Sissy Son Sucks Drunk Dad Ch. 03

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Standing in the adult book store with my daddy felt different. Not like all the times I’d come here before on my own, browsing dvd covers and catching glimpses of bulges in the pants of men perusing the store. This time I wasn’t here to help fulfill my own sexual fantasies. This time I’m standing here in a thin sun dress that clearly shows my panties, my helpless sissy clitty half erect, helping my daddy shop for his fantasy.

First he filled my arms with a 14″ giant dildo meant to be suctioned to the shower floor. Then three buttplugs. Each bigger than the last, and they all looked too big to fit in my 18 year old boi hole.

I followed closely behind him as we walked all around the store looking for more items he needed to make me a better sissy.

I kept my gaze fixed on daddy and the sex toys he was browsing, but out of the corners of my eye I could see the other patrons repeatedly glancing over at me. Their attention made my clitty protrude tightly against the front of my dress as daddy walked me over to the chastity section.

I could feel the eyes on me as daddy was deciding which cock cage would suit me best.

After he finally decided on a small pink one he turned to hand it to me and gently said, “I hope you like the color. You’ll be wearing this from now on.”

“Yes sir” I replied, positive that everyone was straining their ears to hear our conversation at this point. And I was desperately wishing I was wearing that cage right now, as I felt precum noticeably wetting the front of my sundress.

Daddy found me a new pink corset and matching leather collar that both locked in the back. Then he picked out a nice chain leash that can hook to the collar.

After choosing a few short skirt outfits, blouses and lingerie he found some silicone forms to help fill my bra better.

By this time we had been in the store about 30 minutes. I thought we had bought everything we needed until I noticed the shoes of my dreams. 6 inch shiny black heels with ankle straps that come with their own locks and keys.

“Oh please daddy, please may I try them on?” I begged.

“Ok sweetie. You go ahead.” He answered.

Yay! I thought, as I rushed to the shoes, placed the items I was carrying on the floor next to me and picked up a heel.

As I fitted them I noticed daddy walking around the store having short, quiet conversations with most of the men who had been watching us the last half hour. I didn’t give it anymore attention as I focused on trying to stand in the size nines. I was wobbly until I closed the ankle straps and locked them in place. Then I was only a little wobbly. They felt great, and I reached back to run my hands along my butt to see they really do help my butt stick out better. I felt so sexy standing in the store with them on, admiring my figure in the mirror. I couldn’t help but caress myself through the dress.

Finally daddy came back and had me gather my things and bring them to the register. I bent over to unlock my heels and daddy reached down and swiped the key from my hand.

“Don’t bother taking them off. Just bring the box with the price tag.” He instructed as he hurried me to the front of the store.

My arms were full and I was struggling to stay upright as I walked to the register. At one point I dropped one of my buttplugs, but a kind man picked it up and placed it back in my arms as he gave me a gentle wink.

Daddy paid for the items and drove me back home. On the way I couldn’t help but play with all my new goodies as daddy laid out the rules for me.

He started off with, “From now on you will need to be responsible for keeping yourself ready at all times. It may not be comfortable at first, but after a while you will enjoy the routine.”

“Yes sir” I responded happily.

Then he continued, “you will put the cage on as soon as we get home. From now on the cage will always be on your clitty and a plug will always be in your pussy. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy, I’ve watch enough sissy hypno to know I need to be plugged and caged all the time. I want it. I really do.” I answered.

“That’s good,” he continued. “Only in the morning will I unlock you so you can clean, then it’s right back on. And you will start with the small plug. A few hours a day until you can go all night with it in. Then you will wear a larger plug in the day and the smaller plug at night. Removing only in the morning for enema and lube.”

Looking at me grasping the long dildo with the suction base he suddenly remembered, “oh yes, and that is to be adhered to the floor of your shower. Anytime you are in the shower that dildo will be in you. Practice taking it deeper and deeper every day until you can sit flat on the floor of the shower with it in. Then we will get you a bigger Kıbrıs Escort one. Does that sound like fun?”

