Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 16

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“You had a pretty good time last night, didn’t you?” the brother in law smiled.

Shanti blushed slightly, but admitted, “Yes, Dharma, I never had a better time in my life. I just wish it could be that way with Sridhar.”

Dharma eager to fuck his sexy sensuous slut sister in law who looked extremely pretty and waxed up and done on facials and looked extremely desirable early morning now was easing down the top of her nightie and exposing her big ripe tits. “Just what is it with you and Sridhar, anyway?” he asked. “I know you guys are crazy about each other, yet you don’t seem content. He doesn’t seem to have enough blood to get it up and straighten –he is not a man for you Darling -“

“It’s the way we make love,” Shanti sighed. “All he does is climb on me and fuck, and it’s over so fast. I don’t even have time to come. We were raised to believe that’s the only way to do it.”

Dharma cupped and molded his slut sister in law and clasped her hot silky tits. “A lot of people are raised like that, unfortunately,” he said, “but it’s never too late to change. Just show Sridhar a few new tricks, and I’m willing to bet he’ll love it.”

Shanti looked at him urgently. “I’ll do it, Dharma,” she said, “but you’ll have to teach me. I don’t know anything about teaching though can enjoy a lot of fucking. I want you to teach me everything there is.” She was playing on the brother in law — she loathed him but needed the man to further her goals for money.

“You got it, Shanti whore,” Dharma said eagerly. “We’ll start with what

I’m doing right now. Teach Sridhar to fool around with your tits, for openers. Just relax and dig what I’m doing.”

“All right, Dharma,” Shanti grinned. “I have a feeling these lessons are going to be very pleasant.”

She relaxed against the pillows and watched Dharma’s big firm hands squeezing and massaging her tits. As he did it, he rubbed his thumbs back and forth over her cone-shaped nipples and soon stimulated them into rigid erection. Her tits swelled up and throbbed heavily, and pleasant sensations rippled right down to her pussy. Dharma heard her sigh and looked up at her.

“You see how this works?” he smiled. “It’s getting you turned on, right?”

“Very much,” Shanti said. “I wish Sridhar would take the time to do things like this. But you and the friend of yours have enjoyed me everytime give na chance Dharma — you don’t seem to be happy with Akka — you need as many more holes in a time as possible. “

“He will need darling — the dick is always promiscuous like your cunt — what about you- spiritual and very demure Shanti but a full time slut — how many gobbled — 50 + by now and you are not even 30,” Dharma glared at her, “if you just ask Sridhar and show him how, here’s the next step. Maybe your desire for more men will reduce”

He dipped his head low over her firm thrusting tits and stuck out his tongue. Shanti gasped with pleasure as the hot slick meat tickled and rimmed one rigid nipple, then the other. He made both her supersensitive nipples gleam with his hot spit. By the time he finished, she was shivering and gasping with lusty excitement, and her pussy was soaking wet with helplessly seeping cream.

“And now this,” he said softly.

He opened his mouth and brought it down around her erect pulsating left nipple. She felt scorching wetness, then a delicious tugging sensation as he began to suck. She realized what an expert he was, how he’d progressed from the pleasant fondling of her tits to the delicious licking and finally to the highly pleasurable sucking. Hot stabs of pleasure hit her nipple as he sucked.

“Ummmmmm, Dharma, that’s so good,” she moaned.

He released the gleaming wet nipple and said, “And now the other one.”

Shanti gasped with pleasure as his steaming wet mouth closed around her right nipple. He sucked hard and noisily on the erect pink bud, while she moaned and creamed helplessly. Sridhar had never played with her tits, even though they excited the hell out of him. To Sridhar, all this delicious foreplay was kinky and unnecessary. He definitely had a few things to learn!But she got all pleasure from other men — her lovers.

“Mmmmmmm,” Shanti sighed.

Dharma released her nipple and said, “You see? You’re starting to get excited now, right?”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Shanti laughed.

“Okay, great,” Dharma grinned. “Now’s a good time to get fully undressed. First you take off my clothes, and then I’ll do yours.”

He kicked back the covers and waited. Shanti felt a little shy, having never undressed a man before, but she was eager, too. She unbuttoned his pajama top and helped him out of it, ogling his broad chest and its thick mat of silver and black curls. She unbuttoned his pajama bottoms and drew them down, her hands trembling lustily. His rigid six-inch cock snapped free of its confinement.

“Hold it right there,” Dharma said.

“What?” Shanti said. “Did I do something wrong?”

“I’m showing you how a man gets a woman prepared Rize Escort for fucking,” Dharma said, “but that doesn’t mean the woman just lies there. It’s nice if she gives the guy some encouragement. Like right now-touch my cock, play with it, show me you like it.”

