Something New 02: Updated

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I’m back. Drop me a comment.

I stubbled out of the uber and made my way to the front door. I fiddled with my keys until I finally found the right one and opened the door. I made my way to my bedroom and somehow managed to get my jeans off. I crawled into bed, laying on my back and starting to unbutton my dress shirt but gave up half way through.

I had just started to dose off when my phone rang. It was 2am, who the fuck was calling me?!! I picked up the phone about to ignore the call when I saw Ashley’s name flash across the screen.


“Hey you!”

“Hey yourself, what’s up?” I’m pretty sure I was slurring every word.

“I just wanted to call you and make sure you’re all packed and ready to go tomorrow.”

“I sure am!” I responded. I was leaving California for good. I was moving the next day and seeing that this was my last night in town, I went out with a couple of buddies and got trashed. Yes, I was going to regret that poor life decision the next day.

“Wait, you’re not calling me at 2am for that?.”

“Well… I may be a little drunk and I’ve been thinking about you, thinking about all the things you’d do to me once you’re here.”

“Oh yeah? Well I’m alot drunk and I want you in my bed right now!”

“Oh yeah?”


“Why do you want that?”

“So I can do bad things to you.”

“You don’t waste any time do you?”

“Nope, you want pleasure, I want pleasure, why deny ourselves?

“Well if I tease you then don’t deliver, I get pleasure, you get denied.”

“I will punish you the next time I see you.”

“Punish? Please…”

“Ashley, it seems you may have forgotten about the last time I was in town.”

Whenever I came to town, we’d hang out alot. There’d been lots of dates, lots of partying together, we saw each other at the office when I came in on business trips and of course there’d been a hell of alot of fucking. She’d been getting really adventurous and wanting to try so many different things but she really loved being submissive. She just loved letting me dominate her.

For a girl that never really had rough sex before me, she had come a long way. She would ask me to do things to her that I wouldn’t ever think of. I assume she had always been curious but never had anyone willing to try it with. She claimed she liked it rough but really didn’t know what rough was until me.

We were at a conference. Danny, Ashley, Danny’s dad, all of our department heads and myself. Ashley just wouldn’t keep her hands to herself. She sat next to me and all morning her hand was under the table caressing my cock. I was thoroughly teased.

At lunch, when she least expected it. She got up to use the restroom, I followed her telling her I needed to go as well. As we got to the restroom, there was a single bathroom by it’s lonesome, labeled “other/family”.

I simply said to her, “Why don’t we check this one out?” She smirked at me knowing exactly what I was up to but she wasn’t expecting what I had in store for her. She walked in and I followed, locking the door behind me. It was just a single stall with both a urinal and a toilet along with a sink and a changing table. I walked up behind her, my body pressed against her back, my hands caressing her. I pushed her against the sink and bent her over it.

“You’ve been such a naughty girl all morning!” I whispered aggressively into her ear as I slid my hands under her dress, I pulled the material up to expose her ass. The way she dressed made it way too easy for me. I was worried about the stockings at first but found they were thigh high and she was wearing a little g-string, making it easy for me to pull it to the side and out of the way.

I slid a finger down her slit, she was already wet. I saw her smile in the mirror. “Teasing you turns me on.” She said as my gaze met hers in the mirror.

I lifted a hand and smacked her ass. Her body jerked a little forward and she let out a small whimper. I smacked her again and again.

“Maybe you’ll remember this next time you want to tease me in public.” I said to her.

She whimpered again as I smacked her for the eight time. Her ass cheek were red.

“Have you leaned your lesson yet?”

“I get your point but I’m not going to stop!”

“Oh Ashley, wrong answer sweetheart.” I smacked her again before pulling my cock out of my zipper. I kept the head placed firmly against her wet hole for a few seconds, sliding up and down teasing her before ramming it in her all at once. She loudly groaned and I immediately reached my hand around to cover her mouth as I started repeatedly driving my cock deep into her. They were long, fast, deep strokes. Her hands gripped the sink tightly, her furrowed brow and her muffled noises against my hand over her mouth, these all told me she was being punished but she loved it anyway.

I moved my hands to grip her hips tightly as I repeatedly drove my cock into her, harder with each stroke until we both came. I came inside of her. That was her real punishment. bahçeşehir escort She had to spend the rest of the afternoon feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

“I remember very well but you know I enjoy my punishments.” She said as we both recalled the specific time.

