Sheel’s Honeymoon Continues

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“Want one more scoop of ice cream, Sheela Darling?” Rohith asked his wife, rising from the chair next to hers and walking to the table in the room where the room service had served them a lavish dinner.

“Yes Dear, you know I like ice cream,” Sheela said with a giggle.

It was only an hour after that same evening after Sheela and her hubby Rohith had sensual bath in their room

“I want to make love to you again, you know,” Rohith said, handing his wife her second ice cream.

“It was just an hour, ago darling,” Sheela said with a coy smile.

“Sure. But for horny people like you and me, an hour is a long time!”

Rohith laughed, settling into his chair again, his eyes sweeping over his wife’s gorgeous, sexy body.

When they finished their dinner, Rohith rose and, giving his wife his hand, he silently led her to the plush bed where he pulled her down beside him. He leaned forward and lightly kissed her. His tongue flicked out against her lips, parting them, and then moving into her mouth.

“Yeah, baby, I really love you,” Rohith said when he broke the kiss.

His arms closed around her, drawing her closely against his hairy chest, which was naked, with Rohith wearing only a brief.

“Mmmmm, quit talking … kiss me again,” she murmured as her tongue licked his lips gently but firmly. She snuggled closer to him, her big tits under the flimsy nightgown pressing against him. He could feel her stiffening nipples poking into his chest and the lewd sensation excited him beyond belief. His lips moved from her mouth and softly pressed against her neck. Shivers of lust trembled through her body and she moaned in response. His mouth once again covered hers and his hands moved to her big tits. He continued squeezing the pulsing tit-mounds through the nightgown, before removing the straps of the nightgown and exposing the beautiful big breasts.

“Gorgeous tits … such gorgeous tits,” he muttered, his eyes widening with excitement. His fingers kneaded and stroked the throbbing tit-flesh as Sheela writhed and moaned beneath her husband’s touch. Her nipple fattened under the man’s exploring fingertips. Her tits felt swollen and big, at least twice their normal size. She glanced down and moaned again, the sight of her husband squeezing her tits arousing her almost as much as his expert touches. Rohith leaned over and lightly kissed the rubbery bud of one of her nips.

“Ohhhhh, nice,” she moaned.

Then his lips closed around her nipple. His tongue flicked out and twirled around the stiffened bud. He groaned with pleasure relishing the aroma of his wife’s tits. Hot flames of lust shot through her body from her tits to her pussy as her husband continued to suck her tits, moving his hot, wet mouth from one tit to the other.

“Ohhhhh, that feels sooo good, darling, suck me harder!” Sheela groaned, reaching behind his head and pulling him down, forcing him to accept even more of her tit-flesh into his mouth. He responded willingly and hungrily, gobbling up as much of the tasty tit-flesh as possible. At the same time, his hands moved down her sides. His finger slipped under the top of her lacy panty and she lifted her hips a bit, helping him slide them down. Now she was completely naked.

He released her tits from his mouth moments later and pulled back slightly from her to get a good look at her gorgeous body. His eyes drifted over her full-size tits to the shaved pussy. She grinned up at him and spread her thighs lewdly, allowing her husband a full view of her cunt.

“God, but you’re beautiful as an *apsaras*!” he groaned as he quickly peeled his briefs off. His cock, hard and rigid, jutted out from his crotch etiler escort like a flagpole. He watched his wife’s gaze drop down to his prick and he grinned with delight as he saw her eyes widen and her nostrils flare with excitement.

“And you are so handsome, Darling!” Sheela gasped, her eyes still fixed on her husband’s cock. I want that, she thought to herself as she continued to stare at the thick stalk of the man’s cock. I want to take every delicious inch of that gorgeous cock into my little pussy!

They fell back onto the bed and once more they kissed. Rohith’s tongue drove into her mouth hard this time with a sense of urgency. She responded with a soft moan, her own tongue circling his as it drove toward the depths of her throat. Her hands moved over his chest, tugging at the little hairs that curled there.

The light from the overhead chandelier reflected on her big globes. Rohith loved Sheela’s big tits which were untouched by any man. He lowered his mouth to the soft warmth of her boobs and fastened his lips to one puckered nipple. Sheela sighed and held his head in her hands as he rolled the stiffened bud around his mouth.

“Oh, darling, you’re making me so horny and hot again.” She squeezed her thighs together. Rohith passionately licked her lust stiffened tit, and bolts of pleasure rocked her senses as he tongued the underside, of her boobs. She moaned and tangled her fingers in his hair as she drew his mouth more firmly against her tit flesh. She wriggled her ass on the big cushion mattress.