Shanti quivered with excitement. For such a long time now she’d wanted to play with Sridhar’s cock, but he always shied away from her touch, letting her know that “nice” girls didn’t play with cocks. Now at last she had a chance to fondle and explore a big stiff prick. Eagerly, she reached out and ran her fingers over the huge bulbous purple head of Dharma’s dick. It was like hard rubber smooth, and very hot. He sighed and as she rubbed it.

“Yeah, feels good,” he said hoarsely. “Touch it all over, honey, pump it squeeze it. Let me know you’re really excited about getting it.”

That wasn’t hard to do. Shanti was hotly excited over his thick stiff- standing prick, and she eagerly curled her fingers around it, squeezing and pumping the red-hot meat. It was delicious to touch, silky-skinned and heavily throbbing. She jerked her little fist up and down, from the hard knobby head of his cock to his thick patch of wiry black and silver cock-hairs. In a moment, his piss-hole leaked a few bubbles of glistening juice.

“Okay, that’s enough for now,” Dharma instructed. “You could accidentally jack a guy off if you went at it too long. Now-“

“Wait, Dharma,” Shanti eagerly interrupted, “just one more thing. Can I touch your balls?”

He grinned at her. “You little devil, you’re inventing your own tricks already. That’s good. Sure, go ahead, but go easy. A guy’s balls are a lot more sensitive than his cock.”

Shanti slid her hot little hand onto the huge hairy bag of his nut-sac. Through the thick fur she could feel fierce radiating heat and heavy throbbing. She cupped his nuts and squeezed them gently. The big bags were taut and bloated, not yielding to her pressure. Dharma shivered and sighed. He kicked off his pajama bottoms and reached for her.

“You’re getting me too worked up,” he said hoarsely. “We better go on with our, uh, lessons.”

“Yes, teacher,” Shanti grinned.

He seized her nightie and quickly pulled it off and tossed it on the floor. Shanti reflected that Sridhar would have carefully hung up any clothing tossed on the rug, as prissy and tidy as an old maid. Dharma didn’t bother with trivial details. He just got on with the fun. Now he was easing her thighs apart and slipping his hand between them, caressing the soft warm fur of her nearly bald bush.

“You played with my cock, and now I’m gonna play with your pussy,” he leered.

“Great,” Shanti sighed, lying back and letting her legs fall wide open.

Like everything else he did in bed, Dharma’s finger-play was expert, working slowly and sensuously from the front of her slit to the back. First, he wriggled one stiff finger between the furry lips of her muff and touched the red-hot bud of her clit. He stiffly rubbed the juicy little button, sending hot streaks of pleasure through her belly.

“Ahhhhh, Dharma, I love that,” Shanti sighed. “Ummmmm, feels so good when you rub my clit.”

“Pay attention,” Dharma chuckled. “You’re gonna have to teach all of this to Sridhar.”

“Ohhhhh, ummmmm, right,” Shanti panted.

He rubbed her hungry little clit till she was panting steadily and writhing with lust. Then he took the slick erect bud between his thumb and forefinger and started kneading it. The pleasure was so strong and sudden that Shanti groaned loudly and almost rose right off the bed. As the delicious jolts of sensation ripped through her pussy, she creamed heavily all over his hand.

“Ahhhhhh,” she whined, “so damned good. Yes, Dharma, yes, frig my clit, ahhhhh!”

As he went on kneading her greedy swollen joy-button, he grinned and said, “Your vocabulary’s getting better, too, Shanti. Don’t be afraid to use any filthy word that comes into your head. Be really raunchy. That excites a man, whether he admits it or not.”

Shanti could hardly hear him she was so dizzy with pleasure. He kept kneading her clit faster and harder, while she doused his hand with her gushing pussy-juice. She started helplessly jerking her hips in a fucking motion, and she clawed the sheet and gurgled with pleasure. Dharma was frigging her into a frenzy of lust, the pleasure building in her pussy till it exploded.

“Uhhhhhh, Dharma, I’m gonna come,” she whined. “Oooooo, shit, yes, here it comes! Uhhhhh, now, aaahhhhhh!”

She flopped around like a beached fish, carried away in the violent convulsions of orgasm. She howled unashamedly as the much-needed release washed over her body. Dharma kept kneading her clit as she came, intensifying her sensations. When she finally went limp and gasping, he was looking right at her and grinning wickedly.

“You’re really a very sexy little lady, you know?” he said. “You want it so much, and you get off so quick. You remind me of your sister,”

“Never mind that,” Rize Escort Bayan Shanti said primly. “Let’s just get on with the lessons.”

“You don’t want to talk about it?” Dharma said, sounding disappointed. “I’ve always wondered what made Chitra so hot for sex. I mean, she’s hotter than any woman I’ve ever known. I thought maybe you could explain.”