“Because you’re one kinky fuck!”

“I am, I can’t help it. You know how to handle a woman.”

“What did you like best about that?”

“Feeling used.”

“Good girl!”

You know just how to please me..”

“Do I baby?”


“You have a big fat cock and you know just how to use it!”

“Oh Ashley, I want you so bad right now!”

“Why don’t you pull your cock out for me, close you eyes, wrap your hand firmly around it and start stroking it for me. Just imagine me between your legs. Hands on either sides of your hips. My head bobbing up and down. You can feel the warmth and wetness of my saliva as I suck you off.

“Mmm” I moaned.

“Yeah baby just like that, stroke that cock for me!”

“Are you playing with your pussy?”

“Mhmm.” She replied.

“Laying on your back, legs spread wide as you rub that clit?”


“Tell me what you want baby.” My eyes were closed, my head leaned back into the bed as I stroked myself.

“I want you to crawl on-top of me; I want you to take my nipples in your mouth as you slip your cock deep in me.”

“Yea baby, mmm you want my cock?” I moaned loudly. “Just imagine me on top of you. Picture my body over you, thrusting into you as I kiss your neck and trail my lips down to each nipple.”

“Fuck! I want you so bad! I want your cock!” She pleaded as we continued to play on the phone.

“Mmm I’d be fucking you so damn hard right now baby, you’d be screaming!”

“Yea? I want that.”

“Mmm Ash, you little slut! You want your neighbors to hear you don’t you?”

“Ohh, yes! I want them to hear just how hard you’re fucking me, I want them to hear how much I love your cock!”

“Fuck Ashley! You’re going to make me cum!”

“Mmm yes, I want you to cum deep in my pussy, cum for me! Cum for me Craig, I’m going to cum too!” She said breathlessly and I felt myself getting closer and closer.

“I’m going to cum Ashley!” I grunted as I reached my climax. Breathing heavily into the phone.

“Fuck I’m coming too!” She screamed as her orgasm took over.

I don’t really remember much after that. I must have fallen asleep right after.

The next day I felt like total shit but I still got myself up and drove across the country. I took the first month to myself, got unpacked an got everything set up then jumped straight to work. I was now partners with Danny but I got a crap office with twice as much work!

Things were going quite smoothly both at work and with Ashley. We mainly kept things to the weekend and tried to keep things at the office professional. She would come over on a weekend and stay over sometimes, other times we just meet up for a quick fuck. That was rare however, we had been on lots of dates and gotten to know each other so well.

It was a Friday evening and everyone had cleared out the office pretty early. I picked up the phone and paged Ashley to my office not really knowing if she was still here. I waited and waited then finally she showed twenty minutes later.

“What took you so long?” I said firmly but jokingly.

“Well, Danny left at noon and left half his work for me plus I still gotta do my work too.”

“Aww you poor thing, overworked and under paid!” I joked.

“Damn right! Someone should give me a raise!” She joked.

“You get me. Thats all the bonus you need.”

“Ha ha, don’t be so full of yourself, now, what did you need?” She said with such sass.

“Umm my sister is coming back for a visit to Cali and I was going to see her anyway but Danny is also sending me on business. He said I can take you. Do you wanna come with?” I asked hopeful.

“I don’t know about that.”

“Oh c’mon baby girl!”

“I might consider it.” She though for a bit, “Umm, aren’t you going back to visit friends and family and so on?”

“Yea? So?”

“I don’t want to just awkwardly tag along.”

“Well whenever you don’t want to go somewhere, you can cuddle up on my couch and eat ice cream.” I smirked. Judging by the look on her face, she had her reservations. “C’mon, please! It’s going to be no different than any another business trip you take with Danny.”

“Seeing that the one and only business trip I took with Danny led to a threesome with you, I think I’d pass.”

“Please? And I take offense”

“Alright, I’ll go.” She rolled her eyes.

I got up and started walking around the desk to where she was standing. I walked behind her and wrapped my arms around her as I whispered in her ear, “Now that that’s decided on, how many people are still in the office?” I asked as I kissed up and down her exposed neck.

“Just Tim from accounting.”

