Spa Treatment

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Sandy had always shaved her mound. The thought of waxing sort of made her nervous and the idea of some stranger seeing her like that, so vulnerable, made her even more nervous. So, every few days, out would come the razor and Sandy would work for an hour or so making sure she was smooth and hairless for herself but also for Freddy who, after so many years of marriage had gotten tired of the “70s” look of a nicely sculpted bush, but full. When they had first gotten together he loved her bush, he said it was like doing a porn star out of 1977, but after a few years, seeing what a bare shaven pussy looked like and having much easier access with no risk of pubes in his throat, he encouraged her and she went along, hence, the shaving began.

Sandy had been talking with Steph about the day they had fooled around and commented to Steph how smooth she was to the touch and how soft her vaginal lips felt on Sandy’s cheek. Steph said she had shaved for years but found that waxing was much better because for one, no risk of a nick or a cut. Also, instead of every few days, she could go WEEKS. “Sure, it’s a LITTLE painful, but so worth it and if you get the right person doing it, there pain is minimal. I often go to Lara who is wonderful at it,”Steph told her. “With Lara, I barely feel anything, she’s that good.”

Sandy discussed with the Freddy then after he said, “It’s entirely up to you, babe, YOU’RE the one having it done, not me.”

Sadly was still a bit apprehensive until Steph came over one day with a gift certificate to the Royal Spa and told Sandy, “Give it a try. If you don’t like it, never do it again. In fact, this will get you a massage AND a waxing, a facial and even a pedicure.” She had gone all out. Sandy was sold.

She showed up for her appointment about 15 minutes early. She checked in with the receptionist and asked if Lara was available. “Sadly, not today, she has four appointments this morning and then has to leave early. You can have either Reggie or Dagmar. Both are very good, very professional. Dagmar also does the massages and today being a slow day; you can have her do both and never leave the room.”

Sandy liked the idea and really didn’t want to have a guy doing any waxing, especially since it was her first time and she intended to get EVERYTHING waxed. She pictured Dagmar as being old and sort of butch and thought that would be fine.

An employee led Sandy to the area where the facial would take place. Sandy was in heaven. The girl doing it was a master at it and Sandy was extremely relaxed. While this took place, the pedicure was done by a small Asian girl. Sandy’s feet were washed and massaged and Sandy truly felt like she could just doze off. Both were true professionals and neither spoke the entire time. Sandy simply got lost in the feeling and the soft music playing in the background. How could this get any better?

Once the facial and pedicure were done, she was lead to a room with a large exam table, but at one end there was a hole where Sandy’s face would go so she wasn’t face first on the table. She was asked if she was comfortable disrobing. Sandy said she was fine with it if Dagmar was. She then stripped off everything as instructed and laid on the table, face down. Dagmar entered and introduced herself.

Dagmar was about 40, athletic looking with a strong looking body but not butch in the least. She had a soft voice and a slight accent, Danish, she informed Sandy. Her auburn hair was cut short and had some blond highlights and her eyes were a light brown and large. Sandy didn’t find her beautiful but she had a nice quality. Ok, having this lady running her hands all over me might not be so bad.

Dagmar started with just a touch of warm oil. She trickled it all over Sandy’s back and then slowly kneaded it in starting with her shoulders and neck. Dagmar’s hands were strong, but not rough. She rubbed the oil deeply into Sandy’s shoulders, pushing the muscle tissue around and loosening them up. Then she moved her hands down the length of Sandy’s back to her hips. She would use two hands together then separately, pinching slightly, squeezing as she moved.

Dagmar added a bit more oil and continued to work Sandy’s back. Sandy was in la la land, so relaxed not only from the earlier treatment, but from this angel’s handwork. She could feel her blood pressure drop a bit and her breathing became softer and more drawn out. She hoped she wouldn’t fall asleep.

In the background soft classical music played. Dagmar spoke very little but when she did, it was reassuring and telling Sandy just what she was doing. “I’m working the muscles here because it helps to ease the tension in your lower back” for example. Sandy just sighed an “OK” and slipped back into her little euphoric arena.

Dagmar, after about 10 minutes on Sandy’s back began to massage her buttocks and thighs. She added just a bit more warm oil and pushed Sandy’s legs slightly apart. Sandy began to wonder ardahan escort if Dagmar was going to try something sexual. She wouldn’t have minded at all, but, as if Dagmar was reading her mind, she said softly, “Not to worry, I’m only giving you a massage.”