“We don’t like to talk about it much,” Shanti frowned. “I think it’s enough to tell you that our folks were religious nuts. Everything about sex was dirty and evil. Maybe Chitra and I are just rebelling against that, or maybe we’re making up for lost time. I don’t know.”

“Okay, sorry I pried,” Dharma said. “I think I understand now. So let’s get on with the fun part. Here’s something else you can teach Sridhar.”

He suddenly wriggled his stiff middle finger right up her cunt. “Ooooooo!” Shanti squealed, creaming furiously around his hard digit.

“Feels just like a little cock, doesn’t it?” Dharma grinned. “Now I’m gonna move it like a cock, too.”

As he began jerking his finger stiffly up and down in the molten juicy tube of her cunt, Shanti gurgled with pleasure. His expert finger-fucking felt marvelous in her long-starved twat. She soaked his pumping finger with her hot pussy syrup and was soon grinding her greedy cunt up and down his rigid spike of cock-meat. He saw her mounting excitement and pumped harder, faster.

“You dig it?” he said.

“Mmmmmm, love it!” Shanti moaned. “Oooooo, yes, frig me, Dharma, don’t stop. I’m gonna come again.”

“That’s the whole idea,” he chuckled.

Dharma was enjoying playing teacher to his luscious-looking but innocent sister-in-law, but it was hard to keep his own hot lust waiting. As he finger-fucked her, he watched her gorgeous big tits shaking and wobbling, and he felt the wonderfully snug juicy tube of her cunt squeezing and releasing his finger in hungry spasms. He could hardly wait to get his achingly stiff cock into that tight slick hole.

“Uhhhhhh,” Shanti whined, “It’s gonna happen, Dharma, oooooo, yeah, I’m coming!”

Her strong young cunt walls gripped his finger like a vise, squeezing and tugging. His finger was drenched with the molten rush of her cunt-cream her petite body rocked and spasm as he went on finger-fucking her, and she howled with pleasure. As he avidly watched her, Dharma’s cock gave a violent lurch and dribbled big hot blobs of juice.

“Mmmmmm, fantastic, teacher,” she sighed.

“Tell you what,” Dharma said hoarsely, “there’s a lot more I could teach you, but I’m so damned horny I can’t hold out much longer. And of course there’s the little matter of showing up for work.”

Shanti leered at him and said, “What are you trying to say, Dharma?”

“Let’s fuck,” he panted.

“Sounds good,” she laughed. “We can continue out lessons some other time.”

She opened her legs wide for him, but Dharma shook his head. “You were saying last night that you and Sridhar only do it in the missionary position,” he said. “Well, no more missionary position, not as long as you’re in his house. Let’s have you on top.”

Shanti blushed deeply but nodded her consent. She knew as a slut and liked being in a position where the man could see everything and she was eager to fake as is she was learning exciting new things to teach to Sridhar. Dharma rolled onto his back, and his big thick cock stuck straight up, glistening streams of juice running from his piss-hole and down his bloated blue-veined shaft.

“Okay, hop on,” he grinned.

Awkwardly Shanti straddled him, her knees hugging his hips. He seized her firm little waist and was able to guide her pelvis however he wanted. He brought the juicy little mouth of her cunt down to touch the big hot knob of his cock-head, wedging the hard bulb in about an inch. Then he grunted and shoved, and Shanti felt her famished little fuck-hole deliciously crammed full of thick throbbing cock-meat.

“Uhhhhhh!” she gasped. “Ooooooo, Christ, yes, get your cock into meeeee!”

All her shyness was gone the moment he stuffed his big rock-hard prick into her thirsty cunt. As he gripped her waist and fucked roughly into her, Shanti gurgled and moaned with pleasure. Her blonde curls bounced and her big tits swayed and jiggled with the force of his fucking. Her pretty face twisted into a big pleasure-grin as she took the steady ramming of his bloated prick.

Dharma was watching her every response, and now he observed with a grin, “I guess you like this, huh?”

“Uhhhhh, love it!” Shanti howled.

“Okay, then, do some of the work,” he said. “You fuck me for a while.”

“What?” she gasped. His cock had stopped moving inside her cunt.

He was grinning wickedly. “Come on, Shanti, this is no time to be a lady,” he said. “Sridhar doesn’t want a lady, I guarantee it. He wants a slut. Show him how excited you are, how much you dig his cock. You fuck him.”

Blushing, Shanti began to work her juicy cuntal tube up and down the rigid spike of Dharma’s cock. Escort Rize She was clumsy at first, but her mounting excitement guided her into swift slick motions, and soon he was expertly humping him. She slammed her greedy pussy-hole hard and fast around his big throbbing dick, her ass smacking loudly against his hips. Dharma grinned in approval.

