Singing to the Choir Ch. 02

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Group Sex


“Mature choir member abandons self-restraint”

Samuel drove over to Jordi’s house in the early morning light and parked where he had dropped her off the night before when her best friend Rachel had accompanied her in the house to make sure that she would be alright after being stripped and spit roasted at the monastery in public view of her friends.

Jordi had worn Rachel’s sweater and her own coat into the house and Rachel had emerged with her sweater to take home and attempt to clean of bodily fluids after Jordi had presumably orgasmed several times based on the orgy-like agenda the mysterious monastery members had subjected her to.

Samuel hoped that Jordi would not come to the door still disheveled or even naked. He had personally dragged Jordi away from the probing hands and fingers as she kneeled on the long couch inside the one dark monastery sitting room where members seemed to get sexually ignited before their group activities.

Jordi had called Rachel later last night and apologized for her disregard for her own safety and well-being by succumbing to the men and women who had stripped her of her choir practice clothing and began to utilize her for her aging widow’s body and for their own self-gratification. Jordi had shocked her friend Rachel by saying that it had been the happiest day that she had experienced in some time.

Samuel was sitting in his still-running car with its lights on and just getting to mentally unpacking the very recent memory that his mature crush Rachel had left him with by cuddling with him in her dark living room, when Jordi tapped on his window, startling him briefly. “Are you coming in?” she asked.

He nodded to her and turned off the motor. She led the way into her home as he followed her. She was wearing a long bathrobe and leather slippers, with distinctive print pajama bottoms covering her lower legs.

Samuel was brought into Jordi’s kitchen and he was pleased to see that she had updated the room fixtures and painted the walls in an updated and coordinated way from the last time that she had shared pictures of her project with him on social media when he had been living away for a while.

“It looks very nice in here Jordi, I am very impressed,” Samuel told her as they sat down at the round table.

Jordi smiled and said that she had tried to make the house her own after her husband died. She said that he had pinched pennies to the point that the house had become run down and then he passed away. She said that the kitchen was her own way of breaking out of old habits that she had never liked.

She brewed a pot of hot water and asked Samuel if he would like some tea. Samuel said that indeed he would like some tea and she poured him a small cup. “The tea is imported and quite strong so just sample some before you make up your mind,” Jordi said.

Samuel sipped from his small cup. The tea had a billowing effect on his taste buds and the longer that he drank it, the more the taste filled his throat and taste buds. ‘Wow, that is strong Jordi,” he told her.

She smiled as she drank from a larger mug of the tea and looked at him sitting in her kitchen in these Bolu Escort early morning hours.

“It is very nice to see you here Samuel. I did not know if the previous day’s events were going to put a strain on everyone’s friendships from the church choir group we have. Things got out of hand…” said Jordi.

Samuel asked for more of the strong tea which Jordi gave him. He drank it and then afterwards started to yawn. Caffeine always had a funny effect on him. Like Ritalin the prescription drug that was prescribed for people with ADD, the caffeine seemed to calm him down.

Jordi suggested that he stay with her for the day. She left the room to prepare a bedroom for him to use. She told him that a pair of pajamas was left on the bed that her husband used to wear, if they might fit him. Samuel ran out to his car and grabbed his overnight bag and a change of clean clothing that he longed to eventually change into.

He was just going upstairs to the accommodations when Jordi’s house phone rang. She picked it up and stated, “Good Morning Rachel, how are you doing…” Jordi winked at Samuel when she saw that he heard her greeting. Samuel continued up the stairs to the spare bedroom. He could hear Jordi tell Rachel, “Yes, Samuel is here with me. It won’t be an inconvenience. I understand…”

Samuel brushed his teeth and then stepped into the spare bedroom that had a queen sized bed in it with white sheets tightly drawn to the sides. On the bed lay a pair of pajamas in a distinctive pattern. The pajamas were the same print that Jordi had been wearing. Perhaps the pajamas were a set that she had shared with her late husband. Samuel stripped down naked and put on the pajamas. The cool flannel-like feel of the men’s pajamas refreshed him as he drew the bed sheets aside and lay down.

The curtains in the room included blackout backing so the sun was kept out of the room, except for a stray beam that lit the other side of the room faintly. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he started to unwind.

His mind again went back to his last moments with Rachel earlier that morning when she had brushed herself against his erection that he developed after seeing her in her night gown and cleavage while they sat together in her dark living room. Rachel had unzipped his pants and he had obliged her access by unbuttoning the waist and pulling the trousers down. Just then her son had showed up and let himself into the house, where he began an argument with his mother, prompting Samuel to quickly depart the scene.

Samuel mentally pinched himself at being so close to fulfilling an ongoing fantasy that he had with the older widow Rachel. When he saw her hardened nipple through her nightgown, the scene burned a hot image in his memory that he would likely never forget. He recalled that possibly her body was so aroused that her entire areola was puffed up with blood and from the excitement of the moment. How he would have wished to suck on her nipples and maybe even bring her to one of hopefully several orgasms that he hoped to enjoy together with her. Eventually he thought as his mind drifted away and he fell asleep.

