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My name is Hua Airen, I am of Chinese descent, and I am telling you how I met the love of my life.

You should know that I am lesbian, so my partner is another woman, Isabella, of Italian origin. We met at a GLBT festival at the Tel Aviv’s Cinematheque, and our Cupido was a remotely operated vibrator.

We sat beside each other, and we both wore a remotely operated vibrator, of the same make; therefore, when one of them turned on her own, she also operated the other one’s as well!

There was a way to avoid this embarrassment: to turn a screw in one’s remote and vibrator in order to switch the device to another radio channel, but … would you have removed your panties in front of the moviegoers?

We tried to arrange a meeting in the theatre’s toilet, but the movie we were watching was so engrossing that we did not dare leave our seats until the end. And we did not stop using our vibrators as we saw fit.

But we decided to coordinate its use: before turning the remote on, we briefly glanced at each other in order to signal that we both wanted some clitoral stimulation; and we glanced again when we wanted to stop the vibrator.

In about an hour we learnt each other’s patterns of sexual response, and as the film ended, we went to the toilet; the toilet stalls were wide enough to let us both enter together, and clean enough not to discourage us from kissing each other.

We did the opposite of what new couples usually do: first they stroke each other, then hug, kiss, and eventually share orgasms.

We did not spend much time there; as we hug, I noticed that Isabella had bigger breasts than mine, and she noticed that mine were firmer; our butts were beautiful, and our bellies lean, so we soon decided to move to Isabella’s home — I could not host her, because I was living in an University Ankara escort dorm, and there was much less privacy than in the Cinematheque hall!

Isabella’s home was tailored for a single woman who hosted a friend for extended periods of time; it was small, but clean and tidy, and made me love her more. When she looked at me with desire, I caught fire, hugged her, kissed her and phoned the dorm janitor, so she would not worry about me.

Isabella’s nipples hardened as we sat on the couch, and she pressed her left nipple against my right breast; she put her left hand on my shoulder and caressed my hair, while her right hand was placed on my belly, below my navel, as if she wanted to stroke an imaginary baby in my womb.

My left hand reached it, and her hand climbed my stomach and begun caressing my tits, circling around my nipples until they hardened and her fingers could zero on them.

I too begun touching her nipples, and unbuttoning her shirt. I had already seen her gorgeous breasts and beautiful bra in the Cinematheque toilet, but I could now appreciate them fully, and delicately slid my fingers into the bra, and take her tits out of the cups.

She did the same, but it was not as easy, as my breasts were smaller; I then unfastened my bra and stood bare-breasted in front of her. She too undressed, we hugged and kissed, and she told me that it was the luckiest evening in her life because she had met me.

I nearly agreed with her, grasped the remote as I wanted to arouse both of us, but she told me she knew a better way to do that. She gently put her lips on my left nipple, licked it and the areola carefully, then took it into her mouth and begun sucking it delicately.

It was as if my clit were wired to the nipple — as she sucked the nipple, I felt like she was sucking my clitoris. The toy was Ankara escort bayan still in my genitalia, but was inactive, and it somewhat disrupted my excitation.

Isabella knew that, and moved forward, thus inducing me to lay on the couch; she let my nipple get out of her lips, and licked my navel as her hands slid into my lips, reached my panties, removed them, and took my sex toy out.

As her breasts were big, she was now able to tickle my clit with her right nipple while sucking my right tit. Her nipple was excellent at that — unlike the fingers, it lacked bones, but was hard enough to stimulate me and make me come.

I was completely passive — I could only stroke her wonderful breasts, and when she was done with sucking my nipples, I tried to reciprocate by removing her panties and her toy, and licking her labia and clit.

She appreciated that and made me rub my nipples over her thighs as I was doing that, and, after bringing her to orgasm, I begun licking her navel her stomach, her sternum, until I approached her right nipple and begun sucking it.

She loved that, and even released a few drops of milk into my mouth. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I love squeezing my nipples so much that I eventually began issuing some milk. Think to it as my special present.”

The milk was sweet, and made me crave for more, so I suckled harder, and put a hand on her cunt, hoping that genital stimulation might improve milk expression. “Change breast,” she yelled, and I complied.

I had some more milk from her left breast, and then I simply went wild — I wanted to force her to squirt, so I kneeled over her vulva, slid a couple fingers into her vagina, found the G-spot and begun stimulating it, while my tongue was acting on her clit.

Isabella complained that nobody had ever done that to her before, Escort Ankara but she soon appreciated it, and could not help gushing at last. It was not much liquid, but I felt extremely happy as I had tasted the most precious fluids of the woman I loved.

Isabella wanted me to teach her the trick, and I intentionally taught her the clumsiest way. I knew that she could not hurt me, and I wanted more stimulation before squirting — and I got it.

We found that we agreed on the proper use of toys: we preferred to use live flesh (our own body or our lover’s) to reach “The Big O”, but toys could be used to “dance on the brink of precipice”, i. e. to hug, kiss and fondle while laying on the bed or on a couch, without worrying about sexually arousing the lover, as the toys were supposed to do that.

And if the toys were properly tuned, even a gentle touch could make you come while you were wearing them.

We then wore our toys — the triple stimulation type, which stimulated the clitoris, vagina and anus; Isabella had just bought two packs of nipple vibrators (small disks with a vibrating capsule which could be unconspicuously worn under a padded bra – they would be noticed under a lace bra, but you could claim that you were just concealing your nipples).

She applied a pair to my tits, and the other to hers; we had tuned our toys so we could stimulate ourselves independently — we were not seeking shared orgasms now, but just a “feel good” feeling which could help you live through a relationship.

While our vibrators were discreetly buzzing, we talked for hours and came several times as we shared the most intimate details of our lives — perhaps I will tell them on another occasion.

The next morning were sworn lovers, and now we live together. I have begun issuing some milk when Isabella sucks my tits, and Isabella is now a regular squirter. We now wear our toys only when we have to travel together by bus — we may not make love for several hours, so we settle with stimulating each other via our remotes.

Enjoy your life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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