Sinful Pleasures: My Friend’s Dad

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“Weather reports say the storm will be over-” Chelsea shut off the radio.

“I’m gonna head into town to grab food before the storm heads in.” she called to Brittany as she climbed out of the pool. They had been enjoying their last day at Chelsea’s dad’s house before they moved up the mountain to their own house. Brittany sighed and looked over at her best friend as she pulled on a pair of shorts over her bikini.

“You just want to see the cute pizza guy that works there.” Brittany accused laughing at her friends dramatic gasp.

“I would Never dream of that. But yes, Toby is on shift tonight.” she said laughing as she grabbed her keys and headed out.

Chelsea had been crushing on Toby for the past 3 months, abnormal for her since she wasn’t one to stick to a guy this long, but she wasn’t dating around as much since she started the new job at the hospital.

Brittany climbed out of the pool shortly after Chelsea left, enjoying the way the water cooled her skin. She looked at the house and smiled.

It was so weird to be back here the past month, it was like being in high school again. All the sleepovers, study parties. The nostalgia. It was welcomed.

Chelsea and Brittany had been best friends since grade 7 when one of the upper class-men tripped her and Chelsea pounced onto his back like a spider monkey punching him. From that moment it was Chelsea and Brittany, You know that pair of friends in stories that are like soul sisters, always there and can just walk into each others houses? that was them. Even when thing got bad Chelsea didn’t even ask her before she showed up one day with bags to help her pack up and practically move in the last year of high school.

Brittany went to the room and peeled off the bikini top, replacing it with an over sized cotton shirt before going back to moving boxes to the front room. Her shoulders were a little burnt but not too bad.

“Chelsea? hey I’m home.” a voice called out. Thomas; Chelsea’s father.

“Hey. Chels went to grab food.” Brittany called back setting a box down in the living room by the door. It had already began to pour and the sky was getting dark. Thomas stood by the big window in the living room looking out at it nervously.

“Hope Chelsea doesn’t get caught in this nasty weather.” he said.

Brittany smiled at his concerned father look. He had been a single father raising a little girl and he had done an amazing job of it.

He wasn’t overly protective and let Chelsea have the freedom to learn things on her own but at the same time was never far behind to make sure if she needed him he was there. Thomas was 38 years old, 19 years older than them, about 6 foot 5 with a nice build and blackish brown hair. He was dressed in a grey button up and black dress pants. He must have been in a meeting today since he usually never wore his suits, even though they looked amazing on him.

Brittany felt her face blush realizing she was checking out her best friends dad.

“Shes fine, she probably is loving the time she gets to flirt with Toby.” Brittany laughed. Thomas smiled and wow he had a nice smile, had she never noticed it before?

“There’s a boy is there. Poor guy, hope Chelsea doesn’t cook for him.” he laughed and Brittany couldn’t stop the smile. It was true Chelsea was not the best cook that was for sure, but she was learning. Last week she was able to make pasta without burning the house down.

“What about you? any boys chasing after you?” Thomas asked her. Brittany let out a Ha! She didn’t let boys distract her for the past 2 years as she had worked her ass off getting her medical billing and coding job.

“No boys, none have caught my eye yet.” she laughed.

“Well don’t chase anyone, you’re a smart girl and any man would be lucky to have you even look in their direction.” He commented giving her a smile. Brittany felt her heart flutter, Thomas always told her and Chelsea to never chase after a boys attention, they aren’t worth chasing if you do all the work and effort.

“Chasing people is boring.” She replied. “You don’t have to worry about that. It’s nice to know you care.”

“Just making sure I have no competition.” He flashed her Escort Küçükköy a wink causing Brittany to feel heat rise in her face and for some reason, in her crotch. She blushed. Ok yea he was really handsome, she had to admit.

She laughed along playing with the joke. “Awww come on Thomas, you know no one can compete with you.” Brittany nudged him with her elbow.

Thomas reached out and brushed some hair out of her face.

“That’s good.” He smiled making Brittany’s heart jump. “I don’t like competition.”

They looked at each other for a moment. Sometime while they had been in the dark living room, something shifted. Thomas’ hand lingered for a moment, hovering next to her face. Slowly he leaned down toward her, as she felt the pull to close the distance, and their lips briefly brushing against each others in a soft kiss. Fire ignited in Brittany’s stomach and she felt like she was electrocuted. Thomas had kissed her, was kissing her, and she was kissing him back!

His hand cupped her cheek and he pressed his body against her. One arm went around her waist as her hands went to his chest. His lips were soft and she heard herself moan as his tongue played with hers. His hand threaded into her hair, making her moan into their kiss. Thomas’ hand slid over her hip feeling her soft skin as her shirt had ridden up teasing a look at her small cotton shorts, and then reality hit her.