Grinning ear to ear I looked at daddy and said, “Yes sir!”

I was so excited when we got home I rushed into the bathroom and lubed my clitty before forcing it into my new pretty pink cage and locking the ring securely behind the base of my clitty and sac.

I felt so liberated with that finally locked away.

I unwrapped the smallest plug and lubed it up before pressing it to my boi hole. I pressed on it and pulled it in towards my waiting pussy, but I wasn’t able to get much more than the tip of the plug to slide in. The widest part was just too wide to fit.

“Daddy!” I yelled. “Will you please come help me?”

“Yeah what do you want?” He answered, as he walked into the bathroom.

Then seeing me in my helpless state, with my butt facing him and plug resting barely in my rim, he knew the situation.

“Ok” he reassured me. “Just bend over and relax. I’ll pop it right in.”

I did as he instructed, bent over, and even held my cheeks spread for him as he gave a quick push that moved it in while making an audible pop.

I gasped as the plug violating and stretching my anal ring sent a wave of pain through my body, making me fear having to eventually remove it later.

But for now it was in, and after a brief moment began to feel comfortable as it sat snuggly in my ever-improving slut hole.

That’s when daddy gave me more news.

He informed me, “You had a few admirers at the book store, so I asked them to come over for a poker game tonight. Four of them were eager to come over and agreed to pay a $50 entry fee to sit at the table.”

“Oh, ok..” I responded. “Is there anything I need to do when they get here?”

“Yes there is” daddy replied. “You will play the most important part of the game. It’s actually a role your mother did very well, and we used to have poker night all the time with all kinds of gifted players back when we were together. While we play Texas Hold ‘Em, your job is to remain under the table where you get to suck the cock of the dealer. The dealer changes every hand, so don’t worry if you can’t make them finish right away. You’ll have plenty of time to get back to them again.”

“Oh daddy!” I blushed. “This will be so much fun. I’ll be sure to wear a pretty outfit so they stay hard all night. Thank you! Mwah!”

I gave him a big kiss before he left me alone to prepare for the game.

I put on pink stockings to help highlight the new chastity cage, as well as show off the buttplug. I wore a pink laced bra with my new silicone inserts that made my bust look amazing. Pearl earrings and I went light on the makeup. If I’m sucking all night there’s no need to go heavy with the lipstick or mascara.

I put the heals back on and walked out into the living room where daddy was setting the table with cards and beer. I presented him with the corset and collar and asked, “Please?”

He took the corset, wrapped it around me tight until he could close the zipper. Then I heard him lock the zipper in place.

Next he placed the collar around my neck, buckled it and locked it.

He commented, “Very good! You look like a top class fuck doll. Now go watch porn in your room until they get here, then I will call you out.”

“Yes daddy” I replied.

I went to my room and pulled up some sissy cumslut hypno videos to settle my nerves and get me prepared.

About an hour later I heard the first guest arrive. The anticipation had my heart racing and I caught myself trying to rub my clitty through the cage. By now I had almost completely forgotten the plug in my butt.

In excitement I stood at my door and I listened as three more men entered and then finally I heard daddy call for me.

I opened the door and slowly walked out of my room towards the men standing at the table. I smiled gently and gave a dainty finger wave as a looked at each of these men who came here for me. They each found me sexy and came here just so I could please them.

I felt my face turn flush as I approached the first man.

“Thank you for coming” I said, as I pressed my body against him, giving him a hug with one hand as my other hand gave a gentle squeeze to his crotch.

I continued around the table, greeting each man. Gently groping them as they, in turn, groped my ass.

I returned to daddy and gave him a big wet kiss before he clasped the leash to my collar and gestured me under the clear glass table.

“Ok here are the rules” my daddy laid out to the men as I knelt in my place. “Each hand the Deal rotates to the left. The dealer gets the leash. And whoever has the leash gets a blowjob, so be sure to have your pants down before Lefkoşa Escort it’s your deal. Don’t worry when you cum. She will swallow and ensure there’s no mess”

After explaining the rules daddy handed my leash to the man on the left. He lowered his pants to his thighs. I glanced up at daddy just long enough to flash him a big smile right before I took this man’s cock in my mouth.

