Son Forgets Mom’s Birthday

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Robin, 43, is your typical suburban mom. She drove her son to his football games, she loved her coffee, and she loves her birthday, even though she hates aging. She throws a big birthday party for herself every year, and this year would be no different. The only difference between Robin and the typical mom you see down your street, is that Robin is the hottest woman you’ll ever see.

Her 19 year old son, Jake, hears jokes from his friends all the time about how hot his mom is. Even though he pretends to get mad, he can’t help but agree with them. His mom was really hot, and he knew it. He has seen his mom in a bikini, and has even seen her nude a few times, and he can’t help but get turned on a little bit.

Robin and Jake’s dad got divorced a few years ago, and she’s been seeing guys on and off since then. Recently she’s been dating this new guy Mark. Mark is a douche and a loser, but he must be really good at sex since Jake hears his mother moaning every night. Robin tries to be quiet but Jake can hear everything. He even gets kind of turned on hearing his mother’s moans.

Robin planned out her perfect birthday. Party starts at noon, everyone comes over and celebrates. Drinks, cake, food, snacks, and more would all be provided. By 5:00 the party ends. She’ll change her clothes, shower, and will be all done by 6:00. By 6:05 Mark’s cock should be deep inside her giving her the greatest birthday sex of her life.

They big day finally came and Robin set everything up. Jake woke up at noon as he usually does. He stayed in bed on his phone for an hour until he finally came downstairs. He saw people over and the house looked like a celebration. “Shit” Jake thought to himself. “It’s mom’s birthday.” Jake had been so busy with school that he totally forgot. “Mom’s going to freak if I don’t have a gift” Jake thought. He quickly got changed and snuck outside before anyone saw him.

“I’m so fucked” Jake thought. He had to get a gift as soon as possible or else his mom might notice he’s not home. He ran to the nearest store and went inside. He looked around for a gift but there was nothing he could get, until he found the best thing ever. There, behind the cashier, was a massive gift box that says “Mystery, Surprise Gift.” Jake went up to the cashier and said “what’s in the box?”

The cashier replied “we can’t tell you, it’s a mystery.” Jake was running out of time and the box was in his budget so he just bought it and hurried back. Jake got home and put the box on the gifts table. He saw everyone else’s gifts and quickly realized he needed a card. He ran to his room to get a card, but he was all out, he only had envelopes.

He figured he’ll worry about the card later. He wrote his name on the envelope and put it on the gift. He Girne Escort went downstairs to wish his mom a happy birthday, but she was no where to be found. He went back upstairs and checked her room, and he heard her and Mark having a fight. He waited for a while but they took so long that Jake went back downstairs to talk to his family.

Around 15 minutes later Mark stormed out, grabbing his gift and leaving. While he was leaving, the card from his gift fell out. Jake wanted to check on his mother, but first he needed that card. He picked up the envelope and opened it. He opened the letter but didn’t read it, he just made sure it didn’t have Mark’s name at the bottom, which it didn’t. He quickly put the card inside his own envelope and then left to check on his mom.

Jake walked upstairs and knocked on her door. “Mom, you in there?” he said. “Go away Jake, I don’t you seeing me like this.” Jake couldn’t leave and just entered, seeing his mother crying on the floor.

“Oh my god Mom what happened?” Jake said rushing over to her.

“We broke up. Don’t worry about it sweetie,” Robin said as her son sat down beside her stroking her shoulders. She felt safe right now. “Let’s go back to the party,” she said standing up. She took her son’s hand and led him back downstairs.

They enjoyed the rest of the party as guests started leaving one by one. Soon it was 5:00 and everyone had left besides Robin and her son.

“Mom I’m going to go pick up some dinner for us. I’ll be right back,” Jake said as he left.

Robin smiled and went about her day. She changed and showered and waited for Jake to come back. She had some free time so she decided to open some gifts. Her best friends Janine got her a beautiful necklace. Her sister Margaret got her a lovely bracelet. Soon she was left with only Jake’s gift.

“I should wait for him to get back” she thought to herself, but it was so tempting to open her final gift. “Maybe I’ll just read the card” she thought.

The envelope said ‘To my favorite Mother, Love Jake’. She opened the envelope and took out the card. Of course, this card was written by Mark, but Robin thought it was written by Jake. Mark was such a douche that the entire card was filled with vulgar sexual things. It read:

‘To my favorite woman:

I’m going to fuck you so hard tonight, giving you pleasure you never thought was possible. I’m going to fuck you all night long until you’re screaming. I’m going to make you beg for more. I can’t wait.”

Robin was shocked. She just got a letter from her own son that talks about fucking her. This can’t be right, she needed to open the gift. She opened the massive box, but it only contained one item. She reached in and pulled out some Kıbrıs Escort clothing. She looked at it and saw that it was the sexiest piece of lingerie she’s ever seen. It was red and was so sexy. It was practically see through and had wholes in all the right places, especially one which gives easy access to her pussy.