This was her best friends father.

Whom she was now kissing.

Brittany pushed away from him taking a few steps back.

“I have to go!” she said darting for the door and sprinted out into the rain. She didn’t think as she went off down street.

Her sandals squishing in the puddles that had formed on the pavement made her slow to a jog.

Brittany walked as fast as she could, feeling the rain pelt against her skin as she went.

She had just been kissed by her best friends father, and she liked it. She liked it!

How could she have done that!? yea ok maybe she had a small crush on Thomas at one point but it was one of those ‘he is giving me attention I enjoy the attention he is giving me’ kind of thing. Not the ‘I wanna stick my tongue down your throat and make out with you,’ thing!

This feeling she had, made her want more of him, and that scared her. This little fondness crush she had on him for years had somewhere along the line changed and she hadn’t noticed it until tonight.

Lights illuminated the road behind her and she heard the car pull up.

“Brittany! Brittany hey please come back to the house, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.” he pleaded chasing after her.

Thomas felt like he had just made the biggest mistake of his life. He had known Brittany for years and thought of her as a part of their little family, and he had just crossed a line that he never should have been near to begin with.

When had he started viewing her differently?

Somewhere between high school ending and their second year of college he had noticed how beautifully confident Brittany had become, he felt proud of her. She always had some confidence issues in high school and when she finally found her footing Thomas had felt so proud she was confident in her own skin and finally knew how beautiful she was. Something changed along the way. He felt a slight attraction build but didn’t give it any thought until now.

He parked the car and got out walking towards her.

“No Thomas I’m OK, please just go.” she asked stepping back from him.

‘Was she afraid of me now?’ He wondered. Was that trust gone now?

His shirt was now soaked and clung to his body, his very fit body.

When did Things change?

When had he become someone she would think about when she felt lonely at night and wanted company?

“Brittany please, I’m sorry. It was a mistake. I promise you I will never do that again, just go back to the house and I’ll leave you alone. I’m sorry.” he said over the sound of the rain.

He wouldn’t cross the line again, he couldn’t.

Was that how he would see her from now on? A mistake? Was kissing her so awful that he was ashamed of it? He couldn’t even look in her eye Mecidiyeköy escort and that made her blood boil.

Her parents had seen her as a mistake and now was he doing the same thing?

“Dammit Brittany you’re gonna get sick, just get back in the house!” He boomed feeling a little cold.

“Why?! So I can be nothing but a mistake you made?” She spat the word ‘mistake’ as if it was venom. her blonde hair plastered to her face. Thomas was taken back by her outburst.

“I’m just another mistake once again right? You made a mistake and kissed me. Yes It felt amazing and made me realize something but it doesn’t matter now because I’m the mistake.”

She continued looking at him with rage in her eyes.

“I can ignore how amazing that kiss was and how I shouldn’t have enjoyed it that much, I shouldn’t have liked it as much as I did. I have to forget the feelings I have for you. Feelings I can’t have.” she shouted at him. She was now in front of him as she let the rage out.

Brittany surprised herself with the realization that she had feelings for her best friends dad. “But the one thing I won’t do. Is continue to be around another person who sees me as a mistake!”

Suddenly she felt the warmth of his lips on hers. Thomas held her face as he kissed her and her hands gripped his soaked shirt feeling his muscles through it.

Thomas pushed her up against the car and continued to kiss her.

Brittany felt his hardness against her bare leg as he kissed her neck making her moan when he bit the soft flesh.

“You. Are. Not. A. Mistake. Brittany.” He began looking directly into her eyes. “I made a mistake by kissing you. I did. I don’t see you as a mistake. I see someone I care about deeply whom I just crossed a line with that I shouldn’t have crossed.” He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“And it can’t happen again. won’t happen again.” he promised stepping back.

“Get in the car and I’ll take you home.” He said opening the door for her.

Brittany slid into the passenger seat and Thomas got in the driver’s seat. The moment his door closed they were off down the road back to his house.

The ride was silent and Thomas was gripping the wheel tightly.

Brittany felt confused, she felt like their bond was broken and this was going to be some awkward thing every time they were around one another.

They got inside and Thomas kicked his shoes off in the entryway of the laundry room. The lights were still off in the kitchen. Brittany was breathing heavily as she noticed he was almost refusing to look at her again.

“I’ll grab you a towel or something.” He muttered opening the cabinets.

Look at me…

Look. At. Me!!

It was too tense and finally she broke.

“Why won’t you look at me?”

Thomas froze.

Slowly he looked at her and his eyes were full of lust.

“I promised you it wouldn’t happen again and I mean that, Currently you are making that very hard with your attire.” he said his voice strained.