I spent the next hour slowly working my way around to each man, smelling each new musky set of balls and tasting each unique penis. I enjoyed the excitement of constantly bobbing my head up and down in all these strangers’ laps. Pleasing every one of them over and over with my mouth. Experiencing the differences and similarities as they moan in appreciation of my service to them. One was cut and the other three were uncut. The circumcised one was nearly big as daddy but the other three were much smaller. I love daddy’s cock, but the smaller ones were fun too. I rolled them all around in my mouth with my tongue as I sucked on them and took them to the back of my mouth.

The first man held my head pressed into his lap when he came the first time. After seeing he was allowed to do it, all the men made a point to try to push themselves deep as possible into me as they came. I enjoy that. It really makes me feel like a good slut. But they only did it when they were cumming because the rest of the time they needed their hands to deal cards.

It seemed my ass was being rubbed and fondled endlessly too. They made a game of who could push their foot against my buttplug harder. I enjoyed that game and kept my legs spread as I kept my face filled with cock to encourage them to continue their game of ‘footsie’. By the time they had each cum into me at least twice, and daddy once, one man said he had to go so he got up and left. Another man followed a few minutes later. Eventually the third man went to get up at the start of his turn to deal. I had just got his now semi flaccid dick in my mouth when he slid his chair back to stand. I whimpered desperately as he pulled his cock from my mouth.

He looked down at me and said, “Don’t worry girl, I’m not leaving yet. I just have to take a piss.”

I don’t know what spurred me to say this next thing. Maybe it was the dozen or so loads already in my belly, or maybe I just didn’t want to leave my mouth empty of cock. But whatever the motivation I looked up at him and said, “Please pee in me.”

He was slightly taken aback by my request. I saw him glance at my daddy, then from under the table I saw daddy nod yes.

The man slowly sat back down, pulled tightly on my leash and said, “Ok. But you don’t spill a drop on me, you understand?”

I looked him in the eye and responded, “Yes sir.”

Then, while maintaining eye contact I gently placed his cock back in my mouth and waited for him to relax and let it begin to flow into me. It took a moment, but soon it started spraying and I opened my throat as I kept my lips sealed around his golden firehose. I could tell he drank a lot of beer. It was at least a minute later and he was still pissing into me. I could feel my belly beginning to bulge as I continued to look this man in the eyes as I willingly became his sissy urinal. He had no doubt at this point that my purpose is to serve and to be used by men. That knowledge got him excited and he was getting hard again in my mouth as he drained the last of his bladder into me.

I sucked and bobbed my head up and down on his cock fast as I could until he rewarded me with one more load of sweet cum.

With that he was spent and really did leave this time, which left just one man at the table. I heard him ask daddy if he could fuck me as he slid a few hundred dollar bills across the table.

Daddy looked down at me, and considering what I had just done voluntarily, must have figured I wasn’t ready to call it a night.

He pulled on my leash to beacon me to come out from under the table. I slowly rose after spending two hours on my knees.

Daddy leaned in and softly kissed me before whispering, “You are very sexy my little slut, and this man would very much like to fuck you. You are going to accept his cock, yes?”

“Yes sir”, I replied.

I leaned forward, laying my belly across the table. With legs spread and hands behind my back, positioning myself in a pose of submission, I quietly begged, “Please sir. Please fuck my ass.”

“You’re such an obedient little slut.” The man said “I want to hear you beg more.”

I felt him move my plug slightly back and forth, teasing to pull it out to the girthy middle.

“Please sir. Please take it out. Please take it out and fuck me.” I begged.

The man played with the plug a bit more, watching me squirm, until Girne Escort finally he did as I requested. He pulled it out and I felt the pain again as he did.

He gave me no time to adjust as he immediately thrust his hard cock into my now tender, tight little ass.

He pulled back firmly on my leash, pulling my head off the table. I looked back and pleaded more.