“That’s it, Shanti whore,” he panted. “Fuck me real good. Give it to me. Give me that good hot pussy.”

His naughty words inflamed her lust, and she fucked him furiously, whining and gasping as she plunged her red-hot cunt up and down the granite column of his cock. She could see how this technique would be great for a man. Not only didn’t he have to do any work, but he could lie back and catch some very exciting sights. That was just what Dharma was doing now, arms folded behind his head, face twisted in a big horny grin.

“Yeah, fuck it to me, Shanti whore,” he panted. “Shit, that’s great.”

His hot lusty eyes roamed all over as she fucked him. He studied her lusty contorted face and wildly rolling eyes. He watched her big full tits wobbling and swaying with her violent humping. He watched his thick cock plunging in and out between her fur-fringed pussy-lips. The thick meat was dripping with her hot cream. Dharma licked his lips, enjoying every second of it.

“Unnnhhhnnnhhhh,” Shanti moaned. “Ooooooo, Dharma, I’m getting so fuckin’ excited. I think I’m gonna come.”

“No law against it,” Dharma chuckled. “Come as much as you want.”

With a guy like Dharma she could get off endlessly from finger-play and licking and sucking and fucking. She let herself go, grinding her inflamed juicy fuck-hole hard around the rigid shaft of his cock, slamming her womb against his knobby prick-head.

“Whhhhaaahhh!” she wailed. “Unnnggghhh!”

Dharma gasped as her climaxing cunt closed hard and hungrily around his deeply lodged dick. She swayed and howled above him, and her twat gripped and released his meat in violent convulsions. Her slippery cunt tube grew scorching hot, and his prick was drenched with her scalding cunt-juice. He gritted his teeth to keep from coming.

“Ooohhhh!” Shanti wailed. “So good, uuuhhhh!”

She collapsed onto his big hairy chest, gasping for breath as her climax ended. She felt his cock still stiff as steel inside her cream-drenched pussy-hole. She raised herself slightly and looked at him in surprise. He was leering wickedly.

“You didn’t come,” she said.

“No, I wanted to save it,” he said. “Just stay right like you are for a second.”

While Shanti wonderingly watched him, Dharma reached for the bedside phone and made a quick call to his office, telling his secretary that he’d had a blow-out on the freeway and might be half an hour late. He sounded so convincing that Shanti had to stifle her laughter. All the while his big prick stayed hard as a rock inside her.

“Dharma, you rat,” she giggled when he hung up.

“All for a good cause,” he grinned. “I decided to finish your lessons. Remember how I ate your pussy last night?”

“I sure do,” Shanti said, sighing blissfully.

“Well, now you can eat me,” he said. “This is something that’ll really get Sridhar off. If he acts stuffy about everything else, just go down on him. That’ll change his mind in a hurry.”

“Okay, show me how,” Shanti said eagerly.

Dharma instructed her to slide down till she was kneeling between his legs. Then she was able to bend over and bring her lips right to his rigidly standing cock. Her mouth watered as she prepared to give head for the very first time. His engorged purple cock-head was oozing big hot globs of juice.

“Okay, Shanti whore, it’s all yours,” Dharma said. “Lick it suck it, whatever turns you on.”

Shanti stuck out her little pointed tongue and lapped up a big drop of cock-juice. She rolled it around on her tongue and found that she loved the salty taste. Eagerly she lapped for more, lashing her tongue up and down the streaming stalk of his prick, then swirling it around the big bulb of his cock-head. She ate it all, swallowing greedily, till his whole cock was licked clean.

‘You dig the taste?” he leered.

“Ummmmmm, yessss,” Shanti panted.

“Well, if you want more, you’ll have to suck for it,” Dharma said.

Shanti didn’t hesitate. She opened her mouth wide and brought it down around his massive hard-on, taking his throbbing cock all the way to her throat. She began sucking hard and fast on his tasty prick, and Dharma gasped and moaned. Right away, more big bubbles of cock-juice dribbled from his piss-hole and onto her hungry tongue. She gobbled up the thick hot cream as fast as it came.

“Honey,” Dharma moaned, “you’re a natural-born cock-sucker. You got it just right. Pretend I’m Sridhar, and let him know you’re fuckin’ starved for his juice and you want a suck that cock till it shoots your mouth full of cum.”

Shanti’s blonde head bobbed furiously as she sucked his big creaming prick. She drew in her cheeks, raised her tongue, and made a slick juicy tube for his throbbing excited cock. She sucked him faster and faster, drooling all over his dick and Dharma was soon red-faced with pleasure. He moaned hoarsely and started jerking his cock, fucking her hotly sucking mouth.

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