“Well tell Tim from bakırköy escort accounting to go home.”

“You do realize we both live alone and have perfectly fuckable apartments right?”

“But I want you now!” I said as my hands moved up to grope and massage her breasts, “Besides, once I get home, I’ll be needing to get ready for that stupid business network thing and if you come over, I won’t want to leave my bed!”

“Ugh!” She sighed.

“We should totally take advantage of this almost empty office!”

“You’re so naughty!”

With my mouth on her ear, I said low and soft, “We should fuck in Danny’s office.” Then placed soft kisses along her ear.

“Craig!” She exclaimed.

“C’mon, go get Tim out of here, I’ll be in Danny’s office waiting.”

She smiled, running off to talk to Tim as I went over to Danny’s office. I closed all the blinds along the glass walls and left the door slightly cracked for her. I sat on on the couched in the office, slouched down, my shoulders and head against the backrest. I booked our flights then played on my phone for what felt like forever until Ashley returned.

“Is he gone?” I asked as she walked in and closed the door.

She nodded and started walking slowly towards me, pulling her blazer off.

“Is the door locked?”

She nodded again. I didn’t move, she walked right up to me and kneeled infront of me. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She wasted no time as she took me in her mouth and started sucking. I was fully hard for her in seconds.

She wrapped both hands around my shaft all while still working her mouth up and down. The combination of her warm wet mouth and the grip of her hands sliding up and down my shaft drove me fucking crazy. She loved sucking cock and I wasn’t going to complain. I reached my hand down to move the hair out of her face so I can watch her work that sweet mouth on my cock. I loved seeing her checks suck in as she came up my shaft.

As much as I was enjoying her mouth, I wanted her pussy. I said to her, ” Fuck me!” In an almost out of breath manner.

She got up off her knees and pulled her dress up to her hips. She crawled on top of me, straddling me, she pulled her panties to the side and eased herself down my shaft. She went very slow at first. Completely unusual for her. Her hands rested on my shoulders to support herself. As she just ever so slightly rolled her hips as her muscles squeezed my cock.

“Fuck Ash, ride me just like that!” I begged and she continued. She continued pleasuring my cock. I slid my hands up her body to squeeze and massage her tits. I reached around her back and unzipped her dress. I pulled the straps of her dress and her bra down her shoulders to expose her breasts. I cupped them, squeezed them together. Holding them firmly in place, I sucked on her nipples, one at a time while looking up at her.

She threw her head back and closed her eyes. She leaned in again and bit my neck. I knew she must have been extremely turned on to have bitten me. She bit my ear lobe then softly whispered to me, “Bend me over that desk and fuck me hard!”

Just hearing her say that made me instantly want to cum. Before I can react, she looked at me and said in an demanding tone, “I mean HARD!”

“Yes ma’am! As you wish!” I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her body against me and picked her up. I sat her on the desk, she wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me deeply.

She pulled away. My hands were lingering on her hips. She grabbed my hands and guide them up her body. She stopped one hand on her left breast, the other hand, she pulled around her neck. I knew just what she was wanting. I wrapped my hand tightly around her throat and squeezed.

“Is this what you want? Ohh you bad girl!” I pulled her off the desk by my grip on her throat.

“Turn around, now!” I commanded. She didn’t. I grabbed her by her jawline, pushing her backwards, “I said, turn around!” I saw her smirk as she spun around. She slid her dress off, now in her bra, underwear, thigh high stockings and her heels. She leaned over the desk.

I peeled the panties off of her hot body, slowly over her ass and down her legs. Her nice round ass perfectly laid out in front of me. I pulled my belt off, folding it in half, I grabbed the ends that met together and gently slapped the leather across her ass cheeks. She moaned lowly. I did it again but this time hard, then harder and again, harder.

“Yes Craig, I’ve been so bad! Punish me!” She moaned and I just had to stop and relish in the moment. This girl didn’t know a thing about rough sex before I came along, which was very surprising because she’s a freak. Didn’t like roleplaying and especially didn’t like guys putting their hands on her but now, all she ever wants is me to choke her, spank her and be rough with her, lets not forget, she’s always hungry for my cock and yet she never pushes for the whole relationship thing. I must başakşehir escort be the luckiest man alive.

“Mmm.” I lowly groaned, “What am I to do with you?!?”