He awoke to the darkened room and someone Bolu Escort Bayan in it with him. The feeling was very distinctive. The bed sheets had been pulled up from the bottom and Jordi was on the bed with him, giving him a blowjob. His erect cock was filling her mouth and she left behind saliva as she hungrily gorged on his enlarged male member. His pajamas bottoms were open and she had reached up under his pajamas top and was lightly pinching his right nipple with her short fingers. The net effect had left him with a raging hard-on.

The low light environment in the room had shifted since he fell asleep. He could just make out Jordi’s prone body on the bed. She had pulled her matching pajamas set top up and unbuttoned it so that her drooping medium-sized breasts were hanging free from the fabric as she bore down on his erection.

Samuel quickly processed the scene. He must have been very tired when he lay his head down here in Jordi’s spare bedroom, but his last thoughts had been of Rachel possibly getting ready to give him a blowjob in her living room. Maybe he had tented the sheets like he was having a wet dream and pulled the sheets aside to relieve the pressure. Possibly he had gotten too hot in the unfamiliar room and exposed himself. But he recalled closing the bedroom door behind him before he turned in for the morning nap.

It was a lot to process. Jordi was going to town on his erection and she had moved up closer to him as she realized that he was now awake.

Samuel acknowledged that he needed to find sexual release after almost two days of hard-ons and stifled erections. He had had blue balls once when he was a teenager and a girl had abandoned him mid-stream during a hand job, which he thought she would soon finish. When he blew that load of spunk eventually under his own ministrations, the volume and pressure that erupted had surprised him.

He had heard the saying that if you found yourself going over a cliff, at least try to enjoy the ride. With that he reached across to Jordi’s exposed breasts with his right hand and found her slightly erect nipples. They were of the longer type and easy to put some fingers on. Jordi immediately moaned slightly at the erotic sensation that she immediately felt and put a little more effort into her taking his cock into her throat. He pulled on the nipples and twisted them around his trimmed fingernails, making them harder by the moment. He reached under her left breast and squeezed it in his hand. The cool skin felt divine in his hand as his thinking began to enter the narrow tunnel of ecstasy that he too infrequently visited with female company.

Samuel pulled his right hand along Jordi’s naked upper body and found the hemline of her pajamas bottom. She seemed to know the drill as she moved her body up further and Samuel pulled at her bottoms. She relented for a moment with her mouth to acquiesce his lead hand and aided him in removing her pajamas bottom to her ankles, leaving her naked in the middle.

Samuel felt up along the back of her ankles and legs until her could feel her exposed buttocks. First, he inserted one finger into the recessed area at the top of her rear Escort Bolu thighs and extended it into her already wet pussy. Jordi passionately responded to the reciprocal heavy foreplay and went back to giving him head. Within short order she had rotated her body alongside his and went into a crouched kneeling position which left her bare ass in the air and Samuel driving two fingers rapidly into her from behind, her pre-cum now dripping down the back of her thighs.

Although determined to bring Samuel to a climax, Jordi was overcome by the rising pressure between her legs and he was able to find the G-spot near her cervix with his middle finger leading the charge. Blood rushed to the stimulated area and she felt the groundswell of an orgasm arising in her as he helped her scratch the itch that had never quite went away since she had gone through menopause a years before. Her sugar walls began to spasm as he fiddled with her clitoris with his index finger in a symphony of carnal attention and knowing movements.

She came as hard as she had in some time, lowering her face below his erection while letting his enlarged penis rub against her forehead as she bowed briefly to the strong forces of passion that ruled her brain at that instant.

She was so close to his body that it was effortless when he further pulled her lower body on top of his head, mouth and extended tongue and he proceeded to lick her wet and dripping gash of warm flesh. She resumed her blow job as they engaged in the 69 position. He made her come again, this time wetting his face from the slight discharge. She was feeling some abandon of her senses when he pushed her forward into a sitting position and entered her as she faced away from him. He pulled her down by her shoulders onto him and then travelled down her arms to lock her wrists into a position that he could balance her body atop him as he repeatedly entered and reentered her vagina.

The synergy was peaking for both of them as he pulled her down one final thrust and she cried out as he lost control and filled her with his cum after a final demonstration of his intimate techniques. She slumped briefly on his body as she regained her mental faculties and those of her own body. Jordi rolled off of him and he moved over slightly to allow her to have more bed space.

“You don’t have to hold me Samuel. I was being selfish by waking you up this way. I will understand if you don’t respect me anymore. I took something from you without asking. But I want you to know that I do not regret doing it,” Jordi told him a husky version of her normal voice.

Samuel pulled her close up against him and put his arm around her and pulled the sheet up enough to cover both of their bodies, at least a little. The conversation seemed best kept for another time. She pushed herself towards him in an affectionate way and they finally kissed, albeit awkwardly with their heads pushed next to each other. “I forgive you,” Samuel said, as he followed his hand along her waist and ribs until he found a breast and a nipple to knead and bring under his thumb.

Jordi cooed at the renewed attention and equally pinched his own nipples on his muscular chest. She noted his cock harden against her leg as soon as she did that so she lowered her head on the nipple closest to her mouth and she softly sucked on the turgid man flesh as his rebounding erection grew alongside her thigh…



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