She felt her pussy tingling. Was she really getting turned on by her own son? Does he really want to fuck her? Is she going to let him?

Robin retreated to her bedroom to just think. Thoughts of Jake slowly entered her mind. She realized how handsome Jake had become. How his body filled out so nicely. Slowly, her hand began to make its way into her pants. She started rubbing herself, and then inserted a finger inside. She fingered herself while fantasizing about Jake fucking her. Her pussy was on fire. She was screaming and moaning her sons name over and over again. “JAKE, JAKE, JAKE” she yelled as she was violently masturbating. She came all over her fingers while thinking about her son. She knew what she needed to do.

She went back to the living room, grabbed the lingerie, and got changed.

Jake, who still had no idea what the card said or what was inside the box, picked up Chinese food and brought it home. He opened the door to find his mom on the couch wearing a robe.

“Hey mom I got th-” Jake started until Robin interrupted him.

“Do you really want this?” Robin asked.

“I mean I like Chinese food. I thought you liked it too?” Jake replied.

“I’m talking about this” Robin said as she dropped her robe revealing the lingerie she thought her son bought her.

Jake’s mouth dropped. He tried to speak but nothing came out.

Robin walked over to him and planted a kiss on his lips. Jake dropped the food. Robin pressed her hand onto Jake’s bulge and whispered “let’s go to the bedroom.”

Jake still didn’t say a word. Robin took his hand and led him to the bedroom. They got to the bedroom and Robin pushed her son on the bed. She got on top of him and kissed him again. Jake was now fully into it. He grabbed and squeezed his mom’s ass with both hands while they passionately made out.

Robin slowly kissed downwards until she kissed her son’s massive bulge. She went lower in order to remove his belt and take off his pants. His cock sprang free and Robin’s eyes went wide.

“Oh my god Jake” she said while grabbing it. “If I knew you were hiding this I would’ve fucked you years ago.”

Jake couldn’t believe what was happening. He didn’t know where this all came from, but he wasn’t about to waste this opportunity.

She licked the tip of Jake’s cock before swallowing it with her mouth.

“Holy fuck mom you’re a good cocksucker,” Jake said Kıbrıs Escort leaning back.

“Now is that any way to talk to your mother?” Robin said in between sucks.

Jake lied back and enjoyed his mother’s blowjob until she finally stopped.

“Time to do what you said you promised in your letter. Fuck me and make me scream son!” she said.

Jake finally understood. The letter he stole from Mark must have been sexual, so his mom thought that he wanted to fuck her. Well, he did want to fuck her, he just didn’t write a letter about it.

Jake got up and saw his mother bent over waiting for his cock. He is really going to fuck his mother.

He bent over and gave his mom’s pussy a few licks using the lingerie hole before lining up his cock and sticking it in her.

“Ohhhh Jake you’re so fucking big. So much bigger than Mark. So much bigger than your dad” Robin moaned.

Jake removed his shirt and began fucking his mom from behind.

“Oh fuck” Robin moaned as Jake was fucking her. “Take off the bra you bought me.”

Now everything made sense to Jake. The lingerie she was wearing was inside the mystery box. Everything just worked out perfectly for this moment to happen.

Jake unhooked his mother’s bra and grabbed her tits hard while he fucked her.

“Oh fuck Jake you’re going to make me cum” Robin screamed. “Aaahhhhh.” Robin squirted all over her son’s cock.

Jake flipped Robin over and removed her lingerie panties. He got on top of her and started fucking her missionary.

“Uhhhhh keep going son. Harder, Harder” Robin moaned.

Jake fucked her as hard as he could, but he couldn’t last much longer.

“I’m going to cum mom” Jake yelled.

“NO JAKE, I’M SO CLOSE” his mother yelled back.

Jake held out as long as he could. “Aahhhhhh” Robin yelled as she came again.

Jake pulled out and Robin got on her knees, welcoming Jake back in her mouth. She sucked his cock as fast as she could until Jake exploded deep down her throat.

“Holy fuck” Jake said.

Jake and Robin both lied back on the bed staring at the ceiling, thinking about the dirty and incestuous act they just committed.

“You forgot my birthday didn’t you,” Robin said, still looking at the ceiling.

“What?” Jake said, turning towards her.

“The handwriting on the card wasn’t yours, it was Mark’s wasn’t it,” she replied, now looking at him.

“Mom, I’m so sorry I-” he said before she put her finger on her lips.

“I realized while I was leading you to the bedroom. I felt like a fool and was about to stop, but then I thought about it. You let me kiss you. You kissed me back. You let me lead you to the bed. You might have not written the card, but you wanted this too. You may have forgotten my birthday, but you just gave me the best birthday of my life.”

Jake, now fully hard again, smiled at his mother. He kissed her and said “well your birthday isn’t over yet.” She smiled as he got on top of her and entered her once again.

“Happy birthday mom” Jake said as he began to fuck her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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