Sexual Awakenings Ch. 02

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Chapter One – The invitation

It was the last day in April that year. I was in my senior year of high school and had the credits and grades to graduate with honors already. I had little on my mind that Saturday morning unless it involved wasting the day away or girls. One particular girl in fact. I’d had a crush on her for awhile and a recent stint in weekend detention informed me it was an requited crush. I was reliving that afternoon in my mind that morning when the house phone rang. I slowed my hand movement to listen. My dad hollered that it was for me so I picked up my rooms extension.

“Hello?” I greeted the caller.

“Hey Brandon it’s Emily. How you doing?” Her soft voice came through the handset.

“Morning Em, I was just thinking about you.” I said as I patted my throbbing member.

“Mmm happy thoughts I hope.” Said the eighteen year-old blond.

“You could say that. What’s up?”

“Well I’ve got something going on at my house today and I could really use a distraction. Then I thought that you’ve proven to be a good one in the past and decided to see if you wanted to hang out.”

“You’re going to have to be more specific Em.”

“Huh? Oh yeah, it’s our big annual family reunion today. So I’ve got all my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and baby cousins. No one my age. Even my sister, who’s home for the weekend, somehow got out of my mother’s grasp and is gone for the day.”

“You couldn’t get away with Tina?” I wondered aloud.

Tina was Emily’s older sister. Unlike Emily she was a brunette and also a bit taller than both Emily and myself. She was a junior at college and a pretty young woman from what I remembered of her.

“Nope. I’m stuck here.” She sounded grumpy. “But I convinced my mom to let me have someone over. Someone who could ‘turn my frown upside down’ as she said. And you’ve recently proven to be able to make me smile.” I could her the smile on her voice.

“And moan.” I quipped.

Emily cleared her throat, “We don’t talk about that Brandon. So are you able to come over today? It seems a bit cool out but my mom insisted on opening up our pool and hot tub for today so you can bring your bathing suit and I can umm,” she hesitated, “wear my new bikini.” She whispered.

I was sold. I had been ever since she asked, to be honest.

“Yeah sure Em. Around lunch time then?” I asked her.

“Yeah one o’clock should be fine. Thanks, see you then!” And she promptly hung up the phone.

I smiled to myself. A whole afternoon and, hopefully, a long evening with just Emily. Since our Saturday detention we hadn’t been able to talk about what had occurred. We saw each other in passing or in class but we both had after school jobs and over the last few weeks our schedules conflicted with the other.

We had been friends for a few years now and she obviously both trusted and was attracted to me since she let me take her virginity. But now I wanted that side of our relationship to go further. The invite today gave me hope that she wanted the same thing.

Emily was a good fit for me. Not only was she cute as hell but she stood just an inch or two shy of my height. Her shoulder length blond hair went well with her emerald eyes. The fact that she was a cheerleader certainly helped keep her legs long and toned. And then there was…

I realized I was stroking myself as I thought of her body. Specifically, undressing her body. I managed to restrain myself in light of the day’s potential. I pulled on a pair of black and blue Lycra briefs followed by knee length cargo shorts. A simple short sleeved shirt completed the look and I pulled my swim trunks from my closet. Then I waited, and waited some more.

Finally it was just about one in the afternoon and I practically ran out of the house. I jumped into my truck and peeled out as I left the development. Emily lived about fifteen minutes away, just out of the suburb, so I knew I’d be a little late but I didn’t want to seem too eager either.

Chapter Two – Taking advantage

When I arrived at her place I saw that she wasn’t kidding about the party. Young kids, ten years old at the most, were running around the front yard and jumping in the pool. Old folks were lounging just outside the splash zone and hanging around the pool house. I didn’t see anyone that was close to my eighteen years of age, not even Emily. The driveway was packed full of cars so I parked on the opposite side of the street and made my way over to her house where I assumed she was hanging out.

I almost knocked but figured why bother and let myself in. The house was eerily silent compared to the noises of the kids outside but I heard faint sounds coming from the opposite end where the kitchen was located. I made my way over and saw Mrs. Strinn, Emily’s mother, preparing more food for the party.

Mrs. Strinn was something of a combination of her daughters. Her hair was neither blonde, nor brunette, but a dirty blond. She stood at exactly the same height as I was and she Ordu Escort was a bit more equipped in the T & A department. She had the best of both it appeared.