Sandy was slightly let down, but ONLY slightly. This experience was just so amazing; she never wanted it to end.

Dagmar’s hands rubbed each of Sandy’s ass cheeks in a circular motion and though her fingers, which were obviously impeccably manicured with short perfectly rounded nails, would slip between those cheeks a bit as she circled, she never actually hit anything of any importance. As Dagmar rubbed Sandy’s inner thighs, right up to her vagina, though her fingers lightly brushed the labia majora, that was it, just a light brushing, nothing more. Sandy was beginning to fear she still might orgasm but at that moment, after working her butt and thighs, Dagmar moved on to her lower legs and behind her knees.

Still more oil, but nothing drastic. Sandy never felt like she was a greased pig. What oil was drizzled on her body felt warm and relaxing and Dagmar rubbed it in so well that Sandy simply felt very moisturized.

The massage had been going on for what seemed like a heavenly eternity but in fact had only been about fifteen minutes when Dagmar instructed Sandy to roll over onto her back. Sandy did so and her breasts and mound were now presented, giving Sandy a little thrill, a bit of exhibitionist glee, but she had to catch herself from doing anything stupid like ‘offering herself’ to Dagmar. She also knew that Dagmar would be seeing a lot more of her once the waxing started. She just rested with her eyes closed as Dagmar began at her neck and shoulders again, distributing the, oh so pleasant oil which Sandy realized smelled a bit like coconut. She LOVED the smell of coconut and couldn’t believe she was just noticing it now.

Dagmar’s hands were magical as she rubbed, kneaded, pinched and squeezed their way down Sandy’s body. Dagmar did indeed give Sandy’s breast some wonderful attention, but it didn’t feel sexual to Sandy, just extremely relaxing. The feeling was sensuous, ok, maybe that, but not sexual; not even when Dagmar’s fingers gave Sandy’s nipples a little tweak. Sandy was in an odd world between total stimulation and total relaxation and it was heavenly.

Once the massage was done, Dagmar took a warm towel and patted down Sandy’s pubic area, then she slid her arm under Sandy’s knees and slowly lifted her legs and patted down her bum. It seemed the waxing would commence now.

Dagmar didn’t say much; mostly it was just her hands doing the talking. She softly said to Sandy, “I need you to spread you legs for me.” And as she spoke those words her palm was resting just at the top of Sandy’s pubis, Sandy’s few pubic hairs reaching up between Dagmar’s slightly spread fingers. Sandy complied without hesitation.

Dagmar started by going over to the warm wax on the table nearby and with what was essentially a tongue depressor; she scooped up some of the warm blue mixture and spread it at the top of what little bush was there. She patted it and let it spread a bit and cool. Dagmar then grasped a corner and RIPPED it up and off Sandy’s tender skin. Sandy was a bit shocked by the feel, but was surprised that it didn’t hurt quite as much as she anticipated. She had seen that movie where the guy gets his chest waxed and the agony he seemed to be in was funny, and yet a bit scary as well.

Dagmar was a true professional. The next bit of wax was a little lower, nearer Sandy’s slit. Dagmar smeared a bit on, patted it and then, once she was satisfied it was cool, she ripped this one off as well. Dagmar would look closely, examine the area and with a pair of tweezers, would hunt down and remove any errant hairs that had defied her all powerful wax. She was VERY thorough.

Once the waxing of the outer areas was complete and it was time to delve INTO Sandy’s vagina, Dagmar took some powder. She spread it around the area she had already waxed and rubbed a bit just inside the Labia Majora. Dagmar was not afraid to touch Sandy’s most intimate parts, and yet it was all very professional.

Though Sandy was extremely relaxed and Dagmar appeared very much into her work, Sandy felt an overwhelming need to talk. Something deep inside her couldn’t keep her mouth shut and she asked, “So, Dagmar, what got you into this business?”

Dagmar ripped the latest smear from the left side of Sandy’s mound and replied, “Well, I truly enjoy helping people feel beautiful. If someone feels they want to have their pubic hair removed, almost permanently, they must want to show the area off, and if they want to show it off, they must feel attractive enough to do it.”

“That makes sense,” said Sandy as Dagmar opened her outer lips and applied wax on the left side, then patted it with her hand. This was the first time adıyaman escort Sandy noticed that Dagmar wasn’t wearing gloves. She thought everyone doing waxing wore gloves.