“Please fuck me sir! Please fuck my whore ass. Please fuck me!” I cried.

He pulled harder on my leash as he rammed my ass with all his strength while yelling at me, “Take this you stupid fucking whore! Take my cock! Take it you bitch!”

I moaned loudly as he shot his cum in my ass and he rewarded me with one big slap on my butt cheek.

I remained there in that position as he thanked my daddy for hosting the evening then left.

Unexpectedly, I felt daddy’s big cock suddenly push into my hole. He gripped my hands and thrust his entire length inside me, reminding me of the difference between those other dicks and daddy’s giant beautiful dick. He touched the deep parts of my pussy hole that made me squeal with each pump. He took his turn with his personal little fuck puppet before rewarding me by pulling out and spraying his load all over my back, marking his property.

I continued to lay still until he returned with the key and unlocked my slut bondage.

He said, “You did a great job today sweetie. You pleased five men and took everything you were given without hesitation. I have no doubt you are going to become a better slut than your mother ever was.”

He continued, “Before our next poker night I need you to get yourself a pretty little ankle tattoo of a black spade.”

“Oh, I get it, because I’m so good at poker night.” I responded proudly.

“No my sweet gurl. It’s because you will be servicing a different group of guests at the next poker game, and it’s important for them to see you know your place.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but I agreed anyway, “Yes daddy. I’ll go to the tattoo shop on Monday. It’s only six blocks. I’ll walk there with my plug in so I can get used to it.”

I giggled at the idea of walking in my new mini-skirt and plugged to that part of town.

Daddy grinned lovingly at me as he replied, “Good girl. You’ll need to stretch as much as you can before the next poker game. You may want to let Tyrese at the shop know you need more practice too when he gives you the tattoo. He’s an old friend of your mom’s.”

“Yes daddy, I will be sure to ask him for help.” I said.

“Good gurl. You worked hard today. Go clean up and I’ll meet you in the bathroom in a few minutes. I need to show you your new shower routine.” Daddy said.

“Yes daddy, can’t wait.” I replied. Then I walked to the bathroom and stripped naked. I sat down to pee like I always do. The cock cage made standing and peeing impossible anyway. I felt relief as I emptied my bladder, and I wondered just how much of this urine is that other man’s pee? Pondering that question was making me feel burnt all over again.

I washed the makeup off my face as daddy came in. He was naked too. His lovely daddy cock dangling low as he walked to the shower and turned on the water.

He gestured me into the shower where my new bath-mate was waiting, standing tall and ready, suctioned to the floor of the shower. I squatted over the tall dildo as daddy adjusted the shower head to spray me at this lower level.

“That’s good” said daddy. “Lube it up and squat over it as you scrub and shampoo yourself. I expect your shower to be at least 15 minutes twice a day.”

As instructed, I squatted low and impaled myself on the shaft. Raised myself up and entirely off of it, then lowered myself again. The penetration felt good. It wasn’t too thick, just long, and rigid.

Daddy helped wash me as I bounced up and down, slowly trying to lower myself more and more each time. After a while I felt I was about finished and went to stand up. Daddy grabbed me firmly by the shoulders and shoved me back down hard. He pushed me lower than I had gone yet and it hurt as the shaft pieced deep into me. Daddy held me down in it for a minute then began rhythmically pushing down on my shoulders and letting me up, pushing me down again and letting me up.

I looked down at my belly and I could see the dildo bulging out under my skin just below my naval each time daddy pushed me down. It was fascinating to see. I wanted more of that. I loved seeing the cock piercing me through. I moaned softly and began lowering my self lower and lower until daddy let go and allowed me to do it myself.

As I penetrated myself deeper and deeper my clitty began spewing cum from behind its restraints. The orgasm felt amazing and I finally came to a stop, with the dildo resting inside me, and my butt o my about two inches from the floor.

After my shower I changed into my panties and nighty and joined daddy in his bed. Laying beside him I backed my butt up into his cock. He wrapped his arm around my neck, and I drifted happily to sleep. His good sissy.

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