“Hello Mrs. Strinn.” I greeted her.

She looked up from her various bowls and ingredients.

“Oh hello dear.” She warmly responded. “Thanks for coming over to keep Emily company.” She leaned forward and revealed her massive cleavage. “Lord knows she needs it today.”

“Yeah, sure,” I felt the color unexpectedly rise in my cheeks, “any idea where she is?” I asked quickly.

She turned away to pull something from the fridge, the bottom shelf apparently. Her shorts were pulled tight against her rounded bottom and I could feel my own shorts tightening. I had to leave the area and soon.

“She’s probably still upstairs hiding hon.” I heard her reply and turned sideways to leave the room. I paused when she continued. “Don’t stay up there all day now! Get her outside to enjoy the sun.”

I turned my head to face her and say something but I lost my all train of thought. She had found what she was looking for. A pair of melons, and she held one in each hand, right in front of her actual melons. I felt my shorts rapidly tighten before I managed a response.

“Will do.” I squeaked out and quickly left the room.

I had no idea if she had seen my visible erection or not but I swore I saw a smirk cross her face as I had walked out. At the foot of the stairs I paused to clear my head and calm my groin before I climbed to the second story where Emily’s bedroom was. As I approached the door my breath was caught away again.

Through the open door I caught sight of Emily. I caught a gasp in my throat. Sweet and innocent Emily stood with her back to me and wore nothing but a pair of undies that fully covered her backside. They were a light purple and appeared soft, as if they were made of cotton. Across her back was a matching bra strap that also ran up and over each shoulder. I dared to push her door open wider. I could hear her now, as she muttered to herself about what to wear, and I walked silently into her room.

“And here I thought you were wearing a bikini today.” I said in a soft voice.

Nonetheless it caught her off guard and she yelped, spun around, and swung a fist at me. Luckily I was just out of her range and she only hit air. Her look of shock quickly turned to one of pleasant surprise when she saw my face.

“Brandon! I almost hit you!” Then she remembered she was in her bare necessities. Her arms crossed in front of her bra and she closed her legs. “What are you doing in my room?!” She looked panicked.

I stepped towards her, now within arm’s reach, and told her that her mom had sent me up here.

“Well get out.” She stepped towards me as well. “I’m not dressed yet.”

“Oh come on Em. It’s not like you’re naked right now.” I saw her cheeks blush and I continued on. “This is basically the coverage of a bikini anyways.” I pointed out.

She rested one of her palms flat against my chest as if she meant to push me backwards but there was no strength coming from her.

“Yeah.” She admitted. “But it’s still my underwear.” She retorted.

“Then let’s get you dressed already.” I took hold of her outstretched wrist and led her to her closet.

Being such a large house even Emily’s bedroom had its own walk-in closet. It wasn’t large enough for a crowd but two people could move around without any trouble at all. We walked in and I recognized her school uniform and cheerleader outfit. A few dresses were hung up that I wanted to see on her and then we came to her t-shirts and a large bookcase that was being used for her shorts and pants. Emily quickly selected a pair of jeans.

“Need any help getting them on?” I pondered.

“I think,” she faced away from me and lowered the top half of her beautiful body so she could put them on, “I can put,” her purple panties stretched tight across her round bottom, “my own jeans on,” she quickly stood up with only one leg in and began to lose her balance, “by my-SELF!”

Emily shrieked as she lost her balance and fell backwards into me. I reacted as quickly as I could and thrust my arms forward to break her fall. They slid right between the open space between her arms and ribs and did little to slow her collapse. Her back slammed into my chest and caused me to fall backwards as well. Luckily I didn’t have far to go since I had been close to the opposite wall already.

The impact had knocked the air out of her lungs and I heard her draw a deep breath. Whereas she was concerned with her flow of oxygen I was concerned with my blood flow in my groin. The sight of her body bent over in front of me had started a reaction that was now increased due to her falling against me. When Emily shifted her body so she could position herself to stand it was very obvious she felt it against her bare thigh.

“Mmm guess I should’ve expected that.” She softly stated.

“It’s your fault you know.” I Ordu Escort Bayan grunted as she pushed off of me and stood up again.