“Fuck me!” She said in a bold manner.

I threw the belt aside, my cock was now aching for her. I undid my pants and pulled it off along with my underwear, I grabbed my cock, wrapping a hand around the base, I slapped it on her ass a few times before bringing it to her dripping wet hole. As I rubbed the head up and down her slit and over her clit, I could hear her wetness. I slid the head in with ease from all of her natural lubrication and thrust my length into her. She was so tight and so wet. I immediately started driving my cock in and out, repeatedly pounding her.

I grabbed a fist full of hair at the scalp and pulled her head back so she could look at me. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes! God yes!” She replied.

My other hand slapped her ass as I pushed her head down on the desk, holding her down by the back of her neck and started pounding her harder and faster. She was practically screaming. I absolutely loved it. She lifted one leg to rest her knee on the surface of the desk as I released my grip on her. I was now able to get so much deeper in her.

I continued pounding her like that for quite some time before I slid out and moved to sit on the office chair. I motioned her over and she followed. She turned around to straddle me, reversed, her back facing me, her legs on either side of mine, she eased herself down on my cock. I scooted down so that she was a bit more comfortable. Her hands reached for the arms of the chair to support herself as she started bouncing up and down on me.

My hands snake around her body to play with her beautiful breasts as she continued to bounce on me. I was so close, I was ready to cum. One hand travelled down her stomach and to her clit. I started rubbing her clit as she proceeded to bounce on my cock. Her sexy noises increased and I could tell she was getting closer. She breathlessly said to me, “You’re gonna make me cum all over that cock!”

I growled from my own pleasure, “Cum for me.” I started rubbing her clit faster, in a circular motion. She was practically screaming when she repeatedly stated that she was going to cum. It was within seconds her shaking began, she laid back on me, gripping the arms of the chair so tight as she screamed from pleasure. I continued rubbing her clit, continuing on her orgasm. She sounded a very particular scream when she couldn’t take it anymore and began grabbing at my hand for me to stop as she shook.

I stopped, grinning I said, “Are you gonna make me cum?” She smiled up at me before proceeding to get off of me to suck me off but I quickly objected, “Nuh uh, come back here and ride me!” Without hesitation, she straddled me again, this time facing me. Her legs were perfectly wedged between where the arms ended and the back rest of the chair. She started grinding on me slowly, rolling her hips. I knew she must have still been sensitive and I knew this position would stimulate her already sensitive clit.

“Going that slowly ain’t gonna make me cum sweetheart.” I smiled devilishly.

“Yea well this position ain’t really comfortable for much more that what you’re getting.” Her little smart mouth replied. I wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up. I laid her on the desk in front of me, spread her legs wide, grabbed her by the hips and started thrusting into her. My hands wandered up to her breasts, massaging them while I fucked her mercilessly.

“Come for me craig, please cum.” She said almost in a whisper.

“You want it?” I asked.

“Yes baby, please cum, please cum, please cum!” I have to admit, I love her begging.

“You want me to cum deep in that pussy?” I replied.

“Yes! Please, please baby!”

My hands gripped her hips tighter as I began to shoot my cum deep in her. She remained laid out on the desk as my cum oozed out of her pussy, completely spent.


The airport taxi dropped us off at my old apartment, it must have been past 11pm. All of the luggage remained sitting at the front door as I quickly gave her a tour of the place. I had left just the bare minimum to keep it as a functional apartment for when I needed to be back in California for whatever reason so it was quite plain and lacked decoration.

We barely spent anytime at the apartment since I decided to take her around the city and give her the tourist experience by day and by night she went to family or friends get togethers with me. I introduced her to just about everyone, even my ex wife- awkward, i know!

We were out at one of my favorite french restaurants when Candace and her best friend walked in. The host walked them straight past my table to seated them in the section behind us and of course on her way back there, she spotted me. She stopped and made it her priority to talk to me in hopes that I’d give her details on how I was currently doing.

We hung out a lot with my sister. My sister never liked any of the girls I ever dated but absolutely loved Ashley. My sister is Ella, her husband Tony and my two nieces, Melissa and Melanie. They owned a beach house in Malibu. She renovated it and has rented it out since she left town but this was the first year it has been vacant when they were visiting so she decided to stay there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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