Dagmar went on, “Everyone has something about them that looks good and yet too many people either don’t recognize it, or feel embarrassed by it. The massage relaxes the person, makes them feel safe, special and comforted. The waxing, if they want it, can give amazing confidence. If you are willing to expose yourself to some stranger…I mean, normal people, not freaks and weirdoes, GOD knows I’ve had some of them here, but if an average person feels the desire to remove that hair, let a total stranger do that and them leave, knowing that someone else will be impressed, that’s a good feeling for me. Does any of that make sense to you?”

The next batch of wax was applied to the outer lip on the right side, on and over and in the lip and Dagmar patted away. She also gently rubbed the area between the leg and vagina on both sides to sooth the irritated skin. Once more, or maybe STILL was the better term, Sandy felt a rush of stimulation and calm. Oddest combination she’d ever experienced.

“I think I understand what you’re saying. Frankly, I’m in such a state that, you could tell me that most roads were made of marshmallow and I wouldn’t argue.” Sighed Sandy. Then she had the next RIP of wax inflicted.

Dagmar chuckled at that one. Sandy wasn’t counting, but she was sure that Dagmar had placed her fingers on or next to her clitoris several times during the procedure, never really touching it under its hood, but pushing the lips over and down many times, several times, hundreds of times…

Who knew, who cared at this point. Sandy had enjoyed the company of girls on a few occasions so this was nothing new, except that, she could not get past that it was PROFESSIONAL. No matter how much Dagmar touched her, no matter how good it felt, it never approached that lever where Sandy felt she could cum at any moment. Screwy, to say the least.

Once Sandy’s vaginal area was done and her taint was finished, Dagmar had her roll over then scooted her up on her knees so that she was forming a triangle. Butt up in the air, down the back to Sandy’s head which rested on the table, which formed the bottom of the triangle. Sandy started to giggle a bit.

“Everything OK down there?” Asked Dagmar, giggling herself just a bit at Sandy’s giggling.

“Uh, yup, I’m just thinking that, if my husband were here, he’d either be face first in me or ramming himself in figuring it was an automatic invitation.”

They both giggled just a bit more and then, more wax. Dagmar smeared wax in an area just at the very top of the butt crack and in a triangular pattern going up a couple of inches. The patting, the cooling and then, the RRRRRRRIP.

Next Dagmar placed a small amount of wax on the inside of Sandy’s butt cheek and around one side of her bum hole. Again she patted it and even blew a bit on it to cool it, which gave Sandy a slight rush. Then once again, RRRRRRIP!

She did both sides, and both times her fingers brushed the anus, never really spending time there, but the feeling was both a tease and a rush. Sandy kept herself just this side of calm every time Dagmar touched, rubbed or brushed one her ‘special zones’. Dagmar never seemed to notice.

“So, you kept saying ‘people’, not women. You’ve done guys?” asked Sandy from the far end of the table.

“Oh sure. That’s actually lots of fun. Even the studly guys who seem to think I’m really getting off on seeing and touching them can get a little uncomfortable when I’m nonchalant and don’t seem to care. The guys who are very uncomfortable at the outset, they can be so cute. I put them at ease, relax them and make them realize that they’re doing this not so much for themselves, but for some lucky woman who will probably appreciate the effort. I kind of have to put them at ease. It’s a bitch to try and wax a penis that’s small and shriveled. I don’t want them to have a massive hard-on, but if I’m going to do a proper job, I need them to be a LITTLE big.”

At that she started to chuckle; “…a LITTLE, BIG! Sometimes I kill myself.” Added Dagmar. Sandy laughed out loud herself at that one…the RRRRRRIP. But Dagmar’s soothing patting and gentle rubbing immediately alleviated whatever pain Sandy felt.

“Well, that’s all the hair. I pulled, picked and scraped anything resembling a hair off of you,” said Dagmar as her hands gently ran over the whole area she had just waxed. It was soothing. “Now I just have to rub some oil in to sooth the skin and promote healing and you’re all done.”

Sandy didn’t want to be done. This was just so incredible an experience that she wanted it to last forever. But nothing lasted for ever. That was when she felt the warm oil dripping down her butt crack and Dagmar’s soft, sexy fingers begin to rub it in.

Dagmar’s karabük escort fingers ran over each cheek and down the crack, over the ‘brown eye’ and gently massaged the oil into her skin. This oil was a bit different than the oil she used for the massage. It smelled like roses. Dagmar’s hands rubbed the oil into Sandy’s lips and over the whole area of her mound. Sandy was very turned on, even as she fought the feeling. She felt she’d DIE if Dagmar saw her begin to shudder and shake as the fingers rubbed and soothed her recently abused skin. Dagmar’s hands rubbed the inner thighs, kneading the soothing oil into Sandy’s skin, over her outer lips, over her inner lips, once again all around her back button, all the while seeming to have no sexual motivation, simply business.