“How is that,” she pointed to the bulge under my shorts, “my fault?” She asked with a smile.

“Turn around and I’ll tell you.” I directed her.

With a short giggle she turned and faced away from me. I moved forward and placed my hands on her curvy hips. Emily softly gasped at the touch.

“It’s your fault because of your hourglass figure and this lovely round bottom of yours.” I leaned my head against her cheeks and kissed them through her panties. First one cheek and then the other.

With a soft moan she parted her legs for me. I excitedly pushed my face between her thighs and zeroed in on her source of inner heat. Just before I reached her with my outstretched tongue she snapped her thighs shut and forced me to back away.

“Mm-mm, no way. Not while everyone is here.” Emily pulled away from me.

I stood up. “But they’re all outside.” I lied. “Turn back around.”

“No.” She playfully pushed my hands away.

We half-wrestled for control as I tried to turn her around. She laughed at my efforts until I moved too fast for her. In one smooth motion I spun her hips around and pressed her up against a wall. My enlarged dick found a home between her two cheeks and Emily emitted a groan that I interpreted as a green light.

I reached my right hand around her slim waistline and lightly grazed her panties with my fingers. Emily pushed her hips back against mine to give my hand more space between her and the wall. I followed the opening she provided and pushed my hand further downward.

“Brandon, stop.” she whispered.

I pressed my fingers between her thighs and she parted them for me. With my middle and ring finger I teasingly rubbed the outside edges of her pussy.

“Damn that feels good.” She admitted in a voice so low that I only heard it because of the small, and otherwise, silent space.

“Please, don’t.” Another false plea from her.

I pressed my hard member even deeper between her cheeks and her body betrayed her own words again. Her hips rocked back towards me and a low groan rumbled through her closed lips. I moved my fingers to the side of her panties and slid them underneath the soft fabric.

Even as she again whispered the word no, she widened her stance to welcome my attention. Another word was spoken but it was so soft I couldn’t make it out this time.

“Sorry Em, what did you say?” I asked just as my fingers touched her sensitive flesh.

“Please!” Emily exclaimed.

I held her flat belly to my chest with my left hand and traced the outside edges of her pussy with my right. Her toned body tensed at the sensation and I realized it’s probably the first time she’s been touched since our encounter four weeks prior.

“Please what?” I pressed her to tell me.

“You know what.” She stated and moved her hips away from me in an attempt to push my fingers inside of her.

I pulled away and continued to tease her outer lips.

“Maybe I want to hear you say it.” I implored her.

“Please don’t stop touching me.” She whimpered.

I could’ve pressed for more. I wanted her to beg me touch her pussy. But the day was young and I somehow knew I’d have more chances with her.

My fingers moved in tandem and I pushed them into her already wet pussy. Emily felt very warm and very tight but they still easily slid inside of her until both fingers were buried up to the knuckle.

“Ahhhh!” Emily exhaled at the invasion and adjusted her hips.

I held her tight to my own body and quickly worked up a steady rhythm of thrusts in and out of her. Soft moans escaped her closed mouth. Her semi-nude body was pinned between the wall and my own body and had nowhere to go even if she wanted too. Emily’s breaths soon became shorter and deeper. Her beautiful chest heaved in and out as her body built up for an impending release.

Her chest, her magnificent perky breasts, were being ignored. I had to picture them in my mind since she faced away from me and I needed to caress her bare skin. My left hand slid under her cotton bra and cupped her right breast in my outstretched palm. I just barely fit it in my grip.

Emily’s lips opened in a loud gasp when I squeezed her breast and she shrieked when I pinched her hardened nipple between my fingers. Her hips shook against my thrusting fingers and I reveled in knowing she would soon cum.

“Damn Em your tits are so big.” I admitted.

She whimpered in response.

“I’d love to suck on those hard nipples right now, just flick them with my tongue, you know?”

This time it was a deep moan of pleasure.

“Of course that’d mean that my dick wouldn’t be between your perfect ass cheeks right now, trying to push its way out of my shorts and between your thighs.”

“Mmm!” Her hips violently shook against my hand. “Oh damn!” She muttered. “Soooo good!”

“That’s right Em. It’d Escort Ordu feel so good to just take off our clothes and make love on your bed right now, wouldn’t it?”

