Son Controls Indian Parents Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

My name is Rahul, 22yrs, a college student. I was an only child to a conservative south Indian Tamil family. My family consisted of my father, Kumar, 51 years and my mom Divya, 46 years.

Growing up I was more attached to my mom. Being an only child I was pampered from my childhood. As a result, I became an introvert with almost no friends. So I used to hang around with mom after school,while waiting for Dad to come back from office.

My mom was a typical Indian housewife. She usually wore saree, but sometimes in summer she would wear some nightgown/nightie too. She was an innocent lady who did not even notice men staring at her whenever she went outside. She was slim but her boobs and ass were noticeably big. I started having sexual thoughts about her from my teenage years, but felt guilty whenever I saw her face. So I just kept to my fantasies and acted like a decent son in front of her.

That day I was walking home from college. It was raining heavily and I remember only a flash of light and then losing my consciousness. When I woke up,I was in a hospital bed.

I looked around and saw my parents, standing at my bedside. My mom’s eyes were red,from all the crying.

“What Denizli Escort happened?” I asked.

“You were struck by lightning. You have been unconscious for almost 3 hours.” My father replied.

I started to sit up but then felt a severe headache and lied down once again. Other than the feeling of my head going to explode, I felt normal. The doctors kept me under observation for 1 day, took some blood tests and discharged me the next day.

It was after I reached home,I started noticing some changes in me. The headache came a few times but not as severe as before. The second day after I reached home, I was lying on bed, when mom came to check up on me.

“How are you feeling?” She asked.

“Much better. ” I replied.

She came to my bed and sat beside me.

“Is there anything you need?” she asked.

I smiled and said ” No, nothing.” But in my mind I thought, “I would liked to get a handjob though.”

Suddenly my mom froze for a second and didnot blink for a few seconds. Then she looked at me and without warning grabbed my dick.

“MOM,What are you doing?” I yelled and got up

“Just lie down son.” She replied and took my dick out from Denizli Escort Bayan my boxers. She then started giving me a handjob like it was totally normal.

Even though I was shocked at the situation,my dick grew hard in my Mom’s hands. It was more pleasurable than jerking off myself. I just lied down and watched my Mom’s smiling face, while she continued playing with my dick. It was too good to be true.

It would have been much more pleasurable, if she would have given me a blowjob though,I thought. Suddenly mom removed her hands from my dick. She then bent down and took my dick in her mouth. She then started sucking my dick, which had started leaking precum. I was in heaven. She was taking whole of my dick in her mouth and even though she gagged a little, she didnot stop.

Lying down and looking at my mom’s bobbing head sucking my dick, I realized my innocent mom was not that innocent as I believed. She was a pro at this.

I wanted to know, how far I can go. I want to play with your boobs,I thought.I then sat up straight,took my hands and placed it on her boobs. I looked at her face to see if her expression had changed. But she didnot even look up and Escort Denizli continued sucking my dick.

I started pressing her boobs with a passion now. All my fantasies were coming true. I removed her saree drape from her shoulder and could see her cleavage through her blouse.The mangalsutra, my dad had tied was hanging down her cleavage and she was stilling sucking my dick,only stopping just for a few seconds to catch her breath. I was pressing her boobs through her blouse now.

I could feel her bra inside and gave a small pinch to her nipple.A small moan came from her, but she didnot stop sucking my dick.

I felt the tension building up from my dick. “I am cumming,mom” I said and a huge load of cum erupted from my dick to her mouth.

“Stop sucking” I thought. My mom stopped and sat up straight and looked at me. She looked more sexier now, with her disheveled hair, sweatdrops on her forehead and a line of my cum spilling from the sides of her mouth.

“Swallow it” I thought and she did. She looked at me almost waiting for my next instruction.

I needed some time to process what just happened, so I thought,”Clean up your face and dress, and go back as if nothing had happened.”

She stood up,threw her saree drape over her shoulder,covering herself once more. She smiled at me once again and went to the bathroom to clean up her face.

Staring at her ass as she walked towards my door, I knew it wont stop with a blowjob the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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