“Ok, could you lie on your back once more?” Asked Dagmar.

“SURE!” replied Sandy, a little TOO enthusiastic. She caught herself and just pulled herself together, rolled over with no emotion. Once on her back, she spread her legs…WIDE.

Dagmar didn’t seem to notice the ‘extra’ wide spread eagle and simply proceeded to drip more oil on Sandy around her very precious area. She then began to rub it in. Her fingers slipped into the outer lips and all around the inner ones, never penetrating or even seeming to want to, the crevasse just below the surface, which was aching for attention. Dagmar’s fingers brushed over Sandy’s clit several times, but never enough or with sufficient force to cause even a glimmer of an orgasm.

Suddenly, Dagmar said, “Well, that’s it. Thanks for being such a good client.”

Sandy would have shit, right then and there, if it wouldn’t embarrass her enormously. “DONE?!?!?” She thought. “We just started.”

Melancholy began to overtake Sandy; so close to an amazing sexual experience and yet…SO FAR.

Sandy tried to ask about payment and tipping but Dagmar cut her off in mid-awkwardness by saying, “It’s all taken care of at the front desk. You’re fine. I just want to thank you again for being such a great client. I don’t want to belabor the point, but I really enjoyed our visit.”

Sandy slowly sat up, as best she could and said/asked, “YOU really enjoyed our visit? Sweetie, I’ve never been…” she hesitated and in a split second decided, screw it, “I’ve never been so turned on, teased, thrilled and relaxed and calm all at once in my entire life. You are amazing. I would LOVE to see what you’re really capable of some time.”

Dagmar grinned slightly, took a deep breath and then took Sandy’s hand. Sandy was sitting there stark naked, glistening from the oil. Her nipples were as erect as they had ever been and her breathing was quick and shallow.

“Sweet, sweet Sandy,” began Dagmar, “I’m flattered. To be honest, you’re not the first woman to suggest something, but I’m strictly dickly. I’m not into women. Oh, yeah, this is an amazing job and I do love bringing pleasure, but, no penis, no interest.”

Sandy became flush and wanted immediately to cover herself. Dagmar picked up on the sudden embarrassment. She said, “Hey, look, never, EVER think that I don’t appreciate the female form. Do you really think I could do what I do if I didn’t find some attraction to a woman? I mean, the beauty, the shape is all wonderful and touching you is a true joy, but when it comes to truly experiencing the joys of a sexual relationship, I want a man and only a man. I DO LOVE my job and touching you was a wonderful experience, but more because YOU enjoyed it than because I touched you.”

There was a pause.

Dagmar added, “Did any of that make any sense?”

Sandy sighed. “You’ve asked me that twice in just a few minutes. Yeah, it does. I guess it really does. Thank you. It’s amazing to know that such a phenomenal physical experience doesn’t have to be truly sexual. Thank you.” Sandy smiled and became relaxed again.

“Ok, so, you go take a shower. The last thing you want to do is get dressed with all that oil on you. Shower lightly so that it’s still worked into your skin, but so that what’s on the surface doesn’t ruin your clothes.”

Sandy smiled again, took Dagmar’s hand, kissed it, looked into her eyes and said, “You’re something else.”

“So I’ve been told,” Dagmar replied and smiled back. “Scoot.”

Sandy showered, dressed and went straight home. When she got there, she waited for Freddy and nearly raped him. Freddy did NOT complain. When he asked what was going on, Sandy simply said, “Do you want to talk or do you want to fuck?”

The question went unanswered.

When they were done, Sandy called Stephanie and thanked her.

“Did you go to Lara?” Asked Steph.

“No,” breathed Sandy, “She wasn’t available. I saw, or should I say, Dagmar saw me.”

“How was it? I’ve never been with Dagmar.”
“No woman will ever be with Dagmar, but oh my…I don’t think I could ever experience anything like her again.”

Steph was confused and started to ask for clarification, but Sandy, who was smiling broadly on the other end, simply said, “Trust me, Heaven on Earth. I have to go. Thank you, thank you so very much and may you have one wonderfully amazing evening.”

Sandy hung up. Steph sat for a few minutes and then picked up the phone. “Is Dagmar available tomorrow evening?’

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