I barely finished my question before her pussy tightened in a vice grip around my fingers and she humped them a few final times until her orgasm exploded inside of her. Somehow she kept her lips shut and her groans to a minimum but I still enjoyed watching the wave of pleasure flow through her body. Her back arched away from me and her nails scratched the wall she was leaning against.

Emily’s sweet juices ran down my fingers and I slowly guided her down. First to her knees and then she rotated her body to a sitting position. Her green eyes were tightly shut and her chest continued to heave as she caught her breath. A reddening blush had formed not just on her face but also over the tops of her perky breasts. I wanted them in my mouth and even lowered my face over them but she stopped me with a palm to my face.

“No,” she gulped in more air, “no more.” Another gulp. “Please, no more.” And she lightly pushed me away.

I gave her room to recover and within a minute she was standing back up.

“You should probably let me get dressed for real now. You sure no one else knows you’re up here?” She asked with concern. Ever the innocent personality.

“Everyone’s outside Em.” I lied again. “But I’ll let you get dressed and wait for you outside.”

Chapter Three – Improper innuendo?

I granted her request and backed out of the closet and then her room. I practically bounced back down the stairs and heard Mrs. Strinn call out from the kitchen again. I made a quick adjustment to my erection so it wasn’t as visible and walked back into the kitchen.

“Hey Mrs. Strinn.” I said.

“Hello again Brandon. Did you find Emily or did you get lost up there?” She joked, I think.

“Yeah and she’s almost ready to come down so I was just gonna meet her outside.”

“Well thanks for taking care of her dear.” She said while looking down at the cutting board in front of her.

A look of shock crossed my face that she didn’t see. She couldn’t have meant what I thought she meant, could she?

“She’s just been wound up tight with the end of her senior year and just needs to let off some steam I guess. Get rid of some pressure.”

“No problem. She’s my friend, so I don’t mind.” I replied.

“Well good. Now since I’ve got you here can you take out some food for me? I’d appreciate the help.” She asked me.

“Yeah of course Mrs. Strinn.” I moved to the countertop to pick up a serving dish in each hand.

She laughed and made her large bosom shake slightly. “Oh so polite and formal. Here, let me help you.”

I took a tray in my right hand and let her place one on my left hand.

“Two at once, not bad Brandon.”

I turned to leave the room and felt her touch me. And not in an appropriate spot for a woman at least twice my age to touch me. I felt her hand pat my butt like a coach would do for a player.

But then she did it a second time. Her hand wasn’t flat this time and felt more like a cup than a pat. She also let her hand linger just a second longer than the first pat.

“Thanks again hon.” She said and I walked out without saying your welcome. I had been struck speechless.

Maybe it was my mind playing a trick on me. Maybe she had simply patted me and there was nothing behind that. Or maybe there was more to it? With Mrs. Strinn? Granted she easily and clearly qualified for milf status but still…

I pondered those thoughts even after I had set the trays down and found a set of chairs on the far side of the pool. The only thing that made me stop thinking of Emily’s mother was when Emily herself came out a few minutes later.

Chapter Four – The getaway

She walked towards me and smiled when she saw me staring at her. It was easy to do even if I hadn’t just pleased her upstairs. Her golden hair was pulled back in a ponytail which showed off her sexy shoulders and neckline.

The shirt she wore wasn’t stretched tight but it did define her beautiful rack just the same. I couldn’t tell you what was on the shirt but I do remember that it matched the bright green color of her eyes.

The jeans she wore made me almost wish she would walk backwards to me. They rode low on her hips and tight around her thighs. I could just see her round ass being restrained by them and yearning to be free. Though small kids ran around the area and old folks could be heard talking about dentures it didn’t stop my shorts from tightening for the third time since I’d arrived a short while ago.

“So where are you planning on taking me?” She asked as she approached me.

“Upstairs in your bed preferably.” I quickly responded.

“Brandon! Be quiet about that out here.” Emily fiercely whispered.

“Oh come on, who’s gonna hear anyways. They’re all too busy running around or talking.” I patted the space beside me. “So just sit and relax and the day will soon be over.”

“No I was serious. My mom said I could go somewhere with you, disappear for awhile. And I was thinking about this quiet abandoned farmland just down the road from here.” Her beautiful green eyes sparkled at her own suggestion.

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