“Then I should make you cold and sweet, Honey “.Rohith said

Just watching his hot young large bosomed wife turned him on. Rohith was mesmerized with the breathtaking loveliness of the young bride. Her firm, silky body was an entrancing combination of swelling breasts and thighs, and he gaped at the velvet-like, smoothly shaven honey-covered pussy that she was exploring gently with her fingers now, the junction of her slightly spread thighs. The thin, pink, full length shaven cavity of her openly spread cunt caused his mouth to water, and his tongue flicked over his lips in keen anticipation as he watched the glassy expression in her eyes.

He paused and took a bowl from the bed side table which contained chocolate ice cream and syrup. He scooped some of it out and plastered the young wife’s breasts and nipples with cold ice cream and the syrup. Sheela gasped and cried out as cold tongues of lust licked at her nipples. Her breasts felt enormously hard and heavy and swollen. Her aureoles and nipples on her breasts were sticky with the ice cream and chocolate syrup he had poured over them. Bending over her Rohith kissed her mouth hard, thrusting his tongue in and out. She moaned and writhed under him, sucking his tongue eagerly. He bent his head to her breasts and she cried out thickly as his heavy tongue rolled over one breast, then the other licking the ice cream coated breasts. She felt her breasts would burst, her nipples snap off. He worked them insistently under his lips and teeth, sucking, nibbling, and whipping the hard nipples with his tongue.

“Oh god Rohith oh god,” she whimpered.

“Oh ma uhhhh OHHHHH uhh Oh Rohith! Uhhhh OHHHH!” Sheela gasped.

He crushed her swollen breasts together and sucked them simultaneously, nibbling at her stiff nipples. Her body arched and she cried out thinly, writhing and lurching under him. Flames of pleasure licked at her breast-tips and cunt. Her hips heaved and gyrated wildly under his body. Slowly, he slid a hand down her slit and her body whipped back.

“OHHHHHHHHH uhhhh yes uhhhh yes!” she cried.

She eve gelen escort arched, her hips quivering and shuddering, her cunt streaming her juice copiously now.

“Oh, Rohith, that’s so good, darling,” Sheela shuddered at the warmth of his mouth on her tits and his fingers on her snatch. She watched his strong fingers manipulate her cuntlips. She loved having his fingers on her hot little pussy. Stick your finger inside me, Rohith, she told herself. Please, stick your finger inside me! He didn’t stick a finger inside her, but he rubbed her clit at intervals and the overheated young wife sighed.

“Keep rubbing there,” she said. “I love it when you touch me like that.” She moaned helplessly when he swirled his tongue over her tit. He inserted one finger inside her pussy and forced one more inside her tight cunt. His fingers made squishing sounds in her juice-soaked pussy. They slipped around and she was embarrassed at the sound her sweet little pussy is making. She couldn’t help lubricating a lot

Rohith continued sucking and licking her cherry-tipped boobs. He tangled his fingers in her cunt and extended his thumb into her ass-crack. He rubbed his thumb over her ass hole, and she trembled and tried to push his finger away.

“OHHHHHHHHH!” she cried.

Sheela closed her eyes, spread her legs wider still. Rohith smiled naughtily down at her luscious naked form as he got out of the bed and took a jar of honey. He had asked the room service to bring it along with their dinner. Rohith took the honey jar, uncorked it and slowly tipped it over her body from a height. The honey spattered her body, dribbling and trickling over her breasts, down her belly, into her navel, into her crotch, through her cleavage. Sheela gasped. Sheela’s body glistened with the honey. Keeping the half empty honey bottle aside, Rohith began massaging her body with his hands, spreading the honey all over her flesh. It seeped into her flesh, making it tingle and warm, arousing every nerve and fiber. Her cunt dripped with excitement and her breasts felt hot and heavy, the nipples quivering stiffly. As his hands rolled all over her body, she writhed and squirmed, gasping softly.

“Oh god Rohith oh god,” she whimpered.

