quietly walking up behind you I caress over your tush. “Good morning!” You jump up and turn around not expecting anything like that to happen. You were thinking that I was still asleep. Your fatih escort beautiful blue eyes making me smile I hug you close and kiss you lovingly. Cupping your bottom while we kiss I give the cheeks a squeeze.

Picking you up with my hands holding your ass I set you on the table. Spreading your legs as I pull a chair between them. Gazing into your limpid blue eyes my hands start rubbing slowly up and down your inner thighs. My fingers caressing your skin with my lips following them Kissing. Working my way slowly up to blowing lightly on your pussy lips as my fingers tickle your inner thighs.

I deeply sigh and smell your perfume. I lean to kiss your pussy lips flicking my tongue over them. The tip of my tongue presses just between the swollen lips sliding slowly up and down. “This is a wonderful breakfast dear.” Your legs draped over my shoulders and holding my head between your thighs. I nibble on your pussy lips while licking up and down. Licking slowly deeper with each lick into you tasting your sweet nectar. My face sliding up and down into your pussy.

My hands cupping your ass cheeks as I slide them under you. Holding onto your cheeks while licking in and out of you to keep my tongue licking into you as you wiggle. Sliding my tongue up and circling your clit. I look up and see the pleasure in your face. Licking and nibbling over your clit while I hold it gently it between my teeth.

I add to the sensations by humming in low tones to send vibrations through you. Feeling your clit twitch in my lips as I nibble and hum. Your hands are behind my head with fingers tangled in my hair. You buck wildly against my face as I eat your pussy for breakfast. Licking up your flowing juices you so copiously are giving me. Pressing the top of my tongue against your twitching clit esenyurt escort and rolling it around.

Nibbling on your clit as you jump hard against my face and pull me tightly against you. My face buried deeply into your hot pussy causing me to do some struggling for breath. Your hot pussy nectar squirting over my tongue as you climax. I keep licking to have you climax time and time again till you pull on my hair to have me stop but I lick some more to give you one more oral climax for breakfast.

Sliding my body against your wet pussy and up between your legs. You wrap your arms around my neck and I hug you tightly. We kiss deeply and passionately. Our bodies hot against each other. Your firm hot nipples pressing into my chest. I love how they feel.

The head of my hard cock pressing against your tender pussy lips as you wrap your legs around me. The length of my cock laying between your pussy lips with the head against your clit. I rock slowly against you with my arms wrapped around you. The head of my cock rubbing your clit superbly. Your heels against the cheeks of my ass pulling me to you.

You tell me to stop teasing you and roll your hips so the head of my cock is positioned to enter you. Pressing with your heels my cock spreads your pussy lips and slips easily into your womb. We start fucking on the kitchen table together. Your feet urging me on as I slide in and out of you.

Your cheeks sliding in the juices from your pussy over the table. Driving in and out as you meet me with my thrust in. Rocking together and sliding against each other’s bodies. The sound of our love making filling the kitchen. Lifting up to me as I press down. Your arms wrapped tightly around my neck and my strong arms hugging you tightly.

Faster and harder together fucking each other. Your body shuddering as I thrust into you. Feeling your pussy gripping tighter as we kiss deeply. Knowing the feeling and wanting to join you in the exuberant climax to start the day together. Holding each other tightly as we climax and shake. Filling you with my cum as your juices flow hotly over me. We hold each other in the wonderful warm after glow. This is the best way to start the day with my love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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