Brittany realized what he was talking about. She was in a now practically see through white shirt and no pants only thin white cotton shorts. Her face burned red at this realization and when she looked up at him she saw the outline of his hardness through his wet trousers.

Both of them stared at each other feeling the tension building more and more.

She wanted him. He wanted her.

“We, Can’t.” she said. he nodded.

“We can’t.” he stated.

Both approaching each other.

The ache in her core was impossible to ignore as she saw the heat and lust in his eyes. Lust for her.

It was like a magnetic pull as her lips found his. Her hands raking through his wet hair as his hands gripped her butt, hoisting her onto the dryer and stepping between her legs. Thomas kissed down her neck and circled his tongue around her chest sucking on her nipple through the wet fabric making her arch her back pushing her breast against his tongue. Brittany yanked his head up and pressed her mouth to his. Thomas pulled on the wet shirt tugging it over her head and tossing it into the laundry sink before lifting her up.

Brittany’s legs Merter escort bayan wrapped around his waist as he carried her to his room across the hall. Her body was covered in goosebumps as she felt the softness of the sheets beneath her. Thomas kicked his wet pants off as he settled over her body. He kissed his way down her neck and focused on her chest giving it some attention. The feeling causing Brittany to arch her back and tangle her fingers in his hair. Her body was cold but felt hot at the same time as he kissed her.

Brittany ran her fingers down his chest and into his boxers taking a hold of him as he slipped his fingers into her underwear. No one had ever found her “spot” so fast, he circled her clit with his index finger growling at how wet she was.

“So wet. fuck.” he growled sucking on her neck as he slid his finger into her entrance making her cry out. Brittany needed him. Now.

She pushed his trousers down and he quickly kicked them off as he kissed down her stomach spreading her legs as he added another finger.

“Thomas please!” She begged.

He moved himself settling between her legs, “Tell me to stop at any time and I will.” he said before he slowly pushed up inside her.

“Ohh my god!” Brittany moaned as he pushed further. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and tugged it sending a bolt of pleasure down Brittany back. She pushed up to meet his thrusts feeling him hit a spot deep inside her that threw her closer to her climax. He reached down between them and circled her clit and growled in her ear, ‘Let me feel you come.”

Brittany’s climax crashed over her so hard she let out a cry in ecstasy. Thomas felt her walls squeeze around him and felt himself hit his climax.

“Oh shit… I can’t believe that just happened.” she said laying in his bed. 15 minutes ago they had had sex. The rain had lightened up slightly by this point.

Thomas looked at the naked girl laying next to him, what had he done?

Brittany looked at him, his toned body, what lay beneath the grey sheet, she felt herself getting turned on again. he must have known she was getting turned on again, He leaned over and trailed kissed down her neck, down her chest and continued down beneath the sheets. Not breaking eye contact.

“What are we doing?” she asked closing her eyes in pleasure.

“We are enjoying the touch of one another, while we can.” he said kissing her thigh.

The front door slammed. “Hey! I’m home!” Chelsea called.

Brittany froze… shit.

“B? hey I’m gonna jump in the shower real quick and then we can eat ok?” She called walking to the bathroom in the opposite part of the house.

“Shit..shit. Thomas shes home.” Brittany hissed as she felt him between her legs. She covered her mouth with her hands as she felt him kiss her inner thigh so close to her core, then move upward.

He was beneath the sheets driving her wild while her best friend- his daughter- was on the other side of the house showering.

She looked down and his eyes were locked on hers. He continued lapping his tongue slowly around her clit but not touching it.

“Fuuuuck.” she moaned out arching up to feel some type of connection against her clit. Thomas stopped teasing and pushed his mouth over her clit and sucked on it.

Brittany felt herself go over the edge as he brought her to her pleasure.

“Thomas!” she hissed as she felt herself orgasm, grasping onto the pillow above her head as she squeezed his head between her legs.

His head popped up from under the covers a moment later as he wiped his mouth.

“You better hurry before she gets out.” He breathed making Brittany spring up and grab for anything to cover herself with as she bolted down the hall to the bedroom.

Brittany grabbed a clean shirt and some sweat pants from her room just as Chelsea exited the bathroom.

“Hey dad.” she greeted Thomas as he walked into the kitchen looking like he had just showered. He had changed into a loose black shirt and plaid bottoms.

“Hey sweetie.” he greeted.

“Want some pizza?” she asked as Brittany sat on the couch with her slice.

“No thanks, I just ate.” he declined looking at Brittany who almost choked on her food.

“Hope it was a good meal because I am starving and plan to eat most of this pizza myself.” Chelsea said grabbing a drink from the fridge.

“Oh it was very…very.. good.” Thomas said looking directly at Brittany.

What had she done?

What the fuck had she done…

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