Rohith again started kissing and sucking her breasts first, and slid lower, dragging his tongue over her round, firm belly, sweeping it through her navel, dipping lower to her crotch. She moaned, biting her lower lip in tension. He parted her cunt-lips with his fingers and slowly dragged his tongue up and down her dripping wet slit. She whimpered in pleasure, her hips grinding eagerly under his face. Rohith paused, took some more of the honey and pasted it on her cunt-lips and the stem of her clitoris, coated the forefingers and thumbs of both hands with honey. Then, bending, he thrust his tongue into her cunt, curving its edges upward and inward to form a pointed, fleshy channel into which he drew the gorged ridge of her clitoris. He whipped it furiously, sucked it, and nibbled on it.

On the bed, Sheela shrieked softly, her mouth tearing open, her head jerking back, her back bowing steeply, her breasts thrust upward, her cunt lurching and shuddering as a series of orgasms crashed over her. Her cunt-juices flooded his mouth and her cunt convulsed frantically. Instantly, he jabbed a finger into her juicy cunt and started finger-fucking her rapidly while his tongue continued to torment her cunt-flesh.

Her orgasms redoubled in intensity and frequency and she moaned ecstatically, her body glistening with honey that, mingling with the ice cream massaged into her flesh, only heightened fatih escort the exquisite pleasure.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH … uhhh … OHHHHHHHH … uhhhh … OHHHH … uhhhh

OHHHHHHHHHH!” Sheela gasped.

On and on he went, and now he plunged his tongue deep into her cunt while his hands reached up for her breasts. Sheela thrashed uncontrollably on the bed.

At last he paused and raised, his lips glistening with her juices. She moaned deliriously on the bed, still orgasming ceaselessly. He bent over her, squeezing her breasts and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it eagerly, wantonly. He straightened and, from the honey bottle, took some more honey and coated his cock sheath and cock-head with it. He smeared the shaft with the sweet paste, coating it evenly down its length, getting the cock rock hard, gasping as he smeared it over his protruding cock-head.

Then, when Rohith was finished coating the honey on the hard cock, Sheela took his hand and urged him gently onto the big luxurious bed.

“Now come to me, my darling lover,” Sheela purred softly as her hubby reclined beside her. Slowly she began to explore his tense strong body with her hands, feeling the fully developed muscles as she caressed the secret hollows and crevices of his body form. Her soft lips that had last night nurtured and sucked his cock to lewd ejaculation now clasped hungrily over his mouth and her searching tongue darted lizard-like between his teeth. She lifted her satiny white thighs over his potent hip, pressing her pubic mound tightly against him with a provocative undulating motion. Then greedily she pressed herself against him until the length of his insistent rock hard cock was prodding up against the clean shaven mound of her pussy. She looked down and in a naughty mood, caught Rohith’s prick in her hand and jerked for a minute. She felt the juice at the tip of his cock wet her hand and, she rubbed it into his spongy cockhead.

Sheela sighed deeply, squirming and holding even tighter against the hotly breathing hubby until the gleaming blood-swollen head of his cock was twitching right up against the passion-drenched lips of her pussy. Delirious with lust, she kissed him again, her tongue snaking into his sweet-tasting mouth as her hand caressed his back and naked buttocks to draw him even closer against her.

“Oh my darling Rohith … my sweet hubby ,” she gasped breathlessly as her hungry pelvis began to swivel against him in a prematurely abandoned fucking motion. She wriggled up on the bed until his lust-bloated cock lurched uncontrollably into even greater pressure with the flushed entrance of her vagina. “I hope I can make you so happy, Darling. This night I’m going to do whatever you demand … honey.”

Rohith blinked, too aroused to comprehend what she was saying. “Oh yessss,” he pleaded, barely able to even speak in the rising torment of his almost unquenchable need.

Yes, she thought deliriously to herself. Yes, this was ecstasy. Feasting her eyes hungrily on the up-thrust and stiffened cock that speared outward from the sprinkling of his dark pubic hair, she also noticed with delight the crinkled sac of his virile balls that lay softly between his legs. Sheela felt his balls. The smallish eggs moved aside in their slick bag. She probed more, found the secret tube that coursed out of the depths of his body and up the underside of his cockshaft. His prick was shiny and she jacked the skin slowly, watching the cockhead pump fuller with blood.

God, she felt so evil, so vile, like some sort of carnivorous woman who preyed on the flesh of the innocent. She clawed at his chest and bent to kiss his chest, taunting the hard nipples of his well developed torso with her flicking tongue tip. Then, her lips never leaving his skin, she pushed him down to lie prone on the big comfortable bed, dropping to her knees beside him and trailing her slavering tongue lower on his body, down over his shuddering belly to dart it teasingly into the